Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer… WHAT YOU MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED… THE “UNREALITY” OF THE PLANE RIDE…VIDEO

                       All the Housewives on the puddle jumper… Kyle’s freaked, Morris Maurice Mauricio John and Lisa are very amused!

OK… I got some real problems with the reactions to Mauricio’s choice of transportation to arrive at the Four Seasons in Lanai… and I’m callin’ “UNREAL”…

… in particular with Lisa VanderpumpRump’s reaction…

First… to hire a JET is ridiculous!  NO private jet company has service between the islands… they leave these types of trips to the inter-island prop planes… such as the one used on this episode.  To get from Maui to Lanai is a very short 15-20 minute plane trip.  What was the big damn deal??  The prop plane used is standard for the trip between the islands.  If you have private aviation to get from Maui to Lanai, then that’s a different story… you got your own private jet, and want to waste fuel on that short trip, that’s your call.  But, for the show’s purposes of toting the cast and crew from Maui to Lanai, the expense of a jet would have been pretty pricey and Evolution would have had to explain a lot to Bravo to be reimbursed for the extremely expensive, very short plane ride between the islands.

Second… CameraLisa’s cutesy remark of “Spare no expense, Mauricio” was just bad acting on her part… and she continues to annoy me.  Why?  Because Lisa is well aware that there’s no JET service when connecting the islands.  The prop plane trip between Maui and Lanai is very similar to the trip between Nice and Monaco.  Lisa flies in and out of the south of France and Monte Carlo frequently.  To arrive in Monte Carlo, your choices are car or helicopter… a very plush helicopter.  The car takes approximately 2 hours from Nice… the helicopter takes 20 minutes.  Knowing this, why would Lisa say anything disparaging about Mauricio’s choice of transportation… knowing that Mauricio HAD no choice and that she,  I’m sure, has taken the helicopter from Nice to MC many times.

Ken further reinforces by saying, “Do you have some tape, I think there’s a hole in my door here.”  Puh-leeze!!

Just like the scene where Lisa was using her cell phone to make calls in her Bentley to invite the Housewives to her tea party, this is another example of the RHOBH being totally UNREAL.  If you were unaware…  in her Bentley, Lisa has hands-free bluetooth service, which would have been set up for her by the Bentley salesperson.  Every contact in her cell phone would have been transferred from her cell to the bluetooth in the Bentley for her before her Bentley left the dealership.  However, Lisa is shown tooling down the road in her Bentley… calling each Housewife on her iPhone.  Another example of the producers throwing “reality” to the side of the highway.

On to Camille… notice Camille giving Kyle a “knowing grin” and says nothing?  That’s because Camille KNOWS, as someone who has a home in Hawaii… that the plane in which they are traveling is the best there is.  

Obviously, this little scene was a setup by the producers to see Kyle’s reaction.

Oh… and let’s watch Brandi all “roofied” up!!!

Watch as Kim’s first reaction to hearing that Shana got da boot from the party was a question… “Was she DRINKING???”   Interesting that Kim jumped to that conclusion first!

NOTE:  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are taping their reunion show today.  Reports are that Shana has made up with Camille…

From the NYDaily News

“BRAVO is putting a short leash on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” A source close to the series says the ladies aren’t being told where the upcoming reunion show will be filmed in January until the day of shooting. The source adds that, as of now, “no one is allowed to bring their publicist or assistant” to the shoot.

The insider says the restrictions have to do with controlling leaks — and a little tough love.  Bravo was not happy that cast member Brandi Glanville drunkenly married pal Darin Harvey on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, got an annulment two days later and tweeted about the whole misadventure. “These are supposed to be glamorous, classy women,” an insider said.  Bravo execs “are pissed at her” and may bar her from the reunion.”

NOTE:  The key word is “supposed”…