Posted January 26, 2012  9:55 am

SH readers are great!!

One SH reader went to Kyle Richards book signing yesterday in Boca Raton…this is her account… 

Back from the signing. I got there around 6:20-6:30ish and there were hundreds of people in front of me. While we were waiting they offered us free snacks like popchips and water. Once you got inside Kyle was at the back of the store with a table set up. The people working at the signing would take your phone/camera to take the pictures for you, so I only have one picture with horrible lighting so it’s pretty crappy. I’ll send it in later if you’d like. (It’s included below)The average age seemed to be like the early to mid twenties and the mid forties women mixed with a few teens such as myself. There were maybe 10 guys there that I saw. Kyle is really tiny in person, I was really surprised considering she didn’t look that petite on camera. She’s absolutely stunning in person. She had the same makeup look as usual, she seemed genuinely happy to meet everyone. She had a friendly, sweet tone to her voice.

The staff would ask you your name in advance to put on a post-it note to give to Kyle to save time. She signed the book with my name and a heart and her name. The store didn’t seem to sell any clothing. When you got your picture and book signed, staff would give you a goodie bag with pink & white cookies and candy. There was also a pink comb/nail file/mini sewing kit/lint roller/mirror thingy as a prize. They also served champagne.

Everyone was enamored with Kyle. I didn’t get a chance to look at her hands. Hehehe. Any more questions, just let me know!