Real Housewives of Atlanta: Sneak Peek… MARLO GOES BERSERK IN AFRICA… VIDEO

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59 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Sneak Peek… MARLO GOES BERSERK IN AFRICA… VIDEO

  1. What Sheree could have said to Marlo was….I don’t know you yet….I know Cynthia that is why I asked her to my friends home……I know NeNe and I know she doesn’t alway control herself in other people’s homes on trips well and that is why I didn’t invite her to my friends home. Marlo, I just didn’t know you, but I guess I know you now.

    I always thought it was odd how they edited Marlo…It started out like Brandi’s foray into BH, but this might have been why Marlo was not asked to be a RHoA. Good thing there was not a razor around.

      • Do you think Bravo had that long-ass questionnaire about anything in her background that would cause the network potential embarrassment when they decided to give her some HW status? Or is the long-ass questionnaire a very new thing?

        • Robin: The questions are new. But, knowing how Bravo works, maybe they are looking for people who have that type of background. The questionnaire would give Bravo the info first… instead of reading it on HWs sites! TFC!! SH

          • Quite a keen point, Ms. SH! Makes tremendous sense, since the network is really all bout pushing the drama envelope in all directions.

          • LOL ! Agreed Ms SH.. and they probably get brownie points marked on their questionnaire and more screen time if they qualify as a criminal, a sociopath, an addict or even the lowly regarded in real life , but adored on Bravo, lying sack of poop. Why don’t they just add the disclaimer: Normal people need not apply.

  2. Cynthia should not have gone back and said what she said, especially the way she said it. Marlo is responsible for her reaction, but Cythina did not help by telling her ‘tale” .

  3. Marlo; based on what I have seen so far and based on the previews; she’s a bully and someone I would not trust; she makes NeNe look like Mary Poppins, I think if Marlo was not on the trip Nene would have behaved for the sake of all the ladies to enjoy the trip. ?????

    • make nene look like Mary Poppins! oh yeah! I was watching NeNe tell Marlo wait! wait! Let me talk…..thought NeNe didn’t like SheHee at all?

        • Wouldn’t you be ?? In a word association game in my mind..Marlo = to Shank someone. And I wonder what ms andy would say in regards to her “F” word comment to Sheree.

          • Well one thing is for sure, after the use of that word Marlo is def not getting a WWHL invite now:/ But honestly,Sheree didn’t invite you, Marlo probably wanted to go, or be invited but her reaction was pretty over the top. If I was getting an all expenses paid vacay to Cape Town (which is a beautiful city btw) on Bravo’s dime, i would be ordering room service, going to the hotel spa and enjoying myself. Do any of these women know how to have fun anymore? Sheesh, you are on vacation, you can scream in each others faces at home.

          • I just mentioned it because I think Nene was really scared that that was a possibility and I have never seen Nene react like that before. She brought Marlo with the intent of making the other ladies uncomfortable and even referred to it as the smalls vs the talls. I thought if Nene hadn’t thought that Marlo might have hurt someone that she would have found it to be humorous instead of trying to stop her.

  4. With Marlo’s background, Bravo is putting the cast members in danger. What employer in their right mind would keep someone like that around? Their quest for ratings and drama is getting out of hand. If she ends up harming one of the other ladies, Bravo will be totally responsible.

    • Bravo doesn’t care since they kept Nene on even though she put her hands around Kim’s neck in the parking lot of Target, iirc. Weren’t the cops called at that time? Then she attacked Kim again in the tour bus, but this time on Bravo cameras.

      So Bravo doesn’t care, so long as they can get some publicity off of it. One guy hung himself. One wife has been saying it was bone-breaking/dislocating, choking DV for however long. Another was choked. Then near-choked again at a different time. There was hair …er.. wig pulling. There was water-in-the-face splashing. There was a threat to take another wife out back into the alley and go Oklahoma on her ass. There was a threat to call the FBI on another housewife’s daughter. Another wife is so doped up, she washes her mouth with air deodorizer. There was finger, hand, and arm slapping on 2 different events in the same season, etc.

  5. For a minute it look like Nene was gonna knock Marla out when she told her to Shut up? Weird. I think Sheree can throw down if she has to.

    • I think while Nene and Cynthia were all gossipy about it, Marlo took it to the level of making it an “incident” , She no doubts knows the other ladies know about her past and her record, so she is going to live up to the expectations and I think she pushed it too far and Nene was kind of scared that Marlo would hurt somebody.

  6. Cynthia—Snitch
    Nene- bat-s**t crazy
    Sheree–half crazy and creates drama, desperate for air time
    Kandi–is good person but talks smack behind friends back
    Phaedra—I HEART HER…..she can do no wrong! “hmm child everybody knows……” what a riot

    • I’m in total agreement of your assessment of these women. Phaedra may be ghetto but I feel she’s the “new” NeNe as far as keeping it real, not putting on airs and she just is who she is. You can either take her or leave her.

      • I really don’t feel Phaedra is ghetto…she’s one of the least ghetto of all the housewives…I think Traylor is more ghetto than Phadra…probably the one thing that is ghetto about Phadra is Apollos past but he seems reformed and learned.

        I like her assessments about people…especially Cynthia’s talent agency..real jobs lol

        • I really want to Dislike Phaedra but I just cant. I did get upset about the WHITE PEOPLE EAT CANNED food comment but I just eventully wrote it off as a clueless comment.

          • Phaedra made numerous ill advised statements in S1; however, she’s become a stand-out (in a positive sense) this season. Either due to Bravo’s editing or my own limitations I didn’t care much for her previous to S2 but now I think she’s marvelous (sometimes she still makes me cringe a little bit, though).

            The white people eating canned foods comment naturally made her scene opening a can of beans for her family even more hilarious.

          • I don’t dislike Phaedra, but out of all of them she is the most scripted….playing up to the camera. At least in S1.

            • Don’t you think that is her lawyer backgroud? In the courtroom you try to be prepared for everything and not taken by surprises.

      • I’m sorry I hate when the word “ghetto” is thrown around so casually. Phedra in my opinion is as country as a mason jar, Athens, Georgia(where Pheadra was born and raised) is predominately white and pretty rural/suburban small town.
        I’m a suburban girl but have country relatives and I can see that with Pheadra and her family. Does she say very ignorant things, yes she does, but that I see as more “country” then anything else. I think if anything, Pheadra is a bit tacky-glam, which adds to her charm but you know someone is southern and a country girl when they have a “sip and see” for a baby. And yes I have been to one of those before.

        • Agreement,…don’t like the word ghetto used ONLY for these particular housewives…Phaedra is such a country girl reminds me pretty porches and sweet tea and done home comfy food…not ghetto!

          I will say Traylor fromm laa laa Beverly Hills is very ghetto…

          • Sweet tea!!!! Love, and peach cobbler and mint juleps. I get a Dolly Parton vibe a bit from Phaedra, southern girls who love their roots and aren’t afraid to embrace their over the top gaudiness:)

            Yes, Taylor can do the small town Oklahoma girl shctick all she wants, she is a very scary woman, and more “ghetto” then most of the women on these shows.

            • I love how things are just a beat or two slower down in the south. Its a compliment. They take time to genuinely enjoy their lives.

    • Kandi is uber talented and should make a musical comeback and forget the Candy Coated Nights business. Its making her look trashy when I know she isn’t. A couple of comments put me off, but when they brought up putting sugar in the va-JJ… thats the first thing I think of when I hear her name when instead it should be her amazing voice which far outshines Jodie Maccina Sp*? any day of the week. She’s right. She could easily make in country, but the good old boys are just that. When they see her talking that way it isn’t the image they want to have when they back a country music singer. Its sad really.

  7. I get where Marlo is coming from, She-man knew what she was doing I Ray Charles can see what her intentions are–to exclude Marlo puts Marlo on notice that she is not good enough for She-man and because she is aligned with Nene. It was okay to invite Cynthia as she is her own person and picks her friends and She-man she picked Nene for a friend. Unlike you and Kim who don’t have two brain cells between you, Cynthia thinks for herself. I don’t know why the shorties didn’t just go on about their business or wherever they were going. If Kandi wants to talk about etiquette, she is the wrong person unless she is speaking on bourghetto etiquette. She-man wanted to hurt Marlo’s feelings by treating her like a grade school reject. What I like about Marlo is the rest of dem beyotches better dot their i’s and cross their t’s before messing with Marlo–she” cut a beyotch. While I don’t advocate violence, the shorties need a beatdown.

    • Let me just say this…you can sit and talk sh*t about someone all day but you cross the line when you put your hands on them. Someone puts their hands on ME? I’m going to sue you so hard there will be a lien attached to your great-great-grandchildrens goods, properties and chattels appertaining thereto!

      Violence in ANY form is wrong.

      • Traylor defined abuse and violence to anyone saying no to her friend requests. Remember how out of control she was at Lisa’s tea because Lisa would not be her friend….well Marlo just has a different way of showing how upset she was.

  8. I think this season will be the last of Marlo, thank goodness. Bravo is clearly trying to distance themselves, I will be shocked if she is asked to be at the reunion. But… I will say this, if anyone could go toe to toe (unarmed) with Marlo, it would be Sheree, have you seen her arms? I would rethink that if I was Marlo.

  9. Cynthia is the most pathetic person on TV. I don’t know why i keep voting for Jax as the stoopid housewife, when Cynthia is a whole lot of it.

  10. Cynthia behaves not a day over twelve years old….somewhere between gradeschool and Jr. High this Ms.’s Brain stopped maturing!

    You cannot blame Sheree for not wanting to risk putting a friendship in jeopardy by inviting those two women to his home! NeNe always causes some sort of scene at events where every girl is included and Marlo is an ex con! This friend is an affluent man in that city and would likely not want them there himself. I know I wouldn’t want someone bringing someone to my home that I did not know who has a record into my home without asking!! Then if I did find out they were later would be mad as a wet hen and end that friendship with someone who didn’t have the decency to respect my home! Not a Bravo backdrop, but my home.

    • I’m very careful about who I invite to my friends homes, too. Marlo, the socialite did not have her socialite panties on at all that evening, but I think this might have been a producer inspired set up to start the smalls against the talls storyline.

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