The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season two finale aired last night…

… the final scene of the season took place in Kyle Richards’ house.  

It’s interesting to note that the opening scene for season two took place in Adrienne Maloof’s house…

Let’s take a look at the beginning of season two… and the finale…




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  1. I loved kyles sign-off. A lil producer dig. I know andy said no changes, but rupel’s blog seemed to hint they hear what viewers want (i.e., who we dont want)- and havent made decisions yet. Does my memory serve correct? I thought miss andy had also said no changes to new york… As much disdain as viewers had for the ny cast and their snoozer cindy i dont think it compares to our utter disgust for the personality disordered shana taylor sipes hughes ford armstrong, the disturbingly cracked-out kim, and the most annoying housewife friend dana (seriously she’s worse than allison dubois). Id love kyle to be canned as well- she’s more self-absorbed than paris. I will not watch if they return and i’ve been a viewer since season 1 oc.

    • Kyle, the statement “There’s plenty of men who don’t kill themselves after their wives leave them…….” had me screaming at my TV…….they do when they’ve been lied to by their loved ones……for not one of these ladies to see that it was Taylor who was at the root of all of the lies about Russell’s true nature escapes me. Then, when Taylor went on a campaign after his death to even further tarnish Russell, it angered me again. Had Randy not started correcting her and bravo’s misinformation champaign she would have gotten away with it. Thank you Randy

      • I think there was a lot of guilt among the cast. They all agreed they would have treated Russell differently if Taylor Armstrong hadn’t started my husband beats me campaign from day one. Whatever the story line all these people have expressed doubts about the stories Taylor told and all the contradictions.

  2. According to my calculations and the time line, the talk filming at Adrienne’s house was on August 29 th, 2 weeks after Russell passed away. They were all crying and upset.

    The filming at Kyle’s house took place 3 weeks after the wedding, so it would have taken place 20 days after after the filming at Adrienne’s house. That filming would have been about September 21st, I am going to go look at the time line and see when the service was for Russell, because I know it was not right away because Taylor and the Armstrongs could not come to an agreement about the services.

    There was no sign of any grieving for Russell by Shana, not a single one, not while looking at the wedding pictures, as in she just lost her husband. I think the saddest thing was the glancing shot of Kennedy going up the stairs alone, Her poor little hair was a mess. I sure hope that these women actually spent some time with Kennedy that was edited out before they just sent her on her little way while mommy laughed and giggled and winked and drank with her girlfriends.

    • Yeah, Taylor who cries if she is going to need an umbrella for the day, looked very jovial at the little get together in the last episode. She is one cold hearted bitch, I’ll give her that. If nothing else I would be devastated that my child would have to carry around the knowledge that my daughter would carry around the heavy burden of her father committing suicide. Taylor only “cries” for herself. She thinks kennedy is getting better each day. She doesn’t even know what the hell is going on. Wait until she is a teenager and realizes the role her mother had in all of this. So, so sad. And with Dr. Sophy as a therapist, she will never get the therapy she needs.

    • I noticed her messy hair too. Taylor probably makes her brush it herself. Poor Kennedy.
      I thought that last scene was so bizarre. Lisa telling Taylor she was glowing? Really? You say that to someone that just got married or had a baby, not to a woman who’s husband hung himself only a month ago.

      • Wasn’t “Brush Hair” one of the chores mentioned on Taylor’s “Mommy Dearest Chart?” IIRC, it was. So Taylor doesn’t feel any responsibility for the appearance of her 5-yr old, right? How nice…..

        • Oh come on. I dislike Taylor as much as the next person with a brain, but… I have a ton of nieces and my own kid. How old is Kennedy? 4? That is a tough age to convince a child to comb their hair or even do it for them. Add on all the tragedy she went through in the past weeks, messy hair is like the last thing on one’s mind. I have ran into many obstacles trying to comb 3 to 6 year olds hair on the best of terms. I really don’t think it is high on the priority list when you’re trying to maintain sanity under such circumstances.

          • And yet Taylor manages to be dressed to the nines and her hair done. I dont think Kennedy is Traylor’s priority or ever was.

            • I’m fine Cyn. Thanks for asking, A bit of drama going on over here but it aint no thang but a chicken wang and this too shall pass and whatever dont kill me will make me stronger… and all that other happy horse crap. lol. But seriously its gonna be fine. I’ll be good as new before too long. My momma is visiting too so not much time to post.

            • Geez. Ok. I’m just trying to make a point that brushing a young one’s hair can be a battle. Add the tragedy on top of it and it makes it seem like less of a priority. Taylor doesn’t have to put up a fight to make herself look good.

            • It can be a battle and I do know a mother with a beautiful little girl, rather than battle her child she would send her to preschool or bring her to me with hair so matted I would have to literally soak her head with a mixture of water and creme rinse, hold her in a leg lock and comb her beautiful hair out from the bottom up soak and repeat, then I could wash it and put a leave in conditioner on her hair.

              One thing the mother did learn was that you do not comb a child’s long hair starting at the top and try to rip the matted tangled hair out as you brush downward. The one thing she did not understand was that her hair needed to be combed every day.

              It is not like Shana was broken down in grief and I am sure she had people around after Russell passed away. Maybe that was Shana’s way of showing how pitiful her circumstances were, Kennedy looked like she had been thru a great deal and Shana was hoping those feelings would transfer to how people perceived Shana as well. It did not work. If anything it only exemplifies her selfishness.

            • Trust me I know all about that battle. My daughter fought me on it all the time.For many many years. But I would feel like a real jackass if we went out together and I was on point while she looked like a rag muffin. Truthfully in Traylor’s world the nanny would be doing the hair brushing but I dont think Traylor care enough to even instruct on that. The real bullchits gonna go down when Kennedy gets older and looks BETTER than her momma.

            • This is the issue as I see it, too (quoting MP): “And yet Taylor manages to be dressed to the nines and her hair done.” It’s the DISPARITY between the two levels of care, that’s revealing.

          • Ima throw out some scenarios… Be devil’s advocate bc to be honest; I didn’t notice Kennedy’s hair was a mess. Maybe bc I’m a mama of boys.
            Some things to consider. Maybe Taylor attempted to brush Kennedy’s hair and she went into one of her yelling fits and Taylor left her alone (not likely IMO per the chart). Maybe she fell asleep in the car and her hair got all messed up (again not likely bc they live down the street). Here’s how I operate as a mom… I get my kids ready first. The time that is left I spend on myself.

  3. I was impressed with Adrienne for acknowledging Russell’s other children. I didn’t catch that the first time around.

    • Thank goodness someone did. I checked the timeline and the filming at Kyle’s took place approximately 28 days after Taylor had to be carried at Russell’s service in California. It looks like she recovered quite well. cause there was not a clue to make it seem like this woman had just lost a husband.

      • Kim was also not in rehab at the time this was filmed because she did not enter until December, The filming at Kyle;s house was Approximately September 21st if it was three weeks after the wedding. That looked like an awfully small room they were in, guess it was just the way they filmed it.

      • Hmmm, not a tear shed at Kyles house after not seeing her friends in sooo long, but as of just over a week ago shes sobbing and blubbering all over the place for the papps!

  4. WTF is wrong with Ms Fancy Shmancy Traylor trash that she can’t even brush her little girls hair?? I try not to waste energy on hating someone, but she is an exception! It worries me so badly for this little girl that statistics are against children who have had a parent commit suicide that they are more apt to as well. She’s obviously not getting the attention she needs so soon after her fathers death and will likely get even less as time goes by. I am praying that somehow in someway that Russells family will find Traylor unfit and gain custody of the poor girl.

    Another one I worry over is Kim. Doesn’t it ever cross Kyle’s mind that she could lose her sister in the same way if she doesn’t stop treating her so terribly? When someone is in a family that constantly is telling them they don’t do anything well enough for them along with her children who have left her makes someone like that feel very hopeless. How can they not see how fragile she is? Mauricio pisses me off the way he talks about his sister in law as well. A HOLES!!!

    • The competition going on between Kyle and Kim (and Kathy) is all the residual left over from their very domineering mother and as long as Kyle idolizes her mother, she will never understand Kim’s need to break the very careful rules her mother set up. Another tell is Kyle’s refusal to see how their mother made money for the family and NEVER acknowledges that it was Kim that really supported the family and not their father like she said in an early segment. I feel that Kyle’s emotional growth stopped at a very early stage by the way she acts like a teenager so much. Some people never leave high school in their minds.

      • Agreed. And there was a brief snippet of Kim and Kyle at Paul’s office and Kim says “You’re not my mother.” And of course that starts the Kyle water works and she gotta go tear blottin’ with those manhands!!

      • Kyle also tried to make it sound like she worked as much as Kim did, earned as much as her, and was as famous as her – although all these things are false when it came to Kyle’s own career. She tried to get the viewers to think that Kim didn’t do anything extraordinary for the family that she didn’t do herself either. Kyle is sooooo against telling the truth about Kim’s accomplishments that her immediate response is to discount them. Kyle seems not to be able to give Kim her props.

        Kim is someone I would recognize immediately. I watched her on tv & movies all my life. But I would have never recognized Kyle. I didn’t even know she was in show business until she mentioned it herself & even then I had to research it a bit to try to remember what she did.

        I think, with her show business earnings, Kim put more than $20k into that Palm Springs house that Kyle gave her only $20k to buy her out against her will.

    • IIRC, since “Brush Hair” was on Taylor’s “Mommy Dearest Chart,” so she has waived all responsibility for the upkeep of that particular part of Kennedy’s appearance.

      Maurice was terrible to Kim and Ken. They showed up on time, they didn’t want drama, they wanted to enjoy the dinners with the other folks, but Maurice had to try to out b*tch his b*tchy wife. Go figure.

      • I can honestly say if I were Kim, the entire trip would not have to be surrounded by Maurice’s birthday events. She has a very good reason to not want to be around Kyle all of the time, or the other women for that matter. She tried to speak the truth last year and not even Lisa would back her up and Lisa knew it was Taylor who talked about all of them to Camille about what was said, even during the reunion last year after everyone of them had seen Camille say that Taylor had told them, Kyle let Taylor go off on her again and not a single person said Kim is telling the truth. They all wanted to focus on her drinking problem. Drinking or not Kim has always said what is true about Taylor.

        • @ gail – Yeah, ur right that Kim had “a very good reason not to want to be around Kyle all of the time.”

          I dunno why Vyle thought it was Kim’s duty to come to her first thing after arriving at the hotel to explain herself & offer up apologies & what not. Vyle listening thru the wall, peering thru the peephole, then climbing over to their balcony, etc. Shows how much Vyle thinks Kim should always be answerable to her and fawn upon her. Also, shows how much Vyle will go to control Kim’s every waking minute.

  5. Traylor is “trying to keep afloat after the tragedy…and writing her memoirs.” Let’s see, what tragedy could they be talking about? Her earliest memory of being in footie PJ’s and witnessing “someone” beating her mother, but not actually being abused herself? The tragedy of not making the cheerleaders? The tragedy of not being named after her favorite designer? The tragedy of having to change her name to Taylor because everybody already called her that? The tragedy of that horrible lip implant? The tragedy of a first divorce? The tragedy of having snared a man “richer than Texas” and living the high life at the expense of innocent investors? The tragedy of having a child?

    Oh, what’s that? Ohhhh, the tragedy that her husband of six years, the man who is a great dad and with whom she wants to co-parent THEIR daughter, the man with whom she engaged in various of the aforementioned scamming and who paid for the high life she enjoyed, the tragedy that he hanged himself with a triple wrapped electric cord…THAT tragedy??? Sorry, ain’t buying it.

    And as for the memoirs–it’s probably a good thing there’s a couple of years of film to help her with that, because she admits to at least one drunken black-out and having no memory of stuff. Again, ain’t buying it.

  6. A “source” is coming out in the media and saying that the ladies didn’t believe Taylor’s abuse claim because she would keep changing her story and would amp up the details of the abuse.

    I think we may be seeing the truth come out now that the show is over. At least I hope so!

  7. Kim’s not pregnant! Whew, that was close! Now she can do all of that traveling she was wanting to do. I wonder if she’s packed?

  8. Romo: What do you think about a Kim and Ramona public service announcement, and maybe a US Bravo sponsored tour, on the dangers of not recognizing the onset of menopause??

    • Too funny……Menopause in general needs to be understood better and what two better people to discuss it!

    • I support it!
      Bravo get on it and no more 50 year old prego storylines or I will donkey kick Cohen.

  9. BTW, how does Faye Resnick get her money? Does she earn it or did she marry it? She was good buddies with Nicole Simpson, OJ’s murdered wife, and a pivotal figure in that whole mess back in 1994.

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