Burruss    KANDI BURRUSS…

Kandi Burruss is in Miami to host the Ciroc New Year’s Eve party and chatted with the Miami Herald about the Real Housewives of Atlanta…


Why did you decide to take part in this program?

Well, I always like to shake it up and have some fun partying. I am not much of a drinker and want to encourage everyone to drink responsibly. Just because you’re having fun doesn’t mean you have to act crazy. So I thought, “This is something I can be a part of.” And who doesn’t like coming down to the beach when the weather’s that good and everywhere else is freezing cold? They’re doing this Ciroc party in like five different cities, and I said the only way I’m going to be doing this is if I get Miami. I made them put that in my contract! I’ll go out and stage to do the countdown with Ne-Yo, I think.

How is everything going on the show?

This is my third season, and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger. As for upcoming episodes, I can’t give too much information, but I did a country song with Jo Dee Messina. I don’t know how much they’ll be able to show due to clearance issues. All the girls have different things going on. I’ve been trying to focus back on my songwriting for other people. I really want to start writing country.

What is the big drama plot point this season?

We go to Africa — well, one of us doesn’t make it. We argue a lot. At the end of the trip the [crew] ended up calling us the ‘smalls’ and the ‘talls.’ It just so happened the tall women really love hanging out and the shorter women got together. It was a battle between the two. Kind of funny.

How real is what viewers watch?

You’re seeing the real deal, but a lot of times you’re seeing things out of order. Maybe an argument that has happened will seem like it came after something else. But they don’t make us argue. We’re not actors. But as women, we don’t really get along. And if certain women don’t get along? What do you do? Push them to be around each other!

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