Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… The “Reward” Chart…VIDEO

On tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

Dr. Sockless goes to Shana’s house…  

Hmm… why would Sockless go in to Shana’s house? Why not just have Shana hop in the limo?

Well, anyway… they get to talkin’ about what work the assistant Julie Shana has put into a huge chart for her 5-year-old… a “reward” chart.  Wonder how that works???  



NOTE:  The following is a suggested chore/reward chart for a five-year-old…

Advice/charts from “SuperNanny”… here.

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225 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… The “Reward” Chart…VIDEO

    • Can someone say NO WIRE HANGERS (MOMMY DEAREST)!!!!!!! This chart tells alot more about Traylor than it does about the child. It shows how much she needs to control things, that wasn’t made by Russell that was made or instructed to be made by Traylor. And if she is that anal about just her daughter doing even stuff that come natural like eating during dinner or whatever meal, she’s in alot more control of her reality than what she is letting on.

      It isn’t to far fetched that if she could plan like this in detail, she could plan a situation to go her way when needed.

      • Totally thought “NO WIRE HANGERS” when I saw that. I was told by teachers and professionals- pick the top 3-5 things to work on. Otherwise it’s too much for a 5 year old. And set it up for them to win early and often- get your star 5x and get a prize. Looks like the prize is unnattainable. That poor child must be overwhelmed!

        • I have a chore chart for my 6 year old. It includes more than 5 items..

          it sounds like your grasping for straws. Her daughter is 5 years old. Some of the stuff on that chart comes natural if she has been working on it with her daughter for a while, which she should. No whining, not talking while mom is on phone, etc are things she has been most likely learning for a while, so to reward her for them is a good self esteem builder right now.

          • That’s crap. Sorry, but 5 years olds need to learn to play with others and learn about their world, not cow-tow to an overbearing parent. I have daughters who may not always be “perfect” at home, but they know how to act in public and have good boundaries.

            These charts are great if they do not cause anxiety and loss of confidence. Shana needs to make a chart for herself. #1 should be go to rehab.

      • It does indeed show her need to control , not to relate to her child. It is more like an outline to create a “Stepford” child.

        • that was what came to mind to me……uh….controlling much???….sorry that chart is not normal! My son’s chart at five years old was f-u-n! we made pictures of brushing his teeth, making his bed etc and glued them to the chart, reminders of what he needed to do to get ready for preschool….no, sit with your feet on the floor crap! that’s bs!

      • I am no Taylor fan but seriously, this is hardly a mommy dearest moment. Many parents have a reward chart, you don’t get punished if you don’t do the items, you get rewarded when you do do them. The more things listed the more chances to be rewarded and reinforce positive behavior. This is the precurser to real chores and earning allowance. There is a LOT to snipe at Taylor about this episode–bringing Dr. Psycho along as a date, setting the ladies aside at a party to try and prove she has been abused, not explaining why last week at Pam Danas we couldn’t see the injury, on and on. This angle is a none issue.

        • I think it becomes an issue when you take into the account the extremely flawed and violent mother, a woman does not take any responsibility for any of her bad behavior.

          If you are to teach responsibility, you have to be a role model. As a mom, I had to grow up and be a role model. That works better than the chart. Trust me!

            • I respectfully disagree with all those who even feel the NEED to have a freakin chart ! We don’t need no stinkin charts to raise our children ! My great grandparents , my grandparents , my parents and myself and I am a mother and a grandmother, raised healthy, well adjusted, respectful and responsible children with love and communication as to what was expected and what was not acceptable behaviour. This new fangled , parenting 101 crap , which I can see being shown in power point presentations ( “which chart is right for your child ? “) crap annoys me. It is amazing civilization lasted so long without these “tools” to child rearing !

              • AMEN!!!

                It’s like folks took common sense and old-fashioned boundaries and rolled them up into a joint. Parenting is hard work, but seems to be made so much harder than it has to be with all of these gadgets.

                Anyone looked into ADD and correlated it with parenting techniques? I swear there is a correlation, as the expectations people put on their children get more and more unreasonable and the kids get more and more frustrated.

                I want my kids to do what they do to feel good about themselves and the reward is admiration from their mommy and daddy. There won’t always be charts to motivate and keep track.

                Let me add, I am a strong believer in you raise your kid and I’ll raise mine…so don’t let my opinion step on your toes. I am specifically taking my beliefs and applying it to a scary woman who has no business in my opinion lording over anyone. She needs humble pie and a new life.

          • It seems like you are reading a lot in to Taylors use of a pretty frequently used parenting tool. Look I deplore a lot about Taylor, but using this list is frankly a non issue compared to many other troubling aspects of her personality.

  1. Heaven forbid Taylor takes Kennedy to the park, spends time with her, TALKS to her or anything that tedious to help her cope with the changes of Daddy being out of the house. Instead this idea to make her life rigid is her brilliant plan?

  2. Im sorry but this list really bothers me. Im a teacher and this is so freaking nitpickey that it is putting way to much pressure on this little girl. Taylor said something about trying to make kennedys life normal or whatever with all the stuff going on but this is just putting way to high of expectations on this little girl. I get the put your dishes away…but there are waaay to many. Pick the 5 most important and do those. It is way to much pressure to be perfect. IMO

    • Seriously…. I have a 4 year old, and we have a list of 6 important things I want done (teeth, bed on time, books read, follow directions, put away toys before bed, and polite while others are on the phone). That list is way too nit picky and too much pressure for a little kid without feeling like they are failing (if mommy is even involved it the sticker doling, I can just imagine how awful it would be for Kennedy Caroline…)

      • Ive implemented the rewards board and computer animated version in many homes with incredible success… But, all the kids were severely disabled, autistic, and/or emotionally disturbed. I dont see the “key” or totals though here. Its important there are actual rewards daily, weekly, etc. and by getting the stars.
        Example: 5 stars today and you can pick breakfast in the morning, 19 stars this week and ill take you for mother/daughter (insert activity). 3 stars at least every day for 10 days and you get mother/daughter pedis. Etc, so on, so forth.
        As many boards as ive implemented… I have never seen no talking to mom on the phone. Dont kids need to know their moms ALWAYS have time for their needs?

        • No. That’s a loaded question. kids need to know that the moms are available, but if you’ve been around kids for a long period of time, then you need to teach them good manners. Kids should not be interrupting conversations. phone or otherwise. I teach them to say ‘excuse me’, I acknowledge they have been heard and then they will wait for confirmation to continue.. I am training kids into adults, and so kids can wait like everyone else,just with shorter wait times so they don’t forget what they needed to say. It teaches them patience and the world doesn’t revolve around them.

          • I read that line as “no talking with your mommy on the phone” instead of “no talking while mommy’s talking on the phone.” Either way, i would think “no interrupting” would be a better rule.

            • I agree, no interrupting would be better (and already on the massive list).

              Ugh, the more I look at the length of this list, the angrier I get. It’s one thing to have these as rotating list, or to do daily reminders at the time… But this seems like a controlling mommy dearest abusive system to ‘teach’ that Kennedy Caroline will have to achieve perfection to get her mommy’s approval. I totally get Kennedy Caroline’s sour expressions now. Rebel Kennedy rebel!

              • What was far more interesting was Dr Sophia went along with her list, he did not provide feedback to Taylor on how absurb that list was. Grant it, he probably did not want to be negative on camera but he could have said something like “let’s sit down and determine if all these rules are age appropriate”. For Taylor to put those particular rules on that poster thing, just goes to show she has not been involved in raising her daughter. Very sad indeed.

              • #7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 19, & 20 all are designed to shut her up or make her say the appropriate words. A bit excessive IMO

          • I agree with you Lo. However, it is my observation that people spend ridiculous amounts of time on their phones these days–way more than is necessary. I imagine with all her drama, Taylor is on the phone a lot. There is something to be said for making a child–especially at the age of 5–feel like they are not being ignored when the parent is actually home. In my experience, the child will be less likely to act up in order to get attention.

    • particularly when that 5 yr. old lost her beloved father suddenly less than 6 mths. ago and her mother is basket case.

  3. Mommy is going to be out getting her drunk on and living it up in the BH. Mommy has a lifestyle that she can’t lose so she has to get busy sinking her talons into anyone she can get to listen. So while she’s away, here’s this chart for you to look at for comfort. Never mind that at 5 she’s just barely going to have basic formation of reading skills. Way to go Taylor!! What great parenting. IBS

  4. My mom had a rule about finishing your food and asking to be day when i was around 5 or 6 I was eating my lunch I asked my mom if i could go to the bathroom she said no I had to finish eating i asked again she said no again so I sat in the chair and pissed my pans and continued eating in a puddle of pee…Needless to say My mom was not amused,
    I am all about rules but she is 5 YRS OLD i sense some peeing in the chair behavior from kennedy someday

    • Somehow I think the nanny who is actually with Kennedy all day and night will be the one letting her get up to go pee…hopefully :) Your story made me LOL

    • @Lisa – we could have been growing up in the same family! I was 5-6 yrs old and told I couldn’t leave the dinner table until I ate everything on my plate. Well, I sat there and I ate and ate. Then I had a Linda Blair moment of projectile vomiting. Not pretty at all. I don’t recall having to remain at the table over stuffing myself again but I was expected to sit quietly at the table until everyone else was done.

      Taylor isn’t parenting by using this list, she is programming that poor child.

  5. 21. When mommy comes home so drunk she’s got to be carried home, hide under the bed so she doesn’t trip over you.

  6. she took kennedy’s puppy away that was from russell and kennedy loved the puppy and hated the $60,000 party. i hate her, sorry if that sounds mean :(

      • And neither of them, least of all the “professional” thought it was inappropriate?? Assuming of course that she wasn’t LYING!

      • Interesting… so it was in the script? Traylor can cry Bravo, but the other girls just have to go with it as if it were true or normal? I don’t recall anyone else saying so publically, carefree that it was Bravo, but Traylor. Have y’all? Why does she get the Bravo pass?

        • Good point. Usually they are programmed to say “its not scripted” Dr Sophony should have declined. He was Russel’s doctor too.

          • What was up with her corralling everyone together to tell her big story if all she was gonna drop was, “We got in a fight, things got physical and I got hurt.” Holy scripted, mother my I? Yes she did! If you’re gonna lay it down then spill it, bish… all the deets. Wtf happened, Traylor?! What did he do to you that “hurt” you? I ain’t buying your book; so you’re gonna have to do better than that lame story if you’re gonna be a biatch and ruin a “friend’s” night over some bs. Basically

            • Exactly! While Kim is all cracked out running loose & making a fool of herself, everyone is gathered around poor pityful Shana Lynette Hughs Sipes Taylor Ford Armstrong Kennedy!!! & Why? Just to find out that “we got into a fight, things got physical, & I got hurt”. Who got physical? You Taylor? Did you go OKLAHOMA on Russell? You got hurt? oh how? Emotionally b/c there is no money? B/c Russell got you kicked out of the White Party and the Hawaii trip and almost off the HW season??

            • Hi Romo, isnt it soo funny her bff sPam wasnt in the huddle? In fact, we were spared from seeing her at all. Best episode ever.

          • This quack doc is milking this like a cow for all it’s worth…He must feel like he hit a scratch off….How lucky does he feel to land these bozos as clients, gets hooked up with a network like Bravo, get air time for his practice and get invited to private Beverly Hills events and parties….? This guy’s a genius…He’s playing this part as the hands on, always be there for ‘ya, concerned therapist to the hilt…Who does that…? Wonder if he has the nerve to turn in a bill or is this compensation enough…

            • When I hear people say bozo, I think next thing you know she will be dragging little deceased caylee anthony’s mother’s attorney everywhere she goes. Every time i hear bozo,i think of him.

      • I got that feeling as well, but the SUR filming was done before Russell’s death, so that is what confuses me.

      • Ok i see no bruising no swelling i dont even see the discoloration that i saw at SUR

        BUT OMG A TEAR or was it a bead of sweat

          • Camille and Adrienne are definitely not buying Taylor’s lies. They nodded politely in all the right places just like good little Bravo-bots, but they’re not convinced.

            • The old saying, if looks could kill. Adrienne and Camille are both onto Taylor’s lies but if they want to stay on the show they’ll go along with the lies. I just don’t understand why either of them are on this show. They don’t need the money and Adrienne’s hotel and sports team aren’t getting any more free advertising. I like them both but have a sinking feeling underneath it all they are just as much fame whores of Taylor and Kyle.

              • camille’s look was priceless…..brought back memories of malibu when dd said “that was nice” after the hug from satan….camille shot her a look that clearly said “are you effin kiddin me?”

  7. I’m confused. I didn’t know where to put this.
    Wrap party in July and launch party September 22. Which was which? Was there footage of the launch party in this episode? Or was it all the wrap party?
    I saw photos of Brandi and someone else wearing the same outfits as they were in this episode. Those photos were in July..
    Is this meant to be confusing?

    • Someone was on here last night and said that they were there in July and the SUR bar was nowhere near this complete. She said it was her job to notice things like that (if I recall correctly).

      However, it has to be before Pandora’s wedding on Aug 26th or 27th because Pandora’s still only wearing her engagement ring and they’re talking about the upcoming wedding.

      • Another thing thats weird is they are acting like they havnt see Kim in ages when they just saw her a week or so ago in Hawaii. Is so confusing

        • I caught that, too. I think I mentioned this on another SH thread but I suspect the Sur opening episode was reshot after Russell’s death so the women can be seen as united. That is pure speculation on my part, I have nothing other than the disconnects in some of the conversations that makes me think that.

          • Kyle left Sur on July 15th – early AM.
            Note dress.

            If link doesn’t work, google the same. Funny thing is – Shana had her bruises “a couple of weeks ago” (the fractured orbital, or whatever) but was photographed July 3-5th (I think) in the Hamptons. (SH has this on the Taylor page, I think.) Quick healing, Shana!

            • Anybody else think it is strange that with all the “stress” Kyle had that evening,….broken sister on substances being abused by bf, Taylor & her “drama”, etc….that you would party till early am and leave laughing and lighthearted? Some things would have ruined my party mood much earlier.

              • Just like how she was able to wipe her tears away and collect herself enough to do her important mariachi mambo with MauriciJohnMo at the white party? Stoopid, I know…

            • Maybe if Lisa gets subpoenad to testify at Russell’s wrongful death hearing, (and I really hope there is one) she will have to produce exact dates (under oath of course) of when the SUR openings were? !

  8. Why is Taylor carrying a clutch to open her front door?
    Is that a California thing? I usually don’t bring my Chanel clutch and wear heels to open the door.

      • Maybe she really did expect it to be the driver at the door and she really was leaving. If her tweet is accurate that Bravo engineered this maybe they only told NoSocks in the limo.

  9. Now I believe the comment she made about having a child was a mistake for her. She probably goes by the ‘children should be seen and not heard’ after viewing this stupid rules.

  10. that chart makes me sad… i can just hear joan crawford screaming “no wire hangers!” shana and the ostiopath are both cracked! he isa doctor, not a shrink, he is so pulling the wool over others eyes! and shana. wow, not much to say there. and kim, holy crap, she is so drugged up. i think her ken is a douche, but he seems to care for her and she seems to expect him to take care of her every whim. bet thats what kim used her kids for be4fore him, and because he is starting to show the same frustration with her that others have shown she wnats to leave. he may have actually been an odd sort of grounding force for her.

    • To be fair….I think Kim says Ken is ‘controlling’ because ….She’s out of control!! She was really insulting and rude to him in the disaster of a hotel room. What was the deal with THAT? They were there for one night and it looked like thay had trashed the place for an entire month. Yes, he’s socially awkward, but it’s gotta be tough to be around people who you KNOW already dislike you without having taken the time to KNOW you……he didn’t look or act high to me, but SHE was flying!!

      • He was trying but she was a hot mess. No way they were there for the night. Kyle and Adrienne were both told by Kim that she was moving out and already had her stuff in boxes. That is where she had lunch with her daughters before the white party too wasn’t it? Bravo may as well have scrapped the season then to fabricate the time lines, story lines of the events of this season. It is really only making them look terrible, and both with people that have abuse issues, be it DV, drugs and or alcohol.

  11. I can’t believe no one has commented on the “Take bath by myself” ??? It seems to me that a five year old should be somewhat attended to in the bathing department? Unless that means to “Leave Mommy alone while she’s taking a bath?

    • YES, that one too! What if she gets the water too hot and scalds herself? She is too young for that one too. What is wrong with her mother????? The courts need to give Kennedy a guardian to keep her safe from her mother.

      • That’s funny, because Dr. Sophy is head of child protective services in Los Angeles. Nice going Dr. Sophy!!

        Funny how he never reported the physical abuse Shana was “suffering” at the hands of Russell. (I will probably post this more than once; please pardon.) He was more concerned that Kennedy brush her teeth than be “protected” from her father, who fractured her mother’s orbital (or whatever.)

        • I meant to say a court ordered one, not affiliated with Bravo or Shana. One by either of the two is not going to be in little Kennedy’s best interest.

        • It is far more important to have one’s five year old feet planted firmly on the floor (do they even reach the floor?) while eating, than to report some pesky abuse that was allegedly so severe that she has a titanium plate holding her eye in place. (her words) At the very least, the firing of Dr. Only in California be in charge of the welfare of children. Or the lack thereof.
          As a teacher, seeing this list just breaks my heart.

      • I think her assistant is the primary caregiver of Kennedy at this point. Ya Traylor made a chart with some fun stickers, but let’s be real. The above stated is what helps me sleep at night anyway. :-/ Hey Bravo! Ya know Kennedy is in danger, right? How about making Traylor go to rehab!!!

    • I saw it and saw red. I would never leave a 5 yr. old alone to take a bath .. maybe alone with me close by but not alone alone. What the hell? Like I’ve already said … please someone take that child out of that home!!! And why is Taylor even speaking about her child on television??? Did Kennedy give her permission? The use of Kennedy’s full name on that chart is very disturbing to me. Something is very very wrong with this whole picture!

      • Who knows exactly what it means.
        My kid has issues bathing alone. The kiddo wants someone actually IN the bath tub with.

    • No she meant “give yourself a bath” as in Kennedy the 5 year old.
      My kid’s dentist recommended that until 6 kids need help brushing their teeth but they can practice after you have done it….umm ok makes sense. Whats scary is that a bath is much more difficult for a lil one to master than brushing teeth…forget all the dangers scalding water, hygeiene…

      shes awful

    • No – I was scrolling to say that too. 5 is way too young to bathe without supervision. Can you imagine a little 5 year old trying to get te temperature right? Or shampoo her hair? Ridiculous!

      • honestly….even when my daughter was much older I had to check her hair. She could wash it but she would always miss rinsing a huge spot in the back….she was like 10….

    • this was the one item on the list that makes no sense. A parent needs to fill the tub and while you no longer need to sit right next to them you need to be close by so no one bonks a head or turns on water or goes under the water…….

      • My son was always putting the dog in the bath with him!!!!!!!!!! It could mean something as simple as without toys in the tub.

  12. Eat during mealtime? That is an odd one, what no snacks allowed for a 5 year old?
    Put on sunscreen? Isn’t that something an adult should do?
    In bed by 7:30, what no story read to her by mommy or being tucked into bed.
    No talking back, does a 5 year old know what “talking back” even means?
    No whining , hello, she’s 5
    No talking while mommy is on phone, again, she is 5
    No interrupting ? Again she is 5.

    For about 20 years I couldn’t go to the bathroom without hearing one of my children hollering mommy, Poor little girl, my heart hurts for her, it is more than sad that she thinks this is something to help her daughter with all of the changes is her life at the time.

    For doc so-phony to tell Shana it was a good idea is ridiculous. For him to be at her house, riding in a limo and going to a lounge is despicable , I can’t believe even Bravo went that low and tried to feed it to us.

    Her book will probably be as vague as she has been all season and discredited by the time line that SH and her team of “investigative posters” have been able to accomplish. If just people that are disgusted with her lies can uncover so much information, imagine what a private investigator could find out about Shana and be able to put together to be used in a court of law.

    I hope Shana does not believe anything we have seen tonight is worthy of her delish crow recipes. If she has any recipes at all I am sure that is because she should have eaten them herself, not that she would because Shana is not one to ever think she has done anything wrong and her excuses are because other people made her do it. Tonight’s black eye, I call major BS.

    • tonights black eye was nothing but dark circles under your eyes when u dont sleep enough and smeared mascara and a bad make up job…

      i tweeted bravo and bravoandy asking them how stupid did they think their viewers are

        • yea i bet i dont get a response either. I was hoping this was the last we see of Taylor
          but i guess they mention Russell death and they all boohoo over Taylor next week..

          • Of course they do because after tonight Bravo has crossed so many lines it is unbelievable. I am speechless over the entire Dr/Patient barrier that has been violated, he WAS Russell’s dr as well.

              • Bubbies – Dr. Sophy thought it was VERY important that Shana’s friends be on HER side and not freeze her out… (the mind reels, my dear.)

              • Kind of like forget that you have been slapped by a threat of a lawsuit Camille, or that she attacked you and your friend Camille, or attacked you Lisa, Shana is the most important one of all of you. And that threat about suing the magazine to get Lisa named as their source for the separation incident , did I miss any?

            • they didnt cross the lines they took a running leap and long jumped over them…
              i tell you if u do a search of taylor on twitter you can see far more people are turning against her even some of the gossip sites are calling foul.

            • If this segment was taped while Russell was still alive that makes it even worse, if it was immediately after he passed away and Bravo is trying to pass it off as Russell is still alive than they are just plain sick, as well as the dr still being unethical.

              Did anyone else notice no wedding ring on Shana’s finger tonite? I really hadn’t paid attention in past episodes, but it really stuck out to me tonight. I am going to have to watch reruns and pay attention to whether she wore it this season. I know she said she wore russell’s after he died to feel close to him and I am pretty sure the huge hideous thing on her right hand WAS NOT Russell’s wedding band.

      • tonight on WWHL Andy asked Mauricio which housewife he liked the least ( I think that was the question, i know it had to do with his least favorite in some way), it was during his plead the 5th segment and Mauricio said Brandi. He did have a difficult time picking one though and he had already used the 5th for the second answer.

        • God, he is such a wimp. He needs to seriously man up. He didn’t support Kyle at the White Party just stood around doing nothing until Paul had handled the situation and then he jumped in with some weak comment. He morphed into Kyle when he was attacking Kim in Hawaii. I’ve never thought he was good looking and now I think he is (and I hate this expression so you have to know how much I dislike him) a girlie man.

        • I thought that answer was a “protesteth too much” answer, just to appease his wife who’s insanely jealous of Brandi. JohnMo wants Brandi; it’s pretty clear.

          • Oh yeah, I think he would definitely go for Brandi. I’ve always sort of felt he probably fools around on Kyle but it could be just b/c I think they are both smarmy.

      • Kyle and Mauricio were on WWHL on tonight. They asked Mauricio who his least favorite HW was and he said “Brandi” (I think Kyle encouraged him to say it). Someone asked Brandi what she thought of it and she responded with the following tweets:
        “I don’t hang out at the 4 season’s enuf, plus as he is cute, I’d never look at a taken man sideways.”
        honestly… I think she is his mouth piece, unless he is alone at the 4 season’s bar. Haahhahahha”

        • Brandi would be the replacement for Taylor, IMO. Kyle doesn’t want Taylor gone, so she’ll do whatever it takes to run over anyone else who is liked better than Brandi. Kyle is losing control of the BHHW franchise.

          • And Kyle was so cute (albeit a little obnoxious) Season One. I think she’s getting bad PR advice; her whole point this season seems to be about proving her limo fight with Kim justified. Her handlers are not as clever as Camille’s.

            I think, since Bravo ramped up the drama (perhaps starting with Tamra/rhoc) viewers are more interested in honesty, etc. The second these gals start trying to control how they’re perceived, they get in trouble with viewers. Add not apologizing and taking responsibility for their actions, and it’s kind of a disaster.

            Some don’t like Brandi (?!) but… you have to see how adorably matter of fact and funny she is. She and Lisa would completely make a good team – so funny.

  13. Dr Sophy is the couple’s counselor for Russell-Taylor. Seems like his behavior tonight was extremely unethical. Might even cause his patient to be suicidal?

    I hope Russell’s Family and attorney are paying very close attnetion to this.

    • So many people hope they’re paying attention – those poor boys and their moms. Actually, I think (hope?) if research is properly done and presented, Bravo will wind up being the 64 thousand dollar question (that show that was proved fraudulent in the 1960′s) of reality tv. If so, (and the whole Shana drama is created by them – and faked, ie: her beatings) they are in a lot of trouble.

      • JMO, but every single word of that book will be scrutinized by the Family and legal team. Taylor will be on her own when the book is released. Some interviewers will not let her slide with the nonsensical, empty questions/answers. Taylor has a very short temper, too. Not enough drugs to keep it in check without her looking/sounding completely drugged. I’m looking forward to it.

    • If I were Russell and my wife went out to an event with OUR Therapist(ahem!) I would definitely think that the sessions were going to go against me. Yes, that would make an already manipulated man DESPERATE……

  14. The lying sleazebag said Russell was the control freak? Um lookin’ in the mirror much?? Someone pleaasseee take the child away from her! That child needs love and nurturing, not some freaking chart that replaces the teachings of a REAL HUMAN parent!!!! Omg I’m so mad right now …. just want to grab that child and run her over to her father’s family!

    • Like at the white party when shafts lies began unraveling- she grabbed russells arm and snapped, “lets go.” That is so totally normal for a battered wife under her husband’s thumb, right?

      • I agree. The way she jumped in the driver’s seat was very telling. I was in an abusive and controlling relationship and if we had been confronted like that I would have wet my pants then waited for him to explode.

        There was no ‘you sent an email!?!?’ look of horror – nothing.

  15. So Bravo hires this sockless wonder and his “advice” is for traylor to go to a party with him at her side so he can “help” her be strong and stick up for herself? But first, let me complement you on a schedule that is so overly focused on control issues? Someone needs to go back to school.

    • steview – you forgot: sockless wanted to “help” shana convince the girls to be her friend. So important after Shana got “beaten” by Russell and fractured her orbital. If I were sockless, as head of child protective services in L.A. – I’d DEFINITELY be more concerned with Shana’s Bravo TV “support network” – I mean: costars.

  16. I didn’t see a black eye either. Her eye was really visible in the limo and still did not see bruising. That list of Kennedy’s is all kindsa wrong! I agree with TangyOrange’s comment that Dr. Sophy’s behavior was unethical since he was supposed to be Russell’s therapist also. What’s he doing hanging out with Taylor? I really hope Russell’s family is watching as well.

    She is being exposed more and more. Guess she will be the one “eating crow”. Maybe she can share it with her new best friend Dr. Sophy.

    • I did see a tiny black shadow at the top of her cheekbone back at the house. Only visible in some light. In the car, I saw extra highlighter underneath her right eye. But(!) at Sur, the black was clearly, clearly visible – and as Shana wiped away one or two tears, she NEVER wiped her right eye. Only her left. The “bruise” looked more like brown/black powder at that point. Sorry to go on. Just observed/re-watched in HD w/ zoom.

        • Not 100 percent yet, but the question has been asked. I saw him eating in a restaurant on the show using chopsticks with his right hand,

          • HMMM…interesting….but if I was going to punch someone hard enough to cause damage, I’d be using my DOMINANT hand…..seems more plausible that Kennedy DID kick Mommy in the eye, either during an assault(!!??) to protect herself from Mommy OR horseplay……maybe Kennedy learned some defensive moves over the years?? I’m just babbling and broadly speculating here, forgive me.

            Right-Handed people don’t punch with their left hand….just saying……

        • We should ask Russell’s friend Randy Edwards. He would probably know if Russell was left handed or not. He would have had to be left handed to land a punch in her right eye.

          • Or, would there be footage of Russell holding a fork in the scene where he and Taylor were having dinner with Kyle and Mauricio and talking about suing Lisa? There has to be some footage out there that would show what hand he used. Right or left.

            • Just thought of something…..other than video of his ‘fork’ hand….maybe the location of his watch will help??? I’m goin’ huntin’…..SH !! Imma trollin’ your videos……

              • In a restaurant during I think season 1 when he brings up “her little company” he is eating using chopsticks with his right hand, it was a clip they showed a few times after his death.

              • If you watch the video on this site of Russell on Tayliars birthday, you can see his watch is on his left hand, same as his ring (married ring). He is carrying packages with his right hand.

              • I don’t think it was reversed, I think that was exactly how it showed up in season 1 during the episode, because I thought of that as well. I believe on Randy’s site he said he was 99.99 correct in thinking Russell was right handed but would ask the family to make sure. One of the posters from here I believe asked him about it on his blog.

              • That was me that asked…..and he answered with Right-Handed a short time ago…..highly unlikely she’d have a RIGHT black eye……

              • I watch Ringer and Sarah Michelle Geller’s character gave herself a beauty shiner by pulling open the door to the medicine chest REALLY FAST!! Voila!! Black eye….that’s hollywood! I bet Taylor watches Ringer, it’s about a woman “re-inventing” herself by pretending to be her twin…….

  17. Obviously Taylor cannot stand having this child around. She’s stuck with Kennedy Caroline and will never let her forget it either.

  18. #7. No Whining
    #10. No Talking Back
    #ll. No Yelling
    #20. No Interrupting
    I think Taylor should take her own advice and work on these four points herself! All we’ve seen her do all season (and last season) was whine, talk back, yell, and interrupt. Kids learn from their parents’ example. Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.

  19. That list is wayy too long for a 5 year old. That’s a lot of pressure for a little girl to take on. Taylor wants to set all these boundaries for Kennedy, but look at how she herself is acting and behaving? TRAYLOR IS TRASH! DISGUSTING PIG!

  20. Is it even legal for a doctor to have a personal relationship with a client outside their professional treatment time? This doctor was both Taylor’s and Rusell’s therapist so why is now siding with Taylor, and why did he not follow the law by reporting the abuse – no way would this happen in real life, thus BRAVO should put a disclaimer on the screen stating it is a staged scene.

    I cant wait for this series to be over it seems to be dragging on for ever. I think Kyle has the biggest issues on this show crying all of the time and trying to belittle her sister who is obviously really really sick. Kyle needs therapy to accept that as a child she was probably ignored and lived in the shadow of her big sisters stardom.

    • Notice you don’t see lil Kathy having lunch with Kyle. Ever… Wonder if they’re at odds due to her bitchazzness? I have 2 sisters. We don’t get down like that! Kyle is soooo Bravo!

    • She’s 5…do her feet even touch the floor when she’s sitting in a chair? I’m 25, a little over 5 feet, and my feet in some chairs graze the floor. She is a child!

  21. During the time of the launch party…. Isn’t that the same time Taylor was draining all the accounts and maxxing out the credit cards?

    • RadarOnline posted a story on Sept. 7 that Russell’s mom was interviewed by Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN and said that Taylor put $90,000 on his American Express card in June AFTER THEY SEPERATED. Here is a quote from Russell’s mom to Jane from the interview:
      “Taylor put $90,000 on there”, she said “She put $90,000 on his credit card in June after she seperated.”

  22. Greetings, I’ve been reading this blog for a few months, and appreciating the conversation/insights. I (almost) never post anywhere about this secret “pleasure” of mine (ie trash, so-called reality TV), but this Taylor creature has me a bit fed up with BravoTV and the RH franchise.

    I’ve always thought Taylor to be a highly suspect individual, from the get go, in Season 1. IMO, she came off as very manipulative, and quite ruthless, going as far as attempting to alienate sisters from each other, not to mention punishing her kid by removing the puppy her Dad had given her… Now, in Season 2, I’ve just been utterly repulsed by her attitude/behavior.

    Yet, I’ve kept on giving her the benefit of the doubt, wanting to determine for myself whether the claims of abuse at the hands of her deceased husband were true in the slightest. All this time, there has been no physical evidence whatsoever. Only after her castmates/Bravo reject her does she show up with what she wants us to believe is a black eye inflicted on her by her husband at the time.

    Yet, I’m still NOT convinced. The passive phrasing she used to describe the incident that supposedly caused the injury, never really saying Russel put his hands on her, as well as the way she says stuff, seem so inauthentic… I can’t help but think that she is lying about the cause of the black eye.

    A couple of years ago, I had some invasive dental surgery done, and after 2 days leaned down for a few minutes while gardening. That did it. Within a couple of hours, I had a nasty looking black eye, that took about 10 days to heal. It was no big deal, but scary looking, and friends were alarmed when they saw me. Just saying. It’s hard to fake a black eye with make up only, but there are many other, very effective ways, to do so. At this point, I personally would need to see the medical records of her alleged “abuse injuries”, before I can believe her. The word of the TV shrink we saw is meaningless to me. I do wonder who exactly BravoTV and her think they are fooling with all this manipulation of the truth.

    Bottom line: the whole RH franchise is fast becoming unwatchable, thanks to ridiculous creatures such as this Taylor person. She is truly repulsive. VH1 is becoming my favorite at this point.

    /end rant.

    • I wonder if she would able to show medical records from another DV victim as hers if she was forced to show proof? Remember, one of her businesses is My Medical Records. I hope measures are put in place so she can’t try to do something like that!

  23. I do have to point out Kim’s ‘bloodhound’ skills….’finding’ a baggie of coke, even empty, was an amazing skill….she must have sniffed that one down……weird how she just turned around and THERE IT WAS…..I guess they don’t clean limos in between customers? LOL

  24. Did anyone catch when Taylor said “she was going to co-parent with Russell” What abused woman is willing to leave their child alone with her abuser? I have met abused women and they are very frantic about visition rights after the marriage has ended. Taylor made that statement with no concern what so ever. I got the impression all the women are on to her. None of them cried with Taylor. Lisa was very sympathetic as well as Kyle but I didnt come away feeling like they were buying her black eye story 100%. Kyle seemed to keep studying the mark, looking at it from different angels. Paul surely has admitting priviledges at area hospitals and although this is against the law due to HIPPA, it is fairly easy to view medical records as most are electronic now. It is interesting Paul and Adrienne show no sympathy period!

    • I thought the co-parent statement was suspect as well. If she left for the reasons stated and is writing a book about said abuse; one would think she would have had a Personal Protection Order in place. Traylor should know all about such options of how to be safe bc of her 1736 resources.

    • YES!!! Why the heck didn’t Adrienne say something to that statement?? Really? Her therapist (if she really is being a patient of his or its just a friend giving her some healthy tips) would no way in HELL let Kennedy be anywhere around Russell (if the abuse was true)!!!! A BIG red flag!

      • It wasn’t on the card the tv producer put up to control the agreed to conversation. Everything they have done this season of BH just makes me sick!

    • Yes, I noticed the co-parent statement and I call BS on Taylor! Especially after her freak out at Camille and her saying, “she put my child in danger! You don’t know what she’s done! She put my child in danger!”. She is so full of it I can smell her from here.

      • I think Adrienne believed all of it as much as the largest percentage of the viewers did, not to mention I am sure Paul and Adrienne have discussed privately what Paul has or most likely has NOT found while examining her face or giving her injections. Your not going to be able to pull one over on the wife of a plastic surgeon so her reaction screams loud and clear when she speaks, she dang sure wasn’t letting Shana get away with the no apology to Camille. She is the only one who stood her ground. In her “interview” just the way she talked about all of the stories and expression on her face said it all for me.

  25. Well; like a blogger mentioned a while back Traylor has a knack for ruining all the get togethers; her drama is too much; If I am out for a good time; the last thing I want to do is have some drinks with friends and the drama queen shows up with the shrink to discuss; talk about a buzz kill!! As for Kim; it wasn’t even funny it was plain uncomfortable to watch what a mess and when her make up was getting done at the hotel was it the lighting or did it look like she herself had a bruise on her face?? Lisa; I do wonder if the rumors of Bravo setting up for Cedric to show up are true and why was Paul’s x-girlfriend there; the other rumors that Lisa doesn’t like Adrienne???? The only people coming off grounded are Brandi and Camille.

    • I think Paul’s ex-girlfriend being there was just a fluke. Lisa and Adrienne met living across the street from each other and Adrienne and Paul were already married by then. How would Lisa know who Paul dated before marrying Adrienne? I also suspect Lisa was unaware that one of her waitresses dated Brandi’s ex-husband before he was her ex. I mean, how would such a conversation go, “Hi Lisa, checking my for my shift. Oh, did I mention that louse I was dating who broke my heart was the husband of your friend Brandi? Yeah, he dumped both of us for that slut Leanne. Who’d thought Brandi and I would have so much in common, huh?” LMAO

      I agree, the only ones who didn’t embarrass themselves were Camille and Brandi. And they are the party girls on this show, LOL!

    • And in light of all the whisper campaigns about Lisa possibly being a freak in da sheets (swangin) check out Lisa grabbing onto that glob of cotton candy…. very suggestive dont cha think?

  26. While Kennedy’s columns had lots of colored dots, Traylor’s columns were empty. I guess those lips make it tough to chew with your mouth closed.

  27. I hope that the L.A board gets a lot of complains about Dr. Sophy he broke the law! If he knew what was happening and he did not reported that’s crime and never mind that he’s in charge of kids in foster care.

  28. I am soooo glad but not surprised to see that you, Ms SH, put up this blog about that stoopid list for Kennedy! You and comments are correct: there are WAY too many items on that list for a 5 year old child…and a “DR.” in charge of children’s welfare SHOULD KNOW THIS! *clueless much?*
    So many items are about Kennedy “USING HER VOICE”…. I count 7 !!!!! out of 20 quickly (didn’t see #1). Also, too abstract for a 5 year old. 5 year olds aren’t thinking ahead about everything that comes out of their mouth every second. If they had that much impulse control, I think we could just emancipate them at 5.
    Dr Paul could access Shana’s records despite HIPPA because he has treated her as his patient so he can legitimately look at her records. Telling that the Nasif-Maloof’s ain’t buyin’ the story. Dr Paul wouldn’t have to divulge anything about Taylor’s medical records to Adrienne, but he could discuss with Adrienne that he thinks it is best to not buy into Shana’s BS.
    I have to go let a lot of CROWS loose, I had been saving them up for recipes but I’m going to open the window and send them back to freedom. FLY FREE BIRDIES!

  29. I posted this before, but it was removed. (I’m glad I now know posts are moderated….Especially since most of the posts aren’t nice. Easy to see SH real colors now.)

    I think people should leave the kid out of it. There is a line you just don’t cross and many of the posters on here are crossing it. You don’t ever go after someone’s child unless you know they are in grave danger. I don’t like Taylor at all, in fact, I’m so appalled by her behavior that I get online in my moments of weakness and read about it. Taylor is a louse of a person, but the fact that people get on here just to rip her parent style is not nice at all! Every woman has a right to give birth (if they can) to their own child and raise that child as she sees fit. As far as I can see the only crime Taylor has committed against her daughter is neglect/ignoring her, which unfortunately isn’t child abuse.

    To the people who said the child should be taken from Taylor: You are horrible! The child will be cast around to different foster homes or go to relatives that don’t want her. She’s already lost her father, so please have some sympathy. Don’t stoop to Taylor’s level by jumping at her parenting style. It’s not classy.

    On another note I think it’s kind of catty to remove positive posts or posts that don’t reflect SH sentiment. The facts are that Taylor is trouble. You definitely don’t need to monitor the posts. She’ll eat crow in the end anyway.

    I won’t bother your site anymore. Good Luck. it was entertaining.

    • I never get posts like this. If your claiming posts are monitored and deleted based on being positive praise then how did this one make it to the forum? ms SH does delete spam, cursing, and links to other sites but I’ve never had a positive post deleted. Ever. Was there some other reason your post may be pending moderation?

    • First of all “B” your previous comment @ 9:02am 1/17/12 is still there and was not deleted by Ms SH . Secondly.. she does not remove comments that don’t reflect her “sentiments”. She lets us all say our peace, but following simple rules ( without a chart ! ha ha !). It really is getting tiresome when someone posts comments here , and others might not all agree with what that someone feels , and then right away it’s Ms SH’s fault or her moderation of the comments. There were others who posted similar comments as yours.

      I fell everyone should feel welcome here , and we can agree to disagree without going whahhh ! and as some have done going off to other sites talking smack about this one.

        • I would imagine Russell’s family would love to be able to know their granddaughter . They probably have not had the opportunity to ever really know her at all since Shana kept Russell separated from his family most of the time.

      • To be fair, I have a post from Brooke that was delivered to email my inbox dated 1/17/12 6:13 a.m. that is not on here or at least I am unable to locate it (I’ve searched the page and did a quick look over the posts). Perhaps it did get caught up in a filter somewhere. The content is as follows:

        I’m not a fan of Taylor. I think she’s a horrible person, but leave her child out of it. It sounds like none of you actually have children. A 5 year old should be monitored while bathing, but a 5 year old can do things like try and wash their own hair. A 5 year old can also take a shower, which reduces the risk of drowning. Taylor only had a small space to put the tag “take bath by myself”. Perhaps “try to wash body and hair on my own” was too long. I highly doubt the child is bathing herself 100%. MEOW!!! Sheesh.

        • I should note that the email time is PST whereas my posts here time out at EST which means Brooke’s early posts and the one above were all done about the same time.

    • Righteous indignation without commensurate facts is unflattering to you. Your post is so misguided and inaccurate that it only deserves this much more > . (a period)

    • @Brooke – in the ordinary course I don’t disagree that children should be let out of discussions concerning their parents, however, this case is different in several ways. (1) Taylor’s own behavior and statements would lead any reasonable person to question her ability to parent in a healthy, reasonable matter. (2) Taylor’s obvious disregard for her own child’s best interests have been made public knowledge by Taylor herself–the above list, telling people Kennedy asked if “daddy did something stupid” (a classic case of parental alienation). (3) Taylor’s reported statement that she should never have had a child.

      Moreover, your statement “Every woman has a right to give birth (if they can) to their own child and raise that child as she sees fit.” is deeply disturbing. The mere ability to become pregnant does not entitle one to raise a child “as she sees fit.” For example, parents have been known to sell their children into prostitution for drugs and see nothing wrong with it. Another example, parents encourage their children to join gangs, do drugs, steal b/c it is the lifestyle the parent has chosen for themselves. There are also parents who were abused as children who believe abuse (sexual, physical and/or emotional) is acceptable behavior because it was what they were raised with. None of these things are accepted by society and that is why there are laws that allow for children to be removed from homes where this type of behavior is going on.

      It is contradictory to protect a child from the slings and arrows of poster’s comments about their parent but ignore that the child’s best interest and well being are not tended to by the very same parent.

        • Ah shucks, it was nothing.

          I hope Russell’s family has someone documenting Taylor’s treatment of Kennedy and what appears to be Taylor’s abuse of alcohol and maybe other substances. They won’t be able to get custody unless Taylor agrees (darn family law in CA insists on family reunification above all else, including the best interests of the child in most cases) but they can get family services involved and monitoring the situation.

          • Great job Trekker, if nothing else maybe Social Services can investigate and help Tayliar with appropriate child care and guidelines. And, most importantly, provide monitoring of Kennedy for her best interest. And lastly, maybe they could provide help to Taylor on coaching her as a parent and prioritizing Kennedy and her well being over everything else in her life. If the qualifications for removing are not already enough. Personally, as a mother, I would first like to see rehabilitation takes place since Kennedy has already lost one parent. I think Social Service would give Tayliar the attention she needs. i have a very low opinion of Tayliar as a person and mother but the truth of the matter is that foster care is a last result due to the trauma it causes little children. If Tayliar could learn what she should have learned a long time ago with regard to parenting, it would be a step in the right direction. OMI… please don;t be mad ::o(. Only thinking of how to resolve with minimal impact to Russell’s sweet little girl.


            • @mamarj – How could anyone be mad at your very compassionate view? You are right, Taylor never learned what she needed to be a good, compassionate and giving person growing up, so how could she pass it along to her daughter. Here is hoping through whatever means she learns it now. Foster care should be the absolute last resort, I just wish CA family law (and other states) would recognize that sometimes over ruling a parent’s objections and placing children with loving family members is sometimes the right answer until the parent is able to parent the child in a healthy and loving manner.

              • I agree with your last sentence, Trekker. MamaRJ, there’s no “rehabilitating” someone like Taylor Armstrong. She can learn to manage her emotions and chemical dependency better, but she can never be cured of her severe personality disorder(s). Her life and emotions will continue to be chaotic and unstable throughout Kennedy’s childhood. One would have to have the spirit of good intentions and willingness to learn how to be an effective parent. At best, Traylor is emotionally impoverished; at worst, she has no conscience or empathy. Either way, her child can never feel securely attached to her. Hate to say it, but Kennedy’s doomed to a very difficult life. I also think that Kennedy shows characteristics of fetal alcohol syndrome/exposure (FAS/FAE) which would add another layer to her difficulties.

  30. I don’t think reward charts are bad and used them myself off and on when my children were very young. They only work for a short time, then the charm wears off. This list is way too long especially taking into consideration that the child is likely unable to read at 5 years old.

    • I used them too, with pictures. A few small supervised tasks done WITH the child to teach them, stars put on chart….works very well when done age appropriate.

  31. Looks like this chart has only been going on for about a week as of that night (July the18th?) So big banged up Traylor with the bum eye socket did I fine job getting all the lines straight considering her orbital wall had done gave out on her . ibs

    • My guess is that Tayliar’s assistant took Tayliar’s list and made the chart. Tayliar would not invest that much time into her daughter. Also, I am sure the Sur opening was filmed after Russell passed away since her and dr sophia were added to the last 15 minutes of the show!!

  32. shana is such an inauthentic. has anyone noticed in addition to all of her name changes, she names her child kennedy caroline?

  33. All I did was google “At what age do you let your children bathe unsupervised?” and the second of many many results was from one of the physicians that moderates WebMD:

    “As a pediatrician, I talk about bath safety from day one. Never leave a child alone in the bath — not even for a moment. In the time it takes to answer the phone or grab a towel, a child can quickly and quietly slip and drown in just a few inches of water.

    Your toddler or preschooler can begin learning to wash herself with your assistance and close supervision. Place some liquid soap on a washcloth and show her how to wash her body. To rinse away shampoo, teach her to close her eyes and mouth as you count from 1 to 3 and pour the water over her head. If she is afraid to get water in her eyes, have her bend her head back and use a pitcher to pour the water over her hair. Don’t forget to sing songs and play games to make bath time fun.

    Generally speaking, at about age 6 a child is mature and coordinated enough to wash her body and hair without help. I strongly believe that you should still stay close by to make sure that she is playing safely in the tub, that she does not turn the hot water on, and that she is washing properly. She may also still need your help with hair washing.

    Around age 8 or 9, once she has demonstrated that she is mature enough, you may allow her some bathroom privacy or leave the room altogether. It is always a good idea to have a bath mat or bath stickers on the floor of the bath or shower to make it less slippery. Let her know you will periodically check on her to make sure she’s OK. Leave the door open and stay close so you can hear if she calls you.

    At what age are you letting your child bathe alone?

    - Dr. Tanya
    My girls are now 9 and 12 and I miss those days of shampoo hairdos and lifting their squiggly bodies out of the tub. Yes, sometimes after a long day, sitting on the floor and wanting them to finish seemed to take forever, but I’d remind myself of what happened to Ray Charles brother. Fear is a great motivator to stay awake. But Taylor doesn’t” seem to have that maternal fear of loss.

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