Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… NENE PACKING FOR AFRICA TRIP… VIDEO

If you were busy watching the football playoffs… THIS is what you missed over at Bravo… nothing!

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36 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… NENE PACKING FOR AFRICA TRIP… VIDEO

    • Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa, love the video! How dare she invite Marlo without asking???? Rude, Crude, Smack talkin, Brute! ;)

  1. The housewives of beverly hills pack their own bags for their trips, Nene needs an assistant? Loved when she said the flight was 3 months, that was funny.

  2. She’s going to Africa with gowns and LB’s?? Ten Bags? How about some shorts, tee’s, a couple hats, and some comfy flat shoes Nene? Its Africa not the Met! Splurge and bring a few more sunglasses if you like since its something you could actually use while your there.

  3. Am surprise NeNe Leakes has a assistant when all she do is complain about prices on one hand and throw Donald Trump name around on the other hand, that what you surely get from a woman who never had s**t. Ex-strippers and strippers turn everything into drama because they are so chaotic. Cynthia Is loyal to NeNe but you can tell she is clueless with no street smart, because she can’t even see NeNe desire no loyal to her she’s very dumb. You see NeNe street smart kick in, because she didn’t come at Shereé Whitfield the way she did Kim instead she got humble. Kim real has grown since last season and NeNe is very jealous of Kim. Bottom-line NeNe Leakes is a hood rat, NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE NENE PROVE YOU CAN”T PURCHASE CLASS !!!!!!

  4. Is anyone else concerned about the way NeNe “lives” in her big house?…it appears to have very little in it……nothing on the shelves… pictures on the walls…..nothing on the fireplace mantel. Two sofa’s, one chair and a lamp with two racks of clothes all squeezed into a very tight shot. Why? For someone so rich it would appear she only likes to spend that money on what she wears. It is just a very strangely composed camera scene with everything clumped around the bottom of the staircase so NeNe can go up the stairs to give her put down line.

    • Yep, as soon as she walks up the stairs you’re expecting to hear a director yell “cut! OK everybody that’s a wrap! Let’s break down the set.” So fake

      • Kind of like the staircase on the show Bonanza, I remember finding that out and was so disappointed that they didn’t live in a big ranch house. Showing my age now aren’t I, lol.

          • I was pretty young so for me it was Little Joe. After I got older and saw reruns Adam did catch my eye, lol

          • I liked HOSS The big old teddy bear
            The set they used is now a tourist site outside Lake Tahoe its really cheesey to.

            • My Dad lives out there and he went on a tour there, I think he may have sent me pictures but it so so long ago, maybe it was on a VHS tape, either way, I was surprised to hear about there not being bedrooms for anybody at the top of the stairs, lol

            • I have 2 sisters…we all chose one of the brothers….my sister even married a guy who looked like Hoss. It is so funny how TV can affect a person.

            • Yes it is funny, First I was going to grow up and marry Davy Jones from the monkees, even started speaking with an accent, Then I dumped him for Bobby Sherman, Now I hang my head in shame, LOL . Oh the crushes of little girls for their teenage heart throbs!

            • haha, cute MP. I was so jealous of the girl in “Here Come the Brides” that was his ” girlfriend. Wonder why I have never seen that show in syndication, It was a cute little show at the time.

            • My first crush on a actor(s) was the Guys from EMERGENCY Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe
              Kevin Tighe is still might handsome

            • Wasn’t Rick Springfield the one that was on General Hospital? I too had a crush on Randolph Mantooth. For some reason I always liked the guys with dark hair, My husband had a grandmother that was 100 percent Cherokee and he had dark brown hair , I used to braid it for him every day, it went halfway down his back. Of course now that we are older he has long since cut it and he’s salt and pepper but believe it or not I still have the braid in a baggie , I did not want him to cut it off.

            • The set for Rosanne was the same way at the top of the stairs was a platform the actors had to wait on until the shot was over

  5. My favorite line in the episode was when Sheree was talking about Marlo getting on a plane to leave the country & says “isn’t she on parole or something”! Love it!

    • I was wondering that myself. After hearing what Marlo did to that woman, (who later committed suicide), I feel uncomfortable watching her. Some of these women might have shady pasts but as far as I know none of them have ever assaulted anyone. I can’t believe Bravo would hire her just to boost ratings.

      • Now, now, cough, cough…who are we to judge?( Rolling my eyes big time) Does every one come to the set armed now? There has been a blurring of the lines storylines at Braho and when this was filmed they still thought it was OK to put people in harms way. These women are not actors and that is not fake (blood) anger spouting out of Marlo’s mouth. Was Cynthia wrong to tattle, yes, but I think she had bought into the socialite storyline everyone was being fed by the producers.

  6. Poor prententious, uneducated NeNe mis-pronounces the simplest words. Luggages, really? How ghetto to add an “S” to a word that has no plural form. Like that baffooon Charles said “men-es”. Men is the plural for man.

    • Speaking of mispronouncing things I noticed last night on Mob Wives they mispronounce drama all the time. They say it as “dramer” And pretty much any other word that ends with a sound they tack a r on it and call it a day. I think its cute but that cause I like different accents. Peeper are peeper

        • I know. I wish I could do that accent. Not sure what I would use it for but it would be a fun tool to have in my wheelhouse.

      • MP, I’m in the car business and it drives me nutso when I go to New York (although I love New Yorkers) when we go to the body shops and they call a radiator (corrrect pronunciation is with a long A)…they’ll say….radiator (with a short a)…or water as warter…..well, it’s a few states on the east coast, I shouldnt pick on the NY’rs….and Go Giants! since my Broncos completely blew it out their pooper……okay, pick on me….I call soda = pop or the glove compartment a jocky box. Yup love listening to dialects & accents!

  7. Yawn. That’s what I did when watching RHOA last night. Borrring. I think Bravo invited Marlo to spice it up in Africa b/c next week looks cray cray.

  8. Did that air? I literally (not an exaggeration) dozed off while watching last night’s episode from the DVR and was too disinterested to rewind.

  9. You all should have seen NeNe in the Game, she mispronounces voulptuous, like “vullumptous” & ridiculous as “redekilous”.

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