Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer… WHAT YOU MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED… THE “UNREALITY” OF THE PLANE RIDE…VIDEO

                       All the Housewives on the puddle jumper… Kyle’s freaked, Morris Maurice Mauricio John and Lisa are very amused!

OK… I got some real problems with the reactions to Mauricio’s choice of transportation to arrive at the Four Seasons in Lanai… and I’m callin’ “UNREAL”…

… in particular with Lisa VanderpumpRump’s reaction…

First… to hire a JET is ridiculous!  NO private jet company has service between the islands… they leave these types of trips to the inter-island prop planes… such as the one used on this episode.  To get from Maui to Lanai is a very short 15-20 minute plane trip.  What was the big damn deal??  The prop plane used is standard for the trip between the islands.  If you have private aviation to get from Maui to Lanai, then that’s a different story… you got your own private jet, and want to waste fuel on that short trip, that’s your call.  But, for the show’s purposes of toting the cast and crew from Maui to Lanai, the expense of a jet would have been pretty pricey and Evolution would have had to explain a lot to Bravo to be reimbursed for the extremely expensive, very short plane ride between the islands.

Second… CameraLisa’s cutesy remark of “Spare no expense, Mauricio” was just bad acting on her part… and she continues to annoy me.  Why?  Because Lisa is well aware that there’s no JET service when connecting the islands.  The prop plane trip between Maui and Lanai is very similar to the trip between Nice and Monaco.  Lisa flies in and out of the south of France and Monte Carlo frequently.  To arrive in Monte Carlo, your choices are car or helicopter… a very plush helicopter.  The car takes approximately 2 hours from Nice… the helicopter takes 20 minutes.  Knowing this, why would Lisa say anything disparaging about Mauricio’s choice of transportation… knowing that Mauricio HAD no choice and that she,  I’m sure, has taken the helicopter from Nice to MC many times.

Ken further reinforces by saying, “Do you have some tape, I think there’s a hole in my door here.”  Puh-leeze!!

Just like the scene where Lisa was using her cell phone to make calls in her Bentley to invite the Housewives to her tea party, this is another example of the RHOBH being totally UNREAL.  If you were unaware…  in her Bentley, Lisa has hands-free bluetooth service, which would have been set up for her by the Bentley salesperson.  Every contact in her cell phone would have been transferred from her cell to the bluetooth in the Bentley for her before her Bentley left the dealership.  However, Lisa is shown tooling down the road in her Bentley… calling each Housewife on her iPhone.  Another example of the producers throwing “reality” to the side of the highway.

On to Camille… notice Camille giving Kyle a “knowing grin” and says nothing?  That’s because Camille KNOWS, as someone who has a home in Hawaii… that the plane in which they are traveling is the best there is.  

Obviously, this little scene was a setup by the producers to see Kyle’s reaction.

Oh… and let’s watch Brandi all “roofied” up!!!

Watch as Kim’s first reaction to hearing that Shana got da boot from the party was a question… “Was she DRINKING???”   Interesting that Kim jumped to that conclusion first!

NOTE:  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are taping their reunion show today.  Reports are that Shana has made up with Camille…

From the NYDaily News

“BRAVO is putting a short leash on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” A source close to the series says the ladies aren’t being told where the upcoming reunion show will be filmed in January until the day of shooting. The source adds that, as of now, “no one is allowed to bring their publicist or assistant” to the shoot.

The insider says the restrictions have to do with controlling leaks — and a little tough love.  Bravo was not happy that cast member Brandi Glanville drunkenly married pal Darin Harvey on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, got an annulment two days later and tweeted about the whole misadventure. “These are supposed to be glamorous, classy women,” an insider said.  Bravo execs “are pissed at her” and may bar her from the reunion.”

NOTE:  The key word is “supposed”…

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214 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer… WHAT YOU MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED… THE “UNREALITY” OF THE PLANE RIDE…VIDEO

  1. Camille is getting more intelligent and likable by the episode….soon she will be too darn classy and smart to be on the show..They will fire her for tact, self-control and “anti-getting in your business like Adrienne behavior” and then I will miss her!

    Alcoholics always think about drinking first…drinking drinking drinking…and with her case seems pills too..Its the nature of the beast of addiction….as bill says recovery is best…sigh

    • Even within the confines of Camille being doled out a storyline, she’s maintained being very careful with her choice of words. Good for her, in that regard. However, her not bringing the drama, she’ll probably get ditched for next season. One thought, maybe that is what she’s hoping. She seems to keep a relatively low profile on the internet, compared to the other ladies, isn’t pitching products. Maybe she’s over it after the divorce and Shana drama, in hopes that Bravo will let her out of her contract (if she’s still in one). Either way, smart move, she doesn’t make an arse of herself and she may get to walk away from the crazy train.

      • I could be wrong, but I don’t Camille needs money which seems like a good reason to _not_ hock products.
        Or her legal advisors suggested she stay away from that sort of thing.

  2. Okay, this was a scene designed to show more of Kyle’s “acting chops”. Since we know how well she does at “fake crying”, why not show her “stretching” her abilities even more so by asking her to react to the ride in the puddle jumper?

    No one is more aware of where the camera is at any given time them Kyle. Remember, she is not just “acting” for us but for any of those Hollywood producers out there looking to cast a former child star in a grown up series as well. “Never say die” is Kyle’s motto.

    Tossing her mane, playing with those pieces hanging into her eyes, moistening her lips, and arching those stenciled on brows, Kyle Richards is thrusting herself far beyond the confines of a series that pits her against a handful of other wannabes looking to thrust themselves into the public sphere.

    “On Display” is as much her theme song as is Melissa Gorga. Those famous “splits” aren’t done for nothing.

    • Seriously she looked like whats-her-face in Gone With the Wind when she runs back to her house at the White party. And thank you Jesus (SH) for not adding the Mob Wives to this site. I have enough trash floating through my brain with the RHOBH and rhonj to start watching a show about mob wives. Who would be killed if they were real mob wives. Just like the basketball so-called-wives who are nuttin’ but wannabe’s. My how far Shaq’s wife has fallen. I watched one episode of basketball wives of L.A. because I am a fan of the team, and guess what? Non e of them were basketball wives except for one ugly old broad who is insane. She makes her husband marry her every year. Which seems kind of sweet until it was revealed that she had been married three times before. Wtf? Sorry, I do digress.

      p.s. I now hate Brandi Glandsville. She’s vile. I hope they let her go.

    • It’s annoying that Kyle would make a comment about Mauricio ‘that’s the best you can do’ not verbatim. As if he was actually paying for the plane? Ok, we believe that! They also do this when discussing booking hotel reservations, etc. make it seem like they all are paying out of pocket. (Same with parties).

  3. You are so right, Ms. SH, the flight between the islands on a prop plane should have been a given, but obviously needed to make drama! That being said, I have flown into the Big Island on a jet, but it was en route to Honolulu. It did make me think of something, though: my husband owned a small plane when we lived in the Boston area–perfect for trips to the Vineyard or Nantucket, which would be similar to the mileage for trip to Lanai. (Btw, you gave me an idea, Ms. SH. I have enjoyed the ride from Nice to Monte Carlo but think the helicopter route will be our next choice! Thanks!)

    • Lanai is a remote Island its basically jst one resort only people who live there are the resort employees and and support staff. there are very few jobs available outside the resort business so no one really lives there or go there to site see . One of the Murdochs owes the 99% of the land and he is looking for a buyer anyone got a few million they are not doing anything with Jets dont fly into Lanai those littlel prop planes do. When they started Complaining about hte TINCAN i was thinking well you can swim there instead if you like.

      • agreed, I was in Hawaii earlier last year and that is exactly how it is! It’s a group of islands of course and even the Honalulu airport is not incredibly state of the art(by comparison) although a heck of alot better view than alot of airports I”ve been to. To expect everything to be super luxourious is so over the top and pompass.

        • aww my favorite blue torito chip visted my home and i couldnt meet her
          course i wasnt posting here then…

        • hehe Lisa may have lost her huge eyelashes doing that but she could use her rump falsie as a flotation device!

          • Have completely ruled out the Dolphin mode of transportation. Then again there is the paddle board, which is a great total workout according to Camille.

  4. I think that if I were LIsa , I would have demanded to be edited out of the full body shot of sitting on the plane. The way she is sitting is very unflattering and the constant complaining and whining about Brandi’s perfect body makes her seem geniuenly jealous. Has anyone else know noticed how ridicously long Lisa’s fake eyelashes are? I noticed it again in this clip but on the beach in Hawaii when they are both bent over the phone speaking with Shana she has these red carpet lenght eyelashes on. I live on the beach and I can’t imagine even bothering with makeup when I go much less falsh eyelashes!! Give me a break!! Ms.SH is right on her REALITY check!

  5. I don’t agree at all. If anything, perhaps the other wives were being silly and joking and the producers edited to make it look like they were being serious.

    I also think it’s a stretch to say that Lisa OBVIOUSLY faked her phone call, because she wasn’t using her Bluetooth. I have Bluetooth in my car as well, and I rarely use. I especially don’t use it when my windows are down because 1) the wind and noise is too much and 2) I don’t want other people to hear my conversations. Pretty sure was driving a convertible…even more reason to not use Bluetooth.

    • JS: Welcome! You can agree or disagree… no matter! I did not say that Lisa “faked” her phone calls! Please read again…

      Using bluetooth, obviously, is a personal preference, which personally, I personally prefer to use…as is my personal choice, personally speaking. Lisa was in a cabriolet… but she was not going so fast as to interfere in the calls. TFC!!! SH

  6. Ms SH, is it too late for us all to tweet Andy questions for Traylor? Not that he would use them, but all your readers could jam him up pretty good trying!

    • meekah3: I had an earlier post which included the email address of Evolution Media, the production company for RHOBH. Evolution was soliciting questions for the RHOBH reunion show. Don’t have a minute… at this minute… to find the SH post. However, here is Evolution’s site: I’m certain their email address can be found there… TFC!! SH

  7. They could have been flying on cloud piloted by Jesus Christ himself and Kyle STILL would have found a reason to complain and freak out and draw more attention to herself. And Lisa STILL would have found a way to make a snarky comment in her interview. I’m starting to wonder if Lisa hires Bruce Villanch to write those comments she delivers so “spontaneously.” Lisa really gets to exercise her acting chops – could it be in anticipation of stealing the role of Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter (I’m not looking up the rest) in the inevitable remake of Dynasty?

    • Hilarious! Oh and btw I’m putting you in charge of the re-make of Dynasty. I know you’re busy, but it’s important. :-) It’s also your call whether or not Lisa should wear her butt pad thingy for her role. Ya, good luck with that!

      • If anyone even thinks about anyone other than Joan Collins as Alexis, Joan will hunt them down and disembowel them without getting a drop of blood on her mink coat, diamond ring or raven haired wig. Joan makes these Housewives look like nuns.

      • Must have been. Her antics are gonna be a biznatch on that book tour of hers. Someone should camera phone her hind end being “cool as a whistle” when the Bravo cameras aint rollin.

    • One good thing: at least Taylor wasn’t on the plane and we didn’t have to see her gaping maw! (I love that phrase and couldn’t wait to use it!!!!!)

      • @TVJunkie……..I want to say it again for ya…..GAAAAPPPINNNGGGG MAAAAWWWWWWWWW……….is it echoing yet…….LOL LOL……my lord she is dispicable with a Capitol “D!”

    • AOM , Kyle already thinks that God is manning the plane, she was holding one of his books in the clip above hoping that he might autograph it(she is a housewife after all) and she always spends plenty of time talking to him whenever she flys!

  8. In the Island hopping…..Brandi “roofiied” video near the end, what does Brandi have strapped to her inner thigh when she has her leg up the seat in front of her?
    She reveals it when she puts her hands back in her lap. Why would someone have something strapped to their inner thigh going onto a plane? Very interesting.

  9. but what about adrienne’s ” hair and makeup” during breakfast with hubby?????

    btw now hooked on SH!!!

  10. I really think people just don’t get Lisa’s dry humor. And Kyle is afraid of flying. You should see me when I fly. It takes alcohol to get me on board. I’m just one removed from Kyle when I fly so I emphasize with her. And I think Ken was just egging Kyle with the hole in the door joke. Anyway that is how I saw it.

  11. Kim asked “was she drinking” with a certain wistful jealousy. Kim was hoping Traylor got kicked out for being drunk because she might be able to get drunk without drawing attention to herself. Kim is also looking for pointers on drinking with cameras around without getting caught drinking on camera and hoped Traylor might help.

  12. How come no one has commented on Brandi with her “sk-ankle” on the chair in front of her? WTF is that? It didn’t even look comfortable, she just looked like total trash. Her foot was all dirty and her heel was in dire need of a scrapping with a jack hammer, just nasty. I agree about Lisa and her falsies, she looks ridiculous on the beach batting them around. I also love how when she was walking out onto the tarmac she isn’t carrying a thing, but when you look at Ken he’s hunched over lugging her purse and all her bloody crap. dahling

    • Well, speaking from personal experience, I am currently recovering from multiple broken bones in my leg, ankle dislocation, surgery with screws and titanium plates holding bones together. It is EXTREMELY painful with swelling. If you have ever flown after any broken bone in the leg or foot, you MUST elevate your foot or location of broken bone above heart level. She was not being a skank, she was doing that based upon medical advice and common sense to relieve the swelling. As far as the filth of the foot, I cannot speak to that since I am sparkling clean and fastidious, but the swelling, anyone recovering from anything involving a cast and/or orthopaedic boot would have had their leg up after flying.

      • bsl! that sounds terrible, hope you heal soon. I broke my foot twice and it hurt like crazy, can’t even imagine how much your injury must hurt! Get Well Soon!!

        • Thank you, sd! It has been over four months, but there are finally signs that life will return to normal soon. Hope your new year is a good one! I love you, you little blue Dorito!

      • Ouch BSL! Hope your feeling better soon! And BSL is right: elevation can be critical for inflammation reduction and soft tissue healing. To me it looked like she still had a lot of discoloration due to bruising? Surely she gets pedicures fairly often? If not, eewww…

    • H-Hoe, forgot to suggest that you might want to be thanking your luck that you never had any injury that would give you a “sk-ankle.”

      • BelowSeaLevel – Settle down there Sparky, from your comment I take it you’re a fan of Brandi. Whateves, I was simply point out that she looked nasty. For the record, I actually broke my ankle (talus bone) about 7 years ago and was on crutches for 3 months straight with no weight bearing on the foot. Then went to an orthopedic boot for another 6 weeks, so I am completely aware of injuries to the ankle and the recovery. I also work for a Caribbean hotelier so I fly a lot (on small island hoppers and sea planes). Never, ever would I put my foot up the way she did. It was a 15 min plane ride on a puddle jumper that doesn’t go that high so no need for the drama. Just sayin’

        • I think you are being very unfair to Brandi (no, I’m not one of the BBs). Sure it might have been a 15 min puddle jumper flight, but she had just deplaned after flying for a few hours from LA. Obviously in 1st class on a big crowded jet she could not have kept her foot elevated. SO she was probably in A LOT OF PAIN by the time they landed in Honolulu. Big deal, so she put her broken, requiring elevation ankle on a back of a seat for a few minutes. Obviously she only did that while they were sitting on the tarmac; the mid-air scenes show her sitting prim and proper.
          As for the foot not being to your level of sanitary decorum, well – maybe it still hurts to touch it with pumice or a scrapper? The ankle was STILL SEVERLY SWOLLEN, after all, so if she chose comfort over decorum, big fricking deal. Clearly she does not sweat the small stuff – once you’ve had to deal with enough crap in your life, you realize at some point that some things are just not worth your effort. Good for her.

          I wonder that you were not equally or even more offended by Vile throwing her legs, BOTH of them, in ugly dark boots, on the back of the seat ahead of her, and not once but a FEW TIMES, and pushing with all her might – all in an effort to play up her fake ‘fear of flying’. Compared to Brandi, she actually might have done damage to the chair. Fricking attention ho! She is disgusting and so are her habits and the desperation with which she chases after each single moment of camera time. Yuck. Brandi just lives her life – I think this concept is soooo foreign to Vile that it is itself the root of all their problems.

    • Thank you for the recap. She had Ken schlepping her purse? I missed that–that’s hilarious! And she had her dirty foot up to the camera, just to create a distraction with her legs? Good on her; she knows how to play these idiots! Yep, love me some Brandi antics! She makes the show nearly watchable.

    • She had to keep it elevated and that was the best it would get. Not a big deal to me. I like Brandi.

    • I like her too. Lot more than kyle or traylor. She is bit**y and so am I. Unlike some of the others she says it most of the time how she feels it. Some people want to be overly polite and fake.

    • I love Lisa (we share a name after all) she can do no wrong in my eyes. Love me some gigggy to

    • I like Lisa actually. I know everything they all do is completely contrived of course, but I enjoy her delivery.

    • Patricia: Just for the record: I neither like nor dislike Lisa or any of the HWs. Lisa, however, is annoying me with her CameraLisa cutesy comments… she’s a trained actress and she’s acting… poorly. TFC!! SH

    • I love Lisa- I do not understand why people are having such a problem with her this season. She is exactly the same as she was last season; her dry wit and snarky, flirtatious nature definitely make her my Numero Uno on this show. I used to like Ad too, but she showed that the proverb is true – all the beauty comes from within, and in her case there is nothing coming thru. Her ugly mug is actually a perfect reflection of her roten soul, ravaged by jealousy, fuelled by greed and the sense of self-importance.
      I was very predisposed to dislike Brandi based on the pre-season press, but she won me over on ‘Game night’ – It took balls to stand up to the Witch-ard biatches, and she has spunk and gumption in spades. So what that she probably would not fit at your good ol’ family dinner table – at least she is entertaining, and I’d take someone telling it like it is any day over those who sugar coat or plain deny the truth, then stab you in the back (cough,.. Vyle!.. cough) And for the love of … Compared to Traylor she is not just a breath of fresh air, she’s a full on, blown up SPRING :)

        • Why, thank you kindly, dear UC. Right back at ya – mmwwwaahhh!
          Ain’t this site a hoot? I love coming here because it seems like every sigle poster is funnier, wittier and more knowledgable (not to mention much less gullible) than all the other RH blogs out there put together. Enjoy your day! SWAK :)

          • I think that you’re right (I exclude myself): The posters on this site ARE funnier, more knowledgable, and KINDER than at other sites! I think that Ms. SH attracts ‘quality’ posters by offering a ‘quality’ site, and she doesn’t put up with bashing other posters here. Integrity begets integrity (SHAFT!).

            • You’re sweet BSL! Hope that you are taking care of yourself (and your poor lower extremities!) and make a full recovery a.s.a.p.! I have been really fortunate and have never had to deal with the serious injuries that you have described (or Ames, and others on this site). Bless you all, and may 2012 be a healthy, happy year!

    • I like Lisa! She is my favorite HW of the BH. And Brandi is starting to come on 2nd. But its a close race.

  13. Brandi is like Country Bumpkin came to the city. I was grossed out at Brandi’s feet. Did anyone think Kim’s Ken, was putting a pinch of tobacco in his mouth, when he walked up to Kim at the white party? You see his fingers all up in his gums.

      • Click, I thought he was dipping as well, I’ve seen people do that so many times it is a familer movement, it was very gross that he kissed Kim after. My Great Grandfather chewed a mix of beechem and redman and spit in a real brass spitoon its so gross, I would never want a kiss from someone with dip in their mouth!

    • I’ve never see anyone ‘dipping’ but I’ve seen a lot of people sucking on a lime sliver after a shot of tequila. Some get caried away and suck it for all it’s worth – that’s what I thought Pumice was doing.

  14. It’s about 11 miles between Monte Carlo and Nice. And there’s the train option, as well. Perhaps you mean Cannes, which is a much further drive.

        • MQ: What’s your point? Nice IS 11 miles from MC… did you forget to account for the Mediterranean Sea right there in the middle of those 11 miles? There is NO straight shot unless you take the heli… again, a limo takes 2 hours.

          Would you like to see my boarding passes? Would you like to know the address of my friends who live there? Wanna know where else I stayed? Wanna see my ballet program? Anything else? Because you have/had a differing drive time than me?? WTH!?

          You want to play this little game… who are the people from the US who have a bar there? What’s their name and where in the US are they from? Maybe an easier one would be: Which hotel is closest when the Grand Prix takes place… and why??

          From where in the US does one of Ranier’s “employees” wife come from? Sorry, can’t mention his title, as that would give away the answer. Where did she work before she married? Yeah… you know all about MC!!

          Let me add just one more question? Did you get a chance to go to the perfume factory the ONE time you were there??? Thought so… how touristy. SH

          • Ms Sh you attended a ballet in Monte Carlo? I am jealous. We have ZERO culture around here..well unless you count The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge as culture ..and I do. You must come visit the Smokies sometime if you havent already. Its purdy in da fall. You dont HAVE to visit the Bass Pro Shop but it is right off the exit for your convenience ifn you get a hankerin for some camo jammies a bow and arrow and a pound of homemade fudge.

            • My son and his wife went to the Smokies for their honeymoon. They brought me back taffy from the “Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen”, not long after a bear broke into the store and had a feast. It was in the news here in SC. There was a bear on one of the trails they were walking on too, we wondered if it was the same bear, it was funny after the fact.

            • Thanks Ms Burb. Just doing my part for regional tourism. Ms. Sh you will probably want to stay in Gatlinburg in one of the nicer chalets. It makes for a nice lil romantical get away for you and the hubs. And for the bested country breakfast ever to cross your lips the Old Mill is a must.
              Heres a taste of the Comedy Barn

            • I would go just to get a fill of country music. I love it. It’s not really running rampant in LA. Maybe the newer pop type country but not what I like… What the what am I talking about?! Unless they’re making a RHof the smokies I should shut up. Ah well. I’m rarely good at that..

            • I am glad to hear you are a country fan Mt. I like all kinds of music but nothing beats the classics for sure.

            • Yes it is. But I think I have Dollywooded myself to death. Cant seem to get as excited about it as I should anymore. And I LOOOOOVE Dolly.

            • I want to go riding in the Smokies so bad… My husband and I are trying to plan a road trip in the Smokies for this summer. It’s hard to plan long trips these days because I never know how my health will be. I miss the days when we would hop on the bikes and ride to Florida… My poor hubby doesn’t go on long trips much now because he says its not the same if I’m not with him leading the way… Ahhhh nostalgia taking over… Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack your convo….

            • HDGurl: My hubbie and I have a Harley Street Glide. We took a road trip to the Smokies with some friends a few years ago and absolutely loved it!!! Rented a log cabin, it was great! Went to Deals Gap and rode the Dragon. Awesome!

            • Hi TV Junkie! I have a black cherry pearl Street Glide now. (The bike in the pic is a Softtail Deluxe, which was totaled when a frickin idiot decided to Tbone me with his boat of a car on my way to work!) My husband has two Springer Softtails. Safe riding to you and your hubby!

            • I hope you make it down to the Smokies HD Gurl. Your hubby sounds like a sweetheart. So precious that he lets you know that you are appreciated . Take care of yourself and come on down for a visit on yalls motor bikes. ;)

              p.s. I like your new pic. Grew my bangs out and have been trying like the devil to rock that look but I cant seem to manage it as well as you do. Do you use a large curling iron or a round brush when you blow dry?

            • Thanks, MP. I think it an 1 & 1/2 inch barrel. I have baby fine hair so I only have to hit it with a few curls. I can’t stand hair spray so I only use a tiny bit…unfortunatly it flops by mid-day lol. It looks like you have thick hair. That may be why its a little difficult to get it the way you want it. If it is really thick, have you ever used thinning shears or razor/texture cut it to thin it a little? That may help.
              I wasn’t able to view the video on my phone :( but I’m sure it was great! :-)
              BTW, my hubby is very sweet when it comes how my illness (lupus & crohns) has impacted me. He is so considerate and uplifting!

            • So envious, MP! I love it in Florida (grew up in Virginia), but the one thing I really miss is the mountains. I used to hike the Appalachian Trail quite a bit in college. I planned a great Thanksgiving week in Pigeon Forge several years ago, but things happen and I had to cancel :( Don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity again.
              When I was in college in Harrisonburg VA and was bored, I would just pick a mountaintop and drive towards it and see what I could discover. Gas was a lot cheaper then. Those are some of my favorite memories. Didn’t need anyone around to just take in all the beauty.

            • haha MP, my husband and I did visit the smokies once and we did go to that bass pro shop, its so big I had no hope of sneaking by it with out him seeing it , long story short we went and we also took a helicopter ride while we were there too!! Ms.SH is right riding in helipcopters is great they are light and fast and awsome, I thought I would feel scared and I ended up loving it!(not as classy as Nice but fun)

            • I have always wanted to take that helicopter tour but we always seem to get sidetracked. I rarely ever leave the mountain without riding that chair lift thinggy though. And once I did the indoor skydiving thing. Big fun. And of course I drag my hubs through every store in the Tanger outlet mall. They have a Wilsons leather outlet there and I got me a coat a few years back that was like the one Tree wore on the catskills shopping scene but mine was purple. We try to go on free tax weekend to get the kids back to school clothes.

          • I so love to sit and watch the fireworks as i munch on my popcorn. This is the best part of the day….thank you MsSH.

  15. Tayliar just tweeted the following
    Thanks for the great support! For the haters, when all the truth comes out I’ll try to post some delish “crow” recipes.

    so tayliar has a smoking gun if so what is she waiting for? use it to stay on the show

        • Maybe it is more fake pictures in her book? She better take some of those meds she totes around in her make up bag.

          • I’m sure no one ever has to remind her to take them–especially if she’s drinking! Wait…did I just say “if” she’s drinking? I cannot believe she had the go-nads to call Kim out on that last reunion. Piece. Of. Work.

    • I meant for what posted below to go here…not sure what happened, but I was on my phone so that could be part of it…Sorry! Here it is again:

      Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what does she mean by “crow” recipes? Does she consider the book to be the “truth” coming out?

      • hmmmmmm, aren’t they taping the reunion? Wonder if my post was brought up that I posted along with the interview with Randy? That would be delightful.

    • the only thing she has that is smoking is her book and that is because it was written by the shedevil from hell, lots of fire there you know.

      • Ain’t that the truth! We all know why she was so adamant about her “staff” signing those confidentiality agreements. I am sure she knew they would all witness one of her angry little episodes (if they hadn’t already). I would love for someone that worked for her to find a loophole in their contract and come forward. It seems that with all of the speculation regarding her version of the truth she would have rescinded those contracts and let those people speak on her behalf. I am of the opinion that she would have voided them if she was the victim she claims to be; however, she has not. This tells me she has something to hide. I am no legal expert, so I cannot be sure of that, but it is my opinion.

        • Maybe i need to repost my comment I left on Andy’s facebook wall along with Randy’s interview link from SH so more people can see it, it is getting buried very quickly. Course I know I am not the only hater but maybe if they are filming the reunion she is aware of the post . Would love to see her face if she was asked about it. I don’t think they are filming it yet tho are they? I think someone posted on andy’s wall that it was today.

          • Repost it–You ain’t skeerd! I giggled that you referred to yourself as a hater lol. I think i read somewhere on here that it was today.

            • I know I fell right into her vat of brown poo, I am not a hater, I am a truth seeker. How dreadful of me to even use her choice of wording, I did repost on Andy’s face book page at 8:50 am this morning, Surprisingly it is still on the top part of the page. So far it has been enlightening with the exception of a couple of trolls and the new believers are taking care of them. One woman commented that reading it made her “bawl” and someone is taking her to task for it, she however has outdone him in her responses quite well. I feel good that MsSH has given Randy the platform to speak about Russ and now others that were unaware are seeing what he had to say as the truth. All around, I am thankful to have been able to share some of what I have learned here from this site.

        • Didn’t bitten tell us that her grandson’s nanny went with him when he visited R&T? Wonder if she had to sign one as well–technically she wouldn’t necessarily have been an employee of their’s [apologies to the apostrophe police if that is wrong!!] so maybe it’s not enforceable even if she did sign one??

          • She did say that–that would be interesting if the nanny did have to sign one. I didn’t even think of her! Good job, Who–You can be the loophole police :)

            • Now that nanny is someone I would love to have speak out. Confidentiality agreement my butt, Given Russell’s death and Shana’s history , I would speak out in front of reporters. What is she going to do, sue them? Hahaha, I think any court in the land would be happy for the information anyone could give them.

  16. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what does she mean by “crow” recipes? Does she consider the book to be the “truth” coming out?

    • she thinks when the truth comes out people will feel embarrassed for doubting her eating crow is a just another way of saying that

      and who knows what the smoking gun is
      someone on face book called her book A autoLIEolgraphy

      • If her smoking gun is more pics that prove nothing (i.e. no date/time stamp, etc.), she better get ready for some “crow” recipes to get thrown her way after that comment!

        • She may be totally insane, but I don’t think she is muy stupido. She’s been planning this all along, I think. “The big reveal” type thing and at the same time hoping to bring in the viewers.

          • In all seriousness, why would she even bother to respond to any of her “haters”? (She didn’t just “thank” her supporters, she’s been responding to the “haters”.) I know for myself, if denied something and people were continuously talking smack, I would.completely ignore them. Other than my family and loved ones, I couldnt give a dookie what anyone else says or think about me. Shana can’t write a blog but she can engage in twitter wars…. Slime bucket!

            • I have a theory that the majority of the people that buy her book will be doing so to use it against her as proof that she is a liar…money is money though, so I guess lying will have worked to her advantage if this proves true.

          • I agree with you that she is not stupid. She couldn’t have scammed so many people and gotten away with her lifestyle for so long if she was. I mean, clearly the girl has some sort of business sense, no matter how unethical/illegal/evil it may be. I guess I just worry that her “big reveal” will be as phony as she is…and that people will believe it. She seems so vacant to me that it is scary. I never saw that emptiness in Russel, and it bothers me that she is so willing to drag a defenseless man’s name through the mud without a second thought. And without regard to how this will affect “her” daughter (or the other children for that matter). I know this has all been said so many times, so I apologize for the repetition :) I just don’t buy what she’s selling

            • She was good. Her cover was blown with Russell passing away, Her dream of coming out of it smelling like a rose ended up with her smelling like the fertilizer instead.

            • I think traylor went to the P.T. Barnum school of business…..Just read his quotes and you see what she is saying to herself in her head. Bravo will have such blood on their hands if they give this looney tune a pass and actually let her stay on the show. (wall street protestors type sit -ins anyone?)

            • Man Taylor lovers are getting hteir Feather ruffled I just got scolded for posting to much about Tyalor from one of her STANS makes me want to post more

  17. Here is my opinion: I think all this talk of hers about “the truth” coming out is just a ploy to get people to buy her book. I think she got nuthin’ ! It’s obvious that she knows that she is being exposed and she is deflecting (sound familiar… Jaq Laurita). She can twitter or twatter all she wants, ain’t gonna keep people from seeking the truth. I can’t imagine if she has some kind of revelation that would clear her name, that she would be keeping it under wraps all this time just for the drama of revealing it on the show or in her book! Contract or no contract. For something like this, if she had something profound that is gonna clear this mess up she should just do it now! And, like a lot of people have been saying all along. Things don’t add up. Those pics could have been from plastic surgery. Nobody has seen any extensive damage to her during the time (s) that she is claiming this damage.

    • I don’t tweet, but would imagine an unusually large amount of tweets to her about her abuse at the hands of Russell are a bunch of bull could put her into a twatter spin , and cause herself to comepletely get confused and fess up. Would be lovely to see how angry she could become in a twitter war.

  18. Holy bat crap, Lee Ann Rimes was spotted on a beach in a bikini in Hawaii, can the woman let Brandi do anything, ANYTHING without trying to out do her?

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