Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey has her modeling school… here.  

But, Cynthia can’t do everything all by herself… and is spreading her exposure on the RHOA to help her sister, Malorie Massie, sell some (what else…) jewelry.  Sister Mal is threading beads on elastic bands and selling them at such reasonable prices that you’ll want to stock up for next Christmas!  Yes… some beads on elastic will run you $35 to $125… and don’t forget that $5 fee for postage!  

From MSM:

Bracelets can be purchased individually or in bundle through our Mix-n-Match Section at discounted rates, when purchasing more than one bracelet.
All MSM Custom Bracelets must be handled with care. Bracelets are made with stretchy elastic(the stretchy elastic has been retrieved from Peter’s used CalvinKlein briefs… the waistband is carefully cut and only the elastic that still has some stretch in it will be considered for the MSM custom bead work!) , over stretching can result in breaking.  (Really??   Elastic will break??)  We also recommend that you avoid liquids when wearing your bracelets to prevent possible color change. Clean with dry cloth.

No refunds.

Each bracelet is tested for durability before sold to customers. (Mal and Cynthia probably wear them first…) Bracelets can be repaired with an additional $15.00 dollar fee if damaged by customers. Beads cannot be replaced.  (The beads are all unique, one-of-a-kind… carefully selected from one specific bin in aisle four of a Michael’s store.  Once that bead is bought, it just cannot be replaced!)
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. For more information on products, current promotions and custom options, please fill out our contact form.
We based our business on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of  MSM Custom Bracelets Customers are customers or referrals.  (Uh… the “team,” probably Mal and an ex-Uptown server, are committed to meeting customer’s needs… and that commitment results in “customers or referrals”… HUH???)
NOTE:   Mal’s “customer’s needs are of the utmost importance”… REALLY???   So, if her customer receives the stretchy-elastic bracelet, looks at it, doesn’t like it and wants her money back… tough frickin’ cookies!  Mal ain’t givin’ no refunds!  And, if you want a 5 cent bead replaced, Mal is gonna charge you $15!  That is one “customer caring” company!  What a ripoff!!!  You can make these bracelets yourself for about $2.00!
   $55                   $45
(Thanks to SH reader “JZ”!!!)

12 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Cynthia Bailey… CYNTHIA’S SISTER, MALORIE MASSIE, SELLIN’ ELASTIC BRACELETS…

  1. Remember, Mal doesn’t have any money her basketball husband is making maybe maybe 45 thousand a year playing overseas. And if Mal had any money, she would have been able to give Cynthia the 1300 dollars last year for the wedding. I lost alot of respect for Mal, her ad for these trinkets not only make it sound like she’s a conwoman, but it also makes it sound like she’s a desperate con woman.


  2. Good grief Charlie Brown. If my sister asked me to help her to scam people with less than stellar jewelry for 125.00 I’d slap her up the side of the head ( not literally but she’d definitely get a verbal lashing!). Cynthia seems to have absolutely no sense of self esteem. Between Peter and her sister, I can but wonder how far will she have to sink into their cesspool before she realises she is drowning?


  3. @ Ms. SH – girl, you have never lied! They make these cheap bracelets during “down time” at Bar One. Lol. Between the con going w/Cyn’s “model scam search” and the “no refund” bracelets…$$$ must be low.


    • Dr: Thank you! SH don’t lie…and if anyone sees this accusation anywhere, please bring it to my attention immediately.

      I know how much these beads are…and not the ones purchased at a craft store. Cynthia probably bought bags of beads on her Africa trip! Threading beads on an elastic band…the material cost is around $.50. I am not against anyone trying to make a buck; and I’m not saying for anyone to NOT buy a bracelet… if anyone wants to buy one, or two, or ten, that is their decision.

      IMO, Mal charging $15 for a “repair” is a total ripoff… and let’s not forget the service “fee” that all these HWs selling their crap add on! TFC!! SH


      • Oh lord you can find those at any swap meet i bet? I wonder if she is trying to make them look like those PANDORA braclets that are in expensive jewlery stores like Kays


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