Hoda and Kathie Lee… with Andy Cohen

Today… Andy Cohen was a guest on ninth… or was it the fifteenth… hour of the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda… today…

Andy tried to change the subject, but Kathie Lee was like a hound dog and wanted to know!  What’s the deal with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills???

Miss Andy assures Kathie Lee that there will be no re-casting of the franchise.

NOTE:  Well, what else is Andy going to say?  Had Andy spouted the TRUTH about the Beverly Hills shake-up, it would cause chaos among the many sites that hang on his every word (…not SH!) and the BH cast would be harassed, harangued and hollered at on twitter, facebook and all those other intrawebby places.  

Oh… we believe you about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills not being re-cast… we really believe you, Andy….  Really.

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    • I read that Kim won’t be returning – that she wants to focus on her sobriety, which is a good thing. I wish Taylor would make the same decision – but she’s addicted to the camera and can’t get enough screen time. If she returns next season I probably won’t – I don’t think mental illness should be exploited, and Bravo is loving the ratings from the drama she causes. As for Dana and Brandi, neither fit in and I wish both would just go away — Brandi is a media ho, and Dana is out of her element.

      • Michelle: It is not the HWs decision to return… it is Bravo’s. Bravo extends an “invitation” to appear on the next season; the HW can accept or reject. Shana won’t be getting an invitation… TFC!! SH

  1. The pillow fight was fun as well as Holly Hunter doing the Vlye splits, but the man/woman has no shame. Wouldn’t have been cool if he just said….Yes, we are replacing the two of the people on the show that went over the edge…..Truth will set you free ms andy.

  2. The repercussions of ms andy speaking honestly about anything would set off a chain of bizarre phenomena such as … hell actually did freeze over, pigs could truley do fly, Shaft would win a Pulitzer Prize for honesty in revealing her comeback from DV and I would win a million bucks from the lottery even though I don’t buy tickets , but just because they liked me !!

  3. Many of us know these shows are “staged”. That these “stars” are not “friends”. And that what we see is fake, fake, fake.

    But if BH brings back Taylor Armstrong for another season that does it for me. I honestly cannot sit through something that rewards this woman for being the lying skank that she is.

    Not a fan of Camille but I think she finally “got it”. Appearing on these shows is an opportunity to sell one’s soul to hell and she just doesn’t need it. Made into the “villain” in season 1, it was reported that she was reluctant to return for season 2 and my guess is that she did so with the condition that her character be seen more favorably.

    I tune in to see how far the “drama” can be played out but in no way do I believe the crap that is onscreen. This season went far beyond the norm.

    Having said that, the thought of Taylor continuing on this series is repulsive. She is a hideous human being, inside and out.

    I’m done.

    • I have to say that most of the best entertaining has been done by Camille, even the Allison DuBois ( which honestly Kyle did push way to hard for her reading , made jokes about the credit cards, and her friend Faye calling out Allison as a liar. All of those things combined is what made the party take the turn for the worse) reveal, It exposed Allison DuBois as a phony, why won’t they do the same thing to Taylor? They even showed a producer’s cut to prove Allison’s claims that the edit made her look bad was not because of editing.

      Camille has invited the ladies to New York, Colorado, been shot in Hawaii. She has outdone the other ladies as far as putting together trips that should have been enjoyable for the viewers had it not been for Taylor ruining everyone of them. Kyle and Camille would have not had that nasty feud had Taylor not made up lies about what was said at the airport. Kim did try to give the correct story to the other women but they were to busy hovering over Kyle’s annoying boohooing over everything. Between that and Taylor’s threatening Kim every time Kim tried to speak out poor Kim didn’t stand a chance last season.

  4. Andy is tough to watch on these shows..he acts like a little girl and No I don’t believe a word he says..I also don’t watch his WWHLmuch was kinda fun at 2 nights a week but the daily dose he’s doing now is way to much for me..I haven’t watched it since NeNe was on.

    • Not only that but his guests are becoming more boring. It was kind of fun when he basically just had on the housewives on the night their episodes were shown, but all of these other people are just too blah. Now if they want to have guests who trash the housewives, that would be a whole new ballgame. Now it is just boring and stoopid !

    • I feel the same way. I looked forward to the show when it was on twice/week. But since it went 5 nights, I’ve decided not to watch. The show has a formula, which is going to get old and predictable very quickly. AND….how many interesting people can he get to make guest appearances on the show? I give it one season.

  5. Dang it! Had I not boycotted WWHL due to Andy’s bullscrap I could have called in and asked Mr Feinnes if he thought that his role of Mr VanDoren in QUIZ SHOW would be relevant for today’s reality TV shows that are dealing out wholesale death and destruction.
    Here it is again yall cause miss Andy is “like a child who refuses to admit a fact in hopes that it will go away”

    • of course i would have to tell Deardra the phone girl that my question was gonna be “If you were a housewife whose lady pond would you want to swim in?’ Or… “love your shoes… what are you wearing” or “Which housewife would you think has the hairiest potter?” or… some other ridiculousness just to get through.

      • I wonder how they keep someone from going off the rails once they do get on the air? There has to be people trying to get through to ask something that isn’t screened and given the green light to talk to Andy about on the show. I know it is live but wonder if there isn’t some kind of time delay for those people that get on the air and throw out a hardball question once they make it one the air.

  6. Hello. I’ve been lurking here for awhile now. I love love love this site. Thank you for all of the information you present. I also enjoy the many comments. I will not watch another season of Beverly Hill housewives if Taylor comes back. I can’t stand the sight of her or the sound of her voice.

  7. I’m not surprised, everyone is lockdown as far as what they can reveal. I expect the worse from this network anyways… so if Taylor returns I won’t be surprised. I hope Camille’s PR firm/rep was given a raise. I think she has has the best rehabbed image of a disliked HW on any franchise. She did make a great villain in season 1 though, I do like the nicer and gentler Camille too though, she offered some balance.

  8. Who wants to bet that Kyle calls in or tweets? She can’t stand anybody doing anything, without somehow being mentioned. I’m talking about tonight, on WWHL…got ahead of myself.

  9. Has anybody noticed how grey Andy’s hair is getting? Too much stress maybe? Kinda like when a president takes office, by the end he is five times as grey! Maybe the truth coming out has him nervous?

  10. Andy is a lying piece of dung. He is the most dangerous kind of liar because he believes half of ‘em. He has gray in his hair because Joey Gorga told him he thought gray hair might make him look more sexually desirable. I cannot tolerate his voice. It’s like fingernails on a blackboard to me.

    • I have a feeling his 5 nights a week are not going to bring in the ratings. I used to watch only because he was on immediately after the house wive’s shows aired and the house wives were the guest and they would talk about the episode.It quickly became boring when he brought in Tramona the turtle who he traded in for a bar with non interesting people as bartenders.

      Now he has chef Roble’ on and I cannot tune into that, it is annoying. So if i have found something else to watch in the 10-12 time slot or even 11-12 time slot, like a movie, I don’t change channels back to watch the show. Dance moms is back on and Abby makes me cringe but I just love to watch those little girl’s dance. He made a mistake by putting shows in between the housewife airings and WWHL.

        • I thought last night was great. Andy can’t compete with her. It is not really worth watching the HW on WWHL because it’s all so phoney.

        • I used to watch her all of the time. I watch a lot of the Lifetime movie channel, some days they have some really good movies on there. I got a little burned out on Chelsea but she is much funnier than Andy. I am talking more along the lines of before the Housewife shows completely went off the rails and each episode started becoming an infomercial and every housewife recorded a song. Back in the fun days of the housewives. The emotional bs with Shana, Kyle and Kim have drained this season of any enjoyment at all. They had the back to back episodes on Bravo today and seeing one episode of each episode was more than enough for me this season.There is not a single one of them I would watch twice.

  11. Well, that was a boring finale. As much of a hideous person Taylor is, she does bring the drama so I would be surprised if she did not come back. And I want Camille to come back, I love her clothes and I love seeing how she puts herself together. I also love to watch her to see if her halo slips – I know its gonna one day! lol

  12. I agree with Katie……a few posts up. Many people will be done with Beverly Hills if they keep Traylor. They keep shoving NeNe down everyone’s throat. She has no class and being a stubborn woman haven’t and refuse to watch ATL because of her with the acception of the occasional clip on this website. Not a Kim fan either, but I do like the way Kroy interacts with her daughters so probably will tune in for their new show. I KNOW that they could have cast a much better representation of Atlanta than they have.

  13. I stopped watching Atlanta got to boring, not much going on except as was said, shoving Nene down our throats. Great that it’s on Sunday’s when we have a lot more shows to chose from.

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