Brandi Glanville and Jennifer Gimenez… “Hey, Brandi… check out that guy!  Did he just wipe his hand on Kyle’s dress??”

Jennifer Gimenez, unofficial “friend of the Housewives,” and house mother on Dr. Drew’s “Sober House” made an appearance on Jane Velez-Mitchell last night… giving her professional insight into the latest “rehab or no rehab” issue surrounding Heather Locklear.

 Yeah… Jennifer’s pointing at YOU, misterMan!!

NOTE:  You got robbed, Jennifer!!  Next time Jane wants you to talk on her show, ask her if she’s planning on letting you speak for more than 20 seconds!  Who WAS that guy after you???  And remind Jane that you were on Sober House… with Dr. SoPhony Drew!!!

More about Jennifer… here.

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42 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi Glanville… BRANDI’S BFF JENNIFER GIMENEZ… TALKIN’ ABOUT HEATHER LOCKLEAR… VIDEO

  1. Ms. SH, I love that you’re using “SoPhony” now! Isn’t that just the best name? MP came up with it, right? Man, Vyle’s lips are growing, aren’t they?

  2. I would love to hear Jennifer’s take on Taylor’s drinking and behavior this season. She was there at the meltdown at Brandi’s so I interested in her take on the night.

    It would also be interesting to hear what she has to say about Dr.SoPhony parading Shana around after his house visit and limo ride to a “therapy session” at a private party bar lounge opening and having her talk to people that have been drinking already that night to ‘tell her story” (also known as begging for forgiveness so they would let her come and play with the rich people again )

    • Jennifer tweeted that On that night she offered Kim help at her Sober house
      I tweeted her back that perhaps she should extent that invitation to Taylor since taylor was falling down drunk lately..jennifers response was : XO wtf is XO

      • I would have thought it was hug/kiss, like xoxo…or did she write wtf is XO? If she just wrote XO, I would take it that she is in agreement.

            • Hi BSL! hope p.t. today wasn’t as bad as expected! I am icing right now! I’m not supposed to even type! My daughter told me that sometimes they make her sit in her bra and running shorts up to her neck in ice water to control swelling. Hope your poor legs and feet are not receiving the same punishment! Love your new kitty! Be well! :-)

            • Hi Ms. Nikki! Thanks for the kind thoughts! You are always sweet! Didn’t you go today, also? It got so bad that they had to stop halfway through. I’m better now that I’m out of their grip. haha The poor kitty was left behind and the whole neighborhood has adopted her. Hope you are doing well today and survived. We need to have a marathon once we are all in running condition. I can only log on for a few minutes at a time this evening. BBL

          • That’s what I thought too, when you posted the other day. I seemed like a really friendly “yes!”. But not so friendly if she had added the second part. She appears to be a calm soul in what has become an ever-increasing sh*! storm reality series. Would I LOVE to have her take on things…

  3. Oh another Bubble burst I like Heather! If I am going to keep my illusions I’m going to have to stop reading this stuff!

  4. Gail, Somewhere on the SH site, there is a link posted for a Jennifer Gimenez interview in which she talks about Taylor, Kim and her RHOBH experience in general. It’s very eye opening, especially the insight into Jennifer’s friendship with Brandi during the time when she hit rock bottom. It’s pretty evident that experience influenced Brandi’s attitude towards both Kim and Taylor. The interview is on a podcast hosted by Adam Carolla’s wife.

    • Hi MT…want to say “hi!” to you before I log off for a while. I have people coming over to work on our project, so they will demand full attention. Mwah!

      • Darn, I missed ya! Mwah! Hope petunias were not to terrible and you were an Amazonian strong woman about it all! Best of luck with your project. :)

        • No, I’m here waiting for them, but they will be here soon. Petunias made me break down into tears today and had to stop it got so bad. The weekend is starting and all will be well again. Love ya! :)

          • Oh Rachael (that’s your nickname, right?) I’m so sad. Naughty petunias!! Bad, bad petunias! Here is hoping the weekend treats you right! The weekend should treat you like a princess! Not a damsel in distress princess, but a strong kick-a$$ kinda princess!
            I wanted to share a photo on SH of our cat that thinks it is a bunny. I swear, it really does. We like to call her bunny-butt. (Although I have rescues, I hesitate putting photos of purebreds on here. I think people look down on owning purebreds. To all that do, know I am an equal opportunity cat lover/owner! Oh geez, I’m rambling.. Again!)

            • Oooohhh, she’s pretty! Does she have a bobbed-tail? I’ll post a pic of a stray cat that we take care of since her owner moved and didn’t take her. She is a funny cat. I love your pic! No worries about me, I’m going to have a nice weekend and hope you do, too.

            • My kids named her Nancy Pelosi…not because of any political statement or anything, they just liked the name, so that’s her name. Mwah! Will be back later.

            • MT, hope you’re feeling better today! Your kitty is sweet looking–was she born bobbed? I can hardly keep up of late, but even more so with the ever-changing avatars around here!

            • Heh. Sorry. I like to have fun with the gravatars. I’m sure it gets confusing.
              Yes, all Japanese Bobtails are born with funky stubs. All the “tails” are so different and nearly have a personality of their own!

            • Interesting! I also love her coloring. I don’t know much about cats, as we have always had unruly rescue dogs. Actually, your avatar (a deity that has deigned to return to earth to walk amongst us) happens to be your gravatar. :-)

            • Did you leave a post for Lisa on her blog site? Submitted as ‘GOBRANDI!’? Is anyone here admitting to being ‘Linda Santangelo’? :-)

  5. Nikki – I have my suspicious on who it might be, but I’ll let them answer! You know what drive me absolutely nuts, Nikki? It is when people speak for me. It drives me freakin crazy. It also seems to irk me when someone appoints themselves as a head of a group and speaks for the group. Same thing, different costume.
    I just had to vent to a friend, since I now consider you my friend. Hope that is ok! :)

      • Guess it doesn’t seem like that, does it… Guess I got kinda cranky.
        Think I scared Nikki off? I was trying to confide in her.. Hey, how’d you read my super secret confidential note to Nikki? Hrm..

    • *ahem*… Crazy officious bastards! The nerve! *cough* Bravo! *cough*… Glad we’re friends! Cause friends don’t post for friends… *ahem* ;-)

          • I know.. You’re right.. I just.. I mean.. Is it because this season of BH is so dark that it just brings the catty nuttiness? It’s just been so different here.. Sometimes I feel like I’ve stepped onto a particular Arthur Miller play during my visits here…
            I know I’m sensitive… So I’ll just take more breaks from now on. :)

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            • I vote against MT getting a hall pass. You must stay and entertain me, MT and Nikki. I am about to fall asleep finally. Good night, cuties!

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          • I thought y’all were coming over? I’m just putting the final touches on the packaging for my Bravo-inspired ‘beverage’ that we are tasting this weekend before the meeting with the Beam Corp.. Lots of rainbows and unicorns, maybe a kitty or two… I just need a Pixie Stix or two, just to keep my creativity up… Bring Nancy, I’ll wear white… mmm… all the best planes…

            • I found some lip gloss, I’ll bring that. I’ll clean your mirrors, too. Good night both of you! MT, your pic is hilarious, btw!

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