Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong… ANDY COHEN SAYS NO TEARS FROM SHANA AT THE REUNION SHOW… VIDEO

Lord of the Housewives, Miss Andy Cohen shared with ET that during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show taping…

… Shana shed no tears… (sorry for the cutoff, but that’s where the video ended…)


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410 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong… ANDY COHEN SAYS NO TEARS FROM SHANA AT THE REUNION SHOW… VIDEO

  1. Then the reunion will be worthwhile watching…. NOT!!!!!!!!! We should all boycott Bravo tv if Andy goes lightly on her and no inconsistencies are brought up. It makes me sick!

    • Hi all! I’ve been enjoying Stoopid Housewives blog and nearly all the Bravo RH franchises for some time in the UK (watching on-line mainly- it’s my guilty pleasure after a hard days work!). I’ve loved this site and all your great banter- I have to comment now though! Too much BS with Andy C! What is he on about!!?? Shana is the biggest skank and con artist ever! On TV right now on the Discovery Bio UK channel is episode 1 S1- and Skank has just had dinner with Russell and is going on about her being a Senior Exec Management Consultant (Yeah with Enron!! sarcasm -we Brits can’t help it!) and him investing $10mill in a company!! I forgot about this little nugget- OMG what a liar she is! I’m shocked- everyone watch it again if you have time- brilliant! The Woman doesn’t blink or look sideways when lying. Total psychopath/sociopath. She should be studied- really! Students of criminology take note a grifter in action. Do you think Bravo would take notice if the new countries they are trying to reach reacted badly? France/Oz/Brazil/UK? Just a thought……They love that ad revenue and product pushing Ramona Piss anyone? x

      • I agree with you NickiUK, that SHAFT is a great case study. And after the truth comes out, her surplus of books should be donated to university programs that study female sociopathy. She and Casey Anthony are in the same class of sociopaths, and her book should be put to good use.

          • Thanks steview- never tasted it but pretty sure it’s P***! And I love my Vino!! it’s 9:15pm here so may have had one already!! :)

        • Mssuburbia – Hello! I’ve been reading your comments for ages :) The truth needs to come out sooner rather than later though? I know abt Casey A too, our news was full of her and we also couldn’t believe the verdict… And she was on our news this w/e as she posted on YT!!! What!!! I thought JZ (who actually got me hooked on RH = love her! and yes that other site is visable in UK too -shame!) was a mental headcase but Skank/Shana really takes the biscuit.. If my company employed her as Mgt Consultant blood would be spilled!

          • Jill took Dana to task on her twitter yesterday regarding the idiotic idea of requiring viewers to register in order to see her videos on her website. It was a pretty funny exchange.. ending in Damna kissin her butt of course.

            • I saw that when I went to her website out of curiosity, no way would I give her the satisfaction of thinking I really cared enough to “enlist’. lol

    • Did you see that on Twitter? I asked because I went to the site and all it has is The Voice of Russell Armstrong across the top of the page. I want to make sure I catch it when he starts blogging.

  2. Well Andy, I guess this is goodbye. You suck and I dont like anything about you anymore. You really screwed the pooch on this one! And in front on the population of America that has more than one brain cell you make a colossal jackhole outa yourself. Hope you choke on it!

  3. I think we’ve all seen that for all of her fake wailing, she never has been able to master the production of fake tears.

  4. So Andy admits Bravo and The producers knew she was being “abused” and they did nothing at all to help her other then shove a camera in her face and say play it out…. this IS WHAT HE WANTS US TO BELIEVE?

    • That is a good point lisa…sooo..rather than encourage her to leave, or tell her to get the hell out of the situation and protect herself and her child..they did nothing, just so they could have a storyline about DV ? And then this jackhole trys to spin this BS as if he was doing women a service that view this crap , enlightening them about DV? I truely believe he is a misogynist and it has nothing to do with his being gay, he just seems to get his kicks from watching women behaving badly and then he sits back and watches all the damage done and plays innocent ( when he’s not spinning BS yarns).

      • kas……..Little Miss Andy absolutely is a misogynist and judging by what they’ve chosen to show us it seems to me that most of the producers are misogynists as well. Universally women do not like what we they’ve chosen to show us and every day of the week we’re on the various blogs expressing our feelings about this, yet they carry on. It’s perplexing to me that our complaints fall on deaf ears and I’m left to assume that they just don’t care what we think. I’m beginning to think none of us will ever see TraylorTrash getting her just rewards. They’ve all made a bargain with the devil and each and every one of them is pure unadulterated evil.

        • like the gay hairdresser that made me look like a boy!!….those misogynists are crazy vengeful, dude….

          • Omg I had a gay eff up my hair too! He told me my natural hair color made me look washed out (it’s dark brown). I have green eyes and olive complexion. He told me he had the perfect color in mind and he disappeared… I was preggers at the time and had no idea what I wanted. When he finished; I was a ginger! He also over processed my hair and it took over a year before my hair didn’t look fried to all beat he!! :-/

            • they must be on a mission to uglify all the natural born females….oooh the dangers of all that jealousy….

  5. ON AN OTHER NOTE……Question; is this site going to include MOB WIVES? Wholly Cat Fight, in the alley, on the other side of the tracks!

    • Please NO Mobwives. Those “women” are the epitome of violent, undignified, pure trash. They are absolutely disgusting pigs.

      • Lisa v…..I’m with you and why anyone would try to make it anything but a very sad way of life is very naive.

      • ITA!!! People dont seem to realize that these woman are wifes or daughters of MOBSTERS!! Murderers. Why should they be glorified? I refuse to watch this show.

        • I had “family” in the biz…..anyone following them or giving them any credence deserves to have bad stuff happen to them. I hate the way these shows have romanticize a horrible way of life.

          • I won’t watch it either..”the life” is not glamorous in REAL LIFE. It’s disgusting how they’re trying to make it seem enviable..I know women who’ve been caught up in it (my aunt was someone’s mistress)and it’s terrible and very,very demeaning to women.

      • Actual, respectable Mob Wives wouldn’t be caught DEAD on a TV show……I don’t believe for a second that they are ‘connected’ in any way. The show is another farce.

    • The Mob Wives are unapologetic, unadulterated TRASH. At least Bravo’s HWs used to be mostly harmless, stoopid entertainment. I really can’t stomach the HWs anymore, at all. I see them on this site, and that’s plenty. They need to be gone. On that note, has anyone watched “Gold Rush” and “Moonshiners”? THOSE are addicting shows!

      • Well I guess that answers the question of Mob Wives; I will say I do watch it; I say same level at HWONJ, I think Tree would fit in. OMG my husband was watching Moonshiners; Terry and Tickle, must I say more.

      • I have watched Moonshiners! i have always been facinated with anything to do with Appalachia and the people. Have you seen Justified? It is excellent.

        • No, I haven’t seen that, but I’ll look for it. Thanks! I kinda go through phases, and right now, I’m over the HWs. They make me feel dirty to watch. And angry. I like talking *about* them, instead. ;)

        • Gessie, You outa check out The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if this bunch met up with the mob wife bunch

      • My Hub watches those two. Didn’t one of them on Moonshiner’s get busted and commit suicide? At least that is what he informed last night.

      • Hello:

        Thank you; I can see by the reactions.

        I guess trying to keep it a secret that I watch them too is a loss! HaHa!

        • Hey, Ann, we all have our guilty pleasures!

          I am Jewish and have recent ancestry heavily involved with the building of Las Vegas (Lansky, et al) in the 40s, 50s. My grandparents helped fund Lansky and owned very popular bars in Manhattan (hooch biz). Jews and Italians were like “peas and carrots,” as Forrest Gump liked to say. Even though I’m a Jew, I have many Italian “aunts” “uncles” and “cousins” from Brooklyn, etc.

          This show just … sticks in my craw. The women never used to act like that.

  6. Master manipulators snow almost everyone….including you dear Andy. Keep drinking that Shana koolaid and maybe you can feel better about poor decisions. I’d love to know the people who were actually talking directly to Russell during the filming of season 2. Why could they not see through her lies? Did traylor have complete control over who was talking to him? I bet she did

    • SHAFT hasn’t snowed Andy. He KNOWS she is full of crap. He is just part of that segment of the population that is currently sharing one damaged brain. Its gutless,spineles and weak and I cant stand that in a human being!

      Your grandson has the power to bring this network down in glorious fashion. He is smart enough, articulate enough and it appears that he possess the strength of character the likes of which Andy and his ilk have no match for. These people are more than just stoopid their willful ignorance hurts people. They have shown that they no capacity for intellectual or moral growth. If they are not stopped, your grandson and his siblings will not be the last people they destroy. I am deleting all bravo from my tivo. I am ashamed of myself that it has taken me this long. Just know that you and your grandson have a huge support system in whatever action you choose to take.

      • Very well put, Made. I would also add that Bravo and Andy are in CYA mode. They need for their portrayal of Russell to have been “the truth,” just because need to create an illusion to absolve themselves from their culpability in his (alleged) suicide.

          • They are loading up Andy’s face book page with articles about Russell’s abuse of his ex girlfriend and ex wives that have been documented .They are hard to question, but my opinion remains the same.

            • His minor abuse history is why Shana hand-picked him. His ex-wives have been staunch supporters of Russell over Shana, so that should say something.

              • Unfortunately the articles they are posting to into a lot of detail and includes a slap across one of Russell’s son’s by Russell. Probably information Shana let out.

              • I wonder why they are posting them? Decisions of what is true or not should be based on evidence, not history. If that is the direction they’re going, then why are they not posting the multitudes of Shana’s lies? Why in the world anyone would believe her now is beyond me.

              • Probably because I posted some links that benefit Russell. There are quite a few posters over there that still drink the shana aid, I did it to bring light to the voice of a man no longer able to speak for himself, they are doing it to further disparage any truth that may come to light to benefit Russell. Unfortunately one of the ones that is supposedly by Russell’s ex girlfriend and ex wife contain detailed information about his past as being abusive. I had never read the article before.

      • good for you piley! I had to make a hasty exit myself….too dark….too dismal….like a thousand muk luks trampling on my spirit turtle….ughh!!

          • hey romy…I miss you guys but not this train wreck of a show…noticed andy looks haggard in this video….I hope he’s reaping what he has sown…maybe he can go on to develop a show around casey, oj or bernie….apropos for bravo….

            (i’ll check in periodically and see how you guys are….ex-oh, ex-oh)

      • Yes, Bitten. I really hope that Russell’s family goes ahead with the lawsuit if they are doing one. Andy and Bravo kissed Taylor’s arse and were so fearful in my opinion of her filing a suit, they should be held accountable now by Russell’s family and children.
        If there is a court case, can they subpoena all of Bravo’s filming schedules to see how many of those scenes were “staged” after the fact? (Taylor’s one on one with the therapist, Taylor talking to Dana and very obviously for dramatic effect has her hair combed over her eye).

        Russell no longer has a voice in this and it is just not fair! I also wonder if they could subpoene the guy who found Russell and ask him if there was a suicide note?

        Bitten, you and the family have so much support from those of us who want to see justice done.

        • I’m scared to death to think Taylor could get something out of Bravo for the whole mess…. I hope any lawsuit INCLUDES her role in this. She contributed to Russel’s death and should not be seen as a victim.

    • StevieW, Bravo DECIDED, calculatedly, that the “battered woman” storyline is what would best appeal to their target audience; so they massaged and manipulated the material to fit the script, casting their Busted Billy Bass Whore as the star. They think they’re playing to an audience of imbeciles, wannabes, “victims” and underachievers.

      • Totally concur w/ the opinions expressed by MadeP & all the other posters re: justice for Russell’s sons and family members.

        The question is what is the most effective and expedient way to collectively do something about this?

      • I kept on hoping that they were just going to get rid of traylor like they did Lynn Curtain…to do this to children who need to have a good feeling about their father (FOR THEIR OWN SELF ESTEEM) is like destroying not just Russell for a storyline, but each and every one of his children and the all of others that loved Russell. What will braho do when the real story come out?

      • Lol on the BBBW, and yes I think they seriously miscalculated their viewing audience’s capacity to discern the truth behind the edits.

  7. If Shana is coming from a place of ‘strength and recovery’ does this mean you will fire this fraud?

    Bravo and especial;ly andy cohen has blood on their hands, I hope the karma is swift for all the Shana enablers.

  8. Andy, please stop making BS excuses for this evil, narcissistic, earthworm-lipped piece of human detritus.

    Two reasons why she “didn’t shed a tear.”
    1. She has no ability to feel empathy or compassion, because she has no soul.
    2. The plastic surgery on her eyes atrophied her tear ducts. She can’t even shed a tear for herself, one of the two reasons she would cry. The other is of course, to try to fake it.

    • Thanks, Trekker. I just sent an email to AC’s blog just now….for all the good it will do.

      Here it is: “Seriously, Andy. To fail to ask hard-hitting questions of this scheming, swindling, histrionic, narcissistic mess who hijacked Season 2 is very revelatory about your integrity.

      Legions of people–including myself–will absolutely boycott all Bravo programming, not just RHOBH, if Shana Lynette Hughes Sipes Taylor Ford Armstrong returns for Season 3.

      Wake up!”

  9. Bye-bye RHOBH, another viewer lost. Andy/Bravo did this to themselves and now they are stuck with Taylor. My money is on she will be back next season so they can film her “recovery and moving on” period. Poor Kennedy.

    • Another year for Russell Armstrong’s children to suffer along with his parents, siblings, other loved ones, and friends.

      What makes me the sickest, Trekker, is that the character assassination of RA will keep piling up during the next season. Video and print records of SHAFT’s lies and extreme distortions will forever be in the public domain to hurt his sons and daughter.

      Can’t the family sue Bravo? I simply don’t understand how this can be allowed.

      • Hi Waves, as bad as I feel for all R’s children, I feel especially sorry for Kennedy. The boys at least have sane mothers who really care about them, Kennedy is left with a mother who is only interested in herself. I’ve long suspected that Taylor got pregnant to get Russell to marry her, an old trick but one that still works. It really upsets me that Andy Cohen, Bravo and the RHOBH women are publicly standing behind and fostering Taylor allegations. They have all done a great disservice to abused people (men get abused too) everywhere all in the name of ratings and covering their own behinds. They should be ashamed but instead they justify it by blaming Russell (no saint himself) and saying they believe/support Taylor (a known liar). I am done with this show completely. I have this sinking feeling that Taylor will be not only on RHOBH but other shows and commercials for a good while to come. It is the ick-factor, people will watch just to see what she is doing.

        As for a lawsuit, as a litigator of 30+ years I can tell you Russell’s family has very little, if any, grounds for filing a lawsuit. At best they could try but I’m sure it would be dismissed outright or in summary judgement. Although I haven’t seen the contract Russell and Taylor signed with Bravo, everything I’ve read and what I know of those type of contracts is the individuals sign away all of their rights, including to sue (some may have mediation clauses for disputes), if they don’t like the final product. The very nature of this type of show requires that the individuals recognize they may not be portrayed in the best light and the trade off is they become a celebrity. I’m sure Bravo’s attorneys have a battery of people who will testify that Russell and Taylor were fully versed in what the show was about (especially b/c it is season 2) and that Russell said he was making great connections from the show (this has been reported by other media). Additionally, the only family that would have standing is Russell’s sons, not his parent or other relatives. The sons would have a difficult time assessing what damage (money amount) was done in light of Russell’s past convictions, etc. and his financial state when he died. Moreover, they would have to prove that it was the show and not Russell’s financial woes/pending divorce that caused his death, an impossible task. Sorry for the long explanation but that is the lawyer in me coming out! LOL

        I say, let’s all stop watching this travesty and not buy a single product, watch any other show, etc. connected with any of the RHOBH, Andy Cohen and/or Bravo. That is the only way to make them listen.

        • You don’t think that Bravo’s acts of completely destroying Russell, in the interest of their “storyline,” was an unconscionable act, and would void the “waiver of claim” provision? What about the fact that Russell sent the emails to Bravo, begging them to portray him a little more accurately, expressing his desperation and despair, which Bravo ignored? And in light of Bravo’s disregard for the truth, suicide was the only available “remedy” that Russell had, after the complete character assassination that Bravo committed upon him?

          (For a wrongful death action, brought against Bravo on behalf of Russell’s sons.)

          • or….more sinister…. colluding with a co-conspirator and helping cover up the double murder… in the interest of a “storyline” See, a murdered Russel would guarantee the “abusive hubby” storyline was scrapped(very costly) But a Russel suicide allows for a little more “wiggle room”( although even in this I feel that Bravo stepped in it!) And since the main stream media jacked up the publicity on this ‘suicide’ story they wanted to benefit from those non-traditional Bravo viewership that these deaths and the spin of these deaths handed them on a silver platter. So.. my theory is that Bravo has a vested interest in aiding and abedding a contracted employee’s criminal knowledge of a murder….just so that they could salvage the season. Its criminal.

            • That’s a good angle too! I think that Bravo should not want any litigation–nuisance or not–but that’s just me speculating that there’s dirt to dig up.

            • And even in these they are hedging their bets because they have shown her to be a liar and the post taping interviews always mention that SHAFT had not been totally honest with them… listen closely to Andy’s interview.. He is covering all contingencies. She that if the death is proven to be a murder and that SHAFT had guilty knowledge of it, then Bravo could just say ” well she lied to us. she had us fooled, She took advantage of our good nature-we just wanted to be there for her in her time of need we didnt realize she was lying”

          • While what you say about Bravo’s treatment of Russell is true it doesn’t make for a lawsuit b/c the contract Russell signed (not once but twice, once for each season) must have clauses that prevent individuals from suing if they are unhappy with the way they are portrayed. If they didn’t have such clauses these types of shows could not go forward after one season b/c of lawsuits for defamation, etc. Even so, if the sons attempted to sue based on Russell’s portrayal being so distorted (an extremely difficult issue to prove considering Russell continued to participate) that it caused his to commit suicide, they would still have to prove that his suicide was a direct result of the distortion and not related to his financial issues or pending divorce. Randy stated Russell was devastated by the separation/divorce. I’m sure others would say that as well. The bottom line is Russell signed the contract in which he turned over all control of how he was portrayed and accepted the money and fame in exchange. And he did it twice. As sorry as I am for his sons, Russell was an adult, presumably competent of mind, most likely had a lawyer review the contract as well and accepted the terms. Worse, because of his other issues (financial/divorce) it would be impossible to say which one was the greater burden that lead to his suicide. There may be lawyers out there willing to file a complaint in this case but Bravo would move for summary judgment and in all likelihood win. There just isn’t a law that protects you from yourself in cases like this.

            • Well here’s hoping the criminal investigation into the deaths of these two men uncover the proof needed to prove that this was not a suicide.

            • contracts are nothing if there is negligence……just as in the medical field….in my lay opinion there was negligence on the part of bravo

              • I keep thinking of the Goldman’s suing OJ in civil court knowing there would be no money but that the truth would come out.

              • I concur cyn….I’d love to see his family pursue a wrongful death suit….and bravo has the dollars!

              • they may not win a suit but can You imagime what would come out during discovery
                Thats what I would like to be a fly on the wall listening to

              • and to You lawyer folks Can confid agreements cover coving up or not reportinga crime?

              • That’s what I’m saying, to some extent. Bravo would likely want to settle this out, if their motion for summary judgment was dismissed, and discovery was opened.

              • The law does not provide for people who want to be celebrities and are then unhappy with the result. The negligence would be on Russell’s part for signing up for season 2 after being bashed and made to appear to be a horrible person in season 1. The negligence would be on Russell’s part for continuing to film season 2 knowing that he was being made to look beyond horrible. Russell had choices and there is no negligence when people made bad choices for themselves.

              • I agree with that, Trekker, but this was not an acting role; it was a “reality show” role. I believe that that leaves room for allegations of “misrepresentation” against Bravo. If this was a “reality” show, as Bravo emphatically asserts, then the portrayal of Russell should have been a closer representation of reality–ESPECIALLY when he was crying “foul!” at them, in emails, and alleging the harm that they were doing to him. There MAY be wanton disregard/negligence on Bravo’s part. Yes, we can all see what the “most likely” outcome of a lawsuit would be; however, a decent case might still be made. If the family got past the the summary judgment phase, the reputational damage that discovery, alone, would do to Bravo would likely be enough for them to choose to settle the claim. If I was the family, I’d drag Bravo down. Jus’ sayin’; not advising.

          • If he was murdered a lawsuit for wrongful death could be filed against the person who killed him, a la Brown v. Simpson where the Brown family sued OJ Simpson after he was found not guilty in the criminal trial.

            • Nothing could be done to those that knowingly colluded with the murderer to cover it up? or make it look like it was something other than a murder?

              • If there was a murder and it was part of a conspiracy, those involved in the conspiracy could be charged, as well. But first the authorities would have to determine that it was a murder. Russell’s family feels it might have been but I have a hard time believing the LAPD, the EMTs, and the medical examiner are in cahoots. Anything is possible but what would all groups benefit from making it a suicide?

            • I know THAT. ;) If I was the family, I would probably still file something on Bravo, just so that I could open discovery and look at all the emails and contracts. The show is presented as “reality,” so it would be unconscionable if Bravo recklessly and wantonly disregarded the truth, and portrayed Russell in a light that would completely destroy him. I sure would want to know what the catalyst was that drove him to suicide. We don’t really know what contribution each player had to Russell’s feelings of despair; maybe it could be discovered, and maybe not. I think that a well-structured complaint could get some discovery rolling. There is some CA case law on suicide as wrongful death, that may have some controlling authority here; I hesitate to agree that the complaint would be dismissed in summary judgment.

              • Some of Russell’s last quotes were: to Randy, “They’re piling on”; and to his ex-wife: “They’re crucifying me.” That was right after the filmed misrepresentations, ala Bravo.

              • Not only that but it wasn’t even treated as a crime scene to begin with, which is sad because the death of his business partner shot dead outside of his car reeks of anything BUT suicide. I wonder if anyone was paid off to make the suicide for either person the cause of death.

              • We can eliminate Bravo’s being on the take to cover a suicide; that just didn’t happen. Bravo is better off it was a murder anyway. Traylor could be withholding info. Or maybe she knows nothing, and it was a shoddy investigation. Maybe suicide is the truth.

              • I wasn’t speaking of Bravo, I was speaking of if the two men had financial dealings with the wrong people, wasn’t there some talk of Russell having been involved with some financial dealings with “Vegas money” which I took to mean as investors of mob type associations or connections.

              • Me, too! Suicide is beyond difficult for families and sometimes having a note helps. But in this case it would make a difference if his last words were about Bravo’s treatment of him. It may not make a lawsuit but it would have definitely been a huge black mark against Bravo.

              • I know ina ll the faux suicides i see on dateline ect that ended up being murder the murderer left a half assed suicide note..some pople even claim Kurt cobains suicide was murder because of inconsitancies in his suicide note.

              • Oh lord, please don’t make me do homework right now. ;) I really do have to leave for a bit. I cited it on another post. CA case law. I can look it up again later, if you want. Otherwise, you can do a simple LN or West search and you’ll probably get the same results I did.

              • Wow! I was gone for a large chunk of the afternoon, and what a great discussion to return to!

                Trekker, thanks for providing clarity about where things pretty much sit for Russell’s sons & family re: a lawsuit. Undoubtedly, their legal advisors have explained all of this in depth to them. They must be so frustrated and enraged that they cannot do something to stop, as well as hold accountable, the very amoral Andy Cohen and his associated, highly-paid, executive invertebrates who run the Bravo network.

                Thanks, too, to everyone else for your posts. There are so many smart people who contribute on this site!

                I continue to be a regular Pollyanna and hope that an investigative reporter in print or T.V. can do an in-depth examination of SHAFT’s scams to bilk innocent investors out of their hard-earned $$, and proof that the pictures she sold re: her so-called proof of abuse do NOT match any sort of time line. Is it even conceivable that w/ her (gag, gag) close relationship w/ Kyle, Kyle would not have been aware of the broken jaw? Not one of the housewives saw her with such a traumatic injury.

                This is not entertainment. This is a travesty. A man is dead; his business partner died 24 hrs. later. His black widow has a long history of proven lies and grotesque distortions which Bravo has turned a blind eye to. Don’t they vet the people who will be on these shows?!!! I would think this would be a great piece for 60 Minutes, Dateline, 20/20, or similar news programs.

                Perhaps if we gather every iota of information that we can, and assemble it into a well-executed story idea, this grimy piece of wasted DNA will finally be exposed to a much
                larger audience than Bravo viewers. Or, am I just naiive? ……..

              • Unfortunately I think we are all naive, the best we can probably hope for its that somewhere down the road she screws up later on in life and gets taken down, for now it seems she has simply gotten away with every lie and every awful thing she has done, and has Bravo on her side as well. Even if Bravo dumps her they probably have a contract that would prohibit anyone from speaking out the truth for X number of years.

              • @Waves, if you are naive, then so I am. I hope that someone will pull together all the threads and put them together into a fabric that shows just how ugly, corrupt, sad and hurtful this has been to many. But it is a careful what you wish for situation. No story could be told without telling about the seamier side of Russell’s business practices, including his convictions, reports of past abuse and, of course, all of Taylor’s lies, cons, etc. You can’t tell the story about one without the other. So while I would like to see this all come to light and for it to be clarified, I’m not sure it would be the best thing for the children involved. Who really wants to know all the ugly details about their parent?

              • They dont need to know all the awful details but it cannot be worse than the filth that SHAFT is spewing. I know zippo about all dis lawering bidnuss but my concern is that those boys get what Russel had set aside for them (I believe that he did-and i think SHAFT is keeping it from them) and I just wonder if any legal action is taken on behalf of the boys if they will actually end up having to fight the mmr people to get what is theirs IF mmr is successful in uncovering off shore accounts with hidden monies?

          • Although I’m discouraged by the truths re: the family’s limitations or total lack of legal recourse against Bravo and the Black Widow, I continue to be naive and hope that we can combine forces to do something to move this important information from the blog to a wider audience.

            Ugh….this Pollyanna trait has dogged me all my life. But, I’ve also got a lot of piss and vinegar, too! :)

            • A suicide note is no good anyway. All it does is tell you what the deceased WANTS you to know. A piece of paper can’t be cross-examined.

              • Thanks mssuburbia! From personal experience, it would not be allowed at all. It can be submitted in discovery, making it public, but that’s about it. The court just doesn’t work like that. “Three sides to every story…” and all.
                That, and dead people have no rights, as far as the law reaches anyway.

                What a sick, convoluted discussion we have going. Thanks to “ShanaLynetteHughesSipesTaylorFordArmstrong” or whatever she calls herself these days. God bless Russell Armstrong’s children. I can’t even imagine what it is like to be in their shoes…..

              • It would have done a lot if Russell’s last words were telling how Bravo/Taylor betrayed him, ruined him, etc. Could it be used in court, probably not, but it would have been used in the court of public opinion which is much swifter in delivering justice.

            • There’s no total lack of legal recourse. That was *speculation* and debate up there. ^ I happen to disagree and believe that there is possibly enough to put a complaint together and open discovery. If it was immediately dismissed on summary judgment, so be it; doesn’t mean the family shouldn’t at least try.

              • Hi MB! I think that taking bravo to court would be just something they would love! Bravo would jump at the chance for free publicity. They can afford to pay many lawyers to drag out a court action. In the end its a win win for them. They would bring in enough money from the showing of court drama to pay any suit against them. Makes me sick. They continue to make money no matter what they show. If enough people got together and boycotted bravo shows they would notice. It would take alot of people. Say four million or so….lol…I could be wrong but it worked on China didnt it?…lol…

  10. Andy cannot and does not think for himself. As we have seen on other shows he thinks with his penis, and forms his opinions based on what men he has crushes on at that particular time. He is in love with Albie and Joe Gorga, hence his coddling of Caroline and Melissa Gorga, for example. He is drunk on the Taylor koolaid, I swear, I do not know how she does it. You would think Andy would want to open his eyes once in a while, just for a peek, and think about the POSSIBILITY that Taylor is lying to save her own skin. But he is gone. I don’t think he is very bright. Sociopaths, Andycohen, are experts at mimicking human emotion, like Taylor. But the don’t feel anything akin to empathy or guilt or sadness like the rest of us. Taylor Armstrong is a sociopath. If you are unaware of this fact it makes you ignorant. If you are aware of it means you don’t have a moral compass and would do anything for ratings or money. Either way, you are a bad person, a shallow, artificial man who is no longer worthy of our time or attention. Actually you haven’t been for a long time, this clip just confirms it.

      • Indeed they are, Gessie.

        Loved your description of SHAFT a few days ago, btw.

        I had to crab-walk to the bathroom b/c I was laughing so hard! ;)

        I think you should repost it for those who may have missed it. “Labia Lips” SHAFT: perfection!

        • lol. Lest we forget she had a lesbian affair when she was married to Russell, which I’m sure did nothing to add to his abject misery and sense of betrayal.

    • Gessie – I enjoy your posts, direct, to the point and brutally honest. But I suspect that Andy Cohen isn’t quite a sociopath. For the first time Andy Cohen is not only making big bucks but he has become a power at Bravo and expectations are he will go beyond Bravo in the future. Watching him I can’t help but be reminded of any number of executives, administrators, politicians, etc. that have to carry the party line. There isn’t any fire or righteousness in his words or expression, just sort of a dull rehearsed sort of feel. I could very well be wrong but I suspect Bravo gave Andy his orders and he is following them or risk losing what he has achieved. I’m sorry to say that a large number of people would choose as he has and we are all the poorer for it.

        • Me too.
          Andy isn’t a sociopath, he’s just playing the role he’s spent so long striving and working to play.
          I have a feeling he will eventually break out and be able to speak his truth freely without the Bravo machine pulling his strings.
          It happens in every avenue of life and we are all the poorer for it, I agree.
          For someone like Andy, who does appear to have decency in him, it will take it’s toll eventually.
          For now he seems to be enjoying all the bright shiny lights and gaggle of women vying for his attention.
          He’s like a gay Hef with his HW bunny’s.

      • A lot of successful executives an politicians are clinical sociopaths. Actually the description you gave of Andy is precisely what make him a sociopath. He hasn’t traded in his soul of the all mighty dollar or future success. He never had one to begin with. As proof of this I site his unabashed exploitation/victimization of Marysol Patton’s(RHOM) mom. Clearly he just gets a sadistic kick out of splashing this woman’s mangled face all over the tv. And he does it with a smile on his face and his one good eye on dolla dolla bills yall. And the fact that he gets dolla dolla bills out of it is a scathing incitement on society in general. I cant stress enough how ashamed I am that I took part in this. Adding insult to injury is that Andy has just proved my husband right about his assessment of these shows and me watching them.
        This will be my last comment on these vile people. I will check in from time to time and comment on any detours Ms Sh takes or just touch base with my buds on here. I have enjoyed the connections I have made with people on here more than I ever enjoyed these stoopid shows to begin with.
        Now I’ll let ole blue eyes sing me out

        • MP, I really don’t want to see you go. I will miss you so much.
          You don’t even want to see how this is all played out? Or.. Huh. I guess I don’t have anything to say that would make any sense or sway you at the moment.. I will think of something though! I promise! Please reconsider!

          • Maybe this will help???…By supporting this site, MP, you are helping to spread the much-needed truth. Since this site has had such a large hand in exposing the truth about Traylor (and therefore Bravo), and you are such a top contributor, you are actually standing up for what is right. Without this site, you may not know this about the unethical ways of Bravo/Andy/Taylor/Ciroc/etc., and you wouldn’t have been able to take a stand for what you believe. In fact, you might still be supporting all of those things now without this knowledge. You do not have to watch RHW anymore, but by being here sharing your insights/thoughts on the issue and supporting Russell’s family, you may be helping the people that read this site that are in the process of trying to take Traylor down. SH is in no way directly related to Bravo, so you are not supporting them by supporting her site :)

            I hope that helps–I know that no one here wants to see you leave :)

            • Thank you uncommon! How in all that is unholy did you know exactly what I wanted to say?! That is some crazy mind blowing chit right there. :)
              Seriously though, thank you so much for helping a damsel in distress.
              We all have our troubles. I don’t want to go on about mine, but they’ve made speaking out on this site much more difficult for than normal. I’ve been trying to find my way back home to the funny and thanks to a few people here, I have a better view of the road that leads there.
              I am currently on the run from the Kyle and Kim’s evil spawn, but I will check in periodically. On a positive note, I am seeing some lovely sights on the outskirts of Los Angeles that I may not have seen otherwise.

              • Awwww, no problem, MyT. You are such a sweetheart! I think this site can be quite therapeutic, so I have no doubt you will get your full funny back (just look at your last paragraph!) :D
                I wish you luck outrunning the evil spawn, and I hope your “periodically” is quite often!

        • well MP, you are right about all you’ve stated, except you’ve not “taken part in this” as much as it’s been a way for you to vent about such rotten things!! we ALL need to vent about such horrors, but none do it as you do, my very lovely MP! you make such humane points in the face of spectacular muck, this place needs you! i don’t want these subjects to take a toll on you AT ALL, but you are very wise and your humour is unparalleled. consider reconsidering, PLEASE!! i will now hold my breath until you return.

          • awwww shucks yall. I aint goin nowheres. Uncommon made a good point,about supporting the shows vs supporting this site. I will always support the truthyness of this site. I just aint watching the shows no more. I appreciate the knowledgeable input of Trekker and Ms Sub and all the rest of yall who are so insightful and funny. Yall keep my mind workin and I appreciate that more than anything else-yes, Mt, I suppose i did mean psychopath. So, ya see, I cant give up my buddies on here. Yall are way to precious to me. Something very special and unique has happened here on our lil blog. I do get steamed and need a place to vent so….

            • Whew MP! I’ve been gone all day and have been trying to catch up and imagine to my complete shock when I read youze wuz leavin? Like MS said, you cant’ quit us! You provide so much insight, candor, humor and I have never met someone so witty with the videos! You are priceless! :) I can’t tell you how many times you’ve cheered me up!

              I am one that has watched the shows this year on/off but I really think I’m done! I do not watch WWHL, I know I wont be watching OC & NY–I just have no interest in them this coming season. They have become too loud & toxic. As I reflect back on the shows, I’ve had to change the channel too often when the fighting starts because I just can’t take it!

            • Well this is awkward. I’m bloggin from your driveway bc I wasn’t gonna let you quit us. Had a whole song and dance worked out that I was gonna do to try to convince you to stay. Oh weller, glad you changed your mind! :-)

              • dagnabit I am so sad that I missed your song and dance Romo. I bet it would have been much better than this

                Ms Sh(this really isnt off topic since Tina was a real beaten on girl)

              • I know right. Now this chick needs a show of her own. She must be fascinating to talk to. I get caught up watching her youtube channel

              • You know, I’ve always wondered how to dance to that song! :) This is great! I’m going to have to tune in to this one more often!

              • It’s too bad this chick wasn’t at the Malibu Dance party of doom. Kyle would have had some competition. Lol

            • Whew! Thank goodness you didn’t leave, because that would mean that Taylor won!!! And we can’t have that.

              The fewer there are of us, the better off she will be…

        • MP I hope you do return if only to bless us with your humor and to add your humanity to the situation. I myself have detached from the show because for the large part it is people playing parts for our entertainment and comments. There have been a few situations that hit home for me and a time out was necessary. I come here more for the laughter than anything else. I would miss very much and your unique perspective.

        • MP, along with everyone else, I hope you will return soon.

          I share your disgust. Like you, I cannot bring myself to watch tonight’s show or the reunion shows. Nevertheless, this blog has been on-target in the exposure of the ugly truths about SHAFT. Because of the fact that we all want to have Bravo exposed for allowing a thief and malingerer to remain in their employ, I will continue to read MsSH’s blog and the comments of other posters. Your comments have been great, and oh my goodness, what will we do w/o your insertion of perfect links to go along w/ your cleverness and humor? I never would have known about the honey badger w/o you.:(

          I hope my comment and everyone else’s will find their way to your email so you know how much you are appreciated.

    • Ha ha. I can’t do the linkypoo thingie but I know that MP can: the site is sadtrombone and it is a dot-com … I think it’s appropriate everytime Shana tries to cry but can’t.

  11. Wow time for MsAndy to eat some crow pie cause he knows not what he has done. He has just “empowered” her to keep scamming people til death do them part.

  12. …So, she doesn’t cry? Big deal. One can probably can attribute that fact to medication. Also, what does she have to cry about? She can spin her story any way she likes. She is also a great actress, she is smart and articulate… she only cries when she wants to cry. She is still a liar!

  13. Doesn’t shed a tear? But isn’t that the real Shana/Taylor anyway?

    Watching her squeeze up that hideous face trying to eke out some little moisture was hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that Russell was about ot kill himself.

    She is the “reality version” of Casey Anthony wanting to live the “Beautiful LIfe” she felt she had coming from signing onto this show. Dancing and carrying on during the New Year’s festivities was the real Taylor.

    “I’m free and on display! Look at me now as I mourn!” I loathe this woman and Bravo for allowing this to happen.

    I’d propose we all take a drink when Kyle manufactures her endless supply of boo hooing but we’d all be drunk during the first segment.

    Phonies all.

  14. ET is already drinking the Koolaide fact I would guess they’re also assisting with mixing it. ET was one of Shana’s first interviews with her picture.

    • Yes, ET is doing exactly what you described, Shadow.

      They also continue to bolster the Kardouchians.

      My brain hurts….

        • Exactly. Bravo has to paint the best possible picture of Taylor because they are complicit in the scenario that led to Russell’s death. They also supposedly get a portion of her book sales so it’s logical they’d want to promote that in a good light. It’s in their best interest to stick to the story that she was trying desperately to free herself from an abusive marriage to a swindler.

          I’m not convinced though, that Andy Cohen has as much control over this as other people think but there’s no denying that the Bravo/Berwick apparatus does which is why I haven’t been able to watch since early on in this season. I hope that reduced viewing numbers will have a meaningful impact.

  15. I would love for all the people who grew up or lived by Traylor to come out and let everyone know what kind of person she really was. Hello? Is there anyone out there willing to share? I mean bravo couldnt have made everyone sign confidenciality(sp). Calling all Traylor trash insiders…..Come out, Come out…There has to be exboyfriends, best friends she left behind and even dare I say….Ex Relatives she discarded on her moving on up to the good life. Share, we wont tell anyone….lol…

    • I would guess that many or most of them do not even recognize her on TV. She has used so many names and changed her appearance so dramatically. She obviously has not made long-term or meaningful attachments throughout her life. She’s probably been one of those people who just passes through and you don’t notice her, unless you were one of her targets. But her targets are people who also have dirt that they don’t want coming out, publicly. I think she knows what she’s doing and knows how to keep people quiet.

    • Yeah, where’s Jeraldo Rivera when we need him! He used to do a lot of investigative stuff! Where’s Nancy Grace? We need someone to round these people up and get them to talk!!!!!!

      • Geraldo is busy being hated on for being a treasonous jackass; no thank you, on that one. Nancy Grace has lot a lot of public respect too. So sick of these faux “legal correspondents.”

      • Yes please! Please sic Nancy Grace on Shana trash! I would love to see that interview. Hell I’ll pay to watch that go down!!!

        • SHAFT would never, never agree to an interview w/ Nancy Grace. I have no doubt that she’s well aware of Nancy’s skepticism re: Russell’s suicide, and within 24 hrs., the suicide of his business partner.

    • @morninglaurie – this is what I don’t get at all. Taylor has been around for at least 20 years as an adult (25 yrs of you count high school and late teens) but no one, good or bad (unrelated to the show), has come forward. What’s up with that? If there is a fire in your neighborhood or a car accident people are lined up to be interviewed on the evening news. If you neighbor becomes national news, there you are on CBS Evening News. But not a word from anyone who knew/knows Taylor. That is beyond weird in this culture. Being the gal I am, I tend to think it is b/c the people who know her best are much like her and can’t afford to come out into the light for fear their scams will come out too.

      • Hi Trek nice to meet ya….I think that maybe most of the people who knew her at one time probably dont want to be admitting they even knew her. And, the ones who also knew her but havent come forward probably dont watch the show nor care to read about her. I think it might be likely that anyone who knew her are afraid bravo might sic the dogs on them if they come out with anything they wouldnt like. Kind of sucks huh? There has to be a way for someone to get info on her. With all the garbage she has pulled she must have pissed someone off enough to spill the beans on her. I mean if I knew anything about her I would hire a plane to sky write it! Also I have known women like her and found the only way to make them cry real tears is to either expose their real age(lol) or use them as speed bumps……just kidding….

  16. I think I will read about the reunion, I don’t think I could stand seeing her there with the cat eating the canary look while she THINKS we will all be eating crow. I just looked at Shana’s twitter account, Lots of articles to link onto on there, one from here with the interview with Russell’s two exes plus about 4 more from other articles not from here, none favorable to the widow crow. Wonder how long before she wakes up and sees em?

    • She’ll get to all of them after the repair work she needs on her lips. (That duct tape was tough on them, and filler seeped out when she pulled it off.) :O

      She needed to find another plastic surgeon, though. Paul’s done w/ this manipulative, thieving fraud.

  17. Typical, will there ever be any justice here? If Bravo won’t make this right maybe the forensic accountants involved with the lawsuit filed against Taylor and Russel will be able to bring some much needed truth to this situation. If this reunion goes the way I think it will then I’m out, for good. I hope some of the women who have (some what) reputations like Lisa, Adrienne and Camille will at least question her and not just do the “we support Taylor” b.s.. The above clip is depressing is this network so desperate to make themselves look less liable in the tragic death of one of their cast members that they would prop this scamming she devil up and present her to us a grieving widow instead of kicking her to the curb. I feel they are fully aware of Taylor and her ways and are forever stuck with her because to reject her would be to admit fault in their own involment. Shana better watch her back too, cause I think she met her match in scamming manipulators in Bravo, they might not get rid of her for the Russel thing but as SOON as she makes one miss step with anything else they will bounce her to the curb so fast. I am pretty sure Andy and Bravo are beginning to rue the day they cast the Armstrongs. This is pathetic.

      • Hi Lisa! You meant that I’m NOT buying, I guess. I don’t own FB account anymore, but if I did I would post video of Zakk Wylde’s “Sold my soul” for him:

        Check out the lyrics.
        “I was told by this man it would be worth my while
        He’d return me to my woman
        Return me to my smile —-
        It’s all I ask for in this life
        Whatever’s wrong son he told me he’d make right

        Just sign right here son
        Everything will be alright”

  18. I was just thinking I would rather watch a cat puke up a hairball, and there is Mary’s comment. It is puke-inducing stuff, Andy. You are an idiot, Andy.

  19. Is anyone else completely repulsed by the mere presence of Andy? I can’t hear his voice or see his face without being completely repulsed.

    I find it completely disgusting that he and his cronies feel that fame and fortune is worth much more than a human life. He has exhibited not one single iota of remorse for Russell’s family or friends. I am continually convinced that money and power are the root of all evilness.

    • I left a scathing message on his Facebook about him and knowing she was Abused and doing nothing ..the response hasnt been to bad someone warned me of backlash
      I basiccaly said either you are lying or she is which is it.

            • Anytime, I am about to bust a blood vessel over this pos woman. I know what being abused is like, I have lived it for years.One punch to my face filled both eyelids with so much blood I couldn’t see,Blood covered my floor, my clothes, the walls. It finally stopped the physical abuse when I hauled him into a court and had a judge tell him it was against the law and he had to move out and pay my bills. He couldn’t have the electricity cut off or drop me from the car insurance. It wasn’t the first time either. He didn’t beat me every day, but about every three months he would snap and beat me around like a ragdoll.

              One time he had me pinned to the floor because I fought back, He ended up biting my lips, which then swelled up bigger than shana’s and were black and blue and bloody. He bit me because he didn’t have anything to hit me with because he was using both arms and legs to keep me pinned down to keep me from hitting back. She was the attacker in that home, no doubt in my mind.

              • Gail, I’m so sorry to hear that! It must’ve been pure hell, but I’m so glad you’re out of that situation.

              • @Gail – I’m so glad you are safe now. Living well is the best revenge. May you live well for the rest of your life.

              • One of my favorite songs MP, thank you for sharing. Thank you to all of you, I wasn’t going to blurt out anything about my situation and after I posted I wished I had not, It just riles me up to see Shana and recognize that she shows all of the signs of being the abusive one, I feel like if Russell did strike her it was to get her off of him, I’m sure she went at him like a spider monkey on steroids. That scene in the limo where she claimed to be so afraid, he was trying to get her to go back to Vegas and she was angry cause she got shut out of the party, No doubt she went after him as soon as the camera’s were off. She may have a black eye next week on the show, whether Russell did it or not, sometimes the one being abused has to fight back, it’s called survival, be it a man or a woman.

              • Gail, I’m so sorry you suffered that pain and fear for so long, but I’m proud of you for overcoming it.

  20. I’m so glad I am at work and really do not have time to start typing up anything regarding this (apparently, posting on blogs is frowned upon in this establishment!) All I have time to say is my blood is boiling right now!

    • Hello, Adam. While most of us would be pissed if you called us a mincing prig, Andy will think you are calling him a dancing Pringle. I think he might like being called that.

  21. I just went over to look at the blogs at RHOBH for the first time this season. Why, it is a virtual love fest! They used to print negative comments on RHONJ but they do not on RHOBH. What are they hiding? Every single person thinks Brandi Granville is a breath of fresh air! Everybody adores everybody! Wtf? They are keeping such a tight leash on spin control, they must have a team of lawyers working constantly to convince the public that Taylor is an innocent victim as is Bravo! Because if Bravo allows any criticism of Taylor then they have to allow criticism of themselves. Is Andy out of his freaking mind? This is all about good clean fun? There is nothing good, clean or fun about a man being dead and his widow acting extremely inappropriately in every way imaginable. Sanctioned by Bravo! Has anybody noticed that Kennedy cannot stand her mother? She flinches when the woman touches her and does not enjoy talking to her. She looks very miserable when she is with Taylor. And this was before the suicide! In addition, the only reason they made Kim go to rehab is not because they CARE about her, but because they were concerned about the liability. I will never, never, never watch WWHL and I predict that it will be a huge flop now that it is going to five nights a week. Because he is unbearable. Unconscionable. He is a complete piece of shit. And all the reporters know it, too. They still have questions about the suicide. And Andy ain’t answering ‘em.

    • Agree with you, gessie. The fact that they put a loud background music track to manipulate the mood of people listening to this interview shows bravo’s and Andy’s desperation of trying to sway public opinion. It is sickening. I agree with you, also, about Kennedy’s reactions to her mother–not normal at all.

  22. I really hope that MMR does some investigating into Taylor’s parents’ businesses. There is a reason why they are staying quiet. What do they have to hide? Man, I would come forward in a heartbeat if that was my daughter and if I wanted to defend her!!!!

  23. On what calendar has it been 6 mos? At my count 8/15/2011 was not even 5 months ago. A place of “strength & recovery”??? Only a narcissistic, scamming, drugged-up piece of crapola like Traylor feels no sadness over the loss of her husband and father to her daughter.

    I have no first hand knowledge but, even if there was DV wouldn’t there be some sense of loss?

    • Well, many times she said she loved her husband and wanted to save her marriage.
      I guess that was a big fat lie, too. She just married him to suck the life out of him like a black widow spider. I wish a lawyer would take this case pro bono, I think that may be why there is no lawsuits against Bravo. Nobody has the money to sue Bravo I would assume. Perhaps a civic- minded Private Investigator or an attorney could seek justice for Russell. She is so freaking lucky that her medical records are protected by privacy laws. Because then we might see that her cheekbone implants, eyebrow lift, lip reconstruction, nose job, etc. might have left a bruise or two for her to take a picture of. And even if a Doctor knows she is a lying mutant sea-bass he can’t say a damn thing. He’s not allowed. She holds all the cards and she knows it.

      • I couldn’t agree more. It drives me mad to know that this crazy, scamming beyotch may get away with murder. She didn’t need to tie the hangman’s knot to be a major part of Russell’s death but, she might as well had done it.

    • i cant speak for every DV survior And of course my ex isnt dead but I did mourn the lose of my marriage and on my aniversary i still think I failed somehow Ask me on a non aniversary day I am not in mourning

      • Thank you for sharing lisa. I can’t even imagine what a survivor feels but, I was fairly sure that there would be some sense of loss by Traylor.

      • Lisa,
        I can tell you my mom feels the same way. Even after being happily remarried and knowing what harm he did not only to her life, but to mine and my sister’s lives as well. He was emotionally abusive to all 3 of us, physically abusive towards my mother and me, and beyond those to my sister. Yet she still feels a sense of failure that on that day overcomes the guilt she feels. I have always thought it had to do with her religious views, which I admittedly had little sympathy for (that was part of the reason she stayed with him for so long). It seems I may have been wrong. Thank you. When she finally found the courage to leave/divorce him, we had to move across the state. He never did anything (in a period of 18 years) for her birthday, Christmas, or their anniversary, but after she left he would send her a big, beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses (usually to her place of work) with a card reading “Happy Anniversary”. I think that must have made the memory of that day even more hard on her. Again, thank you for helping me empathize.

        I am so sorry for the pain you suffered at the hands of you ex, and I want to let you know that I appreciate (as I am sure others do) how open you are with your experiences. I agree with everything you have ever stated about SHAFT’s behavior, and her “story” has frustrated and angered me to no end. It is not fair to those who have truly struggled with this. Shame on her and shame on Bravo.

    • Mostly, there would be a sense of feeling completely lost; after all, she was “abused” and “controlled.” She would not be able to function so independently, as she has been. She’d also be very uncomfortable with the party scene and all that. She should be “shrinking,” not expanding–if that metaphor makes any sense. She should finally be able to feel safe–like wanting to cling to her daughter and tell her, “It’s okay; we’re safe now”–not be out acting wild, traveling and promoting vodka (and not even knowing where her daughter is spending NYE). Most importantly, if she was TRULY abused, she would really be struggling with anxiety, self doubt and blaming herself. The Battered Woman blames herself for EVERYTHING. She could not have arrived at this “survivor and role model” place in just four months, if she truly had been abused for six or more years.

      • YES!!!! In what delusional world does she think that a DV survivor walks away less than six months later feeling & acting like She-ra, princess of power. I think she needed to research her DV acting role a bit more before trying to get it on film.

      • ITS always amazed me she dosnt have PTSD or Battered women syndrome not even one symptom of either

      • MsS – absolutely right. I’ve thought that Taylor learned all the buzz words and some behavioral traits from real abused women (from the center where she “counseled” abused women) but it is obvious there are gaps in her learned abuse knowledge database. At the very least she would be spending day and night with her young daughter making sure she felt safe.

  24. here here ms. suburbia! I didn’t leave my apartment except to go to work for 6 months after we moved out. My kids and friends were worried and so finally I went to a birthday party after 6 months of hiding out.

    • Ditto. I was the exact same way. It took me 2 years to feel like going out at all. It’s now over 4 years later and I’m just barely starting to feel my “normal” confident self resurfacing. I’ll never be who I was before but every day I get a little bit closer to being her again :) Too bad none of us have Taylor’s speed healing tips!

  25. let’s all boycott the show if they don’t get rid of Shana!!!!!!!! PLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeassssssssseeee
    everyone who will please post, yes we will watch if you keep Shana for Season 3!
    Maybe the Bravo snoopers will see how many people post specifically that and think about it.

    • I am not watching any Bravo anymore because of this. And if I ever did watch it again it would be just long enough to see who was advertising during the shows so I can boycott them too.

      • Excellent suggestion, MP.

        I’ve written to the C-word company and said I will boycott them as long as SHAFT is affiliated w/ them.

        (Truth: I don’t even drink vodka, so it was pretty disingenuous on my part. ;) But, they wouldn’t know that.)

  26. Lets face it Bravo wouldn’t put out these shows if we didn’t watch them. The ratings for the first show went up not down. If the ratings fall because of Taylor they will make cast changes. I did read the other day that the ratings are falling as the season has continued. Maybe next year she will have moved on.
    The only Justice you will find for Taylor is through the MMR litigation and unless she has past Fraud convictions it will be all about the money not Jail time. The IRS will be the next.

    • At this point Cyn, I will feel better when ANY type of karma (justice) smacks Traylor in her fat duck lips. Plus, I think that a financial hit, a big one, is worse punishment for a scam-artist.

      On a side note, lovely picture. I beginning to think that I am the only brunette commenting on the site. I’m surrounded by gorgeous blondes (you, MP, MsSub, and Ms. SH too).

    • @Cyn1 – I agree, these shows wouldn’t be made if there wasn’t an audience for them but RHOBH this season has reached a whole new low for this type of programming. Russell’s death brought out just how real these people are. Not surprised that the ratings have dropped as the season wore on either, it was increasing difficult to watch. I suspect Taylor will be back for at least one more season and then outta there to greener pastures.

      It won’t matter if Taylor has past fraud (or any other) convictions re the MMR case. MMR v. Armstrong is a civil case, there are no criminal penalties available. MMR could have had both Russell and Taylor prosecuted for self-dealing, fraud, etc. when it originally discovered the criminal acts but didn’t want to shake investors’ confidence and settled the matter with the Armstrongs. The liquidated damage clause of that agreement is what MMR is going after now. At worse Taylor will have to pay the $1.5 million.

      • Trekker, maybe Cyn is thinking that past fraud convictions would have relevance to refute Traylor’s affirmative defense of “duress” (Cyn?). I did look up her criminal record, and there was nothing. Unless someone else has found something, there’s no documented criminal history that I’m aware of. There should be quite a bit of available evidence that she’s a grifter though. She’s got quite a burden of proof on her, for the whole “duress” defense. I don’t think she’ll prove it, and she’ll have to pay liquidated damages. What do you think on that one, Trekker?

        • I was replying to the many posters that think we were talking about the out come of the Trial being about anything but money. I was referring to any past actions of fraud giving more weight to MMR claims. Since Taylor’s company benefited from the fraudulent actions of Russel I would think it would be difficult to claim Duress or not being aware of Russell’s actions. I do think when this is all over the IRS is going to be her worst nightmare.

          • I know someone very much like Taylor. They had stolen thousands of dollars and assumed someone’s Identity and nothing ever happened but a slap on the wrist and probation over and over again. What is funny is what finally got her in real trouble was fraudulent picking up RX’s not in her name.

              • I still think there’s a deeply-layered story re: SHAFT’s previous scams prior to marrying Russell, plus the joint scams they were involved in before his suicide. Even if the most that happens to her is that she has to pay back $1.5 million to MMR, there is still an excellent opportunity for an investigative reporter to bite into all of SHAFT’s nasty and illegal activities spread out in Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, and California and expose them all. The ratings would be great if it could be contained in a T.V. news magazine program, I guarantee it!

                Geez, I wish I had connections. :(

              • What happened to the commenter that lived in Tulsa and was going to snoop on the ex-hubs that owns a gym there?? Are you here, Tulsa? We would love to know if you got any scoop! :)

              • Off topic: LOL, I have no idea how you all keep up here! Honestly, I post once and my email inbox has 30-40 posts and I start reading them and get sort of lost trying to follow who is saying what. Then I come back to post and get lost all over again, LMAO. If I’m not responding to anyone, it isn’t that I’m ignoring you, I just can’t keep up!

              • You’re right, Uncommon! I did read that a few days ago, I think.

                Jeremy Sipes is the name of the ex, if I’m not mistaken.

                I think it would be well worth the Armstrong family’s time and $ to hire the best private investigator possible. Does anyone know if Bitten has ever mentioned this? I’m fairly new on SH.

              • Thanks, Waves! You are correct–that is him. I don’t remember her mentioning a PI, but I’m sure it would be worth their time/money if at all possible. Then again, I think she has to be very careful with what she can disclose, so maybe they have contacted one–we can only hope ;)

        • @MsS – Unfortunately, in contract cases, which the MMR suit is, past criminal behavior (prosecuted/convicted or not) doesn’t really matter. In order to win her duress claim she will have to provide proof of abuse, coercion, etc. all from 2007. Her word wouldn’t be sufficient and her part in the original scam could be used against her truth telling abilities. She lied to investors so it would follow that she would lie to the court to get out of paying $1.5 million. Claims of duress are really hard to prove, especially years later. I think it is a stalling tactic on her lawyers part. If MMR finds the offshore accounts (and I believe there are offshore accounts) she is screwed. MMR has sworn to do whatever it takes to collect but if they can’t find the offshore accounts at some point they will settle b/c it will cost them more to continue to pursue the matter than they will be able to recover.

          • It has occurred to me that RA & TA made some major missteps in their swindling. (I’m thinking about Mohamed, in particular.) Their house of cards was imploding.

            Perhaps there is some knowledge that someone has re: the off-shore accounts. After all, we’ve all seen how much the Black Widow craves front-and-center attention. She loves to hear herself speak. She has concocted more lies than she can keep track of and manage. Time after time, we have seen what happens to her under the influence of alcohol–and probably prescription and/or non-prescription pills. Maybe someone will disclose this information to MMR. The Black Widow needs to pay back those poor people who were swindled by Russell and her. She was complicit every step of the way.

          • Trekker, my point is that testimony/evidence of her past fraud wipes out HER affirmative defense of duress: If she did it before, on her own, then she can’t say that similar acts were not deliberate and willful. No, of course it does not strengthen MMR’s case; this is a contract matter, not criminal. I think maybe you think you’re talking to a law novice, which I’m not. ;)

            • @MsS – I think we are going around in circles. I don’t know what testimony/evidence you are talking about. Whether she lied or committed fraud is not the question a court will have to decide in her claim of duress. It is whether or not Russell controlled her sufficiently that she was forced to sign the agreement against her will in 2007. Simply b/c she has lied in the past doesn’t mean that she couldn’t have been under duress when she signed the agreement. The hurdle she will have to overcome is proving she was under Russell’s control. I think we both agree her lies to the investors make her look bad but her lies alone wouldn’t be enough to disprove or wipe out a duress claim.

              MsS- I don’t know what your background is, I’m not trying to offend you. I enjoy your posts and exchanging posts with you. You are a bright gal. I’m not novice to law and didn’t assume you were either. I do think we are both kind of passionate gals when it comes to our point of view. Hoping my comments aren’t putting you off.

              • No, I LOVE tossing this stuff around with you! You’re arguing one perspective; I’m arguing another. Our secret, guilty pleasure AND legal discussion = Geek Heaven. :) It’s just that I don’t want you to think that you have to dumb it down for me; not sure if that’s what you were doing in your last post or not.

              • Geek Heaven! YES! LOL. (I wish I could get the smiley faces/laughing faces to show.) The whole practice of law is one side arguing one point and the other side arguing another, that is why I LOVE the law. Oh lord, I wouldn’t dumb down to you, girl! I’m probably going simple b/c I’m home after back surgery and the pain meds are making dumber and dumber each day. By the end of the week expect mumbling. :-)))

                Tell me how you are staying on top of these threads. I have over 200 emails in my inbox, I have trouble finding where I posted to see if I need to respond (I used the search feature but then I hit every one of my posts), and heaven help me if I’m trying to fine a response I saw in an email. LOL, obviously, I’m not a regular poster on boards like this but I’m blaming my inability to figure this out on the pain meds.

              • Aw, I hope you feel better. I don’t always try to keep up. I have my fake email that the notices go into; occasionally, I look in there. Otherwise, I just watch the recent posts on the side and keep up that way. I lose track of threads all the time.

              • Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t really paid attention to the side bar showing the posts. I too, use an extra email address for receiving these notifications but keep checking, LOL! I just have too much time on my back here!

              • “Proof” of the abuse–and therefore, the duress–is what she’s hard-pressed to prove. No doctor reported. No restraining order was obtained when she booted Russell out and filed for divorce–which alone, flies in the face of her claims that she was held, controlled, abused, and forced to sign documents. And the past frauds undermine her credibility and expose her deviant mind. In totality, her duress claim is weak, at best.

              • Exactly! You have to believe that if she had anything at all to document abuse she would have pulled it out by now. That’s why I really think the duress claim is just a delaying tactic.

  27. - Every single one of you folks will continue to watch this season of RHOBH.

    – Every single one of you will watch the reunion show(s).

    - Every single one of you will watch Season 3.

    So quit being so self-righteous and continue your love/hate relationship with Bravo, Andy and The Real Housewives of (fill in the blank).

      • I’m not watching tonight or any other night. the main reason I cannot watch the reunion is because I projectile vomit when I hear Andy Cohen’s voice. I’ll just come here and see what everybody has to say tomorrow.

        • A boycott on watching Bravo includes me, too.

          Can’t stand goofy Andy Cohen.

          Can’t tolerate the braying of Kyle.

          Can’t look at or listen to the screeching and guffawing of SHAFT.

          ***Ms. SH always provides an excellent synopsis, so this site is where I’ll be tomorrow, and will be after the two-part reunion shows. No more Bravo watching for me.

          You have misjudged many posters, Jim.

    • Nope. I quit watching a while ago. I get my recaps right here and, occasionally, I look for a re-run to see something for myself. I am interested in seeing the resolution on some of this stuff, and I’m interested in the psychology and legal issues of some of the players–purely from a curiosity standpoint, even though the players are repulsive–but I haven’t watched an entire episode or reunion show in many months. A few of the cast members make the shows barely watchable, but I really can’t tolerate a whole show. Besides that, I’m ashamed to let my husband and kids see me watch it . . . so I pretty much just say “no.”

      • Jimbo….you would not have posted that if you and Bravo were not worried. Greed is such a horrible thing.

        • What?! That is such an odd comment. I’m greedy because I watch TRH and find them entertaining? And what, pray tell, would I be worried about?

            • The greed I was referring to was the greed of a network to throw Russell under the bus for what someone thought was a good storyline (DV) and to pay others to follow what is being said about them on the blogs. Cleaned up the cookies last night and found a whole lot of strange things from traylor and damen and even a lawyer in the cookie jar. That is why I placed the odd comment.

              • I still don’t understand how “greed” has anything to do with my posts. Do you think I’m paid by someone to read blogs and post comments? Or am I completely misunderstanding your comments?

                And this is very puzzling…
                “Cleaned up the cookies last night and found a whole lot of strange things from traylor and damen and even a lawyer in the cookie jar. That is why I placed the odd comment.”

                Are you speaking in some kind of code?

              • I thought the cookie post was puzzleing too. since I dont know much about stuff like that and my husband would tan my hide(not literally-don’t freak out yall) if my SHing caused us to get stale cookies in our .. um .. jar?
                Anyways, I think the greed comment stemed from the notion that you might be one of them Bravo pr peoples. ya know since yer guns was blazin and all ;)

              • If you are speaking of internet browser cookies… cookies are placed on your computer by sites that you visit. Taylor, Damen (?) and lawyers would not be able to put cookies in your, um, cookie jar if you haven’t visted the sites that put them there. And if you’re really worried, you can set your browser to reject cookies.

    • I don’t know if I will watch the rest of this season. I don’t think so. Will watch reunion show to see how Andy spins it and how other women react. But no more Bravo for me after that at all. Ever. Don’t care if they get Meryl Streep as one of HW’s.

      • I think it’s probably just HW addict who does not realize that some people do draw a line at some point. And that there are other channels then Bravo.

        • I am most likely an addict, lol.

          But I honestly believe that the vast majority of you aren’t actually drawing the line. You may be angry at Shana, Bravo and Andy for what has transpired this season but you’re still interested enough to be reading about and discussing the show.

          • Generally speaking, Jimbo, I think you may be right about a number of people will be back watching Bravo shows but not RHOBH. RHOBH has become so tainted by Taylor and her lies that it makes many people feel dirty, unwillingly complicit in this nightmare, angry and fed up with the business as usual (making money) attitude of Bravo that continuing to watch this show is impossible. I’ve seen more than enough of this train wreck that has taken the joy from three childrens’ lives. I can’t and won’t support that kind of programming.

            People are posting here b/c it gives them a way to deal with the horror, anger and frustration. Read the posts again, it all all about disliking/hating Taylor, her deceit, concern for the children and Russell’s family, it is about wanting Taylor to be punished or justice done. It isn’t about being interested in the show, the show isn’t even discussed. Not watching it will be easy.

            • Once again, perfectly stated, Trekker.

              Your help re: legal info has been terrific. Many thanks to you! :)

          • I appreciate you joke about your HW addiction.
            Thing is I’m not addict to RHOBH (only HW show I watched).
            That started out as – and was supposed to be – light entertainment. It turned in to anything but that.
            For the rest – Trakker responded better then I think I would be able to.

    • Jim, why worry enough to comment about what I watch or other people here watch? It is creepy, stalker like.

    • This is too freaking hilarious! None of you watch RHOBH but you spend hours reading and commenting on blogs related to the show? You’re not fooling anyone.

      I watch all of the Housewives shows and I probably hate some of cast members as much of any of you. But I’m not ashamed to admit that I still find the shows highly entertaining. And I read Stoopid Housewives because SH’s blog entries are hilarious! And you know, SH watches the shows too. ;)

      And btw, my posts aren’t “creepy stalker”. But the posts by people who claim to not watch the show yet hate Taylor-Trailor-Shana-etc so vehemently and spew such hateful venom sound awfully “creepy stalker” to me.

      FYI… I don’t work for Bravo… I don’t like Taylor either… I think Andy’s a wimp too and I feel sympathy for Russell’s family. But I don’t blame anyone for his untimely death. Russell killed himself and suicide is the ultimate selfish act. There is no one to blame but Russell.

      • I disagree, I think you are creepy, stalker like. I don’t care what you do but you care what a whole blog full of posters is watching.

        • Actually, I take my words back, Jim. The thing is, to be totally honest with you, I truly don’t care what you watch or do with your time. I hope it is something you enjoy, but whatever you do is okay with me, as long as everything is legal and all parties are consensual. I don’t understand your earlier post because I wouldn’t care enough to comment on what you watch. Are you monitoring people’s viewing habits? You wrote that “every single one” of us either has or will be watching specific HW-related things. That is kinda weird and bizarre.

      • UGH SUUCIDE IS NOT A SELFISH ACT I wish people would have the brains to actually talk to people who have been suicidial DO SOME research why dont you before you spout off stupid misimformation

        Sorry but that selfish line makes me crazy

        • I have had someone close to me commit suicide. And the wreckage they leave behind is truly awful. Anyone who truly cares about their loved ones would never commit suicide.

          • Anyone who truly cares about person who made suicide informs her/himself about suicide and state of mind of people doing it. You don’t make persons death all about you. Sorry.

          • Of course it is awful not sayin git isnt but as someone who wanted to die I thought my family would be better off w/o me and My ex could find a better person to marry and mother my daughter That is not the thinking of someone who is selfish that is the thoughts of someone who has been beaten down so bad they thought death was there only choice You have no idea what your friend was thinking when he made his choice so dont presume he was “selfish” You also dont know what Russell was thinking none of us do.

          • I’m sorry you had to experience that loss Jim. People kill themselves for many reasons and since you didn’t know Russell personally (I think) you don’t have a clue why Russell killed himself (if Russell killed himself). We won’t know the real story of Russell’s death for sometime time now because there are other forces at work in this matter. Are you saying that Russell did not care about his loved ones or was that your experience with the person cloe to you that commit suicide?

            • Eddie was my partner’s best friend and ex-lover. He hung himself and didn’t leave a note. That was nearly 10 years ago. My partner frequently has disturbing dreams about Eddie. He wishes he knew Eddie needed help at the time of his suicide. But they spent many years together in a turbulent relationship and Eddie often threatened suicide when his partner (now my partner) threatened to leave. So he learned to discount Eddie’s cries for help. This haunts him every day.

              Eddie’s mother and father divorced soon after his death because she went crazy, started abusing her meds and loaded up their house with all of Eddie’s belongings. She spends nearly every waking hour amongst the hoard sorting through Eddie’s things. My partner was very close to her but we no longer visit her because it is too painful. Eddie’s siblings watched helplessly as their family was torn apart. They now spend very little time together a family.

              My view is from the outside. I haven’t ever seriously considered suicide so I don’t know how that feels. But I do know what suicide does to the survivors. And it sure looks and feels like a selfish act to me. So many other lives are destroyed or damaged by one person’s selfish act.

              This is just my opinion.

              • My heart breaks for your bf and his ex’s mom. Sad. Thank you for sharing your point of view. You are right for recognizing that you have never felt suicidal so you dont know what its like for that person. Keep on keepin on is alls I can say. And please reconsider yalls stance on no longer visiting his poor momma. I cant imagine how painful it is for yall to witness but I wager hers is almost unbearable. She might get some comfort from an occasional visit. Anyway, thank you for sharing your perspective.

              • Eddie’s mother is so far gone now. She pays almost no attention to visitors and is lost in her own world. She isn’t so far gone that she can’t survive on her own. But visits were so dreadful that it was best for our own sanity to let her go. Sad, I know

              • Yes that is sad. I reckon t the end of the day yall gotta do whats best for your mental health. And I can certainly see how that could bring your bf down to witness that.

              • Jim, I too am sorry for your loss. It’s heartbreaking to hear about the mother & family as well. I hope you stick around & continue to share your thoughts.

              • I’m sorry for your friend. I understand your anger better now. Any death is hard only on survivors, suicide more then most others. It seems to me person you are talking about had serious mental issues, which were not treated. State of mind of people committing a suicide – was exactly why I said it not a real free choice.
                Hope his family will find some peace, and hope your friend is better now.

              • Jim, I wish words could help. I’m so sorry for what you have gone through. People who commit suicide don’t expect that they will be missed; they feel that everyone is better off without them. Sometimes, in their irrational thinking, they think that suicide is an act of caring for others, since they see themselves as so burdensome to the lives of others. Your particular story rings a bell for me though; this one WAS the ultimate act of spite and power-seeking, wasn’t it? Was this story on TV?

              • I’m afraid there was nothing unique about Eddie’s death. Just another suicide of a hopeless alchoholic.

                Eddie didn’t lack for support when he was alive but his illness did make it harder for people to take him seriously.

                “Oh Eddie’s drinking again. I guess we can expect some late night drunken phone calls. I sure wish he’d get his life together so we didn’t have to worry about him all of the time.”

              • Jim: There are no words, other than “thank you” for sharing. Long time readers of SH know that my Becky lost her father when she was nine years old (sister 12, brother 6) by self-inflicted gunshot. Her father’s anniversary is two days from now. The effect is life long. SH

              • I’m very sorry for Becky’s loss.

                I lost my father and mother to natural death and that’s hard enough to handle. I couldn’t ever imagine what it would be like to lose a parent to suicide.

      • I think you missed few century’s. We are out of middle ages. Both medicine (psychiatry) and ethics professionals today say there can not be talk about free choice when we talk about suicide.
        Your addictions are your problem. Just don’t measure everyone with your stick. I watched whole 2 season of RHOBH until now. Won’t be watching Bravo again after this season and what they have done to Russel Armstrong and his family. Period.

      • Jim: Of course I watch the HWs… would not have this site if not! Your opinion and comments are welcome. Have to mention that I will not be watching WWHL… and, IMO, ALL of the HWs shows are becoming predictable and boring. As for tonight’s RHOBH… I am not looking forward to watching. How long these HWs shows will continue to go on with no changes to their repetitive formulas is anyone’s guess. IMO, they have all jumped the shark and the sharks are feasting on them. Wonder how long it will take Frances Berwick (’cause she’s the REAL head of the HWs coven… not Andy) to realize this… TFC!! SH

        • Every show run its course and I suspect that the RH franchise will do so soon enough. But the show runners haven’t been totally complacent. They’ve continually changed cast members on the shows which sometimes drastically changes the dynamics.

          For example, RHOOC was beginning to bore me to tears until Alexis and Jim were introduced. Oh no, I’m definitely not their fan! But I love to hate them so much that I can barely wait for each new episode to see what asinine thing will come out of Alexis’ fake, plastic lips. I also secretly hope that she’ll grow some balls and ditch that a$$hole husband.

    • Well Jim I will stop watching it just like I stopped watching the millionare matchmaker because patti os such a sleezebag and just like i stopped watching NCIS because no Federal agents act like horny men in the office like Dinozza does and ill stop watching like stopped eating at Wendys(while dave thomas was alive) because DAVE THOMAS was against open adoption recs so you see My friend Jim when i say ill stop watching or boycotting something I mean it and until you are in my head stop telling me what i will or will not do you do not know me
      Taylor is a joke and a liar and i will not watch a show that condones Lying about something so serious as Domentic abuse.

      • I agree… Patti is unbearable. But I knew that after I watched the show for 5 minutes. I have only seen 3 or 4 episodes because I thought that maybe I was missing out on something. I had the similar experiences with RHOM and RHODC but I just thought they were dull and quit watching.

        But I never felt compelled to comment on a blog about the aforementioned shows. I simply didn’t care enough to bother. I do care what happens on some of the other Bravo shows though. So I find it difficult to understand why someone who hates a show so much would spend one second worrying about it.

        • i do Like the show in whole I love Lisa,ken and Giggy The RH shows use to be fun and delightful but begaining last yr and with RH Nj they became seriosuly DARK. But BH took it even further With the fake abuse storyline and Bravo lame attempt to cover it up butI would watch again if Taylor gets booted off But im not interested in watching her feed off her lies anymore its disresecful to real abused women and men. I dont wact the OCor the Miami shows so i dont comemnt on theose threads

    • I honestly don’t understand most of you. Do you always try to intimidate and mock someone who has a slightly contrary opinion to yours? I am not a troll or creepy stalker. I’m a long-time reader of Stoopid Housewives.

      I find the blog to be very entertaining and I share the opinions of many of you on different topics. This has been the first time I have felt compelled to comment, not because I disagree with you about about Shana. I simply find it hard to believe that everyone who says they have quit watching have actually done so (or will do so).

      I’ll concede that not all of you are still watching but c’mon… viewers love train-wreck TV. If that wasn’t true, TRHOOC would have lasted one season, Andy would probably be unemployed and Bravo would be re-running Law & Order 24 hours a day. Instead we having a thriving network, franchise and VP of Programming.

      So mock and call me names if you must… but I’m sticking to my guns.

      • well I m sorry when people pass misimformation or tell me “what i will do “it makes me cranky If I say i wont watch if Taylor is on I wont
        one thing is for sure I am strong in my convictions And hey I am all for LAW AND ORDER 24/7 its my favorite francise.

      • i agree with jim, and if all of you really ARENT watching the show yet comment here like 23420349 times a day, then THATS creepy and weird. since when does everyone get SO worked up over such a harmless comment?

      • That’s cool, Jim. I actually think it is good that you have decided to comment. I stopped by and happened to see this part of your post which, frankly, might rub some people the wrong way:

        “So quit being so self-righteous and continue your love/hate relationship with Bravo, Andy and The Real Housewives of (fill in the blank).”

        I have dinner party plans (Geaux Tigers!), so I must go. Now, if you want to write where I will be dining and who I will be partying with, then I will think you are a creepy, stalker.

      • What’s to understand? Your first post was disbelieving all the posters here who are giving up on Bravo, and basically calling us hypocrites (not to use other plain word for people not speaking truthfully). People disagreed with you. And most were extremely polite about it. Now you are offended? I find myself confused…

        • I’m not offended because people disagree with me. I love a good argument! I’m offended when people call me a “creepy stalker” and a “troll” just because I have a contrary opinion.

          I apologize for coming into this thread with my guns blazing and painting everyone with the same brush (mix metaphors much Jim? Lol.) But I do stand behind my belief that most people wouldn’t care so much and comment about something they claim not to even watch. I think some of you are in the closet. And I know from experience that coming out of the closet is a wonderful, liberating act. ;)

          • Ok then – that’s good because it’s fine with me too if people give it if they are willing to take i too. As for “stalker” I think such things are best discussed with person who gave you that comment I didn’t think that of you personally. When you respond with general post – all who commented with you are called in question.

            As for second part and your opinion. I still think you judge everyone by your experience. What is understandable in a way. But truly amazing thing I learnt in life is that people are different. Truly different. We come in all shape and sizes. And when you understand that whole new world opens. You might find interesting the way other people react, live think – whatever… Don’t discount something just because it’s not in your experience.

            • Stoopid Housewives and Traylor… there truly is something different going on here. And I think it’s becoming a zeitgeist.

              I don’t think you average viewer even questions the validity of Taylor’s claims. I certainly didn’t at first until I started following the Shana-related post here on SH. Aren’t we conditioned by Movies of the Week, After School Specials and Lifetime movies to never question claims of spousal abuse? Haven’t movies like The Burning Bed, Sleeping with the Enemy, What’s Love Got to Do With It, etc. showed us that smart, successful women are often silent victims of domestic abuse. Therefore I can understand where Pam-Dana is coming from when she says, “If my girl says it, it’s true.” But I can also understand the theory that S.H.A.F.T. would make up lies to stay relevant to the show.

              So where is this going? I’ve been afraind to say this but… what if Ms. Shana Taylor Hughes Ford Armstrong really WAS a victim of domestic abuse? C’mon, during Season 1, didn’t you think Russell was super creepy? I certainly did! But I thought his demeanor seemed more stereotypical of a child molester. Everytime he was on camera (yeah, I know about editing, lol) he was so awkward it made me feel uncomfortable.

              Just throwing that out there. Sorry in advance if I piss y’all off. But I haven’t seen anyone here question the current meme as theorized by this site.

              • What if pigs flew outa my beehind and flew over there and gave you raspberry right on yer belly? ;0) But seriously, its about as likely as SHAFT being abused. Word is (and her actions point strongly to this) that SHE is the one that abused him. And If I have said sevral times that if he snapped and coldcocked her upside the head a time or two then she more than likely earned it for treating his son’s like steaming piles of dookie. (I gave up worrying if my stance on this issue was gonna piss off a heart bleeder so you need not worry about yours either)

              • So in season 1, you didn’t find Russell extremely odd? You didn’t think to yourself, “Hmmm, I wonder what this guy is trying to hide?” Alarm bells were going off in my head every time he appeared on screen.

              • Actually I was sucked in for a hot minute about her saying “Russel drives the bus in this relationship” Never ever thought he was abusive though. Clearly SHAFT has been setting this up from jump. But remember that wasn’t her first go-to “oh poor pitiful me” storyline. Originally it was that he might leave her for a younger girl. She got crickets on that. Additionally when it was addressed at the reunion I thought Russel’s answer was funny “I dont have the energy for a 20 year old”

              • i never thought he was abusive or controlling i thought he was just shy and uncomfortable on camera

              • Or he could have been being quiet trying not to set Shana off on one of her tirades against him.Remember season 1 when he asked about her little company, you know just conversation chatter, and she responded with the icy, I wish you would refer to it as my little company. She has way to much mouth to be the one abused.

              • Gail, there wasn’t the little reply thingy so I’m posting here. I think you are right that he was a bit shy and he definitely wasn’t comfortable in front of the cameras. I actually felt sorry for him when he was on camera b/c it was so obviously he wasn’t comfortable in front of them. But he also was a con artist and that isn’t something he wanted known. I’m not sure he was afraid of her tirades, I think they both gave as good as they got. His comment about her “little business” was condescending and he probably said it before. It was a passive-aggressive dig. I agree that Taylor is and continues to behave extremely poorly but Russell was no saint by any means.

              • @Jim – really an excellent post. I wrestled with was she/wasn’t she and feeling off b/c I didn’t just take a woman’s word for it. There still are some moments that I still think, hmmm. . . her reaction seems so genuine, could I be wrong? But in the next moment or video or comment she makes I go back to she is playing us. The biggest difference between Tina Turner and others who have suffered abuse is there were signs, there were marks, bruises, broken bones, unexplained absences while the woman recovered, crazy answers to “how did that happen?” When I was younger I worked with abused women and all of them had worked so hard to keep the secret from family and friends. They didn’t run around to all their girlfriends and say hubby was cold, didn’t support them emotionally or any of the things Taylor complained about in Season 1. They certainly didn’t tell tales of extreme physical abuse and then jump up and say they were going on vacation with hubby all bubbly like Camille said Taylor did. And they all showed signs of physical abuse, bruising, cuts, burns, bites, broken bones; emotional signs like keeping their head down, not challenging anyone, trying to please everyone, etc. The photo of her black eye was from eye surgery, as Taylor later admitted. There is nothing, no photos, no witnesses to bruising, marks or unexplained absences from public, no medical records of poorly explained accidents to indicate the violence she said she experienced. In 6 years there would have to be something even if it was only a suspicion on someone’s else part (not just that he was creepy but that they saw/heard something that made them think he hit her). Did he push her, probably. Did she push him, probably. Did they slap each other around, probably. The long and short is we will never know for sure. But for me, a least, this has been a wake up call that not everything that glitters is gold and not every claim of abuse is true.

              • Ike often smacked Tina upside the head so her hair would hide the bruising. Because Shanna was in the public eye, it’s possible that Russell might have done something similar… or stopped the abuse during shooting.

                Sure Shanna didn’t leave or report her “abuse”. But it’s not uncommon for women to stay in abusive relationships nor is it uncommon for them to keep their abuse a secret.

                Again, I’m not defending Shanna. She may well be a psychopathic monster. I’m just saying that we do not know every detail of their relationship and there is a some possibility that the general consensus here is completely wrong.

              • Jim-
                Speaking as someone who has experience with the people like Russell, he was very typical of someone in the money game. What I used to enjoy about the HW series is that it gave us “views” into others live. Don’t you understand plastic surgeons a little better after seeing Paul this season? Don’t you understand football players a little better after seeing the ATL group? No Russell wasn’t creepy.and your need to paint traylor in a certain light still rises my BS meter, but that’s just me.

          • If you are referring to my comment, Jim, it had nothing to do with having a contrary opinion, it had to do with you, out of the blue, stating that you know what “every single” person on this site is watching on their TV. So, how would you know what I watch? You wouldn’t know, silly, would you? Exactly. That would be ridiculous, no?

            So, get it straight. Calling you a stalker was as accurate as you saying you know what every single person posting here watches on TV…on top of insulting “every single” person on here by calling them self-righteous. You threw it down first, babe. See? That comment was in direct response to your claim in your post, as accurate as what you were spouting, and nothing whatsoever to do with a contradictory opinion.

            The most ridiculous part is that I am not one of the people that is boycotting or going on and on about never watching Bravo again…I really don’t care enough to boycott. I do take offense to you calling fellow posters self-righteous in a condescending way with your little guns blazing and painting everyone with your little adorable hobby shop brush.

            I am really late and people are waiting for me, unfortunately, so this is my last post for several hours, It is worth my time to post because this thread includes some respectable people that post on this blog. Enjoy yourself, I know I will be. Geaux Tigers!

          • Understand what you are saying, Jim. I also enjoy this site very much but sometimes I am taken aback when someone accuses me of being a troll because we don’t agree. Most times, though people are very funny and friendly.

          • LOL. Truth be told I came here because, for some odd reason, I watched NJ (probably related to proximity) and became obsessed with finding out more about who these HW really were. They didnt have real jobs but were fabulously wealthy. I am soundly ridiculed by my fambily for this fascination. Now that I have found this site, I am caught up in all this Shana stuff, and I hadn’t even seen any of the BH episodes until recently. But I still find the drama of it intriguing.

      • The bad part about the written word is that it can be taken so many ways. I don’t think your comment was that different from mine. I do think it was taken with the wrong tone.
        Welcome and share you views. I think you can give as good as it gets. I do disagree about your selfish comment.

      • I didn’t get “creepy stalker” from you, Jim–if it’s of any consolation. But everyone here knows that my radar sometimes has glitches. ;) I do think that you came on here with a combative intorductory post though, so I don’t think you should blame the responders to it; you pretty much provoked it. If you like it here and you’re as funny as you are insulting, I think we’re all happy to welcome you. :P

    • You’ll have to excuse me folks. I must go Roofie myself and get ready for tonight’s episode. I think this flight will be experiencing some serious turbulence.

      • You have a much stronger stomach than I have, Jim, to be able to watch tonight’s episode. Please post your impressions afterward. As I have mentioned previously, I simply can’t watch.

        I am truly sorry to learn that your friend committed suicide. There are no adequate words. Sadly, I have known 3 people (unconnected to each other) who committed suicide, too. The wound is huge and excruciatingly painful for each of their respective families. It’s also been terrible for all of us who were friends. It broke my heart to read about Ed’s mother. I know there are groups for survivors of suicides, but it is often hard for people who are breaking under the weight of such grief to venture out to participate in groups. I send out strong thoughts of supportive energy to Ed’s family and to you, Jim.

        There really are some compassionate people on this site. Like others have pointed out, we are enraged about the scorched earth that continues to be left in the wake of S.H.A.F.T. RHOBH has devolved into a wrenching travesty, and that’s what has prompted me to release anger in my posts. I’m just sickened by what Russell’s children and family must feel every time S.H.A.F.T. has T.V. appearances, and I know those will increase as the release date of her book draws closer.

        Good night to all, and sweet dreams, too. :)

        • I watched last night but I couldn’t absorb much. I’m visiting my sister who recently had open heart surgery (she’s doing great!). My sister, her friend and I watched the show together. I missed half the show because it was like a hen house with all of the cackling going on, lol.

          This was a “Kim” episode (a much needed diversion!) and Shana was barely mentioned. And when she was, there was as much skepticism about her abuse as their was support. Kim’s comment about Shanna leaving Russell so she could come to the next dinner was PRICELESS! Even in her drug haze, she sometimes makes the most sense.

          And what’s with Bravo showing Kim when she’s so high she looks like she may overdose at any second?! To me, this is even more reprehensible than promoting the Shana storyline. When Ken and her were having lunch at the hotel after missing the boat trip, she seriously looked like she was very close to sliding off her chair into a heap under the table. This is a woman in rehab* fighting for her life. This is some serious stuff and Bravo should be publicly shamed! I actually think that Bravo is hoping that she’ll overdose on camera. “Oh, the ratings will be spectacular!”

          Sorry for the off-topic rant.

          Btw, Kim may be an alchoholic but she is almost certainly abusing prescription drugs too, most likely Xanax and Percocet (or similar drugs).

          *Yes I know, rumor has it that she has left rehab.

  28. i have not watched since the beach house and will not watch until Taylor is gone.
    It is disturbing to me what they did to Russell and how they keep protecting Taylor.
    I also can’t stand to think of Lisa being so stupid as to support Taylor.

    sorry, most of the people on the SH website are not that shallow as to be okay with what Taylor and Bravo did ot Russell and his children.

    • That is what bothers me, too. I thought Lisa was onto Taylor’s schemes in season 1. Now, it is all re-shot scenes from Lisa, “We must give Taylor our support, darling.”
      They all know that if they cast any doubt on Taylor’s version of events they are endangering their jobs. Does anyone have a soul on this show?

      • I am willing to cut them some slack because I do feel Bravo is telling them to support Taylor. they may have well kept it up to the cast But im convinced now with all that is out there about Taylor they are being told to be on her side or they are all just morons

  29. First of all I just want to say how much I love this site and all of you commenters! Not only are you fun and witty, you all have great knowledge and opinions on a variety of topics, so we are always learning something! I love how there is no evidence of groupthink, even though many are of the same opinion on certain issues. The funny, respectful commenters on this blog (minus the occasional troll) are the reason I had the courage to comment in the first place, and I just want to thank all of you for that! Mwah!

    That being said, I wish that there was something more that us as a group to do to help Russel’s sons defend their father against this lunatic’s actions. Mrs. SH has done a beyond outstanding job putting the truth out there, and if so many of us feel this way about bravo after reading the truth, I can only imagine what would happen if more viewers knew–a boycott might actually make an impact. I guess we could always put some money together and advertise SH on Bravo during a RHWO? to hit “our” target audience ;) [IBS]

    I also want to say thank you to “Gail” (and to others like her) for having the “pecans” to spread word of this site everywhere without an alias! I know someone who found a link like/of yours to this site on fb, and they visited! I had told them about the site many times, but the link posting seemed to be a better tool in their case, so good job! If she clicked it, I’m sure many others did as well :)

    Thanks again for this site and your time, Mrs. SH!

    • Why thank you, but all credit should go to MsSH, she is the one that works to find the information and the graciousness to allow us to share her links to bring awareness to the real Russell Armstrong and show support for his family.

    • I agree w/ the entirety of your post, Uncommon.

      I, too, would like to know what can be done to help Russell’s children & family re: the terrible disrespect they have received as a direct consequence of Bravo’s decisions, in concert w/ TA’s calculated destruction of Russell. Bravo, Andy, and the Black Widow (TA) have repeatedly demonstrated a complete absence of integrity and compassion. They are unapologetically ruthless, greedy, and devoid of respecting this grieving family.

      This is why I will stop watching. I’d like to combine my efforts with others to expose the indignities that Russell’s survivors have to revisit every time the Black Widow spins more threads in her web.

  30. Uh huh Andy…Traylor did not shed a tear….Mmm hmmm and um, it has not been 6 months. Russell took his life on August 15th so it just under 5 months…..Wow…she sure did cry at the drop of a hat on all the episodes and some were reworked after the tragedy; we know her acting skills and we know she had to bring the drama on to stay on the show. She is such a piece of crap. Anyone who lost their husband and the father of their child in a horrific way like that would be crying when asked questions after 5 months……OR…I would think (now I dont know) but if I got the bugeezus beat out of me and I was finally rid of the guy and he was passed away and it would be a relief that my daughter and I were finally in a safe place! If Andy was asking me questions (or in his words really grilling her) I’d have some tears….tears of no more fear? .tears of relief? joy? waddya think? All I have playing in my head now over and over is the conversation (or her screaming) at the 2 mom’s of Russell’s son’s that she wants Russell gone…..Truly, this one is El Diablo.

  31. This reunion is going to be one big love fest and they are going to be fawning all over Taylor. If it were me running that reunion, I would have Russell’s children, their mothers and his family on a segment of the show to call out Miss Shana, now that would be entertainment. I would like to see her get herself out from underneath that one! I won’t lie, I watch the show every week, not for Taylor because I actually like the other housewives and will be watching the reunion for a number of reasons, one of them being to see who has the balls to call Taylor on the carpet, I bet no one! Oh she will shed her fake tears, get her sympathy from the other HWs and from Andy but I still think his other children, mothers and Russell’s family should be there as well. Just my two cents! :)

    • It’d be one of those priceless moments if they did the reunion like a game show and said it like this….”Russells first wife ccooommmonn doowwwwn!”…then pan to Traylor and just have the camera sit there on her face. Then do the same with the 2nd mom & all the kids and his mom, etc….the have her ex husband on there too! Yup, that’s how the reunion show should be!

  32. I hate to admit it but I’m hanging out hear because I’ve been banned from the kitchen and I’m trying to avoid putting away all the Xmas stuff. I still don’t like Taylor though!

    • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that happens too, Cyn1! Glad to still have you around! :) In my case, my hubby is a better cook than me so….I’ll go ahead and take the cleaning up job and he can do all the cooking he wants too!

  33. She didn’t she a tear? Am I surprised? HELL NO! She’s an evil, spiteful woman who only gives a damn about herself. Manipulative, conniving little witch! Bravo and STUPID ANDY better fire her! She is too much! I can’t stand watching her. Imagine the women on the show. I bet they are aggravated by her. Shana Traylor TRASH does not belong on the show! She is a poor representation of Beverly Hills. Brandi doesn’t match with the other ladies, but hey! I get a kick out of watching her. She’s actually fun and isn’t boring to watch! PLEASE REPLACE TRAYLOR, ANDY! Andy clearly doesn’t care about fans. I doubt he went hard on her. He’s probably afraid of her because she could sue him and Bravo. Hell, who knows?

  34. Of course there are no tears from Traylor Park Trash. She is happy her late husband is gone. She screamed out I want him gone, I want him gone, when talking with my daughter and Russ’s first wife. Screaming over the phone at them both. They said she was drunk and out of control.

    I have been wondering why Bravo hasn’t done a random drug test on Traylor Park Trash and put her bony a$$ in rehab.

    • Bitten, I think Bravo mistakenly believes that Traylor S.H.A.F.T. brings in viewers b/c of the unending controversy surrounding her. The only way for them to get the message is to see a huge plunge in their ratings.

      I cannot endure Andy’s kid-glove treatment of the Black Widow and the tooth-grinding effect her image and voice have upon me. Thank goodness for the recaps! :)

      There’s no doubt in my mind that TraySHAFT needs random drug tests, as you mentioned. A prime example of her drug use is found in the scene in Beaver Creek, CO. The Black Widow went on a crazy, histrionic rampage about her lost makeup bag. There was more in that bag than just her expensive cosmetics. Bravo should require her to go into treatment, just as they did in Kim’s case.

      Are you able to tell us if there is an experienced, tireless P.I. delving into all of this tangled mess surrounding Russell’s death, accounts, and insurance policies? I really hope so for the sake of his grieving survivors. You may have already answered this question previously, but I’m relatively new on SH, so please excuse me if this is the case.

      Hang in there, Bitten. You have enormous support here!

  35. I only saw a few minutes of the show tonight. I loved it when They tell Kim that Taylor left Russell and her response was I guess she wanted to go to the next dinner! That’s all I saw but Kim may be stoned but she is clear enough to see through Taylor.

      • Why is it that Kim seems to be the only one on the show who can see through the B.S.? Well, I guess Camille is catching on too – “she’s the boy who cried wolf.”

        • Maybe bc Kyle always had those user friends and Kim was at the top of her game back then and knows how to spot them.

  36. Hi everyone, I have been a longtime lurker but haven’t felt like I have anything to contribute beyond what has been posted until now.
    This is probably going to be a very unpopular opinion, but hopefully you all take the time since this is so long to understand what I am trying to get at!
    I really don’t see anything wrong with what Andy or Bravo is doing. They have been put in a pretty awkward position of trying to stay in good graces with all of their other housewives while still trying to also not offend their viewing audiences collective intelligence. Most of this season has been, in my opinion, them discrediting Shaft while not outright saying that. They are publicly supporting her, because she is a cast member and to not do so would probably alienate the rest of the cast members for every city. They might not like one another but they certainly wouldn’t want to see the network trash a fellow cast member, at least not outwardly.
    The great thing is though, each week, the actions portrayed on screen have made Shaft look more and more like an over emotional substance abusing idiot who lies and manipulates every situation to her advantage. Well before this season started we all heard about Russell and the abuse, and at that point, he had even admitted to the pushing. For most people, they took that as him admitting to everything Shaft later claimed. I truly feel by Bravo putting her and him on, it has pretty much proven the opposite to be true for the viewing public. Between her ski mountain breakdown where she hunted down her stash and then lost her mind, to the tea party, she is obviously using a lot of cocaine or some other substance. Her grifting nature has become very evident with her first running to Camille and then ultimately sucking up to Lisa by playing the hurt victim card. Her manipulations with the Russell situation are very clear to the viewer, never letting him talk to anyone long enough to get the full story and always feeding his anger with the others so that any communication is so heated it makes him look aggressive and becomes futile, as no one wants to respond rationally. The comments of the others at dinner this week were the best, as they laid it all out, she left him so she could stay on the show and be part of the group and the separation will only last as long as she wants, she isn’t really being hurt and they are not going to be part of her wild ride. Hell, her only true supporter is Dana who they have also shown to be an idiot with her materialistic qualities and overall ridiculous attitude and butt kissing.
    Of course as online viewers we see people supporting both Dana and Shaft but that happens with anyone online. Heck, there are people that support, write to and marry inmates everyday, we just don’t see that because its not as public.
    I work in a salon and trust me when I say I have a finger on the pulse of the average viewer. My friends and clients who are not informed of her life beyond the show see right through her and are disgusted by her and truly believe that if any abuse was going on, it was her doing it. It’s hard to hide the truth for long and fact is, nothing she says or does has made sense on the show (they all love Paul touching her face at any chance looking for signs of abuse). Ultimately, I think Bravo has done a good job of acting sympathetic while putting her completely on blast on the show.
    Lets face it, whether or not they liked him personally, Russell is someone everyone knew had just been accused of hurting their wife in a very public forum, they also were probably very aware of the ongoing MMR suit, and were trying to figure out how to portray this couple who had alienated their entire cast only to have Russell commit suicide. That created a huge problem for Bravo, as they were left with a story they couldn’t show, but had they left them off completely, then we would have only had a one sided story provided by Shaft. In putting this story out, they have been able to at least show a bit of Russell’s prospective/ignorance in what Shaft was putting out there.
    Like it or not, Andy Cohen is Bravo’s face to the world. He has to speak on behalf of the network. Every once in a while on his show, true glimpses of how he really feels about these women show and it is fascinating. I think he’s just as disgusted by most of them as we are, but much like most of us, can’t turn away because they are just showing us how insane this world can be. As much as I would love to see him call her out, she is still the mother of a little girl who lost her dad and who can at any point go online and see pretty crappy things both true and untrue about both parents. I would much prefer Bravo handle this with some dignity and not make this girl hate her mother as much as we all do, she probably will eventually but for now, let her retain some sense of innocence. So let them all treat Shaft with kid gloves for now, fortunately, it doesn’t take much for Shaft to contradict herself, she is a terrible liar and with the copious amount of drugs it appears she is taking, she becomes more transparent all the time. Besides they won’t be friends with her when this is all said and done anyway(except for Dana, maybe)
    The phrase is awful under these circumstances but… they’ve given her just enough rope….

    • The very first post I made here was much like yours. I do believe that they are showing that Shana could very well been the abuser in the household. Allowing the ladies to discuss their disbelief , now as the season is winding down I am very afraid they are going to swing it in the other direction and everyone will be “supportive” of Shana. They only had to re edit because of Russell’s death, so they are going to make sure that they protect there collective behinds. Sounds like the reunion is going to be full support for Shana and I think that is sad because a man has died and she will not be called out for anything she has said or done for the past two seasons.

  37. @Nin

    Before you call someone out on their “ignorece” you might want to consult a dictionary.
    for the record: IGNORANCE

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