Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… New Year’s Eve Party… UPDATE

So, how’s Shana’s party goin’?  

As of 9 PM EST, tickets were still available at Enclave:

AND… Shana’s kid is with her parents:




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172 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… New Year’s Eve Party… UPDATE

  1. I’m confused SH. Didn’t they ask you to put up this info in the first place? Did they just realize that this is one of the worst possible sites to advertise for Taylor? :)

    • MT: I was asked politely to take it down and I politely did. This has happened before… what comes immediately to mind is Shape magazine asking me to interview Kelly! LOL!!! We all know that Shana’s party was the one which needed assistance… all the other HWs NYE parties were sold out. It will be interesting to find out how the Chicago party went; if it was sold out; and if Shana even showed up! TFC!! SH

      • I’ll be sitting on pins and needles until we hear the answer to how her party went! Maybe I should hold my breath for good measure as well?
        Hahahahaha! Kelly and Shape magazine?! Hahahaha! Made my day. Still laughing!

        • MT: AND… they would not give up! Even after I asked Shape if they read SH! They still wanted me to interview Kelly!! I just could not do it! It was only after I sent them a link to Kelly being voted “Stoopidest Housewife” that they stopped! Yes, it was pretty funny! SH

          • Too bad, SH! You couldve asked her how she would feel if her t-bone clavical and franken-chest were to be photoshopped beyong recognition..or howd she feel if her real wonky boobed, man shoulder, extra bones in a bikini real photo were to be published side-by-side with her Moonlighting photo-erased shape shoot.
            Happy New Year, SH, romo, cc/mc, hereswhat, ms. burbs, myT, mp, aom and everyone i forgot who also make me laugh, make me think, amuse and entertain.

      • Oh, I just asked this question in a previous comment if the other housewives sold their tickets. I didn’t see that answer was here. Thanks.

  2. When you type in info about Taylor being at the enclave, this came up as a choice to click on:

    Enclave Chicago New Year’s Eve Taylor Armstrong | STOOPID …
    This gallery contains 2 photos. DD Whitt and Shana… “Those people in Chicago don’t wanna see you, Shana!” OH!

    It is still there as a link to click on. Our work here has been successful. Even if they sell out, I would be willing to bet that unless they take peoples camera phones and camera’s we will be getting an inside look into the party.

    I clicked on the buy tickets and the highest number it went to was 10 and they are now 250 dollars. Hope that does not mean only 10 tickets are left.

    • Gail, did you notice that even though there is a c-word poster at the top of the Enclave home page there’s an ad at the bottom saying Grey Goose is the world’s best tasting vodka!! Oops!!

      • No I didn’t, perhaps they are bottled by the same company? Tho for an add about C Vodka, if they are not affiliated that would indeed be a big OOPS.

    • Yea, you know, that’s really messed up. One moment, the tickets are $135.00 as SH reported and now it’s up $250! I just don’t get it? Especially when they claimed the exclusive tickets were sold out. I think SH is right. They are BS the sales. Okay, SH didn’t exactly say that. lol.

        • mss, that is probably a part of it, but their ad did say the closer to New Year’s that it got that the prices would go up, but up to 250 is a HUGE leap from, what 95 dollars to begin with. I wouldn’t think that just because it was the day of the event the leap would be so large from the early ticket prices. I think, not sure, but i checked regularly and i think the price changed from 135 at least two more times up to the 250 for the ones that were not the early bird tickets, Happy New Year~ :)

      • Why do you think Kyle protects Taylor? That’s more than just a friendship there. I mean, Kyle behaves like a boyfriend.

  3. Got thrown off my NOLA flight–was in the middle of words with friends. Oh well. Anyway, the enclave has a twitter account enclavechicago. It reports that not only is Traylor in Chicago (actually that’s from her account) but that the show is sold out. There is also a one minute video of traylor posted.

    • Damn. Was gonna make an Alec joke when I saw the icon for your recent post! I should know better than to think I’d be quicker than you!

        • Heh, only because I have some good competition (wink wink).
          Sorry you couldn’t make it to BSL’s. Knowing BSL even the slightest, I think you are truly missing out! (I was referring to the drugs. It seems like she’s got some great stuff.) ;)
          Happy New Year, Who!! I hope your’s is great as well.

    • I just came from their online site a minute ago and pretended I wanted to buy 10 tickets, (that is the most it will allow you to buy at one time , or they only had 10 left?) anyway it let me go to the page to fill out the information,etc. Each ticket had to have a name typed into it, nothing came up saying anything about the tickets not being available. Is Chicago time one hour earlier than est?

  4. Oh my, just left you a link to a page i just read about Taylor and Kennedy spending new year’s with her grandparents. I left the link on your contact info page SH. Didn’t know if I am allowed to post links to other articles on here or not, however, I do think you will find it entertaining along with some more of Shana’s stories not being cohesive, ok out and out lies, lol.

    • gail: I honestly do not find that information SH worthy. Of course, Shana’s kid is going to be with Shana’s parents… what other logical place would the child be spending NYE while her mother is in Chicago? Good grief, I could write a year’s worth of posts simply based on logical conclusions… however, I prefer to have backup statements from the actual person or links to reliable sites. TFC!! SH

  5. WELL just when i thought Shaft couldnt get any lower she dumps her kid on her parents and jets off to Chicago so she caca faced at a party sponsored by Booze company
    Way to be a good mom Taylor WTG

  6. For those of you disappointed that tickets are selling,remember people also bought tickets to see Charlie Sheen during his melt down.Then booed him off the stage!We can only hope this is what happens to Taylor.

  7. It reads the ticket sales have ended but there maybe tickets for sale at the door. Does this mean that they did sell out? I wonder how many tickets are left to sell at the door if there are any? Stoopid Housewives, I hope you find these answers and give us all the dirt. lol

  8. Also, I would love to know how all the other housewives did with their ticket sales. Hurry Stoopid Housewives, hurry up and give us all the dirt! :)

      • Hmmmm … not so sure a spork would “poke” out the eye, I think it would cleanly pull-pop it out. But you got that one gorgeous eye so please don’t spork it out! I’m more concerned about how we manage our batwings?

  9. I don’t know how to do a screen grab but Shana is the one who tweeted that LaToya Jackson was her co-host in reply to someone who asked if her co-host was Andy. Looks like LaToya actually spent NYE with Rick and Kathy Hilton in Vegas. Hmmm…

  10. That video of her talking is hilarious!! ….she is so amateurish.

    I am sure no one was buying a ticket to party with her, so I hope they had a good DJ and good drinks to make up for the Sh–Monkey in the room.

  11. That ‘miscommunication’ (**wink-wink**) about who would be appearing with Taylor sure did create a lot of much needed buzz.

  12. Just saw pictures of the housewives at their respective NYE paid to go to parties. All were dressed in glitter and glam, looked like they were having a blast.

    Except for Shana, Only picture of her not posing on the runway was with a big gaping hole in her face aka mouth. Here is the detailed version of her dress :The RHOBH star wore a knee length black dress that was spiced up with a v-cut and off the shoulder sleeve. It did not look spicy. Nor did she in the photo’s.

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