Nuthin’ About The Housewives… FOR ALL SH READERS!!! HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED…

My Becky was supposed to be back here on Tuesday.  

Becky did not return on Tuesday… she will be back next Tuesday!  There was a bit of confusion because of Becky’s original return date.

As far as I know, this site has not been hacked.

I truly appreciate everyone protecting this site and me.  I know SH has the best readers and commenters… and the smartest!   

Now… I have a question for all SH readers.

Randy Edwards, Russell Armstrong’s childhood friend, has agreed to answer SH readers questions at an appointed day and time (waiting for confirmation of Tuesday, January 3 at 8 PM CENTRAL TIME… which would be 9 pm EST).  

Would you like to try the Q&A again?  

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435 comments on “Nuthin’ About The Housewives… FOR ALL SH READERS!!! HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED…

  1. Right ms.sub. Well, my original reply was asking whether the statement SH made fit into your theory of the author/Internet trouble maker.
    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… Basically he seemed to be in “the business” or industry.
    I am obviously no expert but have to debate.. Cus it’s healthy! :)

    • He took us on a ride. He could have just as well been discussing the pros/cons of IKEA. The content of what he said mattered not. That was the point… or lack there of.. I think. Just a ride.. but at least we got to stop off for ice-cream.. or at least coffee and nuts.

      • btw piley…ikea advertises here on bevhills…I don’t shop there, but I wouldnt if I did….
        as to the other….we’ve always been better at ignoring this nonsense….I fell for it and
        then tuned it out….still have some question about the whole debacle tho… oh, and
        a personal holiday greeting to you piley :))

      • “He took us on a ride” Ah You Country Girls sure love your cow boys.

        “The content of what He said,mattered not”
        I feel as though am parked diagonally into a parallel universe.

        “At least we got to stop off for ice cream,with coffee and nuts”
        I’m just wondering how deeper the Ocean,would be without sponges?
        The theories you all presented are so fascinating! You all should do something with your gifts I think I’ve scratch a surface. Too bad your wrong,but your theories are mind bending.

    • Definitely a troublemaker–albeit a funny one. Definitely in the business, whether as a run-of-the-mill producer (unlikely) or a professional prankster who may have his own show in the works right now. From his sarcastic and nonsensical comments of today, it’s looking more like it was a prank from the beginning–not saying it was all false info, because he could know or could have guessed some of it. But anyone who engages with him on the topic of HWs is just being his toy. He has no reason to give truthful info on the HWs; his purpose was to annoy and provoke stoopidity. He rambling, unfocused humor has glaring similarities to David Thorne’s, especially in his comments of today, and misplaced words like “jumba,” “Thorne” and “Kraft” may have been intentional clues. I’m curious to know from Jupiter’s Mother, what happened if she contacted that email.

  2. KittyK….you are so spot on. But I have to say MODs statement that mind docs like the spotlight…. not so much in the Mid-west. I suspect that is done more in BH were everyone wants to be the next big star.

  3. “His purpose was to annoy,and provoke stupidity”
    I foresee great things into your future.

    “He has no reason to give truthful info on the Housewives”
    I’m curious what do you do for a living?

    “Anyone who engages with Him on any Hw topic ,is just his toy”
    Your thought provoking theories are made for good tv. Thanks for the belly ache laughs!

    • You’re welcome. I’ve stated my occupation(s): I bake cupcakes, paint realism, play word games (Considering switching careers to internet-play though, after I buy “The Internet is a Playground.” Do you know if it taken off the 200% “special” pricing?). I also practice armchair psychology and lawyering in my spare time and may decide to be an attorney if/when I grow up. :)

  4. Yea S.H it’s Joycelyn. I called Her Joyce for short.
    I’m ashame to say yes that’s what I’m into. Plastic is the only thing walking around here.

  5. That Thorne guy is quite the character isn’t He? What a douchebag ,jerk,ego maniac. However I must agree He’s one clever genius. Sorry burbia don’t know about discounts for 200% off. I’ve never heard of Thorne until you mentioned him. I think my best favourite work of his was Lenny on acid & his fake Xmas CD . When the receivers got their CD gifts & played them from track 1-12 was nothing more than him washing dishes in the background, his dog barking& him humming. There was no signing what a dork hahahaha . He beat me by a landslide

    • No, not 200%-”off” pricing. 200% “ON” pricing–double the price, for a holiday “special.” Self-deprecating genius. One of a kind. And when I say I’d hump his leg, just know that I don’t just go around asking to hump guys’ legs–as I have a very hot husband–not Mauricio “hot”; actually HOT–so, the only other person I offered a leg-hump to was Bill Engvall at an Angels game, and he opted to take a lovely picture with me, instead. :) He sits up there in the Diamond Club with us, and Larry King (did you know he looks like a walking skeleton?), et al. And that guy who wrote “He’s Just Not That Into You”–who ironically, sits by himSELF right behind home plate.

      • Why do you still think I’m Thorne? am not haha
        I have no idea about his pricing on sales. He’s a funny character non the less

        Did I know Larry King is a walking skeleton?
        No but I know to always be careful of people wearing suspenders with belts& other people’s tools ,work only in other people’s garden.

        Greg Breh sat by himself behind the home plate?
        No but I was pissed when I found out Marilyn Manroe had 6 toes!

        So tell me.
        With no wings, I fly. With no eyes, I see. With no arms, I climb. More frightening than any beast, stronger than any foe. I am cunning, ruthless, and tall,in the end, I rule all. What am I?

        Have a great New Year!
        I’ll wave& wink from Times square in a few hours gotta catch my flight

  6. M – I sure wish you’d pick better eateries to film at. I’m sure you find the best deal, but most of those places that are filmed are highly overrated and do not at all showcase what the city has to offer in the culinary delights arena.
    Sadly, that is probably my biggest gripe about RHBH. I’ll work on being less shallow in after the new year. :)

    • Mythunker””
      Most places have a reputation they try to protect.
      Other places that film want exposure so you’ll have almost little known places that will agree to go on camera mom&pop stores etc
      Reputation&image keeping clients/customers for big well to do businesses
      This is why you will never see filming inside the ivy,urasawa,Spago ect unless it’s in the movies

      The more hot shot&stop places don’t cater to reality tv unless it’s food network, Ramsey, &other chef show. You ain’t gonna be seeing them inside the savvy places to eat. The closest you will get is them filming the ladies sitting outside having drinks on the outside table or whatever.

      Sorry kid but,You ain’t gonna be seeing them in Megu or others.
      And that’s the way the cookie crumbles

    • Ms: I’m in total agreeance with that thought! ‘Cause honestly, these Housewives bore me! IMO, they have jumped the shark a while ago. Now… who has ‘em??? Does “who” have ‘em?? Where are you, “who?” TFC!! SH

      • MsSH: I’m stuck at the airport–on my way to NOLA for NYE party at bsl’s. I thought MsS was coming too, but apparently she’s doing laundry and bargain hunting at Walgreen’s. She took a pair of double layer socks right outta my hand!!

        Happy New Year SH, hope you just keep bringing the heat to the HW franchises, to Mandy, to SH wannabees, to poachers, and above all to Shanna Hughes Taylor Ford Armstrong!!

        • Confession: I bought THREE pair. They’re kind of hideous looking, but great at the same time. They’re gonna feel sooo good on my flat little feet. :) Happy New Year to all my SH “friends.” Stay safe!!

          • Wait–are you using “friends” the same way MOA used “evidence”?? Regardless, enjoy your socks and stay safe as well…gotta run, ther’re calling my NOLA flight!!

  7. My SIL loves this site and I can see why. Great and really different interesting information from the woman who runs the site, not rehashed stuff. This whole MOA guy is cracking me up and also I think is the real deal as far as knowing what’s really going on with this series. I hope he doesn’t get in any trouble!

    • Actually, LBW, you should look around a bit. First, we dont bag on eachother. Ever. Secondly, mrs. burbs is very lovely, she IS that smart, contributes a lot to discussions in a meaningful way, and adored. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. We are very welcoming to new posters, but equally protective of our own. Hate for you to make w not very pleasant second impression.

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