Apparently there was some pretty good drama happening at Kyle Richard’s book signing last night!!
According to Adrienne Maloof’s chef, Bernie Guzman!
Bernie, the insult chef, spilled all while it was happening…
… and it looks like there is no love lost between Bernie and Ms. VanderpumpRump…
… Bernie also let out a bit about why Brandi wasn’t at Kyle’s book signing…


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  1. Sorry, but can’t stand Bernie. I think he really believes that he is a celebrity. Maybe Bernie is Cedric’s long lost uncle with all this famewhoring. It says alot that Bernie feels so open to diss Lisa the way he has on an off screen. Adrianne is not even trying to reel him back…..maybe Bernie is Adrianne’s mouth piece. I think Bernie is tacky, unproffesioally, and eager to stir the drama. He is soo hungry for attention…it’s begining to be embarassing. This is suppose to be someone in Adrianne’s staff? Ugh.

    You are a chef not a housewife Bernie….stay in your Lane!

    • You are exactly right Bev. Bernie is Adriannes mouth piece. I think that Adrienne is home all day and her best friend is probably Bernie, so while A complaines about Lisa, just because A is jealous that Lisa is a REAL business woman and is truly beautiful, not like “cat woman” looking Adrianne. Look, sorry to say, but Adrianne to me is not tough and a peace keeper as she wants us all to think. I think A. Maloof is a spoiled rotten out of touch woman, who because now that cameras are on her she is trying to make up a personality, cause until now we all never heard of her, but now she cant get away with just being a name on her family business she is trying to hard to prove she has a brain and is not the worthless little rich girl that has nothing to do but shop. A Maloof to me is someone who doesnt cherish friendships, but I’ll tell ya one thing, I dont care what the media, Bernie, cedric or anyone else say about Lisa V., she to me is truly a good heart, not that she is without faults, none of us are, but I can just tell Lisa V. is a true friend to her friends….Adrienne maloof just wants to be the popular girl, cause without her money I’m sure there would not be many to want her as a friend, Hell NO! Adrienne Maloof is the S@*T starter and she loves to create a catastrophe so she can rush in to be the hero. Although I’ll give it to her for calling Taylor out, I also think she is mad cause Taylor isnt running to her anymore. Again, I cant wait for Taylor to get whats coming to her, but I wish someone would call Adrienne out and then we will see how tough she really thinks she is!!!!!

    • Bernie had the nerve to tell Lisa that it was wrong to let Giggy drink from a $500 wine glass at Addrienne’s party. Not sure if I would be ok with that either, but I wouldn’t let my chef do it, I’d do it myself, but in a very nice way.

  2. I wonder if Andy calling Brandi an Afghan dog during the WWHL w/ Vyle & Maurice was indicative of how Bravo is going to treat Brandi in season 3? That particular WWHL ep was shot AFTER the reunion, right? Brandi will now be given the bad guy role? Hmmm….

    I read 2 reasons for the anti-Brandi sentiment at the reunion. One was cuz Brandi allegedly rolled her eyes during a discussion about Kim’s issues, to which Kyle took offence. I don’t think Brandi did anything that was offensive and the issue was probably Vyle & Kim not being honest about themselves & slacking off self-responsibility yet again for their own behaviors. Remember Vyle saying she can’t really be held responsible for her actions at Game Night cuz it wasn’t really her? O_o I’m rolling my eyes now… Also, Vyle says the only reason she got mad was cuz of Brandi’s Crystal Meth comment? Uh, Vyle forgets that for 3-4 eps including Game Night, she was criticizing Brandi’s son & Brandi’s mothering skills. Vyle, you went after her kid & her as a mother. You got what you deserved!

    The other reason I heard was that she wasn’t kissing Taylor’s ass and nodding her head like a cult follower at some phony ass statements by Shanna… or something like that. Join the club.

    LOL @ Lisa for being a super b*tch and storming out. I’m beginning to believe that Lisa was acting when she pretended not to know who Bernie was at the Bravo/Sur party. Like she doesn’t watch the show, right? Like she has never been to Adrienne’s house when Bernie was there, right? Actually she was, cuz that’s when she insulted Bernie in front of everybody & this is how the feud started. Lisa the actress.

    • she also conveniently forgets that she had been firmly entrenched in the mean girl roll for at least an hour before the meth comment…..kyle stfu…..we see you!

    • I meant, iirc, Bernie said that at Adrienne’s party for which he cooked, Lisa made an insulting remark about HIS COOKING to the other guests. I can see Lisa doing such a thing.

      • Lisa can’t criticize the food? Maybe it wasn’t as perfect as he thought it was. Isn’t food service meant FOR someone else? He needs to get over himself.

        • I think the part Bernie took offense to was her doing it in front of the other guests and probably in earshot of his presence.

          There’s a time and place for such comments, and I don’t think Lisa is the type of person to care about what she says to & about people she considers lower than herself.

          She shouldn’t have done it where Bernie would get wind of it & ACTUALLY AT & DURING the party itself. She could have waited for a more appropriate time & place.

        • If you were a guest at someone’s party would you criticize the food in front of other guests? That is rude.

          • @ notbuyingit – ITA w/ you. That would be very rude, especially in an upper-crust setting like that with what probably was with very influential guests, including some who might have been connected to the media in some way.

          • No, I wouldn’t. But I think that Bernie has taken his petulant act way too far. All that over an inappropriately-timed critique of the food, really? He brings deserved criticism to himself by the way he’s acted afterward.

            • I agree. I don’t personally know any grown professional men that act like Bernie. Very inappropriate.

    • Hmm, I believe that for a minute or two Lisa truly did not know who Bernie was. I am in law enforcement and I wear a uniform, I cant tell you how many times people that I come across everyday do not recognize me right away when I am in my civies!!!!

    • Tweet from Brandi to Shaft about 3 hrs ago:

      @BrandiGlanville: @TaylorArmstrong ur soooo lucky to have Dwight!! Luv him!! He has ur back like a bra strap- luv to Kennedy.

  3. my daughter played soccer for 3 years, and I saw the parents at every game. I ran into one of them out of context dressed up at a party, and I couldn’t for teh life of me know how I knew her. When people are out of context for me, and I am not expecting to see them, I completely blank out.

    • What I got from the episode was that Lisa did know him, just not from where, then remembered but asked her staff member to verify it for her .. she did say it was embarrassing not to know who he was.

    • I undertand. I ran after a woman in my local supermarket to ask her how she was. As soon as i finished the question I realised I didn’t know her at all, she just caught the same bus as me. It didnt help that it was winter and i went grocery shopping that night in my slippers and dressing gown. I couldnt stop laughing, fortunately my boyfriend’s daughter managed the store….

  4. I thought HE had a beef with her. I believe on one of the first episodes where he showed up he complained (loudly) that she questioned his food, either the contents for preparation. Not sure why this insulted him, after all she herself has been in food and beverage for years. She may have just been asking what it was that he was serving or how he’d fixed it. She was probably curious. She’s in the business! From all we have seen on the show, I think Lisa has always treated people politely. He on the other hand, looks really awful talking about her so openly with such distain. If he were in my employ and he talked about one of my guests that way, I’d fire him in a heartbeat. Very unprofessional.

    • He didn’t like Giggy drinking out of Adrienne’s glasses yeah he started the beef I think. I wonder if Bravo told him to vamp it up like that UGH…he is unprofessional.

      • I was not offended by Lisa allowing to drink from Adrienne’s expensive stemware..I mean since they run in the same circle I would imagine everyone is accustomed to everyone elses habits, etc. I see this as class warfare..Bernie from the working class trying to identify himself with someone from the upper know oil and water don’t mix.

    • Wouldn’t it kind of like burning your bridges. If Adrienne and Paul ever decide to hire a different chef and let Bernie go, I doubt many celebrities would be chasing after him. People who have personal chefs usually have a lifestyle where they would not want a loud mouthed verbally abusive towards guests chef in their homes serving up their guest menu’s or personal meals for that matter. I don’t think I would want to eat the food of someone that behaves the way Bernie does. If you make him mad and don’t know it, they is no telling what he would do to sabotage your meal. He may feel like he is living the life right now but as far as his future or career, I think he is shooting himself in the foot.

  5. I don’t remember all the details of the “feud” between Lisa & Bernie. I know another poster can prolly refresh our memories…still, I think he seems awful.

  6. So far, I like Bernie the chef much better than Lisa the pretentious with her new bff, the morally corrupt Taylor Armstrong. Having Vile as a bff is damning enough!

  7. I can’t stand Bernie and it just shows how common Adrienne is to let him speak about her friends like that. He is creepy and aparently believe’s himself to be a celebrity. I don’t blame Lisa it’s not the Bernie show.

    • Makes you wonder what the reason was for allowing the footage to be aired in the first place. It should have been on the cutting room floor, not on the show. Perhaps Miss Andy has plans for Chef Bernie, although the way he gossips , I doubt that he could comply with a Bravo contract.

      • I agree, LM, when you grown up ithe world of wealth there are those that play by the rules and those that need to break them as often as possible. I’m sure there has been a lot of one-ups-menship going on between the Lisa and Adrienne for a long time now….you can kind of see it in the bantering from Lisa about the shoes. Maloof/ hoof…what if Adrienne started suggesting to Lisa to put out body enhancement called the VanderRUMP?

  8. 200 people is not a big turn out for the whole cast of RHOBH to be in attendance – I would say that was a big fail. Just because Bernie is a chef it doesn’t mean he is immune to criticism. I wonder why Bravo went down that road with the feud between Bernie and Lisa, it just sprang up out of nowhere – it looks like it was an afterthought – they probably want Lisa to have another nemesis after Cedric was out of the picture.

  9. I guess I am an oddball for thinking Bernie is kind of funny! I mean, let’s be honest, this season was so dark that anything that was mildly humorous was refreshing. I kind of thought that the irritable, grumpy chef role worked for him. I would much rather hear Bernie’s sarcastic remarks about Lisa any day rather than Taylor/Shana crying and whining. Hopefully, next season will be more humorous.

  10. I see Bravo is going to do to Brandi the same thing they did to Teresa last season. What Andy and Bravo don’t understand is that most of the fans see thru their BS.

      • Brandi probably ended up taking the brunt because Kyle is sooooo emotional over her sister so much so that she rarely calls her by her name, Kyle is going to have to put her spin on Brandi making Brandi out to be the bad guy. Camille really didn’t do anything to be really called out on except for in Taylor’s mind, and Taylor is off limits because she is the grieving widow of her “abusive” husband, Lisa and Kyle may have a few words about Kyle’s disloyalty to Lisa, Adrienne will keep her head down except maybe to talk about lawsuits, if Andy allows it. Kim was in rehab. Dana gets to talk about Russell because “she knew them longer”. I think I read that Brandi and Dana will not be there thru the entire reunion. Taylor didn’t cry, so she was softballed. All in all it sounds like a very boring reunion show except for the Kyle vs Brandi and the Kyle vs Lisa. Andy loves Kyle cause he has the hots for her hubby, so it all sounds like it will be a huge disappointment for anyone wanting answers. Oh and Lisa vs Adrienne about not using the Palms for Pandora’s party may take place. I did hear that Brandi went off cussing out the other women, most likely defending her position on game night.

        • Bottom line Gail.. those of us with a brain ( 99.99% of the commenters here) KNOW, that the reunion is gonna s**k !

          There will be NO hardball questions by the circus ring master / misogynist / host ms andy.

          The star ( in her own mind) of the “Heathers” remake that is RHOBH will continue her high school antics / behavior aganist the newbie Brandi for her inability to get with the “program”, and her audacity and nerve to think for herself and roll her eyes at the inanity/ and ability of what is shown , which is a marvel ! Because even though bravo can’t reveal it’s secret , this crap would blow the f up a BS meter manufactured by the our national defense department due to the crap overload.

          The Lying sack of S**T also known by many so many names , that your head spins, will be treated with dignity and respect .She will be complimented on not only her bionic recovery from any injuries, but the bravery and honesty (oh crap I hear thunder from the heavens as I type that ! ) of her sharing her story with all the viewers. No tears will be shed , because she is strong now and has found her voice ( WTH is it thundering again?? ).

          The issue of why anyone who truely loved their sibling or anyone with any compassion would say squat about filming an addict on a show that ain’t about addiction or how to seek help but rather how can it be made into drama, will not be addressed. After they film ‘em , the producers will glady accept any award offered by the academy or anyone, who is handing some out, for showing how concerned and enlightening they were being by sending said person to rehab even though she had no idea WTF was going on half the time while being filmed.

          Most of us are going to end up watching this all transpire and then we are all going to b**ch up a storm! At least we have a place to do it that is not controlled by those that create the BS and would NEVER let even a small % of what we feel about it be posted!

          • I agree..after the debacle of the NJ reunion and Andy’s performance as the 5th housewife instead of a moderator..I have LOW expectations.

          • Kas excellent post and you got me thinking… Not sure if this has come up. Instead of Russell’s family’s energy, money and stress spent on attempting to bring down Bravo; which will be unsuccessful IMO. They should contact Diane Diamond to write a story that starts from the very beginning and goes full circle and exposes Taylor to the world as the despicable, dangerous scammer, fake abuse victim that she is. Then get that story to a producer to air on prime time. Not NBC, of course! Is that legal to produce and broadcast without Shaft earning a penny? Or would she be able to sue? A lot of what she did wasn’t legal… They would need to consult with an attorney while developing it. It would be a ‘heads up special’… I don’t know, I’m not a legal eagle like Who. ;-)
            People need to know about the level scammers take it to. I wouldn’t believe this whole Taylor story if I did not see it with my own eyes… People need to educate themselves with her griftin ways and keep their guard up. I mean, she is dating again… :-/

            • I am really interested in the way she met him, which was that they both had PO boxes at the same place, then she proceeded to chase him for at least 3 months. He apparently was not interested in her during that time frame. It really does make it look or seem as though he was more of a mark to her than someone Taylor wanted a relationship with. We heard last season that the relationship was 80 percent business and 20 percent romance, which I believe was at least one thing she was honest about.

              Since cons find their mark by staking them out and basically stalker type behavior I seriously do wonder if she was “working” the con with someone else. It is strange that her friend JenniFUR also changed her name and followed Taylor to California. Russell was most likely conned the entire time that he was married to Taylor. He committed fraud and took money from people but I think when Taylor came into the picture she brought a new and higher level of knowledge on how to scam people along with her. I am not saying Russell is innocent by any means, I am just saying that I don’t think his techniques were quite as polished as Taylor’s.

              If so, her ability to manipulate and siphon other people’s money for their personal gain was a much more sophisticated version and brought them as a team to the next level. She had Russell believing that she was a Ford as well, since she had already started using the Ford name, I believe that it was to enable her to lure victims in before she ever met Russell.

              • Interesting Taylor/JenniFur con scenario! I don’t know much about that chick. Your post would not surprise me though bc Russell loved Taylor; which made him naive to a lot of what she was doing. That and he was working all of the time; so who knows what she was up to when he was gone. I agree with you; Russell was a partner in a lot of this too. This is getting crazy, well crazier…

              • Gail, do you know/think that Traylor didn’t tell Russell when she legally changed her name to Ford after they were married? If she was already using it, did she just want to make it legal before Kennedy was born, so she could use the name on Kennedy’s birth certificate? Don’t remember who pointed out that Traylor also lied on her name change petition, by saying that Russell was her first and only marriage, but that was pretty ballsy.

              • I think by the time line that she introduced herself to Russell as a Ford. I don’t know if met and began dating are considered the same thing. If Russell met her in 2004 and she filed for a legal name change on 11/18/04 but didn’t pay and she had to refile 4/5/05 and had it granted, it is quite possible that she was using the Ford name without Russell knowing she was not a Ford. Randy had said he introduced her to them as a Ford family member.

                They were married 6 months later on 10/27/05 and she was pregnant with Kennedy. I was under the impression that they had only dated a few months before she became pregnant and then they married. Kennedy was born at the end of February 2006. If she was scamming people with Russell in late 2004 and using the name Ford at that time, it is more likely than not that she was using Ford when she met him and he was not aware of the fact that she was not a Ford family member.

                From her first attempt to become a Ford in mid November 04 to the time she married Russell was a little over 11 months. From when it was done officially in April of 05 it was done 6 months before she married Russell. So yes, I am assuming she had been using the name of Ford without having it legally changed before she met Russell.

                Ok i am getting confused, what was the question again? :)

            • Romo, I think this would be an excellent expose. I think that it would appeal to a vast audience if its premise was False Allegation of Abuse as Legal Strategy, using SHAFT as a well-known example. False reports of abuse on women and children are epidemic, and it’s the dirty little secret of the DV industry. The occurrence of false child-abuse reports that are made to influence custody decisions, is (arguably) about 70%. I’m not a fan of everything on this particular site, but this is a great article that I’ve read before:

  11. I think Adrienne is actually fueling the Bernie fued with Lisa. I think Adrienne does not like Lisa one bit, and has Bernie doing her dirty sniping about Lisa. Otherwise she would put and end to it. I think that is why she allowed lisa to come over and help her cook a chicken..she knew Bernie would be watching making comments. Anyone ?

    • Bernie I imagine was offended that Lisa would dare teach AM how to cook and put him out of a good job but I doubt he has anything to worry about as AM ain’t gonna be cook’n no 21 meals and 14+ healthy snacks a week. The whole feud is really hilariously–Bernie v Lisa and Bernie is a moron for tweeting such immature tweets–FUNNY.

    • I think there is truth to your thoughts. Also, the more publicity Bernie gets, the more Adrienne gets in a round about way. I read Adrienne is trying to get her own spin off as well. I find Bernie comical and thank goodness we are getting some real scoop from his facebook :o)

  12. Bernie is outrightly unprofessional. It’s one thing to have a chummy relationship with your staff …quite another for that staff member to presume to not respect professional boundaries with guests or anyone else invited into the home. And for that matter, why didn’t Adrienne have Bernie teach her how to roast a chicken? Lisa did invite him to the party so he needs to get over himself. I think Adrienne has backed up Camille more than just at the party .. it was she and Paul who ensured that Russell knew that it was Taylor who wasn’t telling the truth (in the limo). I have had my doubts tho about Adrienne before this. Her “spa’ room says a lot about her. (insecure).

  13. OMG, I’m dying laughing in fits over here! “Bernie the Insult Chef!” Ms SH, I find this to be absolutely hysterical. How to explain — but your nickname actually fits his facial expressions and mannerisms whenever Lisa is around. It is perfect!

    Thank you for the riproarious laughter!

  14. I cannot imagine a job where you are a subservient, but permitted to be as rude as he is…therefore, this has to be Adrienne instigated

  15. Personally, I am still hurt that Brandi accused Kim of meth use when she really didn’t know for a fact unless they were smokig meth together. This made Brandi appear callous, crude and stupid because meth users have rotten teeth, burned lips and really, really bad skin.

    • Hate to break the news, but it seems Brandi was spot on. Meth users do NOT all have those characteristics, especially if they’re abusing the prescription “meth”–such as what her niece, Paris was on for “ADD.”

      • Kyle going on and on about not knowing what meth is was ridiculous,If she didn’t know what it was, why did she jump on Brandi about the accusation? By the point Brandi said it , she had been attacked by the Richard’s sisters about her parenting and her children, considering everything Brandi has gone thru with LeeAnn I am sure she said the first thing that came to mind.

        Kim’s skin and teeth are certainly not flawless either. The frequent bathroom breaks did make the entire thing suspicious, but coke needs more frequent trips cause the high doesn’t last long, and crack just stinks too badly to be used in a bathroom and would be recognizable to anyone that used the bathroom after she had ‘alledgedly” been smoking in the bathroom. Cleaning Dana’s mirrors was a little bizarre too.

      • I was wondering if maybe Kim was snorting her prescribed medication and that is why she was so frantic about having a bill in her purse. Don’t substance abusers snort their medication to get a more instant high?

            • Well, odds are the $100 changed hands way less than a lower denominated bill so it could go either way. Perhaps hand yucks add to the high? Maybe you prefer a more clean high? That’s when the $100 could come in handy. ;)

              • Laws a mercy dont these pill snorters use cut up straws? Seems to me the dolla bill thing is sooooo 1982. While cleaning my family members house after they went to rehab I noticed lots of cut up straws stashed here there and yonder and I am purty sure my family member was not using them to sip on a five hour energy drink shot. or maybe? At any rate with regards to the meth vs 5 hour energy I say stick with 5 hour energy to avoid that tooth hurty feeling
                Warning! this video is grosssssssssss

              • that p.o.s.-sociopathic-visastealing-drugabusing-lameazz ex bf of mine just used his grimy little finger….who has time to cut up a straw or roll up a bill??? not that one!

              • I’m sure they did piley….those damn socios are all alike. Also, that lil jackhole had the same type of cough that kim has. i’m thinking maybe the residual builds up in their lungs. somebody else might know why.

              • Using your finger and rubbing it on your gums or placing it under the tongue helps speed up the entry into the bloodstream to enhance the high.

              • Meth is made with rat poison, drano, a vast variety of things that would explain why it destroys the teeth. Just knowing what is in it should be enough for people to not want to use it,

              • yikes…who knowingly says to themselves, I’m going to repeatedly expose myself to rat poison and drano……fools!

              • Not necessarily. It could just be cut with B-12. I’d think that Ken and Kim would have access to the cleaner stuff. I know more than I’d like to know about “crystal” meth, since it was a huge thing in the area that I grew up in (not with ME; the area). It was everywhere and I know a tweaker when I see one.

              • Ken wasn’t on anything at SUR party ep. Kim def was. Would be interesting to know how many mg she takes/med prescribed and go from there. I did notice on Hawaii ep that she was doing that drip sniff thing. She’s sniffing something, but must be a low dose bc she didn’t seem very hyper.

              • Kim does not seem at all like a tweeker. She doesn’t. I have many years of experience around it and with it and she just doesn’t really fit the bill. She’s so loopy and half awake all the time. Just doesn’t add up. Sorry, cuz I know I said this before, but it bears repeating. If I didn’t know better, I’d say heroine, but I highly doubt it… It’s probably some prescription drug like oxycontin or something.

              • For sure Kim was. But how do you know Ken wasn’t on it at SUR? He could have done a smaller amount than in that “Our love will transcend” scene (where he was sketching, big time). But he has never looked clean, by any stretch–not to me, anyway. I think he has recognized that Kim has a bigger problem than he does though, and he probably feels like he’s in “control” of his drug use.

              • I think Ken wanted to be in control that night. Family and friends have been coming at Kim from all angles. I think maybe he wanted to have a clear head to fend them off if need be. I wasn’t picking up on anything that led me to believe he used that night. He also would quickly get irritable. Another sign that he was not using. I’m not sure what drug he abuses, but he does it recreationally or is attempting to quit. Kim, IMO is abusing uppers and downers in attempt to level out. She may also be toxic on one of her prescription meds. She’s lost some weight so she should have her level screened to make sure her prescription is accurate. Although now that she’s been through rehab; I’m sure they have tested her levels.

            • Lol, i don’t think so but they can be reusable after they have been rolled for the one purpose. There was an article awhile back that talked about the amount of money in circulation that had been used and used and I am not clear on percentages or numbers, but it was determined that everybody had a least one time handled a bill that had been used to snort illegal substances ( i suppose that included using prescription drugs illegally as well )

              • gail: Snopes says that it’s four out of five bills have coke residue, which does not translate to having been used to snort, because the transfer is so easy and the amounts are smaller than miniscule. What always amuses me about the whole thing, though, is that if the money has coke on it, doesn’t it also have…ahem…errr…ummm…”nasal residue” on it as well??

                Have a great day!!!! And try NOT to think about THAT!!

              • Good old snopes, that is quite an interesting web site. I may have even read it there, I know I didn’t have the “facts’ correct but 4 out of 5 with coke residue is pretty darn close to what I was trying to say.Thank you for helping me out ! :)

        • I have seen it done on a couple of occasions. I had never seen any one do it before and it threw me . One of the people involve were arrested in a sting of stolen prescription’s being made out in many people’s names to obtain a certain pain med along with anti anxiety meds.

          Since I am familiar with one of the medications from a 2002 back injury which left me permanently damaged after back surgery I looked on line and that was one of the ways that people addicted to that particular drug are diagnosed with being addicted to the medication. I personally thought they were insane to attempt it, but unfortunately that is the way of the addicts.

        • People snort, plug, or smoke drugs when the oral bioavailability is low. They usually do it to narco pain killers with low ba/slow release (to get it all faster) or with uppers. I take everything kim does minus the anti-depressants plus 130mgs of oxycodonr and oxycontin (85-100 ba). No addict would want any of the other drugs. Theyre boring and have high ba. I think kim was abusing meds she didnt list- like adderal and xanax or clonipan.

        • well, my piece-o’-chit-geriatric-oxicontin-using-ex boyfriend did……yeah…crush and snort….straighter path

  16. I actually like Bernie’s dry sense of humor and believe he was just being flippant when he said he would step on Giggy. I also sense that he is somewhat intimidated by Lisa. I still have images of Giggy (and I love me some Giggy) sitting on Ken’s lap and drinking out of his glass at Paul and Adrienne’s dinner party. IMO, that was just plain rude!

    • The scene with Giggy at the table was one of my favorites all season. I thought the responses it got were hilarious! I wouldn’t have any problem with the show if the “drama” was always this funny, creative and harmless.

      • I use to get so mad at my Hubby for feeding the dog at the table I make a sarcastic remark about setting a plate for her. Of course that is what he did and she sat on the chair and had dinner. Unfortunately she couldn’t distinguish her plate from his and finished his prime rib for him. We ended up buying a taller table that she cant reach!

  17. Just my opinion. I don’t think he has a sense of humor at all. I just think he is totally biachhhhhhhhhhheeeee. No fact humorless, and more catty than Kyle.

  18. Lisa had been qute rude about Bernie’s cooking and she did make comments in front of the other guests Lisa does know better than that, maybe something else happened prior with him.
    However this does not give him the right to pick and make comments every time he is on, he is Adrienne’s employee and should stay in his place.
    Having said that going on the last few episodes Adrienne does not seem to care for Lisa very much at all especially after the whole engagement fiasco, in their conversations Lisa will cut off Adrienne and Adrienne will try and cut off Lisa, I think Bernie has Adrienne’s full permission to say what he wants about Lisa and does so accordingly, because I know if I were in Adrienne’s place I would not condone my employee making constant barbs about one of my guests not only at any party I was throwing or anything else he may be invited to.
    I am sure Adrienne is still upset with Lisa so she is letting Bernie do some of her dirty work!

    • It is kind of classless to go to someone’s home and insult the chef….that is like insulting the host. There is a lot more going on here than meets the eye and I do think that Adrienne maybe even encourages him on some level which is just another way to get back at Lisa and her putdowns. Just because Lisa cooks, I know way to many people who don’t know were the kitchen is in their homes and would think it would be insulting to their help.

  19. I just went to some social life site that had pictures of the books signing . It said that Lisa and Camille came out in support, Adrienne sent her chef and I saw one picture of Dana, tho her name was not in the article. No sign or mention of Taylor and didn’t see her in the pictures on the site.

    Hiltons were there, along with some other housewives, Kyle’s whole family and looked like Kim’s daugters, so I am not surprised that the turnout was heavy. Even with all of those people there, if 200- 300 people came out, for as many celebrities and socialites I am kind of surprised there were not more people. I couldn’t find any pictures in Bernie’s photo’s on his facebook except for the ones on his news feed , is that where the picture of Taylor is suppose to be? On his news feed on facebook?

  20. Did anyone notice how Lisa’s book is right next to Linda Evans who was on Dynasty, growing up my mom was a Dynasty addict. Since I think Lisa is pretty much a contemporary, and nicer Joan Collins I thought that was funny.

  21. I really don’t think she was that insulting. as I remember, she kinda of questioned something. he has been acting like a high school drama queen ever since. I might allow him one dig and then that’s that…but he has been continuing this outright rudeness for a year..and I am sure with Adrienne’s encouragement – which just shows how tacky Adrienne can be

  22. re giggy..I think you know that if you are inviting lisa and know Giggy is gettting a place at the table….although so offended…don’t go. I am to poor to be so offended by that. If you are rich enough that your dog has a better wardrobe than I do…….you can do what you want as long as it is not putting down or belittling us po folk

    • i agree………he is a drama queen biachhhhhhhhhheeee.. he gives kyle on game night a run for her money. I have never seen such an attitude especially from staff…but again – look to the employer. that is all adrienne letting him run free with that because I feel she can’t do it herself to Lisa

  23. If a member of my staff were complaining in the media about one of my friends, or even a business acquaintance? He or she would no longer be employed by me. You have people on your staff not just for their singular job skill, but also for their discretion and decorum, none of which Bernie the Insult Chef has demonstrated.

    While I actually agree with him about the dog at the table (and I get that Giggy isn’t some giant labrador retriever slurping water out of the waterford) Bernie should know his job is to do the best work possible for Adrienne and Paul and it reflects poorly on them that he feels free to insult people who were guests in THEIR home.

    • I agree. I was pretty disappointed in Adrienne regarding Bernie. Even if she doesn’t like Lisa, as no nonsense as she says she is, I would think she would discourage Bernie from speaking that way repeatedly, as a professional it makes him look bad and as an employer it makes her look bad as well.

      Besides Cedric “appearing” at the Sur opening, fully mic’d of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bernie invited him.

  24. One would think that working as a personal chef, you would want a reputation for being a professional and able to keep a secret as to keep getting hired. But I will give the guy one thing, he sure is good at the giving the stink eye.

  25. God that man is a bitch. He needs to just ask for “Cookin’ with Bernie” to be put in Bravos’ lineup already and get off Lisa’s case. She said something about something you cooked. Get.Over.It. Stop acting like she shot your Mom.

    I call B.S. on all his “From the Scene” reporting/stalking of Vanderpump. It’s getting creepy at this point. He wants his ass kissed and she hasn’t done that. Shocking that he LOVES PamDana, no?

  26. I still think Bernie & his “shenanigans” are all part of the SCRIPT. Unless he worked for peanuts, why would an employer put up with his rudeness? Why would he be invited to SUR by a woman who does not relate to him on any level? REALity show…what a concept.

    • I agree, Squatter. Adrienne seems to be the most guarded HW, least willing to play the fool. I think Bravo is encouraging the Lisa/Adrienne bickering. It seems the silliest, least believable feud. I just don’t see Adrienne allowing her staff to behave this way without the express encouragement of Bravo.

    • I think you’re on to something there. I now believe this is all “scripted” except there is no actual writing just producers setting up scenarios. I am feeling really stooopid for ever watching any of these shows.

      • Now now, don’t fret yourself, Kyle says they are not scripted. you would not what to not believe Kyle now would you?

  27. squatter…..the thing is… Adrienne thoroughly enjoys how Bernie is to Lisa, and I believe Adrienne brought in Bernie..put him on the list, or said – he is with me so he could get in. I really see her as being passive agressive with the whole Lisa thing and this is her way of getting at Lisa.

    • nancy…..
      Of course Adrienne is enjoying it. Why else would she go along with it? Bernie walked in just like Cedrick. Why were bouncers in attendance if all the riff-raff were allowed to just walk in. Scripted I say! LOL LOL
      And don’t get me started on Paul’s ex, Brandi’s ex’s mistress etc…..

      • I know I read somewhere awhile back that Cedric and bernie were/are good friends, maybe that has something to do with it. I think it makes sense. I mean lisa and Adrienne have been neighbors for a long time so it would seem that Bernie and cedric would have hung out.

      • Maybe she did, but HE sent Bernie, ’cause he went MIA with Brandi, who also was a no-show!!

  28. Wouldn’t it be a great story line to discover Bernie was a ex lover of Lisa. I think of this as they have their uncomfortable eye contact moments on the show and the insults flying back and forth. These are my little housewife snicker moments to get me through the last of this season!btw i’m new to this site but read it daily so Hello Everyone and thank you to the founder of this site

    • Hello Amanda!
      I try to quit this site, but I never can. Just a warning! ;)
      I think Bernie plays with Andy ifn you know what I mean.

      • MT…I think you’re on to something. Did you notice Bernie brought a gentleman to the opening (along with Rupaul)?
        Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  29. Andy is probably setting Bernie up for a meet and greet on his WWHL show. He probably met him at one of the Bravo parties and wanted him as a guest so he’s giving him air time. Bernie and Mama Elsa should be on at the same time. Mama Elsa would probably put Bernie in his place.

  30. Bernie is great he seems the type to say it like it is.What is wrong with that?Why do many of you hate him? geez!Lisa is a scum bag if she ever bumped to any of you on the road she would turn her nose down on you.I can’t stand her and trayler trash.The best ones adrienne and paul and bernie

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