For all SH readers who have been wondering about the mysterious commenter, MOA… 

For your convenience, this is a compilation of the comments made by MOA…  this is Part I.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 5:06 PM | In reply to betsey.

PS Henry. I did shoot your Hot air insider down. ooops. Now read my flat line,cigar smoking,cofee drinking,vivano,coca-cola,nasty blk water,aloe drinking,Mary-Jane tea drinking, Ajiaco,Bouillabaisse soup drinking pasty,no shape lips Mission accomplished!
See you next year or maybe sooner. If I’m dispatchedagain

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 4:50 PM | In reply to betsey.

Henry certainly you are confusing me with the other tripping mosquitoes!
Again my mission was accomplished. Take what you want from it! You missed the mark Henry. There was no guessing game here. Can’t keep my story straight? Which one of the acid tripping bugs did you inhale from? Do not add nor take away from my words. You hear what you want to hear. Yes yes it got boring 48hrs ago. Sighs yet here you are ,still wasting your time with this boring nonsense. The jokes write themselves don’t they Henry?
Smile kid when this finally sinks in. You’ll do nothing but laugh

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 3:57 PM | In reply to mssuburbia.

Why do you still think I’m Thorne? am not haha
I have no idea about his pricing on sales. He’s a funny character non the less

Did I know Larry King is a walking skeleton?
No but I know to always be careful of people wearing suspenders with belts& other people’s tools ,work only in other people’s garden.

Greg Breh sat by himself behind the home plate?
No but I was pissed when I found out Marilyn Manroe had 6 toes!

So tell me.
With no wings, I fly. With no eyes, I see. With no arms, I climb. More frightening than any beast, stronger than any foe. I am cunning, ruthless, and tall,in the end, I rule all. What am I?

Have a great New Year!
I’ll wave& wink from Times square in a few hours gotta catch my flight

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 3:16 PM | In reply to Mythunker.

Most places have a reputation they try to protect.
Other places that film want exposure so you’ll have almost little known places that will agree to go on camera mom&pop stores etc
Reputation&image keeping clients/customers for big well to do businesses
This is why you will never see filming inside the ivy,urasawa,Spago ect unless it’s in the movies

The more hot shot&stop places don’t cater to reality tv unless it’s food network, Ramsey, &other chef show. You ain’t gonna be seeing them inside the savvy places to eat. The closest you will get is them filming the ladies sitting outside having drinks on the outside table or whatever.

Sorry kid but,You ain’t gonna be seeing them in Megu or others.
And that’s the way the cookie crumbles

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 2:55 PM | In reply to meekah3.

Meekah3 My Dear
the 1st& last time I did crack was in the 70′s not long after “Yayo” introduced it to what would be his fellow crack heads.

It was a very bad experience & I made a solid pledge. To only digest Mary-Jane from then on. I don’t smoke it. I only boil&drink it. Been feeding it as tea to friends for years. My lady friends faces&hands are smooth now. If only I can get my plastic friends to drink it. Wouldn’t do any good. Since they botched themselves to no end.

“meekah3″ I’m going to teach you something here. That will be very useful to you.
The 2 most common elements in life are hydrogen, and human stupidity.

Now “Meekah3″ Dahhhhling. How many animals did Moses take onto the ark?

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 2:02 PM | In reply to Henry.

Henry I just got lost in thought,very unfamiliar ground. You are off base!

Sorry burbia this isnt a guessing game. This has been over 48hrs ago . I came to do what I had to do. Mission was accomplished! Your still bursting your brains much to do about nothing.

There’s no conspiracy! No Thornes. I came to scoop up some posters to give gifts. You missed the mark.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 1:47 PM | In reply to cyn1.

Hahaha Cyn1 that would really be hilarious ,because nothing is more foolproof than a cleverly,equiped sufficiently talented fool. haha

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 1:40 PM | In reply to cyn1.

“Cyn1″ “Would someone in production be ,so Internet savvy”

Well.. When the chips are down,the buffalo is empty.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 1:30 PM

That Thorne guy is quite the character isn’t He? What a douchebag ,jerk,ego maniac. However I must agree He’s one clever genius. Sorry burbia don’t know about discounts for 200% off. I’ve never heard of Thorne until you mentioned him. I think my best favourite work of his was Lenny on acid & his fake Xmas CD . When the receivers got their CD gifts & played them from track 1-12 was nothing more than him washing dishes in the background, his dog barking& him humming. There was no signing what a dork hahahaha . He beat me by a landslide

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 1:19 PM

Yea S.H it’s Joycelyn. I called Her Joyce for short.
I’m ashame to say yes that’s what I’m into. Plastic is the only thing walking around here.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 1:13 PM | In reply to Made Piley.

“He took us on a ride” Ah You Country Girls sure love your cow boys.

“The content of what He said,mattered not”
I feel as though am parked diagonally into a parallel universe.

“At least we got to stop off for ice cream,with coffee and nuts”
I’m just wondering how deeper the Ocean,would be without sponges?
The theories you all presented are so fascinating! You all should do something with your gifts I think I’ve scratch a surface. Too bad your wrong,but your theories are mind bending.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe

“His purpose was to annoy,and provoke stupidity”
I foresee great things into your future.

“He has no reason to give truthful info on the Housewives”
I’m curious what do you do for a living?

“Anyone who engages with Him on any Hw topic ,is just his toy”
Your thought provoking theories are made for good tv. Thanks for the belly ache laughs!

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 12:43 PM | In reply to BelowSeaLevel.

The internets a playground . Will be a perfect treat to spend your money on. Haha

OMG! Obama Must Go!
ikid ikid!
No seriously spend the money on something most deserving. If you feel like buying 3Big Macs with fries, a milkshake. Then wash it all down with a super sized Diet coke. Topped off with a 99cents pie.Hey why the heck not!
Tis the season to be eating!
Buy something you never dream of in a million years of getting.

If you are a Woman “BSL”
Get yourself
a lawn mower
New tools
A robot that’s equipped to bring your beer to you. Or a new set of Honma five stars. Or any other set of golf clubs. Or cigars completed with an engraved zappo lighter.

If you’re a Man buy yourself a box of Godiva completed with some roses.
A White new engraved iPad
Newest lingerie collection from Victoria Secrets
A mini vacation
Or new purse.

Have fun deciding .You’ll thank me later.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 11:59 AM | In reply to mssuburbia.

Give it up Ms.B
You are One tough cookie!

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 11:55 AM | In reply to meekah3.

I have ignored all of your other attention seeking post. You are clearly in need of my attention. You’ve got it!

Why would I troll online for Women? I’m already blessed with my (3) most Beautiful Women in my life.

Taylor Armstrong
Donatella Versace
And Joyce Wildenstein

Do you care do join my ranks Meekah13?
I need to Troll for all the Women I can get.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/31 at 11:43 AM | In reply to Candace.

Candace which Mosquito are you talking about?
Did you miss the part. Where there was at least 8-10 of those tripping mosquitoes? All 8-10 of them were rambling! You missed the mark,because you were too busy ranting. “tell us something,we already don’t know”
Your are quick to speak,but slow to listen.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 8:57 PM | In reply to cyn1.

“Cyn1″ Why the long face kid?
No need to be sorry!
Cheer up!
If You think annoying others can be a career path for you. There are companies and,private contractors. That will hire people &assign them to be dis info agents,certain News articles. FB,H.Post, Yahoo pages,Political forums or send you to disrupt town hall meetings. Yes Yes those Seniors are paid! Ha!

The job is never for the faint of heart. Or if you have Little kids. Or full time job. You’d have to be available whenever they need you. Sticking to the playtime Troll annoying,funny persona is better and will be more safe for you.

Once you drift off into tactical, or strategic dealings with mass media etc. your toast! Unless you can handle yourself! It’s a very tangle web to weave.

The Companties or Contractors will send you on intense test drives,and will send 30-50 more annoying bees after you to test you. So while your Trolling they will set up 50 more to come at you. There’s several steps each companies& contractors set their own rules.

It’s the “CIA” Of the Internet. Different branches,dispatched to do different things, anonymity ,oath secrecy, sacrifice, loyalty . You get the idea.

Don’t worry guys your site isn’t going to be “attacked” by any unless Taylor hires them to come after you. Ikid ikid!
Again stick to the playtime annoyance it’s more lite.
Hope that helped Cyn1

Reader below who commented on your kid with Autism Awesome! They have always been a pleasure to be around&to work with . Mellow music&sounds seem to calm them. Sounds of waterfalls,birds chirping,rain drops. Or video games if you give em chance they will stay glued for hours to the screen haha

Maddeypie is it? I’m curios why with An area code as yours.Why do you post here? I mean there is nothing wrong with City people posting on such sites. You just peeked my curiosity.
Not my business I’m just curios. Only 1 way to get that area code. Unless of course you are setting me up to dial that #.

You must be Jill. ikid ikid. It is funny though that there’s a conspiracy that Jill&Taylor are responsible for all the bad things in the world.
After you watch the new OC I think they’ll put both of them to shame!
Happy New Year folks. You have 1 day to eat all while you can. We all know come Jan1st . You’re all gonna be full swing into diet mode. My new years panic is only for me to get the right fitted hair plugs! Hahaha Cheers!

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 6:01 PM | In reply to mssuburbia.

Ms. B Yea I got that you were trying to break me. Didn’t work though ha!

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 5:59 PM | In reply to BelowSeaLevel.


Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 5:57 PM | In reply to kas.

Your moderator never vouched for me. I’m not Her insider nor I’m I her source. She said she recognized me as the insider for another website. You misconstrued Her.

I have no back room deals with this site. There is no conspiracy.
I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me. She didn’t ask me to come here. I’ve never spoken to her. I’ve only crossed paths with Her for the First time yesterday.

“VP” was laughing and engaging for hours. Then KABOOM! Something spooked her. I never insulted Her. KAS you don’t have worry about me being a Thorne into your side. I only sprout once a year!

There was a different dynamic &dimension
It’s over. It’s a new day! Take what you want from it.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 1:16 PM | In reply to Sistah T.

Yes Yes!
Btw they upgraded their selection of Flavored Coffees.
I’m outta here!

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 1:08 PM | In reply to BelowSeaLevel.

I missed it? No Kelly B is not insane. Goofy Yes!
Clueless in real life? No
Crazy? No

Jacq dazed! Always withdrawn.
Caro very shy&timid. Not her personality on tv.
Teresa very goofy!
Very very hyper.Nice personality.

Mel. Very chatty&talkative.

Kathie very mellow. As if she’s always floating on cloud9. The hippy go happy days. Always smiling always too happy. Red flag! haha

Jill very strong personality. Queen of mean in real life? No. She did play the part well

Kim off the wall. She’s the real poster woman for the word “Gaffe”

Phaedra outspoken strong personality. Sings well

Different personalities depends on what time of day it is. Can be cranky. But who isn’t?

Cynthia no personality . Clueless very clumsy . Very pretty though the valley high thing must be an act.

Sheere talks a mile a second. Demanding hair has to be right make up done. Want to be catered to hand&foot Exit!

Nene very funny very strong personality&dominant she’s very guarded. Has lots of big barks no bite.

Lisa very charming strong personality a wise crack. A diva. Feels like she’s filming for the movies. Very witty

Taylor split personality nice today bite tomorrow very hyper. Laughs too much

Kim unique,very different

Kyle out spoken laughs a lot cry easily

Adrianne very dominant, strong personality silent as a mouse but will bite.

Camille a sweetheart mellow
Too nice of a gal

OC wives watch this coming season to find out their awesome!

You’d have your mouths open for what they’ll be bringing.Ha

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 12:36 PM | In reply to Stoopid Housewives.


Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 12:32 PM | In reply to cyn1.

I will overlook your ‘I work for Kraft Services’ comment. I’m not employed by them. But I do take a good liking to their Mac&Cheese. I will also over look your literate comment. You should know illiterates are smart people too.

If One can not read or write. That doesn’t make them less smart. I’d tell you a joke. But it may be too illiterate for your comprehension. Ha! Did you catch that?

No different than Kids with Autism. They may have some “illiterate ” traits. But there is something out there that they will always be gifted in. Be it Art,playing an instrument, sports,gymnastics,super autobiographical memory. ETC.

You said it yourself. It was an educational experience for you. Yes Yes! My iliterate ramblings educated you. “Oh the sweet irony”

There was A lady here yesterday who said She had Cancer off chemo? But it made Her day She laughed. It passed Her time. Or if it wasn’t her who said it may have been someone else. But many readers said they’re laughing,it’s making their Day go faster. Some was Happy,some laughed,some were upset,some where speechless. Others confused and putting out virus fires.

While some said it was making their day go faster. Mine was slowed down. But I enjoyed it along the way. Until the other Acid tripping mosquitoes came along.
Sorry “Cyn1″ But it’s over.
Your determined poster Friends hit me with an all “Natural Verses Wild” cards.
I only had the “Ace to Six”

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 11:54 AM | In reply to NJ_HDGurl.

It’s good medicine.
It will help prolong your life too.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 11:43 AM | In reply to Made Piley.

Whatever the case. That was clever!

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 11:13 AM | In reply to NJ_HDGurl.

Again you missed the mark! Over 24hrs ago. You were to busy distracted with the other Mosquitoes. And with the this website has been hack looney tunes.

Btw… How else will they receive their prizes? What do you suggest? How can they contact me? Should I give out my phone number? Or should I give them my home address to show up for their prizes?

I’ have no instrest in knowing who these gifts go too . Once they send me an E-mail an Electronic gift card will go out to them. They choose whatever they want. Except cash it’s off limits!

You missed the idea of my presence. S.H caught it,HoverBug ,and another poster caught it. And now I’m learning that Robin caught it too.

Life’s too short. Laugh more often . Your life will be less stressful.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 10:59 AM | In reply to Robin.

That was my point of being here Robin. I said several times. I was sent here for a reason. And I accomplished my mission! I don’t know how many times. I said I have accomplished what I came here to do. I broadcasted it to the point. I became exausted.

I had no beef with Ms.Sub, I paid her a compliment twice! I was impressed with the way She challenged me.

If You read back thread I said to S.H. Her Ms.B is a very fiesty and head strong one. That wasn’t an insult. It was a well given praise .

They all missed the mark when S.H busted me! As the gift giver.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 10:53 AM | In reply to Robin.

No Favorites.
Sorry see this is why it’s good to pose under One Handle.I’m confused. Robin I had no clue You were Ms.Turry.
Okay! So you get One too.
Shoot me an E-mail

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 10:47 AM | In reply to Headhunter.

One last point “Headhunter”
A thread back. I said I think “VP” May get the prize. Because She made me laugh with Her paranoid,whacked out personality. I also said I don’t know if it was an act. Or Her being serious. But had me laughing.

It was no longer funny. When She went off on a rant about viruses. Then promoted another website. No One is foolish enough to believe such non sense ! Clearly there was an agenda there. You also missed the mark. Where this same “VP” character started at One point to talk to herself,and said it was someone else who was using Her ID handle.

Your moderator on many occasion told Her the web site was not hacked! She continued to rant and rave in all CAPS. Then out of the Blue She yelled who’s going with me to something tattles?

You missed it when I said. You all were making me laugh! From the poster who said. “Hi Kyle is that You?” No it’s me Paul!
To the One who said Cedric we know it’s you. Son of a French prostitute. I was laughing . I wasn’t ticked off!

Many posters held their own! Ms B led the way as the “Pit Bull”
If you can’t bark,don’t show your teeth! Her teeth She did show.

Back to your. I made threats comment. My words were advice. I said to S.H take some Friendly advice. I also said if you readers care enough about Her. You will help to keep Her on Her toes.
Where was the threat in that ? Don’t answer that!
I only come once a Year to spread the Holiday cheer!
Have A Good One.

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 10:14 AM | In reply to Jupiters Mother.

Shoot me an E-Mail
I don’nt,and wouldn’t need any of your personal information. We can do this discreetly. And You can receive your gift. Anonymously With out you disclosing your name.

The process will be very swift. And painless!

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 9:32 AM | In reply to Headhunter.

You lost me there.
I said all of your “Mosquitoes On Acid” Was not me!
Insults to Ms.B?

So let me get this straight. Ms.B has every right to to throw Her insults ,and sarcasm. But when I defended my position. I’m wrong? I’m mean spirited? It must be so,aweful?
Why is it because I’m a Man and Males are forbbiden to challenge Women? I guess Men can only go up against Men and Women are off limits?

Your Ms.B challenged me. I thought She knew me in another life. And She stucked to Her guns. We kept going back and forth. She then asked if She’s wasting Her time. I told Her yes She wasted 24hrs of it. I also told Her . That Her First mistake was engaging me.

There were no threats made from me,on this or any web page. I was more amused with Ms.B and Her knowledge on many subjects.And was empressed that She challenged me no end!

S.H even said to Her on the back thread .She liked that Ms.B is handling me. And handled me She did!

I told Her the joke was on Her. And it was. Because She wasted the last full 24hrs of Her time. She was very determine.

Somewhere along the way. A compliment was paid to Her. And I qoute. “Boy S.H” Your Ms.B is quite the fiesty One. And very head strong. I was praising Her.

In Regards to your “VP” comment. I did not insult. If anything I was the One who had insults thrown at me. From posters screaming (F) Shit ECT,,For the time I post! If anything You should feel insulted.

Just for “VP” claiming S.H was sending out Viruses. And took this off into a whole direction with others confused and paranoid.

No threats were made. Advice was given. Two different things.
S.H along the way caught onto me. And ask if I’m not going to offer Her readers anything for The Holidays this Year. I responded to Her that Her readers aren’t good at this. But the prize will go the poster who said.

She think she’s hit the A Goldmine”
I think you misconstrued me along the way. I may come off as an A** Hole because of my dominant roles in my personal life. So it may come across to you that I’m Ego tripped or aggressive. Not the case. A braggart I’m not!

Do You know how many times few posters said. “Don’t feed the trolls” With many of the stern warnings. You still kept engaging. When the wise Ones caught on. They jumped ship.

I did drop out somewhere along the way. Because I started getting confused with all the other mosquitoes.

“HoverBug” Any advice? Yes! The # 1 rule. Never feed the Trolls.
Moral of the story? “All signs are misleading”

Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe
Submitted on 2011/12/30 at 2:08 AM

I posted last night.
I said my peace. I left. Yes I’m Gaffe. Gaffe posted Yesterday.

My comments are never vile or repulsive. Only fun and light. You will quickly know it’s me if I ever post.
So I think You all have been confusing me with these many other posters.
“Nothing ventured,Nothing gained”
Be well.


    • “Fakehousewife”
      I have no time for theatrics. Clearly “Mosquito Net” is blowing hot air!
      But if this “Mosquito Net” has exclusive information. I’ll be more than happy to go head to head with Him or Her. And challenged all and,any information. “Mosquito Net” Has to put forth!


      • And of course, as soon as you show up, Mosquito Nets’ battery is dying? Alas. You have no time for theatrics? Then what has been going on here the last few days? Early on you said you achieved your purpose. I still don’t understand exactly your purpose. Don’t listen to self-proclaimed “insiders”, which you claim to be? To annoy people? (You mentioned both of these purposes) To promote Camille?
        Your grammar and spelling have greatly improved, but now your tone is angry? Maybe we can stay off the Traylor subject and everyone can start having fun again.


        • As soon as I show up Mos Net battery died?
          What the heck. I’m not responsible for dying batteries.
          I type from One device and one device only. My accomplishment was shooting down your “insider”

          Now where did I say I’m here to promote Cam. Insider?
          You are adding and subtracting from my words.
          Angry? If that’s the way you see it. You have a right to your own opinions.

          Again. I’m not affiliated with any of these posters. I don’t them. They don’t know me. And Ms.B which ever poster told you I was “playing” them is being dis honest. I know no one from this site.

          Minus the reader or lurker who contacted me to see about your “source” Once I showed up your source evaporated into thin air.

          I have no problem discussing Taylor. You all said you already knew everything. Not the case. I elaborated more on what you “knew”

          Do you think I would and could have gotten your attention. If I had waltz in here announcing . Hey hey hey! I’m another insider and another source I’ll give you all the answers. Don’t you think I would have been labeled as a “Troll” ignored? Shrugged off to the side?
          I never mention in any posting I’m your insider or the insider.

          The way I present myself has to be done in a very (unique) and (unusual) way that has to set me apart from the “rest” you may see the broken Grammar, satire, dry sarcasm, etc.What I do has to be done very differently with a twist. It’s my job.

          I’m sure you’ve had people come in here with bad spellings, ramblings etc. And kicked them to the curb. My brand is different .You missed the mark!

          I didn’t come to step on you are anyone’s toes. And I’ll like for you to keep it that way and get back to your normal lives and sense of selves.
          Now I gotta get back to my infested ,egg laying swamp nest.

          PS Ms.Bburbia. There is no conspiracy in re gards to my spelling.flavor vs flavour or color vs colour. Canadians spellings = the same as the English. Sorry to disappoint but I’m not David Thorne :)


          • Skeeter, you misunderstood me on a few points. First, I know you didn’t “say” you were here to promote Camille. I tried to make that assertion separate (albeit unsuccessfully) from the 2 purposes you mentioned. I just mentioned Camille promotion based on the email address you gave (David Levine), David Levine’s business association with Camille, and your kind words regarding Camille.
            Second, I didn’t mean to criticize your grammar. Your grammar and spelling have definitely improved in these posts, and your tone is not fun-loving this morning. This made me suspect something has changed since last night. Although your sentence structure does not make me think you are a different person.
            Third, I didn’t mean to criticize you for Net’s battery failing. It is just so interesting that you appeared to reveal the insiders as frauds, and now an insider has yet again disappeared as you appeared. I do not suspect that you are the same as the other insiders. Ms. SH let us interview the Bird as an experiment, and then she said she knew who you were. That would seem to contradict the idea that you and they are the same.
            Anyway, I did not mean to offend, I hope you have a great New Year.


  1. Time will tell. For some reason all that comes to mind is bless your little heart! Thanks to many of the people here and discovering Mr Thorne, I’ve spent the last few days LMAO. Which I hope is good for a few pounds. Enjoy the New Year. Is Jupiter’s Mother going to get her prize?


  2. Where is the bug spray….too many insects in the house! All I want is that Russell’s children do not grow up thinking their father is the beast that Traylor portrayed him as.


  3. Wow! Someone’s getting fat on all the blood they’ve been sucking! You guys are just standing by the pond without any repellent…


  4. One last thing “Mosquito Net”
    Since you know the BH cast.

    There is this one flattering thing Lisa always does/says when she’s conversing it’s never shown on the show what is it?

    Brandi has a mark what is it?
    Cam always do this one special thing before the cameras start to roll what is it?
    Kyle always gets the crew off guard with a little prank what is it?
    Ken or Lisa feeds Giggy one specific thing before the camera starts to roll what is it?

    What does A Maloof say and laugh about before the cameras roll
    What is the one repeated annoying thing Taylor does before the cameras roll?
    I don’t think you know these ladies or have exclusive information like you said you do .
    But I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt.
    I’m outta here!


    • Perhaps the repeated annoying thing Traylor does is make that anus-puckering face like Myspace bimbos? Just a guess!


    • ooh ooh can I try??
      Brandi has a superfluous third nip and it drives the other women CRAZY!!
      Cam always hawks a big loogie and says “Hi Norm.” really loud.
      Kyle does the splits over the shortest member of the crew.
      Giggy gets leftover cheese that Kyle’s dog hasn’t eaten.
      A Maloof crosses herself and kisses to the sky saying in her best Joan Rivers voice, “and who are you wearing tonight?”
      Taylor’s most annoying habit? Respiration.

      How’d I do??


    • MOA: Here’s what I think the answers are:

      Lisa blows kisses and makes the crew rub her VanderRump for good luck.

      Brandi has a huge “Eddie” tattoo across the back of her neck which has to be covered by nude-colored duct tape before she films.

      Camille throws a pot of hot oil at DD just to make sure she’s paying attention…

      Kyle calls one of the crew and tells them that their grandmother just died… Oh, that Kyle! Buncha laughs, that one!

      Ken/Lisa feeds Giggy a huge hambone and the crew has to wait until Giggy’s done gnawing at it before they can film.

      Adrienne says that she’s making more money on this show than Paul… and she didn’t have to spend 8 years in med school. Bwah-haha!

      Shana attempts to break the Guinness record for how many pepperoni sticks she can fit in her mouth… she almost broke the record last time by cramming in 352. After she gets them all dislodged, the crew feasts on them.

      TFC!!! SH


    • oh oh oh . let me
      in no particular order

      pops a pill
      quotes Shakespeare and or looney tunes characters
      Vienna sausages
      stretches/cracks knuckles/pops neck…and pills
      blows kisses
      also farts

      howd I do?


  5. Btw “Mos Net” that one specific thing fed to Giggy isn’t “Dog food”
    No milk bone etc ooppps


    • Hello again!!! Still loving the coffee and nuts, thanks to your tip!!! PS to those who thought it might have been a scam, it wasn’t!! Just great coffee and nuts ;). Cheers all, and happy new year!!!


      • Hi “Ca Girl”
        They updated their selection of coffees. Check around &see what they have to offer. Had some new batches sent my way. When I’m through sampling all of them. And receive reviews from my Family& Friends on what they thought of it. I’ll then high 5 the brains behind the coffee&nuts makers.Happy N.Y to you too


  6. I’ve been trying to follow the bugs for the last few days but have had more insight from the regulars and Ms. SH then the invading insects–It’s just about the give me a migraine.

    I cannot think of any reason why these insects would post the truth without an agenda all their own. Have we been on to Taylor’s motives a little to closely? Is there a disinformation campaign for the benefit of the network or the HW’s? Do these bugs want to make all of us look like simple naive housewives so we end up showing ourselves to be just confused and too gullible to be believed? Have we been fitted with tinfoil hats for someone else’s agenda? Or did someone not have much to do in the last few days other then pretend they’re in the know and can play an executive/insider on a website because they weren’t invited ot a new years eve party?

    Just starting my new year being very cynical.


      • Ah ha!
        Give me a place & time (Not Today)
        And I’ll tweak my time around(Not Today)
        And show up to challenge “Mos Net” Or anyone else for that matter.

        Let’s just sing & boogie on down to the Winter wonderland
        Doorbell rings, I’m not listening
        From my mouth,My drool is glistening
        I’m happy although my boss let me go But I’m still
        Happily addicted to the Web.

        All night long, My computer key’s are clicking, unaware that time is ticking
        Im sitting in my parents basement alone…. in this dark gloomy hole , happily addicted to the web.

        from , tuna sandwich ,crumbs on my cheek . Been wearing the same clothes for 2weeks
        Happily addicted to the Web!

        Friends come by they stare& shake me, Saying, Hey!” Yo, Gaffe!
        Aren’t you going out for some fresh air today.

        With a listless shrug, I shouted “No, way!
        I just discovered stooopidhousewives dot com the other day.

        I don’t use the phone, don’t send faxes,I
        Don’t go out,I don’t pay my taxes,
        Who cares if someday, they’ll drag me away? I’ll still be happily addicted to web.

        Some may say I’m crazy ,sitting in my parents basement.
        All fat and lazy .
        But what’s a jobless guy to do?
        due to Obamanomics& his clueless fools? Im just Happily addicted to the web.

        Bill collectors they keep on calling
        All a while I keep on stalling
        They huff & they puff
        I still refuse to pay up
        But I’m still happily addicted to the web.

        I know that I sound crazy
        You say it sounds like I’m rambling off my meds.
        But when I reach in my back pocket
        for some spare change
        All I got was a piece of mole stale bread

        Obama must go
        No later than this year
        Caused more tears,than lots of cheers
        Now let me be clear, there’s nothing to fear
        I’m just happily addicted to the web

        Poof! Went your Bluebird
        Thought her answers
        Were quite absurd
        But Who am I is to say?
        I know I’m not here to stay
        I’m just happily addicted to the web.

        When it snows are you happy?
        No Not me, I get cranky
        I get pissed off a lot, cause me&my gramps gotta share this one spot
        But I’m just happy I’m still addicted to the web.

        It gets real cold,down in this basement
        Been trying for years ,to find a replacement
        But what’s an extra day?
        My parents,requires no pay
        I’m just happily addicted to the web.

        Come on peeps,let’s sing along to this Winter wonderland


        • MOA: “Winter” wonderland… or “Boogie” wonderland? Whichever…

          Tell your ‘gramps’ that your Mom just baked some cookies upstairs, and that will get him outta your hair for a good four hours, at least. An hour to find the stairs and climb up them; two hours to find the cookies and eat one; another hour to carefully find his way back downstairs to your loving company. If you ask him why he didn’t bring you a cookie, you’ll have another block of time for yourself while he finds his way upstairs and back! Just tryin’ to help! TFC!! SH


        • Are you there? Are you listnin’
          You’re sweaty hands, they’re a glistnin’
          From typin all day, with posters you play
          You’re happily addicted to the web.


  7. Rolling on the floor
    Laughing my pasty tush off
    Tears are running down my cheeks
    Clever come backs!
    But I gotta go!
    Before My fragile lungs&ribs cave in on me
    From too much laughter . This is too much! They gonna wheel me on outta here soon.
    On a serious note. Does any one know if it’s possible to die of laughter?
    G-d help me!


    • MOA: That is the entire purpose of SH…to make readers laugh! If I can make just ONE person die of laughter than my job on this Earth is done and dreams of going to heaven (Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky) just might be fulfilled! TFC!! SH


  8. I want to know what really went down in Colorado. Why was Taylor flipping out over the loss of her makeup bag? What was really in it? What was she saying that was basically one big, long bleep? It wasn’t all cussing. It had to have something to do with Bravo or the camera crew.


  9. I stumbled upon this because I’m sick in bed and I was on another site, there were a million strange references to this site, so I bit. I regret that now. I’m even sicker after this.

    I am absolutely floored that you people invest time in this garbage. Picking fights with strangers online…..So so so strange….and sad, and frightening. GO DO SOMETHING!!! Help people, go for a walk, help animals, get a job, read, take a class! Anything! Aren’t you a little ashamed to be grown women acting like you need meds?? Jesus, ladies! Grow up.


      • God it must spreading I got scolding on another site for commenting on Taylor “to much” but it was one of her STANS so i just got snarky back.


    • Welcome, RacingScarlett!

      How do you know we are not sick in bed doing the same as you? I ask you this–how is what you are accusing readers of this site of doing any different than what you just did? We do prefer a different website than you. Your comments do no seem fair and are somewhat hypocritical. Just some food for thought (grape salad to be exact).

      If I were you, I would read around the site and give it a chance. There is a lot of great info on here, and the commenters are great fun. That seems like a much more friendly approach than coming on here to read a particular thread where our regulars were confused and a bunch of not-so-regular people were on here stirring up trouble.

      Thats just my opinion, but I wouldn’t take disgruntled people’s comments verbatim without checking things out more thoroughly first.

      Did everyone have time to get their mix on???


    • Seriously, a million message about this site, some one must be jelly. That’s an awful lot of comments about this site, perhaps those people need to find something else to invest their time in. So sorry you are not feeling well.


    • Hope you feel better. I am floored that you are floored, investing in people investing in garbage….kinda strange…and sad…and frightening. Get better soon.


      • I am floored that you are floored that she is floored about investing in people investing in garbage, Gonna need a lot of that grape salad ! :)

        Is anyone else floored? Actually i am sitting, but floored works for me !


        • Oh gail, I am more floored than being floored by being floored and invested. This whole experience is becoming strange, sad, and frightening. I am floored even more than before! I am going to just go ahead and get on the floor. Oh, I am so exhausted and floored…auughhhrhh…oooohhhh…..noooooooos….please help me off of the floor. I am going to invest in flooring!


          • Oh NOes, BSL has fallen and can’t get up because she has been floored. quick, is the grape salad ready yet???????


            • I am so sorry to hear that BSL, is it a temporary situation ? And yet you find humor in being floored. I love the people on here~


            • Oh, yes, temporary. I am finally getting out some socially with my “air cast” and crutches. It is a long temporary, but temporary, nonetheless, thank you, Jesus, kiss the sky!


            • I had to do PT for a back injury from work in 2002, the traction hurt like a well it hurt a lot, finally they decided that after the surgery my nerve damage would never get any better than what it had gotten to. It is good that there is hope for a full recovery for you. They tried pt after surgery but it didn’t help me unfortunately.


    • Do you have some? I’m hungry! I just got in from my jog. My cooking class is in an hour; so I can’t chat long.


      • Is that all you are doing ROMO I am trying to save the whales and the world this morning This afternoon i am going to scale Mt Everest and maybe Snorkle the barrier reef I just blog in my spare time.


          • Yea you know saving humanity takes a lot outta you.

            But in all seriousness I wish i could cook I just have no talent for it but i do punch those mircowav buttons like a pro


            • I hope our grape salad didn’t make her sick. :-/ I just started going to my cooking classes. I’m trying…


            • Heh. My funny button is in sleep mode today so I take partial responsibilty. I’m an idiot, lol. I’m an idiot! So sorry. Lol. I’m an idiot, lol.


            • I just put it on too thick for the troll and all of you nice people bought it. Lol
              Nothing wrong with being nice. Altho there’s a slight chance my joke didn’t land. Wha? No way! :-)


            • The original recipe called for pecans. Gotta stick to the original, no skirting around it. I was there and witnessed the whole thing…it was pecans.


            • I disagree, let’s make a special batch and use some of that reefer Miles was talkin about. Trolls would shut up then. IBS?


            • go for it…i’m down with whatever romo decides to do…i’m on the floor, so i can’t complain about anything.


            • no, i actually skipped yesterday and today…i really needed the break, they call it active rest and said it was okay


            • You do deserve a break. When do they come back, Mon? Do you still have pain meds? My hubs took his right before his PT it helped his get thru the exercises. They pushed him so hard. He tore his MCL.


            • Yes, Romo, lots of meds…no way I could do the p.t. without it. I have to keep on schedule. How is your husband? Is that recent? I am off ’til Tuesday, so yay! happy days!


            • He’s great. His surgery was 4 years ago. He was doing pt w/o the meds a few times before they told him to take it. Poor dude. That’s why I asked. You never know. He had a couple different kinds. They made him all coo coo. Lol


            • Maybe we should save that kind of batch for the especially heinous trolls! With all of the recent bridge crossing, that could get extremely expensive and we would soon have none left for our own commenters’ medicinal purposes ;)
              (BSL I’m looking at you!)


            • thank you, UC! I crack up looking at the cat in the box after you wrote that it doesn’t think anyone can see it. Adorable!


            • The worst is when he gets in my shoe boxes! I keep my uggs in their boxes in my closet. Sometimes I walk in and smaller boxes that I stack on top are scattered on the floor….and there he is laying on a pair of uggs with the lid propped up! Boy does he love the uggs. I don’t know how he does it! I’ll try to get a pic next time ;)


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