Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kim Richards… THE MYSTERY BEHIND KIM’S COSMETICS BAG… VIDEO

 Kim Richards…. “Hey! No cameras allowed! Damn… can’t I even go to the bathroom without you stoopid camera guys?!”

On last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

Kim Richards was shown in her hotel bathroom, digging through her bag… there was some ominous music playing and various camera angles used to portray Kim Richards as perhaps “liking” a nameless substance… 

… so what was in Kim’s bag??

“Ken… can you get me my bag?  Pleeeeeeze???”

 “Where is your bag?  I can’t see it from here.  I can throw you a pillow…is that OK?”

 “Ken!  I can’t use a pillow… I need my bag!  Why won’t you get up and get it for me??”

 “Oh… OK!  But if I get up, the pleat in my pants will be ruined… and you know Kyle will scream at me for that!”

(But…here’s really why Ken don’t wanna get your bag, Kim…)



 “I’m the peacock here, Ken!  Besides, you always look a little crumpled!  Hasn’t anyone ever told you that?…  NO?…  Really???”

 “Oh, thanks, Ken!  Now I have to find… that… ” 

 “… that… thing… that… I …. have… to… find….”

 “Where is it???”

 “OH!  There it is!  Why didn’t I see that!?!”

 “Hey!  I was just trying to find my damn glasses… and look!  I found a $100 bill!

NOTE:  Yes… that is what was in Kim’s bag!  BUT… watch how Bravo filmed the 45 seconds… the music and the door shutting at the end.  Nice try at the dramatics, Bravo!

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61 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kim Richards… THE MYSTERY BEHIND KIM’S COSMETICS BAG… VIDEO

  1. Kinda reminds me of when Taylor’s make-up bag went missing in Aspen & she got all crazy hysterical. When the other ladies offered her their make-up, she declined. Taylor was screaming that someone was purposely doing this to her & stealing her stuff for some sinister reason. When Kyle came up with the bag, Taylor verbally attacked her. At least this is what I remember of the scene.

    I feel bad for Ken though. If she doesn’t want to be with him, then she needs to stop stringing him along. She’s only has bad things to say about him while he’s doing his best to be her houseboy & get her to her work ….er…. SUR event on time.

    If you don’t keep telling Kim to focus, she’ll go on a million different tangents looking for stuff she doesn’t need. Was she looking for her passport again? Or car keys to a limo she’s not driving? What was she looking for?

    It’s like Adrienne said when Andy brought up at the reunion last year that maybe she can set up Kim with a Maloof brother (to which Kim perked up happily), ‘Kim’s not ready.’

  2. yes i think brandy is right about kim and a problem,substance abuse of some kind she is soooooo screwed up all of the time and can’t get it together.and yes that guy ken does look like a bull mastife and acts like one too very pushy and controlling,that is soooooo annoying having someone up your ass like he is with kim she should have listened to kyle and not moved in with that thing i just hope he isn’t going to do anything to her.It seemed a lot strange not a little that she said he used to hang around her mailbox wouldn’t you think that was strange?I don’t think kim had enough common sense or street smarts from being on t.v. for soooooo long never having a life besides being on t.v. since she was small she needs to go see the doctor that tailor is seeing.I hope for the best for her and her

    • I think it’s relative whether Ken was “pushing and controlling.” Is it pushy and controlling when you make a 6 year old eat her broccoli or take a bath? Is it pushy and controlling when you make a dog poop outside? Is is pushy and controlling when you take the car keys away from a drunk?

      What I’m saying here is that if Kim’s stint in rehab is to be believed, Kim needed someone pushing and controlling in her life to make sure she didn’t screw up too bad. For years that was Kyle and for a few months it was Ken. Even Kyle saw that as she implied when she had her Sur sit-down with Kim. Maybe Ken is the type of person who likes to feel needed and is attracted to damaged women. Maybe he’s a famewhore. But if Bravo had any good footage of Ken being unduly pushy or controlling, they would have aired it.

      • agreed AOM, I said something along those lines one before but not as eloquently as you. I see Ken as more of an enabler than a controler and Ken getting mad at Kim is, IMO, more frustration from dealing with such a scattered out of control person.

      • ITA . The scenes where he is an a$$hole looks/sounds like voice overs. “Raising” a drunk is not easy and he certainly was not qualified since he seems to have his own issues. I don’t think he is a stand up guy, I am not just not 100% sure that he is the putz that they are making him out to be.

    • Perhaps I missed it but I haven’t seen Ken do anything that seemed pushy. At the White Party he followed her around but he didn’t know anyone else there and frankly wasn’t welcomed by anyone but Dana. Everyone else treated him like he didn’t exist. At the hotel Kim was ordering him around like a servant, trash talking him to the hairdresser (and the room wasn’t so large that Ken couldn’t hear it) and unable to function in general and certainly unable to get herself together to go to a party. He tried to calm her down, make her stop pulling trash out of the bin in the limo and appeared to be as weirded out when she started hallucinating in the limo. Ken probably has substance abuse issues too but Kim was out of control and rather than demean her, yell at her, attack her (like Kyle and her idiot husband), he was just trying to help her get herself together for a party neither wanted to go to. I’m betting Bravo was on her butt for her no shows so she had to show up at Sur.

      I’m not saying Ken is a saint but he isn’t coming off to me as a controlling, pushy or even particularly as a bad guy. After watching the last episode I’m sort of feeling sorry for the guy.

      • I agree, people make excuses for addiction but if this doesn’t get her off the show & seeking treatment, what will?! I couldn’t expose my family for fame, like what was Kyle thinking by having her cast?! Even Ken’s over his vounteer job at ‘Promises’. I mean, she treats him like her butler, not boyfriend…..”Thanks for hanging my clothes, Ken”….Seriously??? I think she should be on A&E’s Intervention!

        • @ ‘what was Kyle thinking by having her cast?! ‘
          Well, she was thinking: ”
          1. Twitch has addiction and other problems so I will look like a GOOD GUY for pretending to care and trying to help her out of them.
          2. Twitch can’t live without drama so I will have something to feed off of for my storylines without having to be an a-hole myself, so Bravo won’t drop me after 5 minutes for being TOTALLY BORING.
          3. Twitch is so efed-up that my life will look SOOOOO WONDERFUL compared to hers.
          4. Twitch is so polarizing, volatile, bipolar and hate enducing that I will look like a victim / martyr / angel for having to take care of her since Mommy died, and will therefore be able to use viewers’ sympathy to peddle my own wares via the show (watch out you SkinnyGirl skank!).
          Oh, but there are things that I will have to expose in Twitch’s life in order to get more screen time, more popularity votes, more Bravo support for my future book; things that will hurt her and / or her kids, put her in a really bad light and make people hate her guts – maybe I should just not tell Bravo about her?
          Ahhh, what is wrong me? Pass up another chance of my has-been a$$ becoming relevant and a STAR again? F her!!! Mommy said to always make sure you do what you need to do for yourself! After all, I’m AN ACTRESS, I can always pretend I had no idea what was really going on in her life. And if that fails, I’ll just blame it on someone else. It is only a reality tv show. It’s not like someone is going to kill themselves over it…..”

          Wonder if Vyle ever, EVER, thought about and regretted what she’s done to Twitch and wished she could turn back time????? Yeah, right! BWahahahahahahahahahahahhah…

          • I don’t think it was that complicated. I think Kyle and Bravo thought Kim would be a draw to get viewers to watch.

        • Lol if Kyle wanted to you know, like really help her sister, she should send her “ladysitter” over there for Kim and pay him overtime.

      • Puke on Ken. His controlling ways showed as “protectionist,” on the patio in Hawaii; that’s how they start. He was also enabling her serious drug habit. I also believe that Kim told Kyle the truth in the way he always raged and put her down. Yet, to repeat the most important part: He was enabling her drug habit from Day One. He CHOSE someone who was weak and needy, because he seeks control.

        • I do not agree at all. Twitchy Kim is a PRO with years of experience in hiding her addiction. I think Ken had no clue what he was getting into with that nasty, mean-spirited, rotten-souled and brain-dead self proclaimed ICON! I believe Twitch was able to hide her addiction from him for a long time, and once he found out, he was trying to get her out of it. That’s why he went from just mellow and chiling out to ‘nagging’, questioning, persisting in his enquiries and supportive in a tough love kind of way.
          I believe that for a year (before his official introduction to the group) Twitch was stuffing his head with stories of mental and emotional abuse from other women, of constant attacks and put downs by Vyle, and he, by virtue of loving her, gave her the benefit of the doubt, accepted her stories as gospel, and declared himself her protector from then on. That’s why some of his comments to the group and to Vyle in particular seemed to not make sense to us, because we did not have the background that Twitch so skilfully painted out for him with her lies, exagerations and delusions. I believe that she believes everything she says, and truly feels persecuted and victimized by everybody.
          And I’m convinced that as the filming went on, Ken started seeing the side of her to which he was not privy at all beforehand. His reactions started to change, and so did the nature of their relationship. He went from blindly buying into all her BS to questioning, maybe contradicting based on the facts he was aware of, and finally denying her the blind you’re-always-right faithful support she wanted. That’s when to her he suddenly started seeming ‘mean and rude’, ‘abusive’, ‘putting her down’ etc.
          If you tell someone ‘You’re drunk, you can’t go out like that; you can’t wear this dress – these are holes not sequins; is this your drug dealer on the phone – I’ll kick his a$$ if he calls you again’ – does any of it make you controlling, heartless, abusive? In the addict’s eye it sure does. In mine it shows that Ken cared for her and tried to help her against herself. And she appreciated this as much as she appreciated any help that Vyle ever tried to give her. And the more he cared and tried to help, the more she hated him for it, the more like shit she treated him. Just like Russell had his ‘Aha!’ moment in that limo out of the White party, I believe Ken’s ‘Aha!’ hit him when Kim dived into the bathroom again. He clearly became a man defeated at this point, and their days were numbered – she did not want LOVE in her life, she did not want a supportive partner, she wanted a slave who would blindly fulfill all her demands and ‘take care of her’. She was too stoopid to realise that he was actually trying to take care of her – but it obviously meant 2 different things to the 2 of them.
          Kim is an ungrateful, selfish narcissist with not a second’s consideration for anyone else in her life – kids, sisters, ex’es, NOBODY. SHE is all that matters, and whoever does not agree with that, to hell with them. She will be alone for the rest of her life, she will feel victimized and put upon by everybody – but then paraphrasing Pollyanna ‘good for her since it seems THAT IS what makes her HAPPY’.

          • But Ken being a scammer and druggie doesn’t fit into your scenario, so this one don’t stick. If you don’t know about his broker’s record, I would recommend taking a look at it. How do I know he’s also abusive? I just do. I called it from the first scene he appeared in. He’s totally fake and has repressed rage. He’s antisocial, narcissistic, “protective (controlling),” extremely insecure (his behavior at the party) and attracted to an active addict. Remember that look Kim had when she got “caught” on the dance floor with another guy? Remember the overdone PDA after that?

            • Thanks for bringing up his issues – I had no idea about that. But it still does not change my feeling about him.
              Like you, I too trust my feelings about people. I called SHAFT from the first episode this season for being a pathological liar, making up her whole DV /’abuse’ storyline just for the show, for her violence and aggression, and for – what seemed to me a no brainer – being actually an abuser herself, and most likely the dominant personality in their twisted relationship/partnership (in all its incarnations).
              But I never got the ‘abuser’ vibe from Ken. Yes, he is weird, he is dark (personalitywise), he seems to have no sense of humor, or at least much less than an average person does. He did come across as controlling, following Twitch everywhere, asking her to stay by his side etc. But we do not know what might have prompted such behavior, and to me it reads as protective, not obsessive.
              I’m sure you remember last season in LV when Russell came to SHAFT, told her to put the drink away, get up, and follow him to their room – the party was over. We all commented on how controlling, how rude he seemed. When Shana first came out with her ‘abuse’ allegations, a lot of people pointed to that example as a proof of her claims being true. Yet now a lot of people realize that he was doing it probably to protect her from exposing herself as a complete drunk nutso, from getting aggressive and violent, from attacking the women simply because something skipped in her sick brain. Had he not done that, we might have been introduced to Shana’s lovely psycho personality much sooner, we might have gotten our first taste of ‘SHAFT ruins another event’ way back then.
              That’s exactly how I feel about Ken’s behavior. And the fact that Kim was soooooo put out by this she could barely control her fury, and seemed to have made a decision to break things off right then and there, proves to me that he was trying to curb her addictive personality/behavior and she was having none of it.
              We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

          • well said ..not only do I agree,but I am entertained as are spot on with year of bull bombardment from Kim to ken. of course,he listened to her whining and formed tainted opinions about the people in Kim’s world. who wouldn’t be a little fed up seeing the reality finally and trying to put the pieces of the real puzzle together.

  3. I can’t believe that someone feels bad for ken if you had a guy like that you would know it’s not right he is werd and as i said before you don’t stand by someones mailbox and watch someone that’s freaky to me,sorry

  4. Brandi is the last person to talk about abuse problems. Let me bring up that DUI arrest she got back in 2010.

  5. I was under the impression that Kim met Ken when she went for walks in her neighborhood that she would run into him checking his mailbox. I don’t remember anything about him lurking around her mailbox. Am I the one that got it wrong?

    • You mean when she was waiting on the corner for her dealer? Or was HE her dealer? He’s “retired,” remember? Yet his daughter swore up and down that he was still working as a “stock broker” at the end of Oct 2011. Apparently, he was “working.” What kind of work was it?

        • I know. But he told everyone except for his daughter that he was “retired.” I just always thought it smelled of a cover for something else. Who would invest their money with HIM?

          • He doesn’t seem to have the looks or personality to deal with the public? I can see him being behind the scenes but investing other peoples money usually means meeting them at some point.

    • I was only basing it on what was told by Kim. I know, I know, just saying that was her story about how they met, without taking it out of the context in which she said it. Didn’t mean it was the truth, just what she wants us to believe. :)

  6. It would bother me if someone was hanging around me like Ken was constantly focused on Kim. Likewise, it would bother me to be with someone like Kim. Good luck to both of them finding some happiness and love in this world, whether it is together or apart.

  7. My favorite lines last night were Kim’s “I’m moving out” and “I’m packed.” Duh, Kim, we know you’re packed cause all you do is pack and unpack, and eat Cheetos in the laundry room. And no shocker she was moving because she hadn’t moved in 3 months and needed to get going.

    Boy I hope post-rehab Kim is an entertaining as pre-rehab Kim. What will be even funnier is when she becomes one of those born-again teetotalers who preaches the evils of alcohol (or drugs) and vilifies anyone who drinks.

    • Lol… Mine was, “I’m a Virgo…” just the way she said it reminded me of…. wait for it… “I’m like an Arabian horse, rrrrrr!” :-D

      • After they missed the boat (literally!), didn’t Kim say “I’m a Virgo, I’m always on time” while walking through the hotel lobby with Ken? I laughed out loud. The Arabian horse remark was priceless.

        Between her wrapping paper blouse, packing and unpacking, awkward timing and propensity to hug everyone when she’s hopped up on whatever, Kim has become my favorite Housewife.

  8. AOM I am getting caught up and just read the post you put about Kim actually being able to breast feed even with the huge silicone bags shoved in her breasts and if she has the ability to make bread in there too…..LMAO! That is some funny stuff…love your posts!

  9. Bravo is already setting up the “storyline” for next season. Kim, the Rehabbed One.

    But you have to consider that Kim has been through 2 husbands and a long term boyfriend who is the father of one her 4 kids. Also the guy who was murdered that they refer to quite often.

    She has had numerous stints in and out of rehab so this one may or may not stick. Since Bravo insisted on this latest admission, and she did not seek help on her own but at the urging of another party, chances are Kim won’t be clean for long.

    Bravo sees a narrative in the making following Kim all over the place as she “gets her act together” but it is apparent that many, many years have gone by where Kim does exactly as she pleases. It is Kyle who is the problem by pushing and insisting she remain in the spotlight which is there to make her look like the “good sister”.

    The last thing Kim needs with her years of substance abuse that has been ongoing much longer than admitted, is being filmed acting like a horse’s ass as her sister “clucks clucks” in the background and Bravo listens to the “ka ching” of higher ratings as Kim mumbles and stumbles through her lines that’s if she bothers to show up at all!

    Ken is not at fault. It is strictly Kim’s behavior that she has demonstrated for years. She will do what she wants, when she wants, where she wants and no Hilton or Umansky sister is going to change that.

    However it is cut and presented, Bravo comes out the winner as people will tune in to watch Kim barricade herself in the bathroom, refuse to film scenes, or “move” once again to new digs while she fights with Kyle, the victim.

    A normal family would go to any lengths to keep this stuff about a loved one away from the cameras but that is not to be with Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards. Perhaps the only explanation is that Bravo has tied Kyle’s casting on the show with Kim because I am unable to understand why any “loving siser” would push her sister to do this.

  10. I think you either have to duct tape your mouth and put the noh8 on your face or “service ” Andy if you want to work at this network. Which is why so many people are duct taping themselves all over the world just in case.

  11. I know I have some emotion behind this statement, but it isn’t looking good for Kim.
    I had some high hopes for her recovery, but… What is her motivation at this point? Her kids are moved out. I highly doubt she wants to cling on to sobriety for this crud fest of a show. No boyfriend.. Kyle… I thinks that’s all I have to do with Kyle. Say her name. Listing her inadequacies would just be so redundant.
    Where will Kim live? By herself? That doesn’t seem like a good idea..
    I’m just sad for her. I don’t think there is much in her life to keep her in check.

  12. Have to agree with mythunker about Kim’s being able to get/stay sober. I know a far amount about alcoholism (21 years sober, thank you very much) and it only happens if one hits her bottom. A “bottom” may differ from one person to another but with all the people who have been enabling Kim for all these years, that women isn’t even close to being motivated to get/stay sober. And why would/should she get sober? NO ONE has allowed her to fall. There’s always someone around to help her. Unfortunately, I’m guessing it’s her children a lot of the time. Even if Kyle swears up and down that she will no longer help Kim, whose kidding who? She will. Or Kathy (their older sister) will. Or she’ll find another Ken who will. And speaking of Ken, why is everyone so hard on HIM? He stuck by her for more than a year (off-camera) and if any of that year was anything like that painful “getting ready to go to Lisa’s SUR opening” (and I’m sure it was), he should be given 2 medals-one for hanging in there and one for the stupidity of hanging in there. She tells Kyle that he’s “controlling” but I’m not really buying that (being controlling in a negative sense). All I saw in the “preparation” for the party was a man who was just trying to help an obviously impaired woman focus enough to get her SHOES on (and stop playing with garbage in the limo). He was clearly frustrated but who wouldn’t have been? Me? I’d have been out that door without Kim long before he ever left with her. The 12th step in AA is helping another in getting/staying sober. I’ve done it a couple of times because someone did it for me but I wouldn’t even attempt to try to help Kim. I know that sounds harsh but I’d rather spend my time with someone who is really, REALLY motivated to get/stay sober and it starts with Step 1-admitting that alcohol (or drugs) is a problem for you. And Kim hasn’t even made it that far. I wish her the best but until she has a proven track record of sustained sobriety, it’s just cruel to let her show her illness on national TV. Bravo should think long and hard about their role in this mess by filming it.

    • I completely agree with your read on Ken, and on Twitchy Kim. I’ve written about it a little way up in the thread, in Replies, but wanted you to know you’re not alone in your thoughts.

    • Thank you for sharing. 21 years? That is truly impressive. I have other demons to fight but I live with someone that deals with this sort of thing everyday. In a way I do too. I think that is why I am so sad and down about Kim. I want to see the glass half full version.. But I just can’t bring myself around to it. I am glad to read your perspective on this. So, thank you again.

  13. LKW I hear you in that Kim has not been allowed to find the bottom. You can hear it in some of the strange thinking (wanting to have a newborn at nearly 50?) (being jealous of Paris’s “fame.”) Child actors grow up and live in such a different world than those of us who have “normal” childhoods. So much money is riding on them behaving in front of the cameras. Production people have to play with their minds and not in a healthy way. What you have done and are doing helping others in AA is so wonderful.

  14. LKW01915 -

    Your insight is totally spot on in every respect!

    Sadly, I guess Ken was a convenient “out” for her to fill a void. Although I do find Ken a bit “unpolished” and am no big fan, I suspect he got sucked into Kim’s vortex of emotional dysfunction, as have many before him, and wanted to help her in whatever way he knew how. Been there, done that, almost married it. Hard to pull yourself out when you love the individual. But when they habitually refuse to help themselves by totally embracing and accepting help….ya just gotta cut it loose or else go down with them.

    Harsh, perhaps…but it is essentially a quality of life issue.

    BTW – Love this site and the ability to agree to disagree! Refreshing, especially with all of the roiling political rhetoric of late with elected officials……

  15. Kim is a spoiled, entitled, selfish woman, and I think regardless of any substance abuse issues she will always be a spoiled, entitled, selfish woman. If she went to rehab for anyone other than herself, and I believe she did, it won’t last. Kathy Hilton can’t be her sober coach 24/7, plus Kathy is a piss poor one at that taking her sister to the Golden Globes after party where the majority of people are drunk or high. Kim will never be allowed to hit rock bottom by the Hilton/Umanski clan, look at Paris! Enough said.
    I don’t feel a bit sorry for toady corpse colored Ken, he saw what he thought was a golden ticket to fame and fortune, and could have backed out at any time. The story Kim and Ken met at a mailbox was fabricated the same way the story was of why they were late to Hawaii. Like Kim said, it is easier for them to lie. Probably hooked up at a bar, rehab or AA meeting. Nobody was forcing him to be Kim’s little whipping boy, he wanted Kim to keep her job with Bravo, and I bet Bravo told Kim you better come to this party or else!!! Kim’s children also told Kyle things regarding Ken, and her daughter refused to live with him. He “retired” alright, right after he was found to have horribly mismanaged someones’ assets, and the company he worked for had to pay a settlement. This is not rumor, there are public records and links. He had a DUI, and oh the icing on the cake yes, he is an odd shade of grey and was beat with an ugly stick. He is a looooosssser.
    Too bad Bravo cut all the footage of Kim at Taylor’s legallyforcedbyCamille’shighpricedlawyers confession at SUR and repeated apology. I bet it was fantastic. I wish they would put it on pay per view, along with all the footage of Kim that has been cut, and Kelly’s scary island footage. Many say they wouldn’t watch, but I bet lots and lots would!!

    • We already assumed that Ken and Kim met through a drug connection. Ken’s wrongdoings at Payne Webber and the next place (escapes me), including the settlement, were already posted on here, at the end of October. You can also read some of Ken’s comments–can’t remember what name(s) he used–and some from his daughter, Gabi. He and/or his little clan threatened to make it their “mission to find [me],” in real life, withing “a few days.” They are such pathetic losers and liars, and I’m still waiting for a knock on my door.

      • Thank you so much for the info mssuburbia, I remember reading some of the comments here months ago, and it was really interesting. I remember some of Ken’s comments trying to convince everyone how fabulous he was, I wish the grey little toad would come back on to comment now. I can’t even imagine what was going on in that house.

        I honestly wish Kim well, I don’t want to see anyone suffer, but she has had so many opportunities given to her most people will never have, and I have seen nothing but an entitled whiny brat. Maybe sobriety will give her a chance to see all her blessings.

        Like I said, let him come back now and try to throw threats your way, his computer would explode with people pounding him, including me! I have enjoyed reading your posts, along with the other fabo people who post here.

        • Aw, thanks. I’m enjoying yours too. Love your name! Yeah, let him come back now. OMG–one of my jokes about Ken, back then, was that his sniffing was no biggie; probably a bird just flew up his nose. Pretty sure now that it must have been a crow. :)

          • Perhaps ms lips is sitting in her mini-mansion enjoying a dinner of crow, humble pie, and fresh- baked cookies. (oh and in mourning).

            Turning her tears on and off like a faucet that is dry.

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