On Monday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

…viewers were led to believe that Kim Richards spent an excessive amount of time in the ladies room.  What was probably an ‘average’ bathroom break was made to look as though Kim was hangin’ in the bathroom for hours…

…and that Kim did not participate in the Shana “sympathy” discussion.

Well, look again!

Kim Richards next to Camille Grammer…

 Kim and Camille… at Shana table discussion…


NOTE:  Well, hot damn!!!  Would have LOVED to hear what Kim had to say and why she was doin’ all that finger-pointing at Shana!

Why was Kim cut out of the final version of the chat with Shana??  What Kim had to say would have been worth slogging through the first 55 minutes of the episode!  

You can see Kim around the 1:13 mark in the video…

(Thanks to SH reader “KK”!!!)

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    • Personally, I wouldn’t care what Kim had to say. I would never listen to any advice or any opinions from someone who is clearly abusing some form of chemicals. It’s like listening to a drunk give you advice. Kim needs help herself. During this season, she comes off as rude, nasty, totally wasted and a complete a-hole.

      • Kim definitely abuses meds! I’m a nurse, and she needs help! Call up Jennifer, Brandi’s friend, from Dr. Drew’s rehab, where did she come from, maybe Brandi was a patient? Jennifer, you suck as a counselor if that’s true! Maybe that’s why the doc fired you?

    • I can’t believe it, no wonder the camera cuts looked real awkward in regard to Adrienne and Camille. They would have Lisa and Kyle in the same camera angle as Traylor but wouldn’t have Adrienne and Camille in there same angle until the end. Because Kim was in the scene. From that finger pointing and her expression, I think Kim said something that all of them where keeping secret and that was she was Lying about the abuse and other things. I think that Bravo was scared and have been scared that Russells family would sue big time if they saw that he was edited to be an abuser when in reality Traylor was manipulating the situation to make it look that way and they believed her. He committed suicide and they would have went to court (they still could) and sue Bravo over a false representation. Then they would want all the footage of that season and subpoena people in order to find out if Traylor was being helped by Bravo.

      You don’t edit out someone like that, especially if they are one of the main characters. The only reason you do is if something was done that went 180 of what they where trying to convey to the audience.

      • Russell’s family suing over the TV show is next to impossible. Even if Shana was lying and Kim called her out, it would be impossible to “prove” in court that this was the reason he committed suicide. He did not leave a note and he had loads of other problems too.

  1. Looks to me like she’s calling her out…..but it didn’t jive with the ‘story’ the producers and Shana are spinning…so cutting room floor it is!!

    • You can tell she is not a happy camper, look at the one picture where she is facing Camille and turning her back on Shana, then when she does talk it is where she is pointing her finger and we ALL know what that means. Bravo probably did everything they could with their splicing and dicing of the season to make Kim look as incompetent as possible. That way they looked like the heroes when they shuffled her off to rehab so she couldn’t be at the reunion. Kim is not innocent and clearly had problems but everything that she ever said that was aired about Shana has hit the nail on the head. When she was in Hawaii and heard that Shana left Russell and she said ‘oh so she can come to dinner’s again’ , all last season when she tried to call shana out about what was really said at the airport, all of it, she was dead on about all of it. Kim may have a dependency problem, but she most certainly does have her lucid moments , especially when it comes to Shana.

      • Oh, good point about how Bravo sent Kim off to rehab around reunion time. I never thought of it like that, but maybe they did that purpose because they didn’t want her at the reunion. She might spill the beans on Taylor. She HAS always been spot on with regard to her. Maybe that’s why I always find myself rooting for Kim, even when she probably doesn’t deserve it.

        • Me too, if at least one time any of the other women told shana to sit down and shut up and let Kim have her say, than Shana would have been outed as the one to stir all of the crap up about Camille and Kyle. Camille even said on camera that Taylor had been coming to her and telling her what the other ladies had said, yet at reunion time it was not even a topic, except to slam Kim back down by Shana and making it sound like Kim was outta control drunk on each time she tried to bring the truth out about the entire mess.

          • That made me so mad when she was trying to out Kim as an alcoholic at the last reunion. Kyle didn’t say a damn thing to shut her up, of course. Knowing what we know now about Taylor’s drug of choice; I wish someone would bring up the X rumors. Put her on the spot. She’s admitted to acting out of control lately. Just ask her if it’s true if she’s still partying on X. Does she think that’s a responsible thing to do as a single parent of a child that would better benefit from her mom being home with her at night? Taylor also needs to be questioned on her heavy drinking. Ask her, hell, ask Bravo why she is not in rehab. Send that bish to AA or something! Good luck selling that book though Taylor. Were you drunk and high when you wrote it?

              • Haha Brandi would tweet it. I read on somebody’s twitter feed when Shana was getting all of those tweets either the night of or just before or after that Shana had stopped following Brandi and Dana, must have been after the drunken dinner video. Anyway someone asked her what was up with her not following Brandi (for sure) and almost positive the other one was Dana ( Could have been Camille or one of the other ladies tho)

                Does anyone know who tweets as celebrity1? I think she stopped or blocked them too.

            • Shanna Shana Taylor Lynnette Hughes Sipes Ford Armstrong would love a rehab stint just in time for her to be recovered for her book tours when the book is released. People would pity her more after a breakdown just before the book comes out because she has been struggling to leave her child unattended while she wandered out and about all over the country getting sloppy drunk while trying to maintain a roof over her child’s head after her mean uncontrollable abusive husband was found dead in a suspicious nature that may or may not have been suicide , although there was an empty envelope on the dresser with someone’s name on it, yet he didn’t leave so much as a note in his haste to possibly be murdered.

    • Of course it was edited out ! Can’t be messing with the script !

      And since a day doesn’t seem to go by without some BS from Shaft’s camp of (cough) friends or advisors..I read this crap ( things that make me yell obscenities at my computer screen ). Now it seems “Taylor admits alcohol has been her crutch in dealing with Russell’s sucide and coping with the drama of the RHOBH.” Some friends ( cough) are suggesting rehab.. but Shaft doesn’t want to spend anytime away from Kennedy.

      Was she using drink as her “crutch” when she wrote he book ! Oh No wasn’t she was getting stronger everyday.. when will this BS end. This b**ch can never keep her stories straight.

  2. Love Adrianne’s shocked face (with all the botox)…. and how can we hear what was really said at the finger pointing part?

    • She can’t look shocked with all the botox, speaking of Adrianne, also Kim Richard’s says she has never had any plastic surgery, guess that doesn’t include her nose! Bet it looked like trashy Kim’s before! They are gross IMO!

  3. So can we surmise that Bravo and it’s producers, specifically the BH producers, are trying to ruin lives and business reps and cause those people they have put a target on to commit suicide? By all appearances and common sense it looks that way! It also looks like Shaft and Vyle sold their “flawed” (read “human”) loved ones for 30 pieces of silver. I would hate to be anyone involved with this show. It’s bad enough I’ve watched it this long. I will help Russell’s family get justice when they take that necessary step publicly.

    What I am gathering as the season progresses is disgusting and evil. Hopefully, the finale and reunion will involve confessions, shackles and police escorts. There is not one wife on that show (save Brandi) that has not sold their soul and works iniquity in their fellow castmates lives.

    • I see all the wives except Camille in that capacity. Am I blind to seeing what you mean about her? (not being sarcastic, honest question)
      What can you do to help Russell’s family?

      • Maybe that is why Camille is speaking out about the casting for new housewives and that they haven’t given her an invite back yet. Maybe Camille is fed up with the crap and is willing to say it is Bravo’s choice and she would like to do a third season, but in reality she has told them to shove it where the sun don’t shine, If I were put in the position shana and Bravo put her in, and the producers knew it was all one big lie to protect themselves, I would cut ties and leave them too. Especially if shana makes it to season 3.

    • Wow! So Russell was not at all responsible for his business reputation prior and during the filming or RHOBH? It was all Bravo’s fault?

      How weird that the abuse was not part of Season 1? Bravo had so much footage about Russell and his very intense and busy career as a venture capitalist. Wasn’t this the reason Bravo gave for the Armstrong marriage falling apart?

      How peculiar that Russell went along with the abuse storyline when he was quoted by many “media” outlets describing the emotional abuse he suffered growing up and how this abuse has filtered into his marriage, hence the need for therapy and a second honeymoon.

      Oh yeah, and that interview on The Fix, where after or during season 1, Russell is claiming that RHOBH was his and Taylor’s platform to get into bigger deals.

      When exactly does personal responsibility play a role?

      • Russell does have some personal responsibility. He had been convicted of (or pled to) white collar crime in the past; he didn’t kill himself over it. There were new allegations, yes. I think he was narcissistic enough to believe that he’d survive through it again; that was his forte. The point at which he became depressed and in despair was very clear; he wrote Bravo “threatening” emails over it, which Bravo ignored. Without repeating everything I’ve already written before: Bravo pushed The button, I believe. I think that Russell went into his contract somewhat idealistically (arrogantly?), and didn’t consider the possibility that Bravo would manipulate “reality” so grotesquely. What we can gather, from Cedric’s press release, is that Bravo DOES make “warranties,” outside of its contracts. The HWs producer lied to Cedric and his agent. Cedric thought he was walking into a welcoming Lisa, when, in fact, Bravo set him up to look like an obsessive party crasher and to be humiliated.

        • And now I read on RadarOnline that Cedric is in the hospital, despondent over how Bravo made an azz out of him at the SUR opening or something like that. Hope we don’t have another tragedy brewing. When is Bravo gonna get it?

        • Except for the fact that we don’t know what parts of the Cedric/Lisa story are actual and which are fabricated. We also do not know if Bravo ignored the threatening e-mails. In my opinion, Lisa needed a story line. She has none, so the producers manufactured one, Cedric. This story line worked in season 1, why would it not work again? Lisa would get more positive attention–the viewers would increase their hatred of Cedric. Every story needs a villain. Lisa needs to be seen as the heroine.

          Russell throughout his life has had violence as part of his life. He shot his sister, he reportedly through a business partner against the wall and said he was going to kill the business partner, he reportedly knocked out all the teeth of another business partner., an ex-wife claims Russell threw her to the ground and kicked her when she was pregnant, and a girlfriend claimed he slapped her so hard her head snapped back. He survived all this negative press,as well.

          If Bravo showed “reality”, then what would we have seen about Russell? Would we have learned of his business dealings? Would we have been shown footage of Tiger 21? Would we have found out how Wade Jackson is his step brother and who exactly is Wade Jackson?

          Bravo does not show “reality.” If they did then we would have seen Adrienne’s financial difficulties. The family has been forced to sell their beer distributorship to keep the Palms afloat. This did not help as the Maloof family investment in the Palms has shrunk, some reporting to a 2% interest. The deep financial issues with the Sacramento Kings and the long lockout. The only asset that appears to be positive is the family’s large investment in Well’s Fargo, which fluctuates day to day.

          Bravo, similar to all the individual HWs, is in the business of making money. “Reality” does not have a part in this equation.

          • There you go with all the buzz-killing troofs, Henry. No fun. ;) I see where you’re going. I’m going to pretend to be turning a blind eye right now, but I do “get” it.

            • Look at all the best comedies that have been on television–Mash, All in the Family, for example. What was the premise of Mash? The growing military-industrial complex during the cold war– a very serious issue. How about great satirical movies, say Dr. Strangelove? The premise was a nuclear war.

              My point is that the real drama can become fun if it is analyzed to the point of satire. If you read about Dave Rupel, the producer, and the origins of Real Housewives of Orange County, he began promoting the show as a satire.

              This is not a new concept of the modern era. The Greeks began this with drama–there are two sides, tragedy and comedy, symbolized by the two masks–one of a happy, laughing face and one of a sad, tragic face. Shakespeare was a master of placing satire in his plays.

              The problem for the producers is that Andy Cohen wants the superficial “fabulous” and the casting of these HWs is based on them appearing wealthy and attractive, living the high life. The result is an ensemble of vapid individuals who want nothing more than to perpetuate the myth. This is the material that makes satires–the Simpsons, Family Guy, and so on. If Bravo had let Rupel have his satire, then the shows would have some depth greater than a soap opera.

          • Lisa had a few story lines. Do you mean she needed an enemy? She had the restaurant, making up with Taylor and Pandorka’s wedding..
            I guess I find that bit of your statement a bit off. Otherwise you make sense to me! :)

            • The story lacks details. My brothers “shot” each other too–with beebee guns and slingshots. They also poked pins in one another, gave whirlytwirly baths, boxed, wrestled and once broke another’s collar bone. Once, my easygoing brother cracked his friend’s head with a free weight, in anger. I’d want the details on Russell’s “violent acts,” before I’d jump on that train.

              • Oy vey, Ms. S! I have two older bros, only two years apart. I remember them playing, getting rough. Pray tell, dearest, what is a “whirlytwirly bath?”

              • Push head in the toilet and flush. Usually, the water’s a little yellow to begin with. Yeah, it’s really sick. We grew up in the sticks and had to make our own entertainment. :)

              • OMG, that is too funny! I’m dyin’ and cryin’ over here. Oh how I WISH I was still young now that I know this.

                Yeah, I am still a mischief maker! :) But I cannot see myself now, at age 45, giving someone the Supreme Whirlytwirly Bath. But I do know someone who deserves it! Ha!

              • I didn’t partake in stuff like that. I mentally tormented my little brother who was hyper and liked to fight me for fun. He had to ride the short bus, because we lived in the sticks and his school was a little further away. I convinced him that it was because he was [the r-word]. I also told him that he had a different father. I’m kind of ashamed now. ;)

              • Ms. S, this will be placed in an odd place, but … I get you. You’re a loving sister now (I’m so sure), so don’t torment yourself with the memories. I too did stuff like that. You know, though, about as you say “growing up in the sticks,” wow, I see that as totally Elysian! I was a suburb girl in new developments in a growing town … I would have loved a more traditional type of upbringing!

              • Lord you don’t even want to know what my girls did to to their brother! Getting him out of the laundry shoot was not an easy thing!

              • No, he really shot his sister, Laurie, with his father’s gun. She was in the hospital for a long time and needed to relearn how to walk.


                In the masthead, you will find a story about Elgindy, a business partner of Russell Armstrong. The Federal prosecutor wrote about the incident in a sentencing document for Elgindy.

                Re: the restraining orders for Barbara and Claudia; and the knocking out of teeth of a business associate.


                None of the claims have been disputed by Russell’s friends, associates or family.

                Reach your own conclusion.

        • Thank you, Ms. Suburbia. That is exactly what I was talking about. I am hard to understand sometimes because I paint with a broad paintbrush — I’ve been told. :)

          The bad edits, manipulated interactions, scripted fights, apparent favoritism leading to biases in editing, expose’s that push the envelope and prod people teetering on insanity to do things that they may have never thought about doing.

          Bravo and the production team that orchestrates this crap is the problem.

      • Taylor & Russell were both involved in those alleged financial scams. But Bravo doesn’t show that. Taylor & Russell were both involved in ‘therapy’ with Dr. sockless, but Bravo showed only 1 joint session with the rest being only of Taylor & Dr. sockless ragging on Russell. Bravo had clips of the HWs talking about Russell’s violent ways, yet they didn’t want to tell Russell what was being said behind his back. They could have sat down with Russell, a REAL DV therapist, & Taylor and the clips and done some REAL therapy to make sure EVERYBODY was going to be safe & healthy. But instead they (allegedly) kept it all hidden to intensify dramatic reactions.

        I think they were expecting Russell to blow up after being told to go away at the White Party. I think they thought they were going to get GREAT footage of Russell turning into the Mr. Hyde that Taylor kept saying he turns into at the drop of a hat.

        Yes, the financial problems were the personal responsibility of both R & T. But how the summer of 2011 turned out was in conjunction with Bravo’s direction.

        • How disappointed Bravo must have been when he just asked his wife if she wanted to go back to Vegas.Then her comment about having spoken about their marriage at times she shouldn’t have, and the light bulb started forming over Russell’s head after he started thinking about Adrienne repeatedly saying, NO, no NO, Camille did not lie, she only repeated what Taylor told her. Taylor was disappointed and ticked off that she had been uninvited, Russell was, well let’s make the best of it, we have a free weekend. I bet she was really trying to hold the lid down she keeps speaking of on her own physical reaction and not choke Russell at that point.

          Had they really thought her life would have been in danger of another beating at that point none of her friends would have let her leave with him that night.

      • @Henry – I could go through all the reasons again but I’m short on time here so suffice to say, I agree with you.

        • It seems odd to me that the need to hate Taylor and blame her for everything is so intense. It is blinding.

          Bitten, Milette Fields mother, I am assuming, knew Russell and his family and said Russell was not a “good” guy.

          How much documentation does it take to convince people that Russell had personal responsibility in his prior life for what his actions. By signing on to a reality show, he knew this would be revealed eventually. If he didn’t, then he is also not that smart.

          In addition, he was well aware of the abuse story line, maybe he thought it would not revolve around him, but in interviews he was more than willing to throw his family under the bus as the cause of his anger issues.

          • @Henry
            I wasn’t aware that he was informed of an “abusive” story line….just that he knew they were to be the “troubled” married couple

      • Russell, In my opinion, WAS an abusive husband. Perhaps physically but definitely verbally and just by his actions…. A very cold man. If this man committed suicide because he was *trashed* on TV – he had other problems before that. Business failures, abusive behavior, this wasn’t solely due to how he was “portrayed” on TV. Russell has a look in his eyes of a soul-less man. Abused women STAY in abusive relationships and even defend their abusers behavior. It’s part of their low self esteem and thinking it’s their fault. Everything is always their fault. NOT the abusers. Having said that. Russell is gone, nothing will bring him back. Let Taylor move on with her life and her child’s life in peace. She didn’t kill the man. He killed himself.

        • I never saw any abusive behaviors from Russel. I DID see them from SHAFT. I have already post this video before but I feel it needs to be post again

        • Know what’s odd? Why didn’t Russell leave any suicide note? Other smarter commenters here can find out, but I believe about 9 out of 10 suicides leave something written behind to explain.

          Here’s the thing: SHAFT may not have twisted the rope, but likely her demands for her quest for fame, and thus being on Bravo, was a significant contributing factor. I absolutely believe this. I believe wholeheartedly if SHAFT was not such a rabid famewhore and RHOBH did not exist for HER, he would be alive. Divorced, but alive.

          • I’m not sure if Russell left a note or not, but I do not agree with your 9 out of 10… In the past 15 years I’ve had 3 people in my life commit suicide. None of them left a note. One, a day after high school graduation, the other was a female with young children going through a nasty divorce and the latest was a successful male with two young girls, happy marriage that just lost his baby son. In Russell’s case, if suicide, I believe he discussed everything with his lawyer. If not, homicide. To be clear, that’s not the only reason I feel it to be a homicide… for new readers.

          • Maybe he did leave a note, but remember Taylor was one of the first ones in there when he was found. I even read somewhere that one of Russell family members claim that is the reason his one son didnt get his grandfathers watch that Russell had, Apparently Taylor cleaned out everything the same day after police left!!!!

            • I read the autopsy report today and the description of the room as it was found. There was a “piece of paper” with a name on the outside and empty on the inside (sounds as though it was an envelope or a folded piece of paper ). It goes on to describe miscellaneous items were left on the dresser but does name some of them, I believe it said watch, checks, bills , wallet and cash. There were pillows in two windows shoved up under the window locks. It went on to describe more information and I can post the link if SH would like

              The report sounded really messed up and never mentions Taylor as having been there that night at all. In fact, the room mate is described as the person that called 911, not the friend of Taylor’s that went with her in search of Russell.

              His room mate saw him alive for the last time on Friday and Russell told him he was having dinner with his wife on Saturday night. The report says he did not meet her for dinner but since other things are off in the report, such as Taylor not even having been there when his body is discovered, we have no way of knowing the truth.

              Taylor was not wearing her wedding band in the last episode and I have read where other people say she was not wearing it in episodes prior to that . Here is what really bother’s me, and I have mentioned it before. I am going to paste something Taylor said that is written out in the time line on the head mast. Make note of when she is talking about Russell’s shirt that she keeps in the closet that he wore the before the night of…….and does not finish the sentence. I am curious to know what it was the last nite of and I am thinking his life, which if it was, then she has lied about not meeting up with him the evening before he was found deceased. Here is what she says about the rings and the shirt :

              Taylor also revealed that she is still wearing her wedding ring and her late husband’s, despite having filed for divorce shortly before Russell’s suicide.

              “I’m now wearing his wedding ring and mine together,” she shared. “Right now I’m still doing anything I can to figure out how to get close to him.”

              “I still have the last shirt he wore before the night of and sometimes I sit in my closet with it ‘cause maybe I think I’m gonna get insight or may I just need to feel close to him.”

        • I do not agree with you. Abuse was never proven; and won’t be.

          Russell showed no signs of being an abuser and she showed no signs of being a battered wife. She did give plenty evidence of being a malignant liar and histrionic personality disorder…in other words a sociopath.

          I will never understand why people just believe everything they are told/led to believe and question nothing.

      • Henry — You missed the gist of my post and made this all about Russell. Pity Russell is dead and cannot defend himself. Yep, he was flawed; and so are you and so am I. Russell is in eternity now, our judgment on the pure conjecture of abuse is no longer relevant. There are family members and children grieving this man. And there are dishonest, unprofessional shrinks, and money hungry vultures swarming this man’s remains to make a buck without regard to his children and mother. Judge those people; they are still here.

        A very wise man, whose doctor sister and her doctor fiance were killed by two married, unrepentant, trust-fund baby drunks fist fighting in a vehicle, had this to say about the rage shown toward the husband who hanged himself this Tuesday after his wife whose 18 year prison sentence was pardoned by the outgoing governor (paraphrased): Don’t be angry. Mr. Irby is being judged by a far greater judge than we are. Pray for him.

        My comment is about Bravo, boundaries, responsibility to ethics, professional decency, and profitting from preying on the human condition in an unprecendented way. This is in regards to each cast member; not just one who hanged himself after proclaiming that they were crucifying him. They’ve crucified several of these people.

        If you are a member of production…I can certainly see why you would make this about about Russell’s flawed character and deflect from Bravo. It’s what has been done since the first episode, yet most of us don’t buy it.

        • On the other hand, if you were swindled out of money by Russell and Taylor, I will give your post credence. The people who have fell victim to any scam for money led by the Armstrongs are the only ones that I believe have any justifiable reason to condemn.

          But, then again, Russell is no longer among the living. His partner is though.

          • I am neither a member of production nor have I been swindled by Russell or Taylor.

            The truth is a slippery concept. If you have a theory, you can attach a higher weight to the evidence that supports your theory and ignore the proof that does not follow your theory.

            For example, Bravo is guilty of many things and I expressed that in my post. You chose to ignore it. Your right to do so. But that does not make you holder of the truth.

            Furthermore, the entire line of holding Bravo responsible for Russell’s death does not have a chance in court. Similar cases, the Jenny Jones Show murder, have already been litigated. The SCOTUS refused to hear the case. The production company, Bravo in this case, could not be held liable for criminal acts occurring after the show’s participants left the filming.

            Because a theory is posited that Russell had no personal responsibility for his past and present financial dealings, or the fact he had a history of violence, and therefore, Bravo is guilty, is ridiculous.

            No one knows the truth of why Russell is dead.

            Regarding the issue of Russell being dead and not being able to defend himself–not long ago Steve Jobs died. Within a short amount of time, a book written by Walter Isaacson, discussing the good, bad and ugly of Steve Jobs, was published. Many blogs published stories of colleagues who told the ugly truth about parts of Steve Jobs’ personality. No one brought up this issue of “he’s dead and cannot defend himself”. Are we to infer from this defense you provide for Russell, that Russell contributed more to the world than Steve Jobs? Even the Front Burner which published Randy’s complimentary stories about Russell, wrote this when Diane Dimond’s article was published:

            “The Other Side of Russell Armstrong
            Posted on September 16th, 2011 10:19am by Tim Rogers
            Filed under Local News

            Awhile back on this blog, we posted kind comments about Russell Armstrong written by an old friend of his who grew up with him in Carrollton. Armstrong, of course, was the husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong. He hanged himself, the theory went, because of what the show had done to his life.

            In Latin, the phrase is nil nisi bonum. Do not speak ill of the dead. Unless, well, the dead did a bunch of bad stuff. An alert FrontBurnervian points us to a lengthy Daily Beast story by Diane Dimond titled “The Real Grifter of Beverly Hills.” Fascinating story. And it looks like Taylor Armstrong herself still has some legal troubles to deal with.”

            • Henry, you’re going a little off the rails here. You’re the one using using logical fallacies, namely the false equivalent on your last post (I’m paraphrasing, due to lack of attention and patience): “You blame it all on Taylor, and put no responsibility on Russell.” SIstah made just as many valid points as you did; however, you’re not giving her point of view due respect. You kinda come across as believing you’re all-knowing, when NO ONE here is.

              • Ditto to you. Sorry about your lack of patience. My posts are not required reading.

                Also, be careful about applying your arm chair psychology on me, it will not work. Sometimes posters have psychiatrists in their households who may see a different picture of who is going off the rails.

                Have you read the restraining order documents on RadarOnline? Yes, it is 49 pages long so perhaps you do not have the patience to read it all. So until I see some proof of your knowledge about Russell’s history of violence, I will use my right not to read your posts.

              • I read them, now I know what I will see in Shana’s book, she has no doubt lifted some of their stories as her own.

              • No one disputes Russell had a past that included violence however its important to note his ex went to court volentarly to revoke the TRO after he completed his rehab and anger management why would she do that if she still feared him.
                IMO Taylor used his past against him so people would do just what you are doing Henry using his past to convict him But Lets not forget Taylor has a past to

              • Taylor may have–stop listening to Ms. Suburbia; she is misstating my arguments. My entire point has been that we do not know the whole story.

                Barbara went to court about Russell and his violence a number of times.

                You have to read all the documents, not just the blurb on Radar on line. These documents have declarations from Barbara, Claudia, and Milette Fields housekeeper.
                Discounting their stories because you think Taylor copied them is wrong, unless you have some sort of proof that all these women are lying.

                There is also claims of child abuse.

                He pled guilty to battery in 1997. He was ordered by the court on two occasions to have psychological evaluation.

              • Russell was 6 when he shot his 5 year old sister by accident with a loaded gun his father had left laying around. Russell felt extreme guilt for years because of what his sister went thru and was angry with his father for leaving the gun loaded where children could get a hold of the loaded gun Happens all the time unfortunately. He did not shoot her because he was a crazed out of control aggressive adult. He was six years old.

              • Thank you for posting that, Gail! Someone would have to be certifiably nuts or willfully ignorant to consider this to be a relevant factor to use in building their “abuser” theory against Russell.

              • Any time Mss. I figured if it was really a big deal about his anger and abusive behavior it would have been all over the front page news. I felt it only fair that if someone was going to throw it out there as proof of who he was that maybe the facts should have been a little bit clearer about how or why his sister was shot.

              • If his anger issues about the incident were not resolved and continued, then, yes, it will be an issue in his adult life. This behavior revealed itself in his other relationships as an adult.

                This does not happen all the time.

                I realize he was six. It is still a traumatic episode in someone’s life. In this case Russell’s life. What is so hard to understand?

              • So what if she does? SH has a timeline to gauge any lies Taylor may come up with in her book. Taylor is digging her own “grave.” Let her do it.

                But I find it hard to believe that you can discount court documents and a plea of guilty to the charge of battery by Russell.

              • Irrelevant. Why are you so passionately interested in dismissing the validity of a potential wrongful death suit by Russell’s children? NONE of us knows whether it could stand or not. The easy answer is, “Nah.” But GREAT attorneys win the “unwinnable” cases.

              • He also had to attend anger management classes and 50 AA meetings. Visitation with his son had to be supervised. Perhaps, because I have seen people do it, the anger management and AA meetings worked and he valued the fact that he could have lost visitation with his children completely and came out of all of it a changed man. People that are court ordered to do things, sometimes take them seriously enough to learn the lessons taught to them and stop doing the things that caused them to have to be ordered by a court of law to accomplish them.

                Maybe Olga Aguilera , his son’s nanny, could tell us whether it was Russell or Taylor that was abusive to his sons when they visited the home after Russell went thru the anger management classes since she was one of the people that signed a document saying she had seen him abuse the child. Perhaps if Bitten hops on she can clear that up for us.

              • BTW, my problem with Sistah T was not her lack of putting together a logical argument if there was evidence or proof to support that position.

                Above, I left four links to Russell abusive past.

                Either you cannot read out of anger, or you are purposely misstating what I wrote. I said “No one knows the truth of why Russell is dead.” in a paragraph sitting on its own. The logical fallacies from long ago belong to you.

                Treker has tried to explain your theory of wrongful death suit against Bravo in the past. I have tried to explain it.

                Believe what you want to believe.

              • The official diagnosis would be: Quite Full of Yourself, Overly-Defensive and Dull. That diagnosis is straight out of the Armchair Psychology for Dummies, which I paid $35 for an online degree in.

              • Here’s what you supposedly didn’t say, quoted from your posts:

                “Wow! So Russell was not at all responsible for his business reputation prior and during the filming or RHOBH? It was all Bravo’s fault?”

                “It seems odd to me that the need to hate Taylor and blame her for everything is so intense. It is blinding.”

                I have no idea why you’re trying to bring Trekker into it. I respect her; she rocks and she’s fun to debate with. I’m not in a courtroom or on anyone’s dime, so I’m free to practice “nonsense” theories on SH all I want to. I officially retract my earlier compliments to you, in sharing your theories; I was trying to be gracious. “Anger”? That’s a weird question. No, it’s my lack of interest because you’re redundant, take yourself way too seriously for SH, and not funny. Kthnxbai.

              • It did not appear that you respected Trekker’s opinion about a week ago.

                Oh, ok. I take myself to seriously? You have pulled this crap before with posters. Knock off the bully tactics.

                Personally, I find you an ignorant bore. It was hilarious to read about your claimed IQ. No way. No how.

                You also misrepresent the truth. Those comments are mine, but they are from two different posts, and neither were the post to which you were replying to. Try again.

                What theories of mine bored you? The one about satire? Why? Oh, I know that was the BS excuse you tried when someone commented to you about your racist comments. Funny thing about your comments about Satire, they were incorrect. You fully exposed your lack of knowledge.

                When have you been funny? Redundant. Haha! That is priceless from a poster who is constantly posting the same argument day after day after day after day. Yeah we got it–Bravo is responsible for Russell’s suicide and Taylor is a liar and a scammer. Did I leave anything out?

              • Henry/MsS/others involved: Is this going to be another “I been hacked” evening? I have not read ALL the discussion between the involved parties…

                Please… to ALL… kindly stop the attacks with other commenters. Let’s focus on the issues and intelligently discuss/debate. ALL comments regarding this topic (and others) are what makes SH. There are no sides here… in particular, there are no sides in my stepping in here as a reminder.

                This post from almost a week ago was a hint at things to come: I would hope that readers would remember that there are several sides to the Shana story.

                This site states information for readers to come to their own conclusions. SH readers and commenters are extremely intelligent and respectful… please keep that in mind… and let’s move on. TFC!!! SH

    • I read a little blip yesterday in , don’t quote me, but I think it was US that said Brandi made a comment to SHAFT during the reunion. The comment went something to the effect of she (Shana) started writing a book 3 days after her husband commited suicide! I guess all the other women jumped on her and and no one wants her back next year. I hope to God it is true and I sincerly hope that she does come back next year.

      • i heard the reunion was awful for Brandi, that she really got pounded. If Shana is back and Brandi is gone, I don’t think i could stomach a third season of that psyco getting away with her bs for another year. She’s never been called out for what she started in season one. I sure hope the Armstrong family comes out locked and loaded when Shana is hitting the book tours.

      • I think Bravo would be pretty stupid not to have her back as she is obviously well liked. She is a great team with Lisa. Others don’t like her because she calls them out. They are not used to that being the resident mean girls who have always had everything.

      • The first question is based on a false premise. Russell had a bad business reputation prior to the RHOBH. The MMR case and the MMR agreement are evidence of that, as well as, the Christy Corino case, the 2003 suit by Churchill Reinsurance and OVS, not to mention his 1995 conviction of a felony in Federal court.

        And there was another man who committed suicide a day later. Just so happens he had connections to Russell. Alan Schram was not a subject on RHOBH.

        The true story is too big for Bravo. Bravo is guilty of pushing this non sequitur of domestic violence that the timeline will not support. And it is working. The emotional investment of most posters on this story is that Taylor is to be hated. This irrelevant, most likely not provable or disprovable, story line deflects from the real story Bravo is afraid to tell.

        Ponder this conundrum–of all the women Russell is associated with in his personal life (Barbara, Milette, Claudia and Taylor), who was he with the longest? Taylor, by a long shot. The question should be why? My take is that these two, Russell and Taylor, were a team. They worked together. One is no better than the other.

        • The only thing is, if they were a team, which I agree with, it seems that she turned on him in the most vicious, disloyal way. If she felt that he was going down and she wanted to get out, it seems diabolical to me that she would backstab him for months. Just saw the video of her month-long birthday celebration. They really appeared happy. I totally believe he would not have gone on national tv in his situation if he knew about her comments and talking heads.

          • So to me she has appeared far worse. She threw her husband of years, the father of her child, straight under the wheels of the bus and dragged her castmates into her mess too. When she was a kid she probably paid other kids to be her friend.

              • She made the first move, though, and I would swear he was totally taken by surprise. Yes, I believe that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. From what we have read from his family and friends, he had a conscience, and he really cared about her. I truly believe there is a lump of coal where her heart should be.

              • Taylor Armstrong is worse in my book too. She’s a true sociopath; she’s also chemically-dependent with borderline personality disorder. I think Russell was narcissistic, but I don’t know if he was a sociopath, even though he had undeniable antisocial traits.

              • It takes a “special” person to choose to be so much in the public eye, even awkwardly. I don’t know if anyone reading has ever seen this show T I and Tiny, but from the little I know about the story it seems like SHE went to jail for HIM, and personal opinions aside, they have a more entertaining show to watch. One thing, they must have some kind of agreement and also love and don’t want to purposely make one another miserable.

                I’m so sick of this woman! She should have chest pains and be under observation right now! NO remorse!!! There should be a crow basting in her kitchen right now —

        • I do believe that Russell and Taylor were working as a team in their grifting and shady business affairs. Yes, Taylor turned on her “partner.” Bravo was complicit. I do agree that the whole story is too big for Bravo HWs to tell; I actually said that yesterday: It’s way over the heads of their target market. Even if it’s “just” a suicide.

          I don’t know any details about the Alan Schram connection. If one is to believe that Russell’s death was homicide–a real possibility–then the money trail would probably lead to a Tiger21 “investor”-type who laundered money through Russell’s business. And Russell’s litigation was going to expose a whole lot more than his shady MMR business.

          I want Russell’s kids to go after Bravo–plain and simple. :) If Bravo wants to play it their way, I think they should pay. Or they should quit sitting on the truth.

          • The housewives with huge bank accounts are really treading carefully. They seem dishonest and like bad actresses, but what stress! The very rich have to protect their children, too. They didn’t sign up for all this nonsense.

            No sympathy here at all for Bravo. I do feel for the other housewives. This horrific mess ruined what was supposed to be a fun lighthearted show, with a least a few wealthy women or at least interesting pasts. Now we have to see them kissing the butt of the troublemaker, and fun sucked out of the room every time. Even Kim can be entertaining at times. Ms. Hughes has never entertained. At all.

            Oh, and in describing this backstory to friends who casually watch, they also think there is something very shady about the whole thing, and Ms.Slick plotted and planned to try to keep her name clean AT ANY COST. SMH.

            • This has never been a “fun lighthearted” show. Season one was about being mean to Kim, Camille’s ugly divorce, a psycho believing she could see the bleak future, and Kim’s and Kyle’s fight in back of a limo. It has always been about watching train wrecks. This can be entertaining, but not “fun lighthearted” entertainment.

  4. I would love to hear it! They may have cut it if she was wasted. Its my guess she got up during the discussion and went to the bathroom so we didn’t see her in the cut…or they reshot without her. I mean Kim was only present for the ski trip break down I think….otherwise Kim was wrapped up in Kim.

  5. Doctor no liscense promoting a therapy session at a party! Come on now, he would lose his liscense for that. It’s unethical! Fishlips is full of shit. Sorry, but I don’t see any black eye. Love when Dr. no liscense asks the ladies to “listen to her, listen to what she has to say, respect her”. Should have all been honest. “listen to her, listen to all of her lies! respect her fishlips sprewing out worms! Fishlips is telling the truth, yea right, she has no clue what that is! Fishlips is going through a divorce and needs your help. Please, how any women go through a divorce in a day? Stand on your own two feet and quit with the poor me bullshit. Let’s be honest. Help me, he found out all of my lies and now my meal ticket is gone, can I live with you? geez

    • the doc is an osteopath isn’t he? I don’t think the same rules would apply to him as a regular shrink?

      • An osteopath is a bona fide physician and the same rules apply. Ms SH has all the information just put in a search for Dr. Sophy.

      • Same ethics apply. And he’s violated a few that I can see–if he was TRULY acting in a “therapist” capacity, and not one of “cast member.” I think SoPhony was always the latter, and Russell was misled into signing all his rights away with respect to these “therapy” sessions.

        However, I think that Dr. SoPhony still has to uphold the profession for the public, and he’s done a deplorable job of that. He’s misled the public–possibly abuse victims–into thinking that his brand of “therapy” is the acceptable standard–and that’s just go*damned irresponsible. Can you imagine being a TRULY battered woman and tossing around the idea that “therapy” might require you to sit next to your abuser and “work things out”? He also failed to report DV in a home with a toddler child present: DV that supposedly caused serious bodily harm to a woman who purported to have a “family in danger,” if her husband found out about her “confiding” in her friends. He really needs to be called out on the carpet.

        I hope that NO ONE uses Dr. Sophy of Beverly Hills, because he’s a fake doctor and a truly crappy person–who wouldn’t acknowledge an “ethic” unless it was wrapped in a wad of $100 bills and Botox coupons.

  6. Are the real housewives franchises eligible for daytime emmy awards? cuz this is better than all of the soaps any ole day!

  7. To be fair to Bravo they probably cut Kimmy out because the viewers would have been confused.
    She was clearly saying while pointing her finger at Shana “you’re gonna be sorry! When I plant my army of unicorns in Siberia, the king of Timbuktu will be so impressed that he’ll ask me to marry him and we will send our army of grain fed vodka bottle nosed dolphins to go all Oklahoma on your a$$! If you like that black eye, well.. Then you’ll just have to get ready for another one!”
    As to why… Well, I’ll just have to watch again..

      • Thanks. Not my best work, but I have to keep trying! So many hilarious commenters on here! SH just cracks me up too, but I’m not even gonna try and compete with her. ;)

        • You make me smile and laugh…isn’t that enough? just kidding I always laugh thinking about the two bunnies on my eyes. They have different personalities…one would be okay with it and the other one would be angry if it didn’t involve cilantro.

          • Yes Rachael, it is more than enough!
            Cilantro? Hah! Well just clip that junk into your mop like hair extensions then you’re set. Angry bunny becomes happy bunny, chillin’ on your eyeball, munching on hair cilantro.

            • lol! Petunia wasn’t too bad, but Friday is always the worst petunia. Hair cilantro…LOL! I love the visual of happy eye bunnies.

              • Oy vey. Two days in a row? Many many happy petunias for tomorrow (if I do not get a chance to leave a message for you prior). Perhaps channel Black Mamba tomorrow instead of Snow White?
                I wore my boots for kickin’ teeth today, but I just whimpered and cried like a baby. Dar-huh. I’m a terrible fighter. I did receive some help, so all is good there.. For now!
                Sorry all. Just wanted to update… Well, I guess I’m updating everyone now aren’t I? Ah well.
                Ima jealous! Happy eye bunnies sound devine! I already live in a bit of a zoo. Only a crazy person (such as myself) would add to it! Hrm…

              • So you saw the one that ruined your weekend? Consider some HEBs. Everyone that spends time at my home falls in love with them. Some of my caregivers over the past months would play with them before taking care of me and have fattened them up with treats all day. I have to spell t-r-e-a-t and open up ziploc bags out of their earshot. I’m uploading a pic of the black one with his treat basket, made of rope and filled with rope carrots.

              • I have a white one, too—one black and one white and they do get along. They got along great with my Corgi before she passed away. After evacuating for katrina, they were in a cage and my Corgi would nestle up to their cage and stay by their side the entire time.

          • I agree. Mythunker rocks. You do too BSL!! I love reading y’alls banter from the night before when I’m having my coffee in the morning. I love how everyone’s personality shines through in these comments. If you read mine you could see that Aunt Flo will be visiting in a few days. I’m so emotional over it.

            I’ll be glad when she’s gone!!

  8. I noticed this, too! My take on it is that the entire Traylor, Dr. Sophy, black eye discussion was filmed after Russell’s suicide. all they had to do was recreate the tablescape which is easy. Play a little background noise and voila. When they said they were going to heavily re-edit the show after russell’s suicide to exclude scened with Russell it gave them full license to re-edit the show completely in order to tell the Armstrong marriage story the way they wanted it to be, not as it was. They shot some of it with Kim in it, and then re-shot it with Kim out, probably because they didn’t like whatever she was contributing to the conversation for whatever reason that may be.
    They have proof that they did this on the Kim Kardashian show to make Kris Humphries look bad and make kim look like she was a reasonable person who just didn’t feel the way a new bride should. they pretended that Kris Jenner and Kim had this conversation in Dubai. But what they really did was re-costume them in the same clothes and shoot it in a studio post wrap up. They have pictures of the two of them styled exactly like they were in Dubai walking out of a studio with Kris’ assistant holding the Dubai clothes on a hanger. I will never believe that this black eye scene is authentic and in sequence. This whole show is one big fat lie.

    • If this was shot post-suicide and Taylor really did have a bruise on her eye, it makes you wonder if there was a fight and that is how he got all of the bruises and abrasions on his body found in the autopsy.

      I have always seen her as an abuser who has lost control of her rage. She is very inappropriate with the other women. Perhaps “finding her voice” is really code for talking instead of violence.

    • What I could see for sure is that the ladies, especially Kyle, greeted Traylor as if they hadn’t seen her in a long time. And their asking, “Are you okay?” seemed genuine. However, going right to asking about her “black eye (that was barely noticeable)” seemed contrived. Why would they automatically assume that this little mark was why she decided to get divorced, like Lisa asked? The editing of the faux-”group session” was meant to tell us that Kim was incoherent or disinterested at the table, and then she got up and stayed in the bathroom throughout the remainder of the conversation.

      The Kartrashians are the absolute worst. I hope Humph mops the floor with Kim.

      • I feel ya miz subs, there was a genuine air to that….call me crazy, but when Kyle asked if she was okay, it just ‘felt’ like she was referring to
        russ’s death….I don’t know….the delivery…..the look…..the compassion…..reading between the lines

  9. Unless I have my dates wrong, the first opening of Sur had taken place but this second one was probably done AFTER Russell killed himself and the entire crew was called forward to put some “meat on the bones” of the aftermath that would have all of them eating crow for taking part in this travesty.

    Featuring Traylor with her “black eye” would be the lead up to finding a plausible excuse to blame Russell since they were all eagerly participating in this sham that was sure to be exercising the blowback that came after.

    The pseudo therapist was on hand to lend credence to “poor abused Traylor” while the rest of the cast could claim “ignorance” of the facts.

    She wanted out of the marriage. How she did it involved the complicity of each and every member of the cast and crew of Bravo. What they did not count on was Russell writing the final chapter to this travesty and they all had a hand of some kind in its execution.

    “We didn’t know” is hardly an excuse to have the storyline be nothing more than a continual gossip session which went on for 20 insufferable weeks with no more than her word as to what was going on. Shameful on the part of all of them since each party, each gathering, each luncheon session and shopping excursion was nothing but innuendo, sly remarks, suggestions, and wholesale lies for the benefit of this show without regard to the harm it may inflict on the children or families involved.

    The narrative surrounding Kim Richards is despicable since there is no discernable reason on the face of the earth that featuring this troubled fool is anything other than sheer exploitation.

      • Do yall remember the pic that the paps( er.. her publicist) released of her packing her crap when the divorce was announced? That time the cut was over her right eye. So where was the scar from that big nasty? Is that on the timeline?

          • Anyone besides a proven pathological liar or her paid cohorts corroborating the football story? Was Russell also playing football? He was covered in bruises and abrasion as per the medical examinier.

              • The information about Russell’s suicide and the description of the condition of his neck and other bodily injuries are so disturbing. It seems to me that there would have been the possibility of it being a crime since and treated as such, instead it was immediate suicide and of course shana had him cremated immediately , it is all very suspicious. If whoever was there witnessed the extent of the injuries of his body, why would they not further investigate.

              • Strange things occur when someone dies…including odd pooling of blood. A corpse can appear ‘bruised’ as it were, and can be attributed to broken vessels and pooling. It can occur at the lowest point of gravity and randomly. It’s never pretty.

              • doubtful…..if I had to guess I’d attribute those to shana’s nails and a nasty fight that she likely initiated……purely conjecture

              • That may be the case, but from when Russell was found to his speedy cremation, imo, it was handled in a piss poor manner. I say that with great passion and have a case to compare it to as well. A family friend of mine chose to hang herself. There were no suspect bruises or cuts on her body. It was very obvious she did what she did to herself. The police still immediately questioned her estranged husband thoroughly as well as her parents and siblings. Then she was buried 5 days later after the investigators gave their authorization that the case was closed.
                Who’s footprints led to Russell’s window outside anyway?

    • - The scene at Sur with Cedric was done on July 14th, going by the emails between Dave Rupel (Bravo exec) & Cedric’s manager.
      - I think the scene with the “Mommy Dearest chart” ….er….. “rewards chart” was probably done AFTER the SUR/Bravo opening , since there was no black mark on her cheek that u see her w/ at Sur.
      - Someone on these boards questioned why Taylor brought her bag & stuff to the door when Dr. sockless came by to pick her up. She probably thought they were going to leave a.s.a.p. – maybe to get away really quick from the cameras & to hide the fact that she has no black mark at the time. Cuz how does it make sense that she has no black mark on her cheek at HER HOUSE, but she does by the time she gets to SUR ?
      - I do believe, by the facts shown in this article, that Bravo heavily edited the SUR therapy session. That whole segment was kind of choppy too.

      • Very good point ann…..does anyone really believe Bravo’s take on any of this? Do they think we are that dumb?

  10. What distracted me during the table therapy session–well, one thing of several–was the way Shana kept pulling back her bangs to expose her injury. They were arguing, things got physical, and she got hurt. People get hurt doing a lot of stuff, including fighting with people that defend themselves.

    • BSL, I noticed the same thing with the bangs & she kept touching it. I felt (because I don’t believe any of her BS) that she was trying to draw attention to it. Maybe she wasn’t getting enough sympathy from the girls & she was trying to up the “whoa-is-me” factor.

      Have to keep this comment short b/c this subject & that scamming beyotch make my blood boil.

      • Kyle, hugged her when she first came in the door and didn’t even comment on it, unless it was edited out, she just grabbed her and hugged her and joked about some people bringing their pr people and some people bring their therapist , or psychiatrist, Whichever it was, she never even noticed the eye injury.

    • ” People get hurt doing a lot of stuff, including fighting with people that defend themselves.” This! Excellent point. I have been bothered with the timing and her “football” injury and his bruised up body. Who else was playing football that can vouch for her story.

  11. I went back and watched this on demand, and Kim’s face was even more well lit than in the screen grabs. I’m sure these ladies’ lives would be entertaining enough without the story-line dramas that are generated for them. I hope Taylor f’s up her story so badly that no one will believe her tangled web of poorly told lies.

  12. Shana Snipes is actually crying because she is so worried about her meal ticket. If the girls don’t accept her story or accept her back, she is off the show. They only time she cries is when she is worried about how she is going to make a living and if anyone is believing her grifting stories.

  13. I’m sure this was shot and edited in later. If you watch the scene, from the time Taylor walks in the door you don’t see any of the general party guests – only shots of Taylor, the housewives and Kyles’s daughter. It would be very easy for them to edit in the sounds of a party in progress.

    Interesting that Adrienne says she’s heard so many stories from Taylor AND Russell. Would love to hear Russell’s side of it, but I realize we probably never will due to the Bravo contracts.

    Bravo sucks, big time, and I don’t think I can watch anymore.

  14. look at adrienne’s pose in teh second photo down…total skepticism (sp?). Then Kim is looking at Camille Camille buying any of this?

    • I believe Adrienne’s and Camille’s (and Kim’s) visceral responses; those were clear at the beginning. I’m imagining how this scene went down: Kim “has trouble controlling her mouth”; Adrienne and Camille don’t want to be involved, but they’re contractually-obligated to be; Kim eventually gets sent to the bathroom, or asked to shut her mouth a million times; retake after retake, to edit Kim out of the conversation. It must have taken forever; Traylor’s tears were dried up. The only way they were wrapping this scene was if Adrienne and Camille finally said, “Yeah, yeah, okay. You’re forgiven.” It exhausts me just to think about. I think that, for all of them (except for Kim), it’s just a day at the office.

      • So true MsS…..there have been descriptions by others of how some of the shoots go on and on…..I worked as an extra in some movies and I know how long they shoot to “get” the scene they want. I don’t see Kim having the patience to sit that still for very long.

  15. Clearly, Kim found out that Traylor kicked out Russell and was FURIOUS that no one called to her to help him pack, move and unpack.

  16. That could explain why Adrienne does not believe Taylor if she talked to Russell and got his take on things. Also, if Paul has an idea about how the injury happened (ie: plastic surgery) and being a Dr., he’s bound by HIPAA not to say anything. I really wish that if Adrienne did hear Russell’s side, that she would have spoken up and told it!

    I wish that when this whole thing is done that Adrienne and Paul, Brandi, people on the production crew, etc start to speak up and let us know exactly what happened! I think they owe us all that much.

    • Adrienne did say she had heard so many stories from taylor and russell , since her husband has examined shana’s face, she most likely did want to hear what russell’s version of the truth was.

      • Dr. Paul Maloof is not bound by HIPAA if he didn’t see Taylor Armstrong/Shana Hughes-Sipes-Ford-Armstrong in a professional “service” or “transaction” capacity. However, if he did see her professionally, you’re right: He couldn’t even tell his wife.

        (I want to use real names more when I post, so that Internet searches will bring SH up more.)

        • So when he did the injections in season 1, wouldn’t that have been a service? I know his examination of her face throuh Vanderpump Gates wouldn’t count, but would he be bound by HIPAA since he has injected her with what was it botox? , where the big lump came up on her temple in season one?

          • Yeah, if he’s seen her in a professional capacity, he’s bound to keep his opinions and observations to himself unless she’s authorized him to talk about it–and why wouldn’t Taylor Armstrong authorize Dr. Paul Maloof to verify her claims? I assume he’s told Adrienne though–how could he NOT? There’s a lot about the show that I don’t catch (cuz I don’t really watch it). I didn’t know she had a procedure by Dr. Paul.

            • He has injected her on the show, Dr Paul is not a Maloof. lol. Pretty sure that between he and Adrienne’s reactions they aren’t buying the Shanna Shana Lynette Huges Sipes Ford Armstrong story. Adrienne was pretty forceful in believing Shana knew about the legal threat to Camille. Dr. Paul Nassif has certainly not implied anything that would substantiate Mrs. Armstrong’s claims, if anything everything he has said leads me to believe he isn’t buying it either.

  17. Even with her substance abuse problems, Kim saw through shana from the very beginning. Makes me think even less of the rest of the hw who were not on drugs or whatever and still can’t see thru or confront shana on her lies. And don’t forget shanas tag line from the first season can’t remember it exactly but something to the effect of it may look like I have it all but I want more. That’s probably the ONLY honest thing out of her mouth EVER

  18. This is part of the Cedric article:

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star, Cedric Martinez, was rushed to the hospital Sunday night, is exclusively reporting.
    Lisa Vanderpump’s former houseguest was rushed to UCLA with heart pains, and a source close to the sexy French man speculates that it could be reality show related.

  19. Even if they dont ask her any questions about the ‘abuse’ at the reunion I would like to know.
    1. Why did she tell people Adrienne was Kennedy’s godmother when she clearly was not.
    2. Why did she say that she had never been married before Russell.
    I don’t think i am asking for much.

    • Sadly enough , if she did not cry, no one asked her anything but , you poor dear, you have been through so very much, how sad and tragic. How are you and Kennedy holding up, it must just be so awful for you.

      • Yep! Then immediately after she tweets the eating crow bs to all her haters… She was real distraught at the time of that reunion. Oh ya! Good thing they took it easy on her out of pity. Ugh
        I hope Kim’s imaginary dolphins DO go all Oklahoma on Traylor’s azz. Someone should!

        • I’m helping to train the dolphins right now! Kim is working on emptying the vodka bottles then we’ll smash the bottom off and shove them (shattered side up) on the dolphins’ noses. They’ll be crazy lethal, trust me. Problem is we had to get industrial sizes booze bottles so they’d fit over the dolphins’ noses and it’s just taking Kimmy a bit longer than expected to drain them all.
          Now we just need to get Camille to be friendly enough to invite Taylor over. It’ll be easier for the dolphins to attack in Malibu rather than Beverly Hills.

      • I agree with you Romo, Shaft is a liar and has been since the start! I am giving my opinion and it takes along time when i dont have a mouse working… all i am saying is this is new to me and it takes a while to work it, anyway Traylor has alot to explain for her lies, and one is to “Ford” to say the least!

        • Don’t know how true it is, but have seen where a court date has been set for Taylor with a jury trial in July for the MMR lawsuit.

        • Hey DebWeb! It sure it good to see your green little tv self. I hope you’re feeling a bit better than when we last saw you. Been missing you and sending warm thoughts your way. :)

          • Hi Mythunker! I have missed ya so very much :) My back is still messed up so I cant sit for very long, however I am typing this without a mouse so it is taking me a longer time to respond…My computer has gone out on me also, so I apologize for not being on here for many a days…Thanks for remembering me Mythunker…It means so very much to me :)

  20. The producer who set up this scene should be fired. I get the whole Last Supper living tableau thing they were going for but the seating is not conducive to conversation. Or should I say climatic vocal confrontation. A curved booth or even that U-shaped private dining/sex area would have been a lot better.

  21. Does anyone feel as though Traylor (who can’t stand Kim) tried to hijack her story line? the drinking, drugs, rehab (in the near future for Trailor), abusive partner (Kim just revealed that Ken is “mean”), trying to replace Kim with Kyle who is desperate to smother weak people and and actually encourages dependency on her so she can feel like the saviour – Traylor has taken full advantage of this. My observation so far is that Traylor wants what others have desperately enough she will go to great lengths to get it. Other observations:
    - She stated herself that she pursued Russel, he wasn’t interested at first but after she hounded him for 3 months he gave in
    - I think Russell was a very unaffectionate and cold towards Traylor (possibly b/c she trapped him with the pregnancy) and I think this is what he admits to in therapy. Traylor said she was worried he would leave her for a younger woman, she said she was sad b/c he was always away on business. She also said their marriage was mostly business so I hink as she needs so much attention all the time, she would fly into rages with him esp when drunk and wld end up hurt. Not sure if Russ was abusive though I think they probs fought a lot.
    ‘- Her facial expressions and mood will change VERY quickly from fake smile to dark angry eyes, you can actually see the split second shifts in personality esp when she’s lying.
    - At Kennedy’s birthday, did anyone notice Traylor shove Kennedy behind her when the American Idol singer asked for a hug? it was very bizarre
    - She practically sh** her pants in the limo after being turned away from white party – esp when she says to Russel äll marriages have troubles…” her body language was like ‘damn the gig is up’
    - She doesn’t want to go to rehab b/c she doesn’t want to leave Kennedy? Is Kennedy with her every night she’s off drinking or hungover the next day?

    I wish someone would make a big montage of her lies and crazy antics and mood changes from both seasons.

    p.s. addicted to this site now.

    • Very good points. What’s bizarre to me given the way the production company tried to spin this, there was no way they could church up her reaction in the limo. They almost had me believing that were gonna show the truth (that she is a liar) but then I read about the interviews that Andy and some of the women give and I know that that was not the intent. Its infuriating. What sorta brain dead imbeciles fall for this bullcrap? I was their lil idiot for far too long.

  22. Thanks for this post SH. This is just another example of Bravo trying to manipulate our thinking. Not showing Kim in the discussion led me to believe she was in that bathroom much if not all of that time. I am so tired of Bravo doing this. There are some peeps out there who can be pretty vicious with their words and Bravo knew the way this scene was edited, many would believe she was in that bathroom either drinking or doing drugs, which in turn gives Kim haters the opportunity to tweet more negative comments to her. I have seen this same scenario play out before all steming from Bravo’s editing. With more and more coming to light about scripted scenes, scenes being filmed after the fact, staging drama, I’m beginning to think Bravo believes its HW viewers are ignorant and can’t think for themselves. I watch these shows because I like most of the ladies. Now it seems their families are bring torn apart, they lose their friendships with one another, kids are being put in the middle of scenes that they should not be in, all over a reality show that is now partly scripted to cause these things to happen. I’m almost atari that point of not being able to watch any longer. I hope Bravo pulls itself together, stop trying to manipulate our thinking and recognize the majority of your viewers are intelligent, smart women who can think for ourselves!

  23. Why do these trashy housewives defend trash?She is a liar;we have all seen this.Also if he was abusive to his other xwives then why did i read somewhere that they were still friendly with each other and they didn’t like trash.Also i don’t believe they will get rid of trash for season 3 because didn’t she divorce russel to stay on the show?And all these clowns that believe her didn’t they watch the show?I found the last episode just sickening and getting old.Brandi maybe loud and obnoxios(sorry spelling)but she says like it is and so does Kim as crazy as she is.I can’t stand L isa one minute she didn’t trust trash now she almost wants to sleep with her.

      • My husband had one of his employee turn out to be a murderer. It was incredible hard for him to believe someone he knew was capable of doing such a horrific thing. I think it is the same thing with the other “girls.” It is hard for them to “see/believe” taylor is capable of doing what she did to Russell. Russell was no saint, but I will never believe he “beat” taylor. Her claims of abuse are false in my humble opinion

  24. I’ve been dying to ask this for so long, and I keep forgetting: What is that mark at the outside corner of Adrienne’s left eye? It looks like one of those teardrop tattoos from prison. What the . . .?

    • MsS: LOL!!! Yeah, that mark is from Adrienne’s stint in juvy… way back in the NM days! She had her “roommate” ink it using a dirty safety pin and a BIC.

      Oh God… this will be another “fact” that will have everyone goin’ ca-razy! And little tweeters screaming that they’ve “de-bunked” me!! Just like the “Melissa is black” and the now infamous “Kyle is adopted” items which started on SH… to which Kyle herself sent me a tweet claiming that she is NOT adopoted! LOL!!!

      Oh… I forgot… someone totally “de-bunked” me and was very proud of the fact that they found PROOF that Kyle is NOT married to John Turturro… TFC!! SH

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  26. What I find suspicious about Trayliar’s “black eye” is no swelling or deformation. I had a black eye from getting hit with a racket ball and my eye was funky for weeks. And the black mark was closer to the eye – not almost down to the cheek. Also saw an article that states Trayliar’s friends are begging her to go to rehab. What friends? Her family doesn’t even go to the media to defend her claims of abuse.

  27. Well hot diggidy dog Shana… she tried so hard to make things work with someone who allegedly abused her while trying to scam her a Beverly hills lifestyle, BUT once the bloggers outed her scams and lies she concluded that the marriage just wasn’t worth saving and she needed to be strong now, oh and she’ll continue to co-parent with Russell(RIP).

    Call me crazy but if my husband allegedly chokes me while I’m with child, that is NOT a man I would ever try co-parent with!

  28. I think Russel was murdered. As was his partner. And there is more at play here than just police ineptitude. I am usually the last person in the world to point fingers at law enforcement for dropping that ball, being corrupt or both. We all like to think that that stuff cant happen. That so many people would have to be complacent in the coverup as to make it unlikely but if there was ever a case that opened my eyes about such things it was the case of the West Memphis Three. The real killer in that case is still roaming the earth and an innocent man was almost killed. So it does happen.

      • Yeah that’s another one. The cases of Damien Echols , Jessie Misskelly and Jason Baldwin are vomit inducing. Three innocent victims(Stevie Branch, Christopher Byers, and Micheal Moore) became six and there is still no justice and never will be due to the plea deal made for the sole purpose of protecting Arkansas from a lawsuit

    • MP, darling, I tend to agree with you. I also think foul play caused his demise. No suicide note to me is quite startling. Add the fact that his biz partner, as you point out, is also now dead.

      • I think the cuts and bruises are more of a red flag than not leaving a note. Truth is who’s to say he didn’t?

        • My immediate thought after his business partner “committed suicide” was that neither were suicides. After the autopsy results for Russell were coming out, I was more sure than ever that my immediate reaction was on target.

  29. The character of Claudia Haro is beyond questionable;
    “Garrett Warren and Claudia Haro had a contentious marriage. They were married on March 25, 1998, had a daughter on December 17, 1998 and, on July 13, 1999, Garrett filed for divorce. Claudia made numerous false allegations against Garrett including that he was an alcoholic, drug addict, womanizer, homosexual, and a child molester.
    Following the acrimonious divorce and custody dispute, Claudia contacted her brother, Manuel, about the problems she was having with Garrett. Her brother contacted Miguel Quiroz (Quiroz), whom he had known since 1996 or 1997, as they were both drug dealers. Manuel approached Quiroz to find a hit man. Defendant said that he would make the hit for $10,000 or $15,000. Eventually, defendant and Claudia, through the intermediaries of Quiroz and Manuel, came to an agreement on the price of $10,000 for defendant to kill Garrett.”
    Claudia Haro was arrested in 2005, for hiring a hitman to kill her husband.
    Claudia Haro was reported to the police (by Russell Armstrong), for harassment, and requested a RO.
    Questionable motives, shady and sinister people.
    Oh, what a tangled web she weaves!!

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