On Monday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

…viewers were led to believe that Kim Richards spent an excessive amount of time in the ladies room.  What was probably an ‘average’ bathroom break was made to look as though Kim was hangin’ in the bathroom for hours…

…and that Kim did not participate in the Shana “sympathy” discussion.

Well, look again!

Kim Richards next to Camille Grammer…

 Kim and Camille… at Shana table discussion…


NOTE:  Well, hot damn!!!  Would have LOVED to hear what Kim had to say and why she was doin’ all that finger-pointing at Shana!

Why was Kim cut out of the final version of the chat with Shana??  What Kim had to say would have been worth slogging through the first 55 minutes of the episode!  

You can see Kim around the 1:13 mark in the video…

(Thanks to SH reader “KK”!!!)


  1. Does anyone feel as though Traylor (who can’t stand Kim) tried to hijack her story line? the drinking, drugs, rehab (in the near future for Trailor), abusive partner (Kim just revealed that Ken is “mean”), trying to replace Kim with Kyle who is desperate to smother weak people and and actually encourages dependency on her so she can feel like the saviour – Traylor has taken full advantage of this. My observation so far is that Traylor wants what others have desperately enough she will go to great lengths to get it. Other observations:
    – She stated herself that she pursued Russel, he wasn’t interested at first but after she hounded him for 3 months he gave in
    – I think Russell was a very unaffectionate and cold towards Traylor (possibly b/c she trapped him with the pregnancy) and I think this is what he admits to in therapy. Traylor said she was worried he would leave her for a younger woman, she said she was sad b/c he was always away on business. She also said their marriage was mostly business so I hink as she needs so much attention all the time, she would fly into rages with him esp when drunk and wld end up hurt. Not sure if Russ was abusive though I think they probs fought a lot.
    ‘- Her facial expressions and mood will change VERY quickly from fake smile to dark angry eyes, you can actually see the split second shifts in personality esp when she’s lying.
    – At Kennedy’s birthday, did anyone notice Traylor shove Kennedy behind her when the American Idol singer asked for a hug? it was very bizarre
    – She practically sh** her pants in the limo after being turned away from white party – esp when she says to Russel äll marriages have troubles…” her body language was like ‘damn the gig is up’
    – She doesn’t want to go to rehab b/c she doesn’t want to leave Kennedy? Is Kennedy with her every night she’s off drinking or hungover the next day?

    I wish someone would make a big montage of her lies and crazy antics and mood changes from both seasons.

    p.s. addicted to this site now.


    • Very good points. What’s bizarre to me given the way the production company tried to spin this, there was no way they could church up her reaction in the limo. They almost had me believing that were gonna show the truth (that she is a liar) but then I read about the interviews that Andy and some of the women give and I know that that was not the intent. Its infuriating. What sorta brain dead imbeciles fall for this bullcrap? I was their lil idiot for far too long.


  2. Thanks for this post SH. This is just another example of Bravo trying to manipulate our thinking. Not showing Kim in the discussion led me to believe she was in that bathroom much if not all of that time. I am so tired of Bravo doing this. There are some peeps out there who can be pretty vicious with their words and Bravo knew the way this scene was edited, many would believe she was in that bathroom either drinking or doing drugs, which in turn gives Kim haters the opportunity to tweet more negative comments to her. I have seen this same scenario play out before all steming from Bravo’s editing. With more and more coming to light about scripted scenes, scenes being filmed after the fact, staging drama, I’m beginning to think Bravo believes its HW viewers are ignorant and can’t think for themselves. I watch these shows because I like most of the ladies. Now it seems their families are bring torn apart, they lose their friendships with one another, kids are being put in the middle of scenes that they should not be in, all over a reality show that is now partly scripted to cause these things to happen. I’m almost atari that point of not being able to watch any longer. I hope Bravo pulls itself together, stop trying to manipulate our thinking and recognize the majority of your viewers are intelligent, smart women who can think for ourselves!


  3. Why do these trashy housewives defend trash?She is a liar;we have all seen this.Also if he was abusive to his other xwives then why did i read somewhere that they were still friendly with each other and they didn’t like trash.Also i don’t believe they will get rid of trash for season 3 because didn’t she divorce russel to stay on the show?And all these clowns that believe her didn’t they watch the show?I found the last episode just sickening and getting old.Brandi maybe loud and obnoxios(sorry spelling)but she says like it is and so does Kim as crazy as she is.I can’t stand L isa one minute she didn’t trust trash now she almost wants to sleep with her.


      • My husband had one of his employee turn out to be a murderer. It was incredible hard for him to believe someone he knew was capable of doing such a horrific thing. I think it is the same thing with the other “girls.” It is hard for them to “see/believe” taylor is capable of doing what she did to Russell. Russell was no saint, but I will never believe he “beat” taylor. Her claims of abuse are false in my humble opinion


  4. I’ve been dying to ask this for so long, and I keep forgetting: What is that mark at the outside corner of Adrienne’s left eye? It looks like one of those teardrop tattoos from prison. What the . . .?


    • MsS: LOL!!! Yeah, that mark is from Adrienne’s stint in juvy… way back in the NM days! She had her “roommate” ink it using a dirty safety pin and a BIC.

      Oh God… this will be another “fact” that will have everyone goin’ ca-razy! And little tweeters screaming that they’ve “de-bunked” me!! Just like the “Melissa is black” and the now infamous “Kyle is adopted” items which started on SH… to which Kyle herself sent me a tweet claiming that she is NOT adopoted! LOL!!!

      Oh… I forgot… someone totally “de-bunked” me and was very proud of the fact that they found PROOF that Kyle is NOT married to John Turturro… TFC!! SH


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  6. What I find suspicious about Trayliar’s “black eye” is no swelling or deformation. I had a black eye from getting hit with a racket ball and my eye was funky for weeks. And the black mark was closer to the eye – not almost down to the cheek. Also saw an article that states Trayliar’s friends are begging her to go to rehab. What friends? Her family doesn’t even go to the media to defend her claims of abuse.


  7. Well hot diggidy dog Shana… she tried so hard to make things work with someone who allegedly abused her while trying to scam her a Beverly hills lifestyle, BUT once the bloggers outed her scams and lies she concluded that the marriage just wasn’t worth saving and she needed to be strong now, oh and she’ll continue to co-parent with Russell(RIP).

    Call me crazy but if my husband allegedly chokes me while I’m with child, that is NOT a man I would ever try co-parent with!


  8. I think Russel was murdered. As was his partner. And there is more at play here than just police ineptitude. I am usually the last person in the world to point fingers at law enforcement for dropping that ball, being corrupt or both. We all like to think that that stuff cant happen. That so many people would have to be complacent in the coverup as to make it unlikely but if there was ever a case that opened my eyes about such things it was the case of the West Memphis Three. The real killer in that case is still roaming the earth and an innocent man was almost killed. So it does happen.


      • Yeah that’s another one. The cases of Damien Echols , Jessie Misskelly and Jason Baldwin are vomit inducing. Three innocent victims(Stevie Branch, Christopher Byers, and Micheal Moore) became six and there is still no justice and never will be due to the plea deal made for the sole purpose of protecting Arkansas from a lawsuit


    • MP, darling, I tend to agree with you. I also think foul play caused his demise. No suicide note to me is quite startling. Add the fact that his biz partner, as you point out, is also now dead.


        • My immediate thought after his business partner “committed suicide” was that neither were suicides. After the autopsy results for Russell were coming out, I was more sure than ever that my immediate reaction was on target.


  9. The character of Claudia Haro is beyond questionable;
    “Garrett Warren and Claudia Haro had a contentious marriage. They were married on March 25, 1998, had a daughter on December 17, 1998 and, on July 13, 1999, Garrett filed for divorce. Claudia made numerous false allegations against Garrett including that he was an alcoholic, drug addict, womanizer, homosexual, and a child molester.
    Following the acrimonious divorce and custody dispute, Claudia contacted her brother, Manuel, about the problems she was having with Garrett. Her brother contacted Miguel Quiroz (Quiroz), whom he had known since 1996 or 1997, as they were both drug dealers. Manuel approached Quiroz to find a hit man. Defendant said that he would make the hit for $10,000 or $15,000. Eventually, defendant and Claudia, through the intermediaries of Quiroz and Manuel, came to an agreement on the price of $10,000 for defendant to kill Garrett.”
    Claudia Haro was arrested in 2005, for hiring a hitman to kill her husband.
    Claudia Haro was reported to the police (by Russell Armstrong), for harassment, and requested a RO.
    Questionable motives, shady and sinister people.
    Oh, what a tangled web she weaves!!


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