Miss Andy Cohen… celebrating with confetti

Guests of Lord of the Housewives, Miss Andy Cohen, sat around the clubhouse last year and taped their resolutions for 2011…

… some are interesting, others whatever…

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81 comments on “Real Housewives: LAST YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS…

  1. been a fan from the beginning..i wish all a happy new i say,this blog has become less fun,it has changed ,you have changed ,i’m sick of hearing about the mosquito,and i believe you owe v.p. an apology, but you won’t [i’m sure you won’t post this either..good day..

    • clam: LOL!! Youz funny!! I will absolutely give vp an apology! As soon as she can tell me which day of the week she left her very first comment here; the exact time of day and who the guest in the clubhouse was on that day. AND… she must tell me within the next 15 seconds… otherwise I will know that her user name has been hacked. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

      Oh… and ‘good day’ to you, too! SH

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR to Ms. SH, Becky, Ames, Ms. S, AOM, BSL, and many, many posters (and lurkers!) on this site!!!!! May 2012 be the best year yet for you (and may the Mayans be wrong…)! Health, Happiness, and Peace to all! XO, Nikki

    • Happy New Year to you, too Miss Nikki! Your corset is working for you, girl! You look great! Hugs!

  3. Happy New Year SH & family (that includes you, Becky) and all my friends here at SH (that include all y’all whether ye be lurker or regular posters)!

        • I will get it for you only if you are allergic to pecans. I kept trying to get online earlier for longer, but since we are working in the same room with Google doc, they happened to look up and were furious when they saw Kelly on the wallpaper. They are not fans.

          I love you, MT, and will try to get back later. Just as well Who got incarcerated in Memphis.

          • While trying to purchase DGAFHOSUOIJ-somesuch drugs on the street corner! I am shocked and saddened and will be staying tuned for updates! I’m pretty sure you’re responsible for it all too, BSL. You must be feeling so guilty! ;)
            My child is allergic and can be a total PITA. So, I’m looking for payback!

            • Yes, he has problems with…you know. Yes, incredible guilt. Who is a boo and didn’t deserve what went down. I hate to go now, but will probably be back on in a couple of hours. Hugs!

  4. Happy New Year’s everyone. And thanks for being crazy enough to be here with me avoiding the drunk drivers and the “celebratory gunshots.” I am enjoying the camaraderie while calming my dog from the fireworks, and, eventually, I know it’s coming . . . gunshots. The idiots around the world who don’t understand the basic law of gravity!
    Cheers! It’s safe inside!

    • Don’t you mean . . . the idiots around the South? Ha ha! (Are you in the South?) I love this night. The in-laws went home today and I’ve done a whole buncha nothin’ and a little bit of sumthin’. About to open my “good” wine and watch Anderson and Kathy–with SH open and sitting nearby! (Husband caught onto my little vice today; oh well.) :)

      • Is it that obvious? Actually, it’s Florida. Although I realize that’s geographically pretty far south, it’s really a melting pot here compared to the rest of the South. I’m in St. Petersburg, Florida. Although it’s a great place to live in so many ways — celebratory gunfire in the city is much scarier than in the rural areas of the South. The rules of gravity and stoopidity, however, remain the same everywhere.

    • with any luck some of those idiots will shoot themselves…….oh dear, i can’t believe i just said that. how rude and insensitive can a person be on this of all days. really!

      • Thanks, though. I have those evil thoughts too sometimes. I try to keep them at bay. My karma (at least bad karma) seems to work instantaneously. Keeps me on my toes. You have a great New Year!

    • The “hater” said, “Watch your leg, babe,” meaning, MOA will pee on it and tell you it’s raining. Or if you’re my favorite comedian . . . well, I already told you what happens to them. Ask Bill Engvall. For real–ask him. I’m sure he remembers. :)

    • I’m sure “break it down pete” is not our resident bug. So everyone read his website. Good stuff. Okay, mediocre. Bordering on lousy. Okay, if you’re really really really really . . . extremely . . . bored . . . and your internet connection freezes while you’ve got his home page open . . . and your TV is dead . . . and your toilet doesn’t need cleaning . . . I would suggest reading it. It must be some of hie earlier work.

  5. HI, folks, I’m sleepy … bad sinus congestion, and stuffed tummy from a huge NYE dinner with friends and family!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2012, and thanks again Miss SH for giving me a site of new friends!

    nighty night…

  6. I am always the last person to enter the New year..this is the first year of the fireworks ban
    I bet it will be just as loud

    • BSL Sorry about missing the party! Darned airline with their stoopid rules against words with friends!! Of course the upside is more dgaf’s for me!!!

      • Have you seen the local news? Were you not aware of the lady with the pink sweater filming you with her phone? It hurt me to see you being dragged away and that kid throwing an empty juicy box at you. A whole plane of angry people diverted to Memphis…next year?

  7. To S.H and all of her faithful readers, I would like to wish each and every one of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! With that said, I’m going to wait until midnight and join the other crazy people in St. Pete FL and shoot some bullets in the air. Or maybe I’ll just go to the Waffle House and let loose a couple of hungry honey badgers. What do you think would be more fun?

    Wasp On Weed

  8. Hmmmm, Waffle House? honey badgers? Wasp On Weed? Sounds like the same guy, don’t you think so, “Mosquito on acid”? Something fishy is going on here.


  9. Hi there. First time writer, first time reader and I’m a bit confused about this whole thing that’s going on here. I didn’t realize that this site was all about those wacky housewives of (name your city) , but I thought that this housewives site was a place to get recipes and advice on how to do scrapbooking and finger painting and all that kind of stuff. Well I have to finish off this bottle of wine and get some potato salad. I’m sorry for wasting our time, but on the other hand maybe someone out there knows a good recipe for potato salad. Did I mention that I like potato salad?

    Potato Salad Sal

    • I wish I didn’t have a deadline that has me tied up. I have a recipe for grape salad with pecans that my fat sister-in-law keeps making and feeding to my nephew that is allergic to pecans. I appreciate you love of grape salad, but if you can give me a day or so when I am finished with my project, I will gladly share it with you. Yes, you said it multiple times that you like grape salad.

      • BSL, has your nephew recovered from that reaction yet? I’m sorry that the epi pen was past its expiration date. Just tragic. You should probably keep Windex on hand, just in case it happens again.

        • Yes, we jabbed it into his arms and torso violently close to 100 times. It eventually did the trick. I hear a can of Great Stuff sprayed into the ears works quicker than Windex.

          • You have probably saved at least two lives, maybe even three, with that advice right now. We are pretty much saving the world, one life at a time, on this site. Make sure Sal knows this. You should probably include a little notecard written in that calligraphy that we learned in that class together. He can post it on his refrigerator with one of those Mr. Yuk magnets–don’t forget to include one!

  10. Ok confession time….who called the number I posted the other day? Be honest. Its a handy number to have so that yall dont ever end up getting a message like this… so thats my “gift” for all yall this year. So you can club worry and douchebag free.

  11. Happy New year everyone!! It’s been a fun and interesting year on housewives, here’s hoping we have just as much fun this year!!

  12. Easy Yummy Tater Salad

    New Potatoes (small)

    Fresh Peas

    Fresh Mint


    Creamy Mustard Vinaigrette

    Hellman’s Mayo

    Salt and pepper to taste

    I steam my taters when I’m putting them in a salad. Use small taters, wash/do not peel and cut in half. Steam until al dente.

    Shell the fresh peas and steam until al dente.

    Scallions chopped into fairly small pieces (I like to chop them diagonally).

    Fresh Mint (leaves only) make a pile of the leaves and roll it up tightly. Then do a chiffonade cut; this means cut in thin slivers is the best explanation. You can google it for a better explanation.

    I let the taters cool down a little bit before slicing the halves into slices no thinner than 1/4 inch. By mixing the ingredients while the taters are still warm they’ll absorb the dressing and that is a good thing. Add peas, scallions, mint and lightly stir to distribute everything evenly but don’t overwork it. Mix 1/2 mayo and 1/2 creamy mustard vinaigrette in a separate bowl and then add to the salad and mix. Finish with salt and pepper to taste. You have to figure out the ratio of the ingredients but if you’re a tater salad head you’ll already have a good idea what that should be.

    Good luck……….oh, by the way, I have cooked professionally so I know from good food.

    Happy New Year

  13. Wishing MsSH, Becky and everyone oh here a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year!

  14. Happy New Year to my new SH family! I am thrilled that I stumbled upon this site and here to stay. I love all things housewives and finding a place to discuss it unbiased is the best gift ever

  15. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I love this site and I wish I could post more often, but my office is next to my supv’s office and I work in the IT Dept. so you know I should know better than this. When I am not posting I try to read as much as I can. Sometimes I am a little lost,but and I am gonna sneak on here whenever I get the chance. When I get home, I am just too tired. I love you all and I will talk with yall a little later. Holla!

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