Posted January 25, 2012  7:59 pm

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  1. All I can do is chuckle. I can’t think of one RHOOC Housewife that I like. I’m grateful Peggy is gone. I’ll be catching reruns. So I know what y’all are chatting about.

  2. From all the tweets, it seems Tamara, Heather, and Wretched are ganging up on Alexass!!! Oh Goody!!! If there is truly a God, take Alexass down! Do you think Miss Bravo Andi (Loves Brandi) fore saw this to make me happy? I can’t stand Alexass. To bad, so sad, that Alexass is to stoopid to even get it.

    • As soon as Exlasis said she thought marriage was only supposed to be between an man and a woman her goose was cooked. I figured Andy would have drop kicked her outa there on the spot. But now I think he is just gonna keep her on there just to toy with her.

      • Yeah, I always say don’t let the nice smile fool ya, if Andy doesn’t like you one way or another you will feel his wrath one way or another:)
        I’m surprised Alexis was asked to come back as well, but I have to say that Alexis did stand up for Gretchen for about two seasons I wonder why they are no longer friends, should be an interesting season.

      • Great name Exlasis, maybe it’s too soon but I think I am going to like Heather! Exlasis needs to be put in place; it’s bad enough when women put down other women but when they bring in the religous card it’s even worse; like their putting you down and they have a link to the above and extra religous power or something!

  3. Alexis is extremely jealous of Heather, and Heather knows it. After seeing her house and everything else, I bet anything that everyone will be kissing up to Heather. Look out Vicki, I think Heather is the new queen bee.

    • ^^^ I agree, there is a new sheriff in town. I am very curious to see how Vicki reacts to Heather since the other women seem to respect her due to her actually legit wealth. I think Vicki and Alexis are going to have a rather interesting season and I too will be watching with my popcorn and sweet tea.

      • Real money is always a good humbler for those who think of themselves as rich. The very wealthy play by a different set of rules and I can see Vickie and Heather getting into a Queen Bee contest. I think this is going to be a very hard season for Vickie because she won’t be the able to have the same kind of control over everything like she has had in the past.

  4. “She thinks that she’s better than the rest of the group”. Is Alexis talking about herself?

  5. I like Heather already, Just when I was not going to watch the OC this year, you had to throw me this gift. I’ll be tuning in.

    • Yes!! In the preview she sat Alexass down like “See, trick, what you WON’T do is come for me. Because you are NOT ready.”. WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK!!! I may just tune in for that moment. I don’t know about watching the whole season though. I can’t stand them heffas.

  6. Wait, is it Christmas? Cuz I didnt think it could get any better when Alex*ss was squirming at the reunion answering her phone call from Jim saying he didnt date Peggy in the “I dont giva chiz” segment and now we get Heather to make her squirm even more? I swore I was not going to watch cuz I cannot take Vicky & Tamra but I might have to watch a little bit of this & pop some popcorn for that one to be knocked down a Peg or too…..

  7. Wasnt this the psycho chick on Millionaire Matchmaker?? I didn’t do a search to find out if my question was already answered, I’m doing a fly by.

    If it is the same chick….she is certifiable and Bravo for sure did not learn their lesson. She is another Psycho Shaft.

      • Stacy was the one that did the lingerie video wasn’t she? What was the one’s name that dropped her shoe running from the man waiting by the limo that literally hung her tongue out over the hot guys, she was Shana wasn’t she?

          • Shauna, that is it. She has had some wild female millionaires on that show. I have pretty much stopped watching it because it was just rerun after rerun and I got so tired of her rules, no in, in, or in, let the peck er do the pickin, etc.

          • who was the first one, the red head that drove them crazy, She was the first female millionaire I think. I don’t think it was Shauna but one before her.

  8. I didn’t think I was watching season 7 but I definitely will be there I am such a glutton for punishment. (But I can’t wait)

      • Good lord I forgot about those, even though it looks like “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DID” that will be the catchphrase for her this season. I don’t know why but I would love it if Donn(Vicki’s ex) and Jeana got married, they always seemed as if they would make a cute couple.

  9. Hi. I’m new to the site, but have been lurking for a while. You all seem like a very fun group. I didn’t think that I would be watching the RHOC this year, mainly because Vicky seriously gets on my nerves. But this looks fun! I’m dying to see Heather bring it. This should be a fun reprieve after watching a very depressing season of of RHBH/Taylor is having a meltdown in every episode show.

    • Hi Pink…I agree with you about this site and I’m fairly new here too. I love having a place where I feel comfortable expressing my own opinions, not being force fed anyone else’s opinion (like Bravo’s and producers worried about lawsuits.) Vicky was getting on my nerves as well especially with the way she was treating Don but she may have met her match with Heather and I wonder if Heather has come between Vicky and Tamara? I heard she un-friended her on facebook.

  10. BTW. Heather is a decent actress. Judging from the episode of her show that Ms. SH’s posted a while back.

  11. RHOC will always be my favorite! I like what I have seen of Heather so far. Yay for her putting Alexis in her place and knocking her down a few notches. I can’t stand Alexis!

  12. From what I see, I like Heather already. If she puts Alexis “Ugly Barbie” in her place, then I would definitely watch. Alexis is SHIT next to Heather! Hahaha. I can’t stand her, or her husband. Pretending to be rich when they’re not! I am so glad there’s actually a really wealthy woman on the O.C. FINALLY!

    • After this season with Heather maybe the entire cast will be recast around Heather. It would not be too soon for me to stop seeing the entire cast go POOF.

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