AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey… “Pay me $60,000 to plan another birthday party and I’ll like you again!”

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest dated today (not quite sure of the actual date of this interview…)… PamDana talks about Kim Richards going INTO rehab (Kim’s been out for two days)…

… and PamDana’s relationship status with “her girl” Shana… wonder what happened???

“We are [close] I just don’t think we are as close as we were,” said Dana. “I’d known that there were problems in her marriage since the beginning of our friendship honestly. I didn’t understand the level of it until things unfolded on the show. It was a challenge for me. We spent a lot of time together filming, and I just wasn’t sure how I felt about it being played out on the show. So it was hard, it was a really hard situation.”

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124 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Dana Wilkey… PAMDANA DISTANCING HERSELF FROM SHANA “TAYLOR ARMSTRONG”… AUDIO

  1. I wonder if they are not as close as they once where because Pamdama wouldn’t help traylair out by lying about what she saw going on between r/t.

        • I’m outraged that traylor has started to say these things in a ambiguous way. Could you tell me what MOA means and who “Dave Levine” is? There is nothing that Traylor can say that would verify any abuse for me. and she has no credibility because of her checkered past.

          • Taylor’s tweets from July to July 6th-

            TaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
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            6 Jul

            TaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
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            6 Jul

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            4 Jul

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            4 Jul

            TaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
            Happy 4th of July! Sitting by the ocean, waiting for the sky to light up in a few hours. Kennedy is so excited! Independence is a gift.
            4 Jul

            TaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
            just watched the Morocco episode on the plane. love NYC gals hanging in the Hamptons @jillzarin @sonjamorgan @kellybensimon #RHNY
            4 Jul

            TaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
            @kathyhilton Hi Love! Home today to watch fireworks w my lil girl. quick trip. call u from airport. hurry home so we can hang out. XOXO
            4 Jul

            TaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
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            4 Jul

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            3 Jul

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            3 Jul

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            3 Jul

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            RT @HeavenlyHk Neato. @iamdiddy tweeted my photo of @SonjaTMorgan & @TaylorArmstrong with @ChefSethLevine at the #CirocCabanaClub 2day :-)
            3 Jul

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            • My comment with Taylor’s tweets is awaiting moderation. she however tweeted this on July 6th, the day after her emergency surgery:
              TaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
              Tini Beauty Straight Up Nail Lacquer on sale now!
              6 Jul

            • Actually for anyone that wants to go thru her tweets can just scroll down the tweets, when it gets to the bottom, more tweets come up and go WAY back. I just captured that to show she was tweeting the day after her claims of emergency surgery from DV. Before she knows anyone is capturing them and she can delete them, Tweets stop on July 6th and pick up again on July 11th, the stop on the 15th and restart on October 1st I believe.


            • So am I and computer challenged as well, which is why I brought it to the attention of people on this site that know what they are doing and how to do it.

            • so She had the “reconstructive surgery” ont he 5th had lunch with Peggy ont the 12th No bruise and on the 14th a visable “bruise” under a bad make up job..Umm ok Sorry I may not be the brightest bulb in the pack but Im not that DIM to not see whats going on here

            • Wow! I just returned home and was going to pay bills, and said to myself, “No, you’re not gonna check SH. Get to work!” And then I clicked on my computer. (Bills are waiting right where they were.)

              Gail, what you have provided here looks like solid gold to me. These are not the tweets of a woman who’s locked away in her house b/c she doesn’t want the public to see her battered body. Dang, you’re good!

            • I really don’t know anything about twitter, Usually when I read them it just stops at a certain point and that is all I can read. When I went to this particular one and it kept rolling back on the months I was pretty surprised. What with all of the investigative reporting going on I wondered if it would show activity prior to Russell’s death and was surprised and pleased that I had stumbled upon that particular link. Now if she knows people are going back months and months on her twitter, can she delete those ?, Because I remember reading that people can delete tweets but there is a record of all tweets somewhere, I don’t know if that is true or not.

          • He was a troll here, who shifted personalities and caused a lot of craziness. Some of us (yours truly) played into it, at first. He went from playing serious “insider” (but he couldn’t back that up), to a comedian who hijacked the style of a famous comedian, to a mentally-unhinged nutjob, to a disgruntled weirdo. He gave an email as “Dave Levine,” and one person emailed him. Then he accidentally replied to her with something meant for another troll, and his email read just like the troll who bashed and lied about Ms. SH on another site. Basically, the troll(s) were here to confuse, and what they had to say centered around validating Traylor and discrediting SH.

            • Thanks so much…..I think that was my first time seriously visiting SH and I was also stampeped to the other safe site, but learned the error of my ways quickly. No one will ever discredit Ms.SH again IMHO.

  2. Is PamDana seriously stupid? Not just stooooopid, but stupid? She’s close friends with Traylor but “didn’t understand the level of [Traylor's marital problems] until things unfolded on the show”? Jeez – Traylor told Lisa in their first 1 on 1 scene at Villa Blankhead that there were problems in her marriage but close friend PamDana didn’t know? This one is getting on my nerves.

    • I’m having a great giggle here, AO! “Villa Blankhead”-hahaha!

      PamDana is a pip, isn’t she? She just aligns herself w/ whomever she thinks has more power and status in any group, so in this case, it’s the other housewives. The Black Widow is receiving increased backlash from fans of the show. Consequently, the ShapeShifter wants to cozy up to the more popular girls. Junior High all over again……

  3. I realized after reading the Taylor Timeline that I met her when we were little girls. She was introduced to me as my best friend’s “cousin from California.” Apparently, she was really my friend’s mom’s best friend’s granddaughter from Oklahoma (whew!). My friend was always quite the little liar too. Taylor was still known as Shana back then. I remember she had a pink satin jacket with her name embroidered on the chest. I was really envious of that jacket!

      • I just might do that! Lol. Yeah, I’m thinking it had to be around 1981 or ’82; we were a litte behind in the Midwest! What strikes me as so interesting in looking back is how she lied about being from California. She must’ve been dreaming about the BH lifestyle for years!

        • A true bad seed, she is. Lying right out of the gate for no reason at all.

          I’ve got to believe that she modeled someone in her past w/ some initial fibs, and each time she realized success, she amped it up, and up, and right up to the present. She tripped herself up, though, b/c she pushed it too far in a high-tech environment can produce proof to the contrary very rapidly.

    • Wonder why the “California” part was necessary for their story. Was her whole family sociopathic, or was she really from California, somehow, that I’ve missed?

      • I was trying to figure that out too. From everything I’ve read, she would’ve lived in Oklahoma at the time, but IDK. Her faux cousin and I both lived in Kansas. I have no idea why they would’ve cooked up that story, other than to make themselves seem more glamorous. My “friend” was notorious for lying, and she actually ended up moving to California herself after high school.

          • MsS!! What happened to Bill??? Did you get a cyst and deceased letter??? More importantly, how long has it been since you changed it back??

            Now to more serious things–what I heard at the end of the last episode–or maybe it was in the previews–is a discussion not of abuse but of R&T separating–that Traylor has played that card before and he’s moving out, she’s moving out etc. This is important because we know that ultimately he moved out, yet she says in the hawaii conversation that she left him–more BS.

            What is interesting though was the general reaction, with everyone being very skeptical and Paul even saying (through Adrienne) “two weeks” meaning the separation wouldn’t last more than two weeks. Paul then says “It’s bulls**t–ALL OF IT!!” (emphasis supplied, because Bravo kinda turned down the volume on the “all of it” part.

            • Yes, I caught that too. Shana told Camille that he was moving out and it was over before she hopped on a plane with him. I had a hard time trying to understand what everyone was saying after what Kim said. I did catch that part about giving it two weeks. She has really played everyone, I can’t believe any of them are defending her or supporting her at all.

            • Oooh–took me a while. Bill. :) I changed it yesterday (?) because I hate that picture of myself; I’m stuck-up and vain like that. ;) Naw, he posed for it and loved every minute of it. But I would love to get a cyst and deceased letter from ANYONE; I have some aggression to unleash today. :)

              Very interesting, on Paul’s comments.

            • That’s what stands out to me more than anything. A famous, successful PLASTIC surgeon, who more than likely examined real DV survivors and made them whole again, would make such a statement on national televsion. To me, he is putting his own creditbility on the line with those words. There’s no way her jaw was ever broken or dislocated.

            • Don’t laugh but I can buy the dislocated jaw but not from domestic abuse. Taylor has a huge, I mean huge orifice on the front of her face, lol as in her big ass mouth. I have a much smaller mouth thank God but I have dislocated my jaw by yawning. Happens to lots of people with TMJ who open their mouth too wide while yawning, biting into a big sandwich or apple, getting dental work done etc. Mine pops in and out a lot and most times is only slightly dislocated for a nano second even though it is scary and feels like forever. Once though it dislocated and wouldn’t go back no matter how much I tried to pull on and maneuver my jaw. Had to go to ER and after about 2 hours while waiting on an oral surgeon (they were going to put me under and manually force the jaw back) it all of a sudden just popped back into position. I share this story only to say, it was about a total of a little over 3 hours that my jaw was out of alignment (my mouth was still in the open yawn position while I drooled like an idiot cuz I couldn’t swallow well, lol). The point is after that bad an episode yes I had some swelling and irritation but it was not noticeable at all, not one tine bit and certainly no black and blue bruising or anything. They gave me muscle relaxants and pain pills, told me to eat soft foods for a few days and to hold my hand under my lower jaw when yawning to break the habit of a normal full mouth yawn. So Shana Trailer Shaft may have dislocated her jaw by yelling at Russell, Kennedy or whoever else the screaming shrew wanted to yell at, but she didn’t do it by Russell hitting her and there was no physical evidence of the jaw being dislocated.

              Sorry for the rant, but that Biatch just gets on my last nerve with her lies, I have known women who were abused, have picked one friend up many times in the middle of the night when her boyfriend would toss her out on the street. It kills me to hear Shana talk about horrors that other women have to go through when her experience is probably from hearing the stories at the charity she has the nerve to associate with.

            • Who, I’m pretty sure she told Lisa that Russell had agreed to leave, and that they, together had “decided” to end it. Also–if she had the black eye recently or at the time that she decided to end the marriage, she would have gotten a Protection Order in a heartbeat, and gotten him out of her house THAT DAY. But she didn’t even apply for one? And she was waiting for HIM to move out?

          • Didn’t the man in the timeline on facebook mention Kansas as being where some of the people lived ? I need to go back and re read what he wrote. Can’t wait for the third timeline to come out !

  4. My ‘vague ambiguity radar’ is pinging……and PamDana must have her head so firmly planted in her OWN ass that she must see where she’s just dropped that load of bullshit……

  5. Something just occurred to me re: the Black Widow.

    Returning to the Tea Party debacle, I remember that Camille clearly told the Widow–in front of everyone–that “we never see any bruises.” I think that some of the other housewives made similar remarks, but perhaps those were made during the after-interviews that are inserted.

    Getting to the point now: Next week’s episode is going to show the Widow w/ what looks like a black eye. This supposedly happened after her White Party expulsion with Russell, AND the withdrawn invitation to Hawaii. I can easily envision the Widow applying some blue, purple, pink, and a hint of green & a dab of yellow eye shadow (cream formula) to simulate a black eye. (I can totally imagine her thinking, “I’ll show those *******!!!! Now they’ll feel like ****. This will teach them how wrong they were to embarrass me, and they’ll NEVER kick ME out of a party EVERRRRRR again!”) After putting on the layers of eye shadow, blending it in just the right way, she would put on just a subtle amount of concealer to make it look like she was trying to cover it up. (Oh, but it’s such a bad, bad bruise that even concealer can’t hide it. Poor, poor Taylor!!) Nobody would get that close to examine it, would they? Even though Lisa kind of leans in (from what I’ve read about the preview), I doubt that she got right up into the Widow’s face. I believe this was all concocted to validate her claims of abuse.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll eat crow, but it won’t be any of the “delish recipes” for it that the Black Widow has offered to serve up.

    • I’, watching a rerun of the tea party. I don’t know how I missed it but what Camille said was that Taylor set it up. Meaning the abuse.

      • I don’t have the stomach to go to the Bravo site to download that episode and watch it again.

        I remember that Camille really was angry, but I guess I was wrong about what she said to SHAFT. Didn’t she also say something along the lines of, “But we never see anything”? Perhaps I’m projecting b/c I wanted someone to say something like that to the Trash heap.

        Oh, well….guess I’m having a senior moment again. These dang synapses don’t fire the way they used to, and there are more slacking neurons every day. :)

        • She say something along the lines of we dont ever see anything because she was making hand motions in circles around her upper body as if to say We dont see bruises or marks.

            • I would love to know what Paul told Adrienne after he examined her face thru the gates of Vanderpump Mansion

            • lol, what did you think he was doing Mss? He even told her to open her mouth and poked around her open jaws on both sides.

            • I know! I was totally on the late show on this one. I wonder who’s gonna ask him about what he found. Oh wait–he’s not scheduled as a guest anytime soon, is he?

            • I would love to hear him really say what he thought about the whole thing. If you have noticed thru out the entire season Paul has held true that he isn’t buying into that whole Russell abused her scenerio, it might be subtle but he has maintained that attitude from the beginning. Notice when he and Adrienne are having the sit down conversation about the white party and he asks how Russell can sue Camille for just repeating what his wife said, he is not buying what Shana is selling. There is nothing on his face showing concern for the fact that Shana has or is being abused.

      • I caught that too. Camille’s no dummy. And I also think she was so stressed (understandably) about her own personal situation, that she didn’t want to have to go along with Taylor’s dog and pony show that day.

    • I agree, In her post suicide interviews she said clearly more then once she was housebound for 2 or 3 weeks after the “black eye” and now we see her partying it up at SUR just a few days later .How stoopid does bravo think we are.

      • They’re counting on stupid, Lisa, because they’ve shuffled the time deck so much this season, everyone is dizzy.

        I just want this part of the timeline exposed b/f next Monday night. Think of it! A mighty, stinking poop storm for SHAFT and Andy just days in advance of the exposed black eye segment. Wow, that would be great!

      • Well we have heard two versions. The one I believe is that filming was stopped with Russell and Shana because of the threats of lawsuits.

        The other circulating was the cast had to cover for Shana with Bravo while she recuperated which does not ring true at all to me. If the issue this year was their marriage and Shana wanted her DV only behind camera in discussion with the other women, what is her message to real people that have suffered from domestic violence?

        It would seem to me that she is promoting hiding DV instead of bringing it to the forefront. Only after her husband’s death could she sling out all of the abuse accusations, which were not even mentioned when she filed for divorce, so her message is what : if your violent partner becomes suddenly deceased you are free to speak out freely and make money off of his death?

        • I wish you could have conducted the reunion interview, Gail, rather than shallow Andy. Dang, it would’ve been good. Better yet, a firing line with you & other solid SH posters, and front and center is where MsSH would be w/ Becky to her right! Such a vision! Karma served up as a full-course banquet, with an elegant assortment of crow pies, puddings, and cakes for SHAFT to devour at the end.

          • It’s the poster’s here that get me thinking. Believe me after I read some of the posts, I rewatch and look for things I learned here. MsSH should question and Becky can run the clips after they answer.

      • Probably right, Gail. But the Widow sure won’t fess up about it to Lisa.

        BTW, has anyone here had lasik surgery? Does it really do that to the area around your eye? Just wondering.

        • Regarding Lasik, I think it depends on what your having done and how long it takes. When my son had it done, his eye did not bruise. His was a simple procedure.

      • It’s funny because I googled bruises from lasik surgery and what popped up was a woman who’s eye was similar to Taylor’s but it was from Botox injection under the eye. It was on Dr. Paul’s advice site.

        • I only mentioned the lasik because Shana herself said she had that done and I think she said it had left her bruised.

        • Whoa hold the phone. Seriously? Post the link. This could be Dr Paul’s way of leaving a cookie crumb trail to the truth.

            • If that was three months afterward she must have really looked bad cause it looks just like Shana’s ! Thank you doctor Paul, you are one smart cookie. Somebody needs to give that link to Randy Edwards, I can’t figure out how to sign in over there.

            • I know, my personal computer tech left for the Air force six and a half years ago. He has been all over the world and is now settling in for three years in California. He was my last baby to leave home, Had I known I would need a computer tech at all times I would have had more children, :) Just kiddin’

            • Gail, when you pull up Randy’s site, after you read his post and click on the comments, once you’ve written yours (providing any links you want to include), the prompt will show 2 squares for preview and publish. Once you’re ready to publish, hit that button and scroll down even further. There will be a rectangle w/ the jumbled letters that you have to type (to show that you’re human :) ), and that should work.

              I think you might have been the person on SH the other day who wondered whether Russell was right or left handed, b/c it would be hard for a rightie to hit someone in the right eye. (Someone wrote that it looked like she took a solid left, or words to that effect.) I wrote to Randy today and asked him if Russell was right or left handed.

              You, MsSH, Becky, and so many others are doing an amazing job of fine detection!
              I really should get some chores done. ……… NAH ;)

            • Gail, I’ve tried to get it to go back to the way it was when I initially signed up, but it just keeps putting me directly in—meaning that I can’t see the wordpress and other 3 choices. I do remember wondering if it would work for me, and it did. Can you try to get on the site again and write back w/ all the choices it asks? That should jog my memory.

              My oldest son worked for a 10 yrs. as a comp. software designer, and I can just picture him grinning at me and shaking his head. Argggg!

              Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm! :)

            • Choices are:
              google account
              live journal
              word press
              type pad
              open ID

              Don’t know what any of them mean but google acct. and I am not making one of those, lol

            • To reset it I believe you just need to clear all of your cookies. If it gives you an advanced option (i don’t know what browser you are using or I would be more detailed), you can click on it and just select those particular sites to clear.

            • There was no reply button after your post, gail, so I’ll try it posting it here, b/c there’s a longgggg conversation below that is unrelated.

              I’m pretty sure that all I did was click google. I really should remember more! I can’t recall if it asked for my gmail address. I think some other posters on SH have left some comments on Randy’s blog, so I hope they’ll have better directions for you.

              Guess I’d better do some crossword puzzles to pump up my remaining neurons!

            • I think that Dr. Paul had no problem speaking his mind at the white party because he has examined Taylor’s face an knows exactly who and what she is, That is probably why Adrienne was so sure that Shana knew about the email to Camille being made up poo by Shana and thought Shana and Russell were working as a tag team. You know Adrienne and her husband discussed it in private with what Shana was telling them and what Paul does for a living.

        • Now, Botox is a totally, totally different story. It is very, very possible to have eye bruising from that.

      • It could also have been from a filler injected into her tear ducts to smooth out the hollows under her eyes. It’s a very popular procedure, I almost got talked into it myself last summer. Until I found out that I would VERY possibly have black eyes for a couple of weeks, in addition to the pain involved–I quickly changed my mind.

        • Whoops!! What I meant to say was “Tear Troughs” not “Ducts”, YIKES!! Either one sounds horribly painful. And if the injector (low budget, inexperienced–like someone she would probably go to) hits a blood vessel, it will result in bruising that lasts for weeks.

    • I agree with your scenario Waves, and I would like to add that after carefully applying the faux black eye, she brushed her hair over it to “faux cover it up”, knowing that the comb-over would really draw attention to the “black eye”.

      • Especially that this bruise pops up AFTER the White Party where everyone was involved in addressing these ‘rumors’. One would think she wouldn’t have gone to the after Hawaii party at all. It’s like she wanted to put this bruise on parade, knowing the cameras were there and the timeline does NOT add up! The picture from Dr. Paul’s website looks very similar!

    • Makes sense! Also, if her “abuser” had never left visible traces of battery, why would he suddenly become so careless AFTER he was put under the microscope?

      • Yes! Exactly! That was NOT the time, when one would think that he would start hitting her in obvious places, knowing she was still filming! Paul and Adrienne (at this this point, I believe they were on to her)

        • Didn’t anyone notice she didn’t have black eye when having lunch with Dana. This was after she left Russell, the ladies were in Hawaii. Then tells Lisa on Mondays episode that its why she left him.

  6. I’m betting it is Taylor who is distancing herself from Dana not the other way around. Dana simply doesn’t have what it takes to fit into what Taylor thinks should be her lifestyle. Dana is tacky, frumpy (but has great skin) and also has her own charges of fraud to deal with. I think Dana genuinely was Taylor’s friend but she no longer “adds value” to Taylor’s lifestyle and Taylor is incapable of caring about anyone but herself unless they are adding value to her existence so she eases away. That has been her history, why would she change now?

      • Does sound like that. Why would Dana not be as close because they were filming it and didn’t like it, unless they knew Russell was not that abusive.

        • That’s true.

          I wonder who Cas is on Randy Edward’s blog? Cas reported that she (maybe he) had witnessed SHAFT’s abuse first-hand. Well, I got right on that site and asked Cas why Taylor was not immediately taken from the house along with Kennedy for their safety, and why the police were not called. Cas did not respond to any follow-up remarks made by some other people as well as me. My immediate thought was that PamDana is Cas. Once the hard questions came at her, she slunk away to have a lollipop.

          • Good for you waves….holding people responsible for what they say even when the camera is not on them is so important.

          • @Waves – you are getting out there and taking care of business! Great job. I haven’t seen Randy’s blog but will look for it. As for the poster who said they witnessed DV first hand, whoever they are they are blowing smoke. If there was a single person who Taylor could produce that actually saw Russell push/hit her that person would be in front of cameras telling the story. To be honest, I’m surprised Taylor hasn’t enlisted (read: paid them off or otherwise) someone to come forward and support her version of events. I don’t believe that is beneath her nor do I doubt there are people who would do it. It may just be a matter of time.

    • Yep, she no longer adds $value$. And she is also bound by Bravo contract, not likely to blab to the media any little tidbits that she knows. In the same way that all of the other ‘cast members’ have been tight lipped. So, of course Shana at this point can distance herself..

      • So true, Bravo has directed the troops and all are towing the Taylor line. I was surprised recently when Kandi from ATL admitted in an interview that the ATL women don’t like each other and only get together to film the show. Bravo likes to create the illusion that these women are real friends and all the get togethers and support are out of friendship but it is mostly just b/c they have to if they want to stay on the show. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do for fame.

  7. Just a min. Pamdana only found out about Taylor’s story of alleged abuse when she watched the show unfold? Like the rest of us? Sounds like affirmation that Taylor made the whole thing

    • That and the fact that dana is full of poop and shaft and her were more like acquaintances not real “friends”.

      • When you’re an event planner, there is that fine line between being a friend and an employee. Some people make that leap and others never “fit” in. I thought that was telling when traylor started to give Pam/Dana grief at Kennedy’s 5th Bday party. When your paying someone to run your party, your running the party. When you come as a guest you are not expected to set up tables.

    • Dont forget Dana had no idea Shanna was Taylors real name so gotta wonder just how close they are they def didnt share Past Historys and to much intimate info

      • She probably heard the abuse accusations the same as the other woman heard them, which leads me to wonder why she will be given air time to talk about Russell on the reunion. Hope they cut her down to like 30 seconds and leave in something nice about Russell, or mix her words up to make her say something nice about Russell. If Adrienne knew Shana for three years last season, how much longer did Pam/Dana know them. I wonder now if maybe Kim was on the mark and Dana’s real name IS Pam? Kim usually hits the mark on a lot of what she says, messed up or not.

        • Maybe Kim is a big fan of the Office? In the last picture, Dana looks like an older version of Pam Beasley.

  8. dana isn’t really a party planner.
    she helped traylor plan the party. She just knows people.
    she has a product placement business where she tries to get products into tv shows and movies.
    I don’t know why bravo was promoting her as a party planner.
    ps…not a dana fan at alllllllllllllllllllllllll..just want to set the record straight.

    • Thanks! I was wondering about her event planning abilities. It makes perfect sense that she is a product placement gal after the million dollar (or whatever it was) lolly pop in Vegas. Dana is just another fame seeker at any cost and I guess being a party planner sounds better than professional shill.

  9. I think you are right about the air date b/c they are talking about the episode (saying it aired the night before) that aired on 12/12/11.

  10. ba ha ha…that is so funny. That is why she is so ingrained into talking about her clothes, shoes, and other items. That is what she does for a living…trying to get people to notice brands. That must run through her head day and night. I have read in a trade magazine that her business is super successful, so she must spend all her time thinking about brands and how to show them off….again – not a Dana fan, but it helps explain her obsessions..I think they brought in the party planning idea so they could say she was such a good friend of Taylor’s…when I think we have uncovered that they weren’t really such good friends. It was probably Bravo’s way of bringing her on the show – plus party planning could be a little side hobby or something, but it is not at all her job.

  11. 2 bad she Taylor really never paid $60,000 for the party, it is what it estimated. Last yr Dana did it for the publicity. Dana is a loser just like Taylor.

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