Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: BH Producer, Dave Rupel… LET’S CHAT WITH DAVE!!!

           Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump and RHOBH producer, Dave Rupel

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and the other Bravo Housewives franchises, ARE described and labeled “REALITY” TV.   BUT… how much of reality TV is actual “reality” and what is planned, scripted and written by the show’s producers?

Mr. Dave Rupel, has provided excellent insight into how much of what viewers see on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is actually real.

“RuPaul” has answered some questions that I’ve had about how “reality” TV really works…


I started in the scripted world, writing cop shows like, In the Heat of the Night and Homicide: Life on the Street. When I was between writing jobs, a friend offered me a job on The Real World: Los Angeles. That’s before the category “reality” even existed. I go way back in the genre.

The way I look at it, in my career, I’ve written for magazines, prime-time cop shows, daytime dramas and produced reality. It all comes down to good storytelling. Whether you are telling a tale of a cheating spouse, a kid at summer camp, a murderer, or a ballot initiative, you have to grab the audience’s attention – and you have to make them remember it. That’s what I’ve done.


“In reality TV you can work 42 days in a row, 18 hours a day, and you will just get your regular paycheck.  And with network competition, what normally would be done in six months, they expect you do to it in three months.”

“It’s not so much independent production companies that have the biggest burden to shoulder; it’s the broadcast or cable networks or syndicators that give us money to make shows.  They’re the ones that really need to recognize that to get really top-drawer writing, you have to pay for it.”

“We have to take all the little bits and give it a clear story arc, give it structure, out of what in reality might be a big mess.  That, to me, is writing.”

DO YOU USE “FRANKEN-BYTING” on RHBH? (Franken-byting is editing together individual words to make up an invented sentence.)



“The first thing to realize is that the term “unscripted” is a fallacy.  No, we don’t write pages of dialogue, but we do create formats, cast people based on character traits and edit scenes to tell a powerful, intriguing tale.  In short, we are storytellers.  We just get there a little differently.

People tune into a reality show and expect a beginning, middle, and end, just as if they were watching an episode of CSI.  When I worked on scripted shows, there was no problem. You simply write all the relevant beats to that week’s tale.

With reality, things are different. Real people don’t live their lives in carefully packaged scenes. Nobody wakes up, announces a topic for the day, has meaningful discussions throughout the day about that topic, and then has a tidy wrap-up talk before they go to bed.”


Producers must find creative ways to fill in the missing gaps of stories:

• Searching for footage that may have happened days or weeks apart that are about the same topic.

• Make sure you interview the participants thoroughly, so that you can “create” a missing scene with interview bites and appropriate b-roll footage.

• Find a scene that has many of the same emotional beats as the missing one, and use interview bites to shape it to be about the other topic. Example: an argument about an ex-boyfriend and an argument about paying the check have many similarities – looks of frustration, angry body language and similar verbal sentiments (“Why are you being so stubborn?”). If you remove all references to paying the check and add interview bites about the “ex-boyfriend,” you’ll be able to approximate the missing scene.

Ethics Note: We don’t “create” scenes to trick people. With the exception of Big Brother, there is no show that I am aware of that shoots 24/7, which means we are going to miss certain moments. Those gaps in the plot have to be filled to make the story complete.


Just like scripted television, writing and producing go hand in hand. The majority of my reality credits are for producing, not writing, but I’m always using my skills as a storyteller.

For example, when Monica and Chandler slept together on Friends, it was referred to as a “plot twist.” When tribes don’t merge as expected on Survivor, it’s simply known as a “twist.” The subtle language difference implies that somehow the twists in reality magically “happen on their own.” Nothing could be further from the truth.  There is every bit as much thought, debate, and imagination behind every twist you see on reality – both big and small. Just like making Joey and Chandler roommates was a deliberate choice the writers made on Friends; when I produced Temptation Island, I chose room assignments based on how I thought people would affect each other.

Similarly, every time I select a location, develop a game, find a cast, look for appropriate music, it’s always based on story. How will this affect the cast? Is it setting the right mood? Will it help the audience understand what’s going on? All the same questions I ask myself when I write a script.

The only difference is that the “characters” in reality TV aren’t being played by actors. (Well, a lot of wannabe actors…)


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  1. Ms SH has probably been putting out fires all day, that is what I thought was the reason for her absence. Now I will go catch up.

  2. Your first insider,and source was a dud! I said an hour ago. Google Courtney Cox to pay $2.5million . Because She was careless,and reckless with Her blogging by providing .”sources” That ”source”,and,”insider” got Her inti hot waters. Because She was duped to believe the so,called source. The judge ruled that Courtney has no background in Journalism nor was she connected to any media outlets so her fair act protection was void! She,tried pleading her case that She fact checked her source. The judge disagreed,and made an exampke out of Her. This is no laughing matter. She thought Her source was legit,but was left holding the bag! If you care for the well being of the blogger for this site. You will help him or her stay on their toes. If any,poster go rampant making defamation statements on private individuals . Like your blue tigress and others the blogger will be left holding the bag! Not tiger not blue, sue or you. It will be the blogger.

    • Dear Mosquito (I fondly call you a m.f. blood sucker in the summer, apologies)…would you kindly give my dear, sweet friend, MyThunker some Kelly dirt. I don’t know if she wants Scary Island or just random dirt, but she is sweet and deserves a treat.

      • Aw, why thank you sweet BSL! I’ve given up though. I did get a couple of my questions answered so I’m happy as a girl drinking top shelf bourbon NOT living in Holmby Park can be! :)

  3. VP if you are anyone else present here is an insider. You better be 100% ready to back your claims up! Tread very carefully. Bubbies ask what proof I had in regards to the blogger that has to pay $2.5 million for defamation all due to some fake source and insider. I said Google Courtney Cox pay $2.5 She was left holding the bag.,due to her fake sources. There is no source that frequents this site. Im not a poster here Yesterday was my first time posting here. im sure your blue tigress was full of hot air! And fooled your blogger along the way. I may see where you may just,do it for fun. But it is no laughing matter. Any of these Housewives has the right to file suits againts this,and any other blogs when baseless things are thrown around. I tried saying this to others on another forum last,year. The posters claimed that bloggers are protected and posters are protected by free speech ! Free speech can only go so far and a $2.5million dollar example was recently made.

    • “Any of these Housewives has the right to file suits againts this,and any other blogs when baseless things are thrown around.” Yep. People can try to sue anyone they’d like. At anytime. For any number of reasons.

      The case you cited isn’t the same as what’s happened here. The judge ruled that Crystal Cox as a blogger didn’t have the same protection(s) afforded to journalists with regards to sources. Crystal was writing articles and quoting a source as FACTUAL information. That hasn’t happened here. Opinions are just that. Allowing people a place to post opinions is most definitely not the same thing as the Crystal Cox case. There a lot more nuances to her story that I’m too bored to get into. Suffice it to say that It isn’t a simple cut and dry “bloggers are responsible for all comments made by posters and sources” as your comments are painting it to be.

  4. well la dee dah…the avatar does change if you fool around with some “things”

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            • I’m glad you’re laughing Ms Golden bloat, I think in avatar land our little guys could be great friends. I’m always poised for action and ready to rally and you’re wide eyed and surprised, we’d balance each other out!
              Maybe you could even help me learn to stand nice and straight like you!!! :)

  5. I will. I got a few weird emails yesterday. I use a name here, that I do not use on Twitter, but my email that I registered here is in my real name arghhhhh. My son told me that hacking occurs a lot at this time of year because so many college “kids” are on break with time on their hands.

  6. Hahahaha U women are sime really Fruity Little Nut cases hahaha from paranoud VP thinking I hacked this site. To others running around in circles all confused! hahaha the funniest set ive ever dealt with. Im literally laughing out here. Hahaha you.d. all make good tv haha im just pissed this site wasnt brought to my attention earlier hahaha. Some of you are really whacked out even more so than me. I’d never thought id see the day to come across more whacked out people than myself hahaha jumbla-fugmata-wackydoodles indeed hahahahahaha ive never laughed this hard in my life. I dont know if vp is playing a roll but he/she.has got me dying here hahaa get it together vp.

    • MOA: Yeah… I’m pretty ticked that you haven’t found SH earlier, too! SH readers missed out on your benevolence this year!! Damn!! Hey… keep Sh readers in mind for next year’s gift giving! SH

      • SH – kindly extrapolate on what the biscuits is going on? Besides Becky? Are we all just worked up over a bug?! I’m not worked up, but something seems a tad offish. TFB!
        Where’s AOM?

        • MT: Well, thanks for that! To be perfectly honest with you, I have wasted hours attempting to convince commenters that I am really SH… and until the accusations that I was sending out virus-laced emails and that this site was hacked, I was OK with it all. However, right now I am quite pissed.

          I do not take kindly to anyone accusing me of anything… in particular defamatory accusations. I am pissed. BUT… TFC!! SH

        • Thanks for thinking of me Mythunker! In a rare moment of sincerity (or is it the holiday spirits) have to say it’s nice to be missed and thought of. Thank you!

            • Again, thank you – sincerely. And sorry if I never respond, I tend to refrain from conversational comment threads (like this!) cause they can muck up the site, but find myself laughing or agreeing with yours a lot!

              Ok – even with the sincerity and good feelings, I’m going back to sarcastic snarkery and Housewife mockery!

            • Ok, well I’m guilty for mucking up the site every now and then, but your jokes remind me where I’m supposed to be. Bashing and trying to be witty about the RHs!
              That lil detour did make me smile, so thanks AOM. :)
              Happy New Year to you!

    • If you’ve never laughed this hard in your entire life I’d suggest putting down the device and getting out more often. This is entertaining but really. Really?

    • How much acid did you slip in her cocktail? Silly boy…
      What can you tell us about KellyB and scary island? Thanks! :-)

      • Loving your tenacity. I asked a few times to no avail or answer but I love your determination. WE WANT TO KNOW THE KELLY KOO KOO DEALIO AND SCARY ISLAND.

          • I am not sure why my responses just appear randomly within the thread (just more wackadoodleness to add to the last 24 hours) but…..
            Noooo! I am with you…..more details on Scary Island Please!!!

            • Comments can become erratic when there is moderation. It’s not that uncommon. (that’s for headhunter)
              I just don’t want all y’all to read further into something that isn’t there. :)

    • I don’t know Mosquito, but I think things started going downhill this afternoon when your gravatar kept changing. It looked as though you were being impersonated.

    • @Mosquito (@9:59PM – Not sure if this will post as a reply.)

      I believe you, and from what I’m seeing many others believe you too.

      I’m sorry you were attacked today. It’s been a crazy day. I’m fairly new here and I’ve never seen it like this before. Must be a full moon.

      I hope you’ll come back, but I can understand if you don’t want to.

  7. Exactly Romo Vp. He /she really thinks im sending out viruses. Im not. I think vp is tripping on some of my acid hahahaha . I’ll keep your readers in mind SH. I think vp may very well get the prize. Hahaha

    • Oh can’t you just be nice. Most of these people really enjoy this sight for what ever reason. I know I may sound simple but this really has caused a divide between people and I can’t or hope that wasn’t your intent. Would it be too much to ask for you to lighten up and let us regroup.

      • Something happen while I was “gone”? :)

        Yes – sorry – holiday stuff and, catch this, work! I know, it seems like everyone in NYC is out of town or on vacation or having a nice mellow week but, much like the comments in the Q&A posts, my work blew up! I didn’t have time to wade through everything.

        And yes, I can confirm that must be SH. An imposter would not “shout me out” and point out just how old I am – i.e., that I’ve been around since day one. TFB!

      • Unless I have missed a post somewhere and this actually is a wax figure of Lisa. I am sure she could afford to have one made.

  8. Bubbies that indeed happened here. It happened yesterday when the so called insider fooled the blogger who operates this blog! Im not going to argue with you. Fact is the judge ruled agaisnt her. Crystal tried to argue her case that she did fact” check her source the source was nothing more than a bunch of hot air! Just like your tigress blue source! If you think it is a wise thing for the blogger of this site to allow another ”insider or source” to throw around baseless crap then im sure you.d have no problem covering the blogger Attorney fees and all other fees that will follow! SHE OR HE WILL BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY AND ALL DUBIOUS SOURCE OR SOURCES. If your so confident the blogger here will be immune. Then go ask the other bloggers about their run ins with the housewives Attorney’s contacting them to pull and delete all baseless info posters post. Like your inside dubious source did yesterday. If you know how networks& cast Attorney.s work when it comes to these blogs then freely thread where you may. But be prepare to reap the repocusion that will come along with your stubborn& know it all attitude. A blogger is not a Columist. A blogger is not a Journalist! Case closed.

      • I’m not going to get into the legal technicalities with MOA but it’s not even close to the same thing as the Crystal Cox case. And I do know of what I speak. So pffft. LOL

        This is completely dumbing it down into sound bites but WRITING ARTICLES CITING A SOURCE = not the same thing as having someone post comments on a website. SH also has a disclaimer on her home page. The same standard disclaimer about OPINIONS that has been protecting newpapers, television and radio stations for eons. MOA, I get that a blogger isn’t a journalist. In another post when you first mentioned this I pretty much pointed out that THAT issue is what the judge ruled on. Crystal (not Courtney as you keep posting) didn’t have the legal protection(s) to PROTECT her source as a journalist would have to protect their source because she is a blogger and that particular judge in that particular state didn’t rule in her favor. It’s not hard, fast, unfallable. It’s the Law son! LOL I’m not arguing with you but you don’t see the difference, then you’re not versed in the subject.

    • lI believe the journalism scholarchip on blogging is still evolving. Legal issues as well. Case definitely not closed. Just because you say it confidently doesn’t make it so.

      • Wow, this site has become busy. My previous post was to the trippin’ skeeter. Bubbies’ response was much better than mine, and then 2 from Ms SH before mine showed up — I hope it was clear whom the “you” in my reply was referring to.
        Ms. SH — I hope you are laughing more than you are peeved at this point.

    • I’ve been “warned” by two HUGE (HUGE!) entities, to quit blogging about them. Guess what?–one paid me a whole year’s salary to shut up. :) And to my knowledge, the blogging continued after that. :) I’ve never confirmed or denied whether it was me; those allegedly-“defamatory” comments are still in cyberspace. The other “entity” lost their case in federal court and faded into oblivion. I have two extremely intelligent dogs who sometimes use my computer. And my computer is not password-protected, so theoretically, anyone who comes near it could use it. Unless there’s a camera over my computer . . . for gawdsakes, MOA, shut it with the legal “warnings.” It’s crap and irrelevant to what’s going on here.

      SH, should I even bother to keep wondering if this mosquito even has a real “purpose” here? Did I waste my suspicion on a little gnat?

        • AHhaha I didn’t make threats to this blogger. I adviced her to be on her toes. And told U posters to keep her on her toes. It was good advice a positive not.negative. I think U are misunderstanding. As to Ur Ego comment. Don’t U have one? After all U seem to be the Mother Goose of this bunch? It must be my dominant role I have&personality that make me seem like an ass or a jerk. That is not my intentions. But you dish things at me& I will hit back harder. Its fair play! You can’t complain after I defend myself. You attacked me& I responded! And.Yes U did waste Ur time with me. I told U 8hrs ago Ur first mistake was engaging me. Yet still here U are at 12am EST responding back with Ur endless,dragged out comment. U missed the mark 8hrs ago. Checkmate! Ur move!

          • So the moral of this whole dumb story is . . . “Don’t feed the trolls”? And that I made a “mistake” by engaging you. Nope, wrong. Depending on the kind of day I’m having, I may or may not feed the trolls in the future. I’m certainly not doing as you “teach” and writing every single one off as a fraud, without testing them, myself. This is my entertainment, not my life; sometimes I play word games too–to break up monotony, because I’m more productive that way. Sometimes there are interesting psych experiments and exercises on sites like this too, and I enjoy those. It seems that your “lesson” to us is to blindly and automatically write off every purported “insider.” Nope, not doing that, Sensei. I like to exercise independent thought, so that way isn’t going to work out for me. I’d rather toy around and see what “truth” I can manipulate out of a source–or a jackass. Just like you, I like to hone my deviance and manipulation skills. :) Thanks anyway and Happy New Year!

          • I am confused, did we all waste are time engaging with you? I found you entertaining and thought you clearly have information that I enjoyed you sharing with us. Much better information than bluebird, so was your information truthful? As far as the other Mosquito’s On Acid, were they all you or were others using your name and if they weren’t all you, which ones were truly you? You started out yellow, but than your icon changed to many other colors and we became confused. Exactly how many of the MOA comments were yours, and in which colors? I found it all very interesting, some of the information I didn’t like, but truth be told, the real world holds those same surprises whether we want it to be true or not.

            • but we’re all supposed to laugh! Funny, right?! Life’s too short! It’s all funny. Can’t you take a joke? Don’t you feel so blessed by his benevolence?!
              Hahahahahaha – ugh.

  9. Wow! What in the H-E-Double Hockey Stick is going on here? At first I was intrigued by the “guest appearance” then miffed by the cat that chased the bird over the cooko nest then intrigued again with the stoned blood sucker and now have a contact high!!!! Can someone please help me out?! Don’t take the yellow, ur purple, ur aqua, winged acid. But it’s so addicting & I am coming out of my multiple hours long haze & I need someone to talk me down from this trip! And now Ms SH is yelling and it just makes me see wanna sing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

  10. Bubbies read my lips.
    The insider source yesterday was a bunch of hot air! Be Thankful it didnt go far and beyond any other thing than vague answers! Whenever sources or people who go around claiming to be in the know,and post baseless things. Bravo or any other Network will contact the blogger to pull the info. They also Have Attorney’s who will step in threating lawsuits. If you are curious and want first hand experience on this. Then let the blogger allow other sources,and insiders to post on here. Sit back and you will know the results.

    Bettet yet. U should be the guinea pig. Start posting Ur inside info and see how quick producers will contact the blogger of this site. The blogger may know discuss with U when or if a Network or Attorney’s contact them. But trust me they always contact them when U have things like what went down yesterday. If its the Network/s Attorney is the one who contacts a blogger they cant and is not allowed to do disclose that with you readers. But if its producers/producer they are free to say priducers cobtacted them. But never free to say the Network Attorney contacted them. Your move!

    • Be “thankful”? Oh please, stop with the God complex.

      Yes, these big entities do have legal departments that make threats. Sometimes they even make threats on the blogs, themselves, and that is especially amusing. And sometimes they’re just peeons with delusions of grandeur, who grace you with “warnings” out of the goodness of their little gnat-hearts.

      • mssub……..the site has been awash with peons with delusions of grandeur lately and some of them are very desperate for recognition.

      • The bug drug kinda reminds me of the “disease and cyst” (hehehe) email SH received a month or so ago…hmmmmm

    • Oh that’s so cute. You think this is a game with people who are hanging on to your every word. Like a chess game online for people with no life. I don’t make “moves”. This is an online forum I like to read for amusement while I’m unwinding from my real job. One I assure you requires a better demand of the Queen’s English than you’ve been able to grasp. But continue on with your bad internet threatening self. I find it amusing.

      • Pardon moi command not demand. Darned auto correct.

        Maybe I will be a guinea pig. The big bad anonymous poster can come take my house in Holmbly Hills. LOL

  11. I may be mistaken as it was a million comments ago but I believe MOA state at the outset that he wasn’t going to answer specific questions and wasn’t concerned with catering to us but just wanted to deliver what he wanted to deliver…definitely a man :)
    He seems like the real deal to me, matter of fact and non-emotional and not much ego investment in us believing or adoring him or even thinking he was right. It was all so amusing and awesome.
    It seemed like some people jumped ship on him when he started delivering information that they feel invested in NOT being true about Taylor…just sayin. :)

      • Did anyone ever figure out why the avatar changed several times? I’m leaning towards the theory that it was multiple people after the initial post. A few may have been in cahoots in the beginning and then someone else jumped in, assumed the identity, and ran with the crazy ball.

        • Bubbies, the avatar thing has happened to regulars. I’m not sticking up for the bugger, but I have to relay facts when I have them. I’ve seen it happen on a few occasions. I remember clearly sd having avatar issues. I’m not saying he’s legit, just that it happens.

          • Avi switcharoo happened to me. Two posters had the same one, I may have called someone out on a name change… It was a whole thing. Oh btw, my bad to “Laura”.
            Oopsie :-)

        • I still think it was only one person. I just can’t imagine a person sharing that kind of behavior with someone else. Some of that was potentially very damaging, so one would probably not want any witnesses to it (just a guess). Speaking for myself–I tell NO ONE that I comment on here; I’d be hella ashamed! :) And I don’t even have insider info. So I think he was alone, but not saving his login ID (for obvious reasons) or maybe using different emails/IDs.

          • MT I didn’t realize that could happen. Thank you for clearing that up :)
            MsS i just recently started admitting around the office that I even watch these gawdawful shows LOL

            Perhaps it took MOA a while to realize if he made up an email address with each new post the avatar would change? Who knows. I do think there were some fun tidbits of information in his posts but I’m dubious about the veracity of his yarns. The only people he portrayed positively were NeNe and Taylor. Double Up. Ick. Ick.

            • At first I was thinking that the person WAS NeNe because all he/she said about NeNe what that she “feels and knows” that there were better opportunities out there for her, and now Bravo needs to find a new HW that can bring in viewers the way she can. That made me LOL cuz it sounds like something NeNe might say about herself.

            • Very true. She used to be so funny. Now she’s a walking parody…of herself and she’s the only one who isn’t in on the gag!

          • Ok well now I really think its just some nutjob… it is obviously the same person who was a troll over at Real City Housewife. MOA even talked about stirring things up and trolling on other sites. So many of the same “unique” terms used – ” nutty fruitcakes” “jumbla” “fugmata” – in the MOA post above. It looks like that person did the same thing with using different email address for each post over there too. ALSO – it appears that troll mentioned being from Canada, and MOA said the same thing here. Huh so weird.

            • So many comments, I did not see this.Said the same thing after you did, sorry.
              I agree to me it sounds like Over The Gaffe who could be fun when you knew what he was doing. It made for interesting reading.

            • Well he started out stirring the pot, but then he was welcomed and tolerated as the sites personal troll and he would be funny and recommend web sites for coffee and nuts. Just google “over the gaffee says” I don’t know how better to explain, maybe you just had to be there.

            • I don’t know if that was one of his personas – he/she used a few and frequently used all caps. And used some very unique words and screen names, such as “KIss Grandma Wrinkles Ass” or something like that.

            • Sorry? Are you saying I am suspect? I was just making an observation about the mosquito. Hoverbug is what the little critter looks like when I post. Maybe I shouldn’t have chosen a flying creature or bug name after what has transpired here.I know SH has had a tough day, I promise I am not here to make things worse. Just not very eloquent.

            • Oh, I forgot about that one, they were pretty harsh and used multiple names. Gaffe always represented himself as having insider info and working in the industry so I guess that is why I thought he might be here. Also the mobile in Kansas while living in LA. But I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

            • Yep seems pretty definite that this person is one and the same. And if we don’t know by now, definitely not a real “insider” by any stretch of the imagination! I suppose if you are living in grandma’s basement somewhere in Kansas, you need to come up with these alternate realities so that you don’t die of boredom and/or loneliness!

            • Hi,
              This is zippin right over my head. Spell it out and/or break it down for me. Wth was mosquito here for? Was he the real deal whatever? Bc I thought he was then everybody started bustin his chops and now I don’t know what’s up. Thanks!
              I don’t really understand real deal. Real deal what, exactly?

            • mythunker,
              I could not reply below your question re: knowing about gaffe at RCH. Not sure if it was directed to me or ZuZu, but I used to read several blogs about housewives, the key phrase being used to. I like the SH style and rarely if ever read anywhere else now. What stood out about the Gaffe thing is that he would make recommendations and some posters responded saying that they followed them. Ordering coffee from particular sites etc. I found that startling. Perhaps I’m overly cautious.

      • I guess I got a different read on him, even with some of the irrelevant ego-y details (yes, MT he was a braggert, but it still felt true to me) thrown in he still seemed like he really has solid insider scoop and likes going on these sites and shaking things up or throwing out a lot of info and watching everyone react. Something’s going on personality disorder wise in that alone, which I’m sure you can decipher :), but still I got truth out of the general vibe of his posts and still not much combative ego stuff, he just seemed amused.
        I’m still waiting to see how it all pans out and until then I believe everyone until it all comes clear without any debate or doubt.

        • Perfect clip! I love that he couldn’t even spell Holmby. It will from this day forward be known affectionately to me as “Holmbly Hills”

      • LOL! OK, not the perfect descriptor, I meant that he didn’t get angry or seem to care whether he wasn’t being believed when he was being confronted. I read the words but I just got the sense he wasn’t taking it all too seriously and for me, that’s having not so much ego investment in all of it…

  12. SH……..there are some very persistent posters here today…….kinda like a broken record. I don’t blame you for getting fed up with it.

  13. All right already…. enough with the insider/not-an-insider, produced, scripted or “whatever” diatribe! This is a great site and very entertaining to read. Quite often I get a laugh. But, seriously- I have always assumed it was driven by Bravo. Most of the “hot new information” could be deduced using a little good ole common sense.
    Two points to consider:
    1. Taylor is a bad choice for the vodka spokesperson. She has been seen in public “falling down drunk”. One thing that stands out is the video of some man digging the dress wedgie out of her a$$. I find it astounding that they thought she was a good choice to provide PR for their product.
    2. What is the point of the producer interview? Isn’t he admitting to some sort of responsibility with respect to the editing of Russell and his “wife beating”… what is the point of all that crafty-ness?
    The entire Real Housewives series is becoming a bore.

  14. All right already…. enough with the insider/not-an-insider, produced, scripted or “whatever” diatribe! This is a great site and very entertaining to read. Quite often I get a laugh. But, seriously- I have always assumed it was driven by Bravo. Most of the “hot new information” could be deduced using a little good ole common sense.
    Two points to consider:
    1. Taylor is a bad choice for the vodka spokesperson. She has been seen in public “falling down drunk”. One thing that stands out is the video of some man digging the dress wedgie out of her a$$. I find it astounding that they thought she was a good choice to provide PR for their product.
    2. What is the point of the producer interview? Isn’t he admitting to some sort of responsibility with respect to the editing of Russell and his “wife beating”… what is the point of all that crafty-ness?
    The entire Real Housewives series is becoming a bore.

  15. Thanks for all the well wishes!
    I am probably mourning the death of innocence and feeling a fool for not being a seasoned blog reader. Apparently we were all stoopid and supposed to have won a prize? Unless you have been reading random RHs sites for years, you wouldn’t get these silly references.
    Some people were naughty and some nice, yet all that seemed to be recognized was the bitterness and stoopidity… Maybe a couple of compliments thrown in as an after thought..
    I don’t like divides and I don’t appreciate being looked down on by yet another hollywood BSer. I’ve had enough of that in my life, thank you very much.
    Now that my rant is over, I promise to come up with a more entertaining & witty comment. That felt good to get out of my system though.

  16. I have been much absent over holidays. Hope you all had good ones.
    I’m sorry to see all the trouble that went down on the site.
    I guess it’s a price of popularity.
    I wish you all wonderful New Year.

  17. My, my, my…so many were quick to turn on you SH. Instead of giving YOU the benefit of doubt, certain people wanted to be judge and jury and convict you of an assortment of crimes, such as virus-laced emails and hacking. Over and over again, you were assaulted by some of your very own. I could feel the frustration in your words, as you plead your innocence . The leader of this crusade seemed relentless, and repeatedly put you on BLAST, until others took the bait, and chimed in their doubts. I also seen some of the Lynn supporters instigating the barrage of insults, and questioning your integrity. And this was done without a shed of evidence. One person planted this seed into the minds of others.

    I seen you grow weary from trying to defend yourself, to angry from having to defend yourself.
    Sighs, I’m sitting here…thinking that this will not deter you, as so many bloggers have walked away because of incidents like this. Hang in there, GF, not all of us were doubters!

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