Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… KYLE IS VISITING KIM RICHARDS IN REHAB…

                                           Kyle and Kim Richards…

Everybody knows (said ala Phaedra Parks) that Kim Richards is in rehab.  And everybody knows that Kim’s sister, fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ cast mate, Kyle,  sent out the above photo via twitter…

It is great to see Kim looking well and getting the help that she needs.

A SH reader connected the dots as to where Kim might be… very interesting, and probably correct!

Kyle has been tweeting from Utah.  There is an appropriate-for-a-BH-Housewife rehab facility in Deer Park, Utah, which has a satellite/resource center on Rodeo Dr.  

Cirque Lodge seems like it would be the most appropriate place for Kim!

(Thanks to SH reader “TT”!!! )


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74 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… KYLE IS VISITING KIM RICHARDS IN REHAB…

  1. Just read on ROL that Kim is out of rehab and living with Kyle…now she’s an “out” patient…lol I guess it’s business as usual with Bravo, they may have got her in, but, they couldn’t keep her there long enough to cure a headache.

  2. I thought I read yesterday that she was just released. ( I think she was released yesterday..not 100%) Still too soon in my book. 28 day non sense is about 180 days too soon.

  3. I remember Tiger Woods rehabbing here in podunk Mississippi and I thought that would be the place he would stick out the most. But, everyone was respectful, and I guess it helped him with his hooker problem. I wonder if she went somewhere inconspicuous. It doesn’t matter really as long as she is getting the help she needs and she becomes the mom her daughters need.

  4. just a question, why is it necessary indicate her possible location, and cheer on person for working it out.
    Kim’s rehab has widely been reported by reputable sites but do not speculate on location,.
    Recovery is the focal point in her life and specualing location has the capacity disrupt or jeopardise her recovery and that of the other patients.within and visiting the facility.
    I am asking seriously and not being snarky

  5. Is it me or is this the worst picture you’ve ever seen of Kyle? Why would she release it? She looks like an old hag. Or it could be that it looks so bad to me because I’m viewing on my droid phone???

    • It would be your android.You need to get a better phone,the pics are even worse than what you perceive them to be…Her vintage leather skin looks like it has tourettes,and the
      man mole on the chin which escaped from Witch Mountain, is wanted by the FBI and Homeland Security.

      • So what you’re saying PP is that my phone is actually making the picture look better than it is? Even though she looks absolutely atrocious! LMAO!

    • Yeah, not a great picture of her. I’ve wondered if Kyle was born with a harelip…in this picture it really looks as if she was.

        • Well, color me unaware. I’d no clue that it was an offensive term. I’m sorry if I offended you(or anyone) .

          As seen on Livestrong- in an article published just last month. The first para reads:

          “A cleft palate and harelip are two birth defects that can occur together. A cleft palate affects the roof of the mouth, leaving an opening in the palate. Patients with a harelip have a gap in the lip. The Merriam-Webster dictionary notes that “harelip” is considered sometimes offensive, with cleft lip being the preferable term.”

          My bestie calling her own cleft-lip a harelip is evidently not helpful either. :/

          PS: I think Kyle looks like she was born with a cleft lip. It really looks like it in this picture…to me. :o)

          • I have thought that there is something wonky about Kyle’s upper lip too. Some cosmetic work has been done there imo. These women need someone to tell them that they aren’t 15 anymore and need an update with the hairdo. The extensions aren’t making them look younger.

            • I agree, the second I saw this pic I thought she had some kinda cosmetic junk done to her upper lip. Let’s call it the SHAFT affect.

  6. Humanitarian? Huh? Sorry to derail the conversation but Kyle calls herself a humanitarian on her Twitter. I don’t think going to luncheons is the actions of a humanitarian? Gah!!

  7. Does the Cirque Lodge provide “moving” rehab too? It seems like Kim’s substance abuse is intimately linked with her need to constantly pack and unpack boxes.

    • Aint that the truth AOM. I think its a new form of hoarding. Extreme hoarding-keeping it all in boxes….like its a secret and stuff. A dirty secret that no one else can see.

      • That Kim could bounce from reality show to reality show. RHoBH to Celebrity Rehab to Hoarders to What Not To Wear to…..well I’m sure there are a few more. Of course, she’ll have to show up for filming cause those phone calls canceling at the last minute get tired quickly.

    • Excuse me AOM, but the correct grammer is “Which Muppet did Kyle ‘the Humanitarian’ kill and skin to wear around her neck?” Pay Atenshun, puh-leez!! :)

      • Are Muppets human? Then again I don’t think Kyle would hesitate to off one of the puppeteers if it meant she could get a gaudy, attention-grabbing outfit out of it.

    • Looks like a honey badger to me! Only Kyle is vile enough to actually kill one of those things!!

      Happy New Year, AOM!!

      • Happy 2012! Let’s all hope the Mayans are wrong so we have another year of making fun of the Housewives and enjoying SH’s exhaustive and entertaining work!

  8. I don’t think Kyle does anything nowadays that doesn’t promote her personal agenda.
    Visiting her sister in rehab, included. However, that said, I’m glad she did. As much as I like all the Housewives drama I don’t enjoy seeing sisters bickering or, in the Richards case, getting downright nasty. Hope Kim is recovering and Kyle gives her genuine support .

    • The problem is that Kyle’s version of supporting Kim is by demoralizing her sister. She just rips away at her already low self esteem. She will hound Kim daily about how poorly she looks, how she needs to fix her face, do her makeup better, comb her hair, dress nicer, etc. etc. Kyle’s love comes with great strings of wanting to totally control every aspect of Kim. And unless Kim is totally submissive Kyle will hold back her approval. She is slowly contributing to killing Kim layer of self esteem at a time. So sad, at least Baby Jane was upfront with her cruelty, Kyle not so.

      • Very well stated. She’s been shown doing this time and time again to Kim. I wish Kim had the strength to break away from her for a good, long time. Kyle is just not likable (which is probably why she never made it in Hollywood despite having a sister who was very famous), to me anyway. I can see why she and Taylor formed a close friendship; they both share that same quality onscreen.
        On the other hand, even during Camille’s worst moments last season, I enjoyed watching her.

        • I wish her older sister Kathy would step in and help.
          She has to know about the pathological relationship Kyle
          has with Kim.

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