Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… KYLE ON WENDY WILLIAMS… VIDEO

                                     Kyle Richards… showin’ Wendy her “ManHands”… Yikes!!!

Kyle Richards was on Wendy Williams yesterday to promote her book…

… Kyle had a nice chat with Wendy about her sister, Kim, and about Brandi, and, of course her John Turturro doppleganger husband, Mauricio…

… the most interesting part of the chat was Wendy asking Kyle if Shana should still be on the show… Kyle deflected her answer…

…Kyle didn’t talk about her book… BUT, Wendy did give copies to her audience.  That’s one way to get those sales figures up!



Wendy’s comments AFTER the show… Had to leave in Wendy’s remarks about WWHL going five days a week… IMO, WWHL has jumped the shark.

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49 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… KYLE ON WENDY WILLIAMS… VIDEO

    • Jewish is his religion, his ancestry is Russian and Turkish and his citizenship was in Mexico…at least that’s how I understand it. Alittle confusing.

  1. Kinda sounds like Mauricio is a mutt! Attack all you want! I’m not a fan of his, AT ALL! He’s turning into another one that wants to be on TV. “Oh Look! Mauricio doesn’t have a shirt on!” Big Woo! Watch Kim’s Kroy puff up like a peacock when he realizes the cameras on him. IT’S HOUSEWIVES!!! Go to work Mauricio! You bragged that you paid off some room in your house, go pay off another one. Quit following your wife around, Joe Guidice!

  2. Ms.SH I agree, WWHL has jumped the shark too along with all the other HW shows. I don’t know if I can or want to keep up with five nights a week. I wonder if Andy has gotten so full of himself and his own fame that he is just like all these housewives that get annoying after awhile. It is a better show as a novelty once a week. How is he gonna get guests all week?

    • I am with you on wondering about the guests. I gotta say while I tolerated the mark Consuelo and wifey episode with a good humored meh, I can say that I hope they are a one and done. Take them outa the rotation for a bit cause even though Andy might have a slight crush … the rest of us not so much. Put Jay Mohr on there every other day though ;)

      • BG guesses are that they may be splitting soon anyways, so you may not have to worry about ‘em!

        • you mean… the big D? Funny you should mention that I was wondering which one was her. They all looked too sweet to have been the mega beotch that hanged up on me…twice!

            • If she is any of those chicks I cant imagine “hating” on her. But I will continue to give her hell over it until she accepts my call and puts me through. And seeing as how I gave up trying after that unfortunate and rude lapse of judgement on her part I reckon she is just gonna have to call me. ;)

  3. Didn’t Joan Rivers get injections in her hands to makes them look younger? That won’t do anything to reduce the size of Kyle’s hands but heck, she gets plenty of shots in her face, she should divert some to the hands.

    • haha! Cedrick did an interview with one of the gossip mags this week and when asked about Kyle’s claims she has never had botox his reply went some like “that defies explanation”, I was thinking the same thing Cedrick!

  4. Mauricio was born in Mexico of Russian and Turkish descent. He is a Jew. Mexicans are not just the short, dark skin people that tend to be the ones that immigrate into the U.S.A. Mexico has all colors and nationalities just like the U.S. In Mexico city, there is a very large Jewish community. In the northern part, Torreon, the concentration is of Spanish and Lebanese.

    Mexico received many Europeans with open arms when they were being persecuted in their own countries. I for one am of Lebanese/SPanish descent. Unfortunately, most people in the U.S. stereotype Mexicans into being dark skinned, short and illegal immigrants into the U.S.

    • Well I am glad you posted this because I dont get a chance to know many Mexican people due to georgraphy but the one(yes, just one) that I do know is catholic and I assumed(wrongly it turns out) that most Mexicans were catholic so I did wonder why Kyle converted to Judaism. If it was her idea and then she brought him along or the other way around. Anyways i learned something new today. Thank you.

      • Kyle had many Jewish friends growing up and had always secretly wanted to be Jewish (this is from her book) Mauricio and his family asked her to convert and she did not have a problem doing this because she did not strongly identify with any particular religion.

  5. I’m in agreement with Michael K. Wanna be Demi has the most atrocious collection of shades. Has no one mentioned this to her? Or perhaps they are scared by her man hands?!
    I am slightly blinded by all the glitter on that couch.

      • I’ve been pretending to have and accomplish various tasks around the house that do not involve typing! Obviously is isn’t going so well.
        Geezy creezy, it’s 85 degrees here! Is it too much to ask for a couple of months off from shaving my legs??

        • LOL, I have been waiting for the plumber to show all up all and managed not to type either until the last hour. Now if the darn plumber would show up!

    • Maybe she has slim pickins on glasses for the exact reason you stated: her man-hands. Is it possible her shades need to go through a series of rigorous durability tests to make sure they can withstand the wrath of her man-hands?? [IBS] Just a thought…

  6. I know she doesn’t have the prettiest hands in the world, but “man hands” I don’t get??? She does have short, stubby fingers, but she’s a very short/petite woman who would look odd with longer fingers. No, her hands don’t look nice and smooth, but that tells me that she is somewhat active in taking care of the house cleaning and taking care of the kids, especially the little one. If that’s the only complaint about how she looks, she’s doing pretty good.

    • Kyle looks great compared to Kim’s fried-looking, aged skin and dry, damaged hair. Baking herself in the hot Hawaiian sun last summer didn’t do her any good either. (I think a large part of Kim’s issues are caused by menopause and that’s why she was self-medicating).

      • Please that is nonsense. I’m sorry but to go there is just crazy! Hot flashes and mood swings may be a good reason for a martini but most of us avoid drugs as a measure to keep it in check!

      • Menopause isnt she in her late 40s its still a bit early for that at least full blown menapause…. I say hoping because in 49

        • Hit me at 50 and I didn’t go crazy but then again check back with me at 60 and it maybe a different story. Oh to be young!

          • well i had some serious heat flashes this morning and paniced even though i have had a Uterus since 2001 i dont want to have the change of life yet
            anyone notice how womens issues have aweful..change of life….the curse ect.

    • I am petite and am hands-on taking care of my kids and home and my hands are proportionate to my frame. My hands are dainty and pretty and do not look like my husband’s hands. Not to sound obnoxious, but I am only pointing out that petite people do not have the hands of people 6 ft tall, we have tiny hands…usually.

      • So sucks that didn’t happen for me. Thank goodness I have long fingers to go with the big hands. It works out well for playing classical guitar, the piano or if I had been a surgeon!.

        • I am quite envious of your long fingers! I have always wished I was tall. It wasn’t a comment on tall vs short or big hands vs little hands, it was a comment on proportion. Hope you didn’t take offense because none was meant. I am the little one in my family and amongst my friends…and I never catch anything at parades, either.

          • Oh I didn’t I am 5’4 not tall with a 34 inseam, long arms and big hands and 110 lbs up from 97lbs. Just goes to prove we come in all sizes and proportions. Lord I would love to have breasts instead of legs!

            • Long legs (and fingers) are better, believe me! Plus, apparently big boobs are out at the moment according to the HWs.

  7. Am I not remembering correctly or didn’t Kyle make a huge deal out of not having botox or filler? I seem to recall when her MIL went for the follow up visit with Paul after her face lift the MIL received some type of filler injection and Paul jokingly asked Kyle if she wanted the rest and she said something like no, she didn’t use that stuff. And on a headshot I recall her saying she hadn’t used fillers/botox. Am I crazy? Or was she lying and only admitted to Botox on WW?

    • I posted it above as well, but Cedrick called b.s. on that claim in an interview in one of the major gossip mags this week! Can’t remember which one but it had the Russel Crow, Katie Perry break up on the front!

      • Thanks! I wasn’t sure I was remembering RHOBH or the Desperate Housewives show where Abby admitted to having her nose done and all the women gave her a hard time b/c she had always said, like Kyle, she hadn’t had any work done.

        Plus, Kyle’s throat and neck area show real signs of age and it didn’t make sense her face wouldn’t also.

  8. Sooo, is the comment from Wendy in regards to Kyle being “too normal/living a normal life” to be on HW going to be karma and come back and smack Kyle in the kisser? Are there some BG’s that are going to be solved soon? I just thought that part of the interview kinda stood out.

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