Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey….  Wendy Williams

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey and her husband, Peter Thomas were mentioned on Wendy Williams’ “Hot Topics” segment… 

Wendy don’t care much for Peter… well, who does?

Wendy also shared what happened after Cynthia’s last visit to the Wendy Show…

…that Cynthia asked for an interview “do-over!”

                                                                                          Cynthia Bailey… You IS a big dummy, Cynthia!

Cynthia is STOO-PID!…

…which is why Cynthia is in the running for the 2012 “Stoopidest Housewife” right here on SH!


Cynthia’s appearance on Wendy… November 23, 2011…


Wendy talkin’ about Cynthia AFTER her appearance…


  1. I’m wondering if the original attraction re Cynthia/Peter was that he didn’t treat her like she was anything special and she mistook his arrogance as strength. If she overlooked the fact that he has 5 children with 4 ex and never made a commitment or questioned who this person is that was blatantly stupid! I bet she wished now her Mother and Sister had lost the wedding License.


    • She is and so is her husband. It behooves me that Wendy Williams can call anyone stupid regarding their relationship. Especially, with that drunkard, sexually harassing husband of hers. And if what is reported is true, her hand in allowing her staff to be harassed with her consent after they complained to her about his conduct. It was reported that she replied to the complainants to “do as he says”.


      • Cynthia is a great model….maybe not so great an employer. Men taking their lack of self esteem (something that can come from having a very pretty wife) is always telling …..(picture this next part said in Ms. Parks voice) Momma always says you can tell a man’s true nature by the way he treats those lesser than himself


  2. If you are not as loud, evil and manly as Wendy is, then she thinks you are stupid. Wendy needs to just mind her business and let Cynthia be Cynthia. Everyone does not have to be loud, outspoken and dumb. Some people like to take it easy and keep the peace. Hopefully Cynthia will come to her senses and get tired of Peter if necessary and do something about it. Some people might think Wendy is stupid for the the things she say and put up with.


  3. What is up with Peter’s complete lack of wrinkles? I know it is said that “black don’t crack” but the man is 50 or so and not a single wrinkle. Not one. Is it part of the deal he must of made with the devil whereby Peter gets to act like a complete a$$hole with no visible skills yet still be relatively successful?


  4. Wow! Can I negotiate for no wrinkles w/ the debil? I can be a little bitchy. Will that work? It’s true though, he has gorgeous skin for being 50+. So does Cynthia though for 42. What are they serving at that Bar One?


    • Yes Cynthia has nice skin (for any age) but she’s got a couple wrinkles, crows feet, what have you. It wasn’t until their counseling sessions that I noticed Peter’s skin closely and it’s spooky, not a single wrinkle. If he shaved or colored that beard, he’d look 20 years younger.

      Oh, and in exchange for your soul, the devil is generous in his terms. However he’s tricky so make sure you read the fine print. Peter thought he was getting off easy but now he’s saddled with Cynthia who will whine and complain about communication without actually communicating anything.


  5. Wendy would be a great moderator for HW reunions. She was asking Cindy questions alot of people were wanting to know. Cindy seemed to be a little offended by the line of questioning and I’m wondering why….she willingly put her life on screen for all of us to see, can she be so naive as to think that we would be so blinded by her beauty that she would be sheilded by any critisim what-so-ever? Peter is a classic rage filled control freak. The sad truth is she is probably emotionally and physically drained by now and he’s convinced her that she’s not smart or strong enough to survive without him.


  6. How sad it is to see that a woman as beautiful as Cynthia Bailey has such low self esteem and thinks so little of herself. This woman could have any man she wants be it black, white, purple, or green and they would put her on a pedestal and worship her yet she chooses to be with this condescending poor excuse for a man. Sorry Cynthia, but you act no older than a thirteen year old girl. It makes me wonder what her father was like and how he treated her mother. :(


    • That’s what I wonder, too, packing_Pink_heat. It seems like she gravitates toward him as though he is familiar to him, therefore comfortable. It would be interesting to know what the family dynamics were in her home growing up. Meantime, I wish someone would put her into a ‘de-programming’ boot camp far-far away from him and force some sense into her, she almost seems robotic like a Stepford wife! Who am I to say, maybe he is the man of her dreams, she’s been waiting for all her life! *feeling nauseous*


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