As you are aware, I don’t like interviews, especially chatting it up with one of the Housewives.  It is my contention that by getting close to a Housewife, it is easy to become biased.  There are no “biases” or “teams” on SH… I prefer to stay at arm’s length from the Housewives to protect objectivity on SH.

As explained yesterday, I vet my “insiders” and can rely on them for correct information.  In the vetting process, I have asked someone who claims to have info re the Housewives to answer SH readers questions directly… and they have agreed!

Hopefully, the person who wants to answer questions about Bravo and the Real Housewives is here to answer your questions!!

Start asking!!

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  1. SH dont hit me(eyes watering)-if I can apologise to BB I will. However, I must agree-BB needed to be more specific-more detailed.

    • It’s not necessary for you try and pretend like you weren’t BB. It’s okay that you were, I know why you wanted to portray it differently, but now that the cat is out of the bag (so to speak) let’s just move on honestly! Sorry the ruse didn’t work, but I know it wasn’t malicious.

  2. My opinion only: Blue Bird’s name would be more precise had it been Orange Oompa Loompa.

    ROFL…I am saying this with a joking face, although I am peeved that my gut tells me this is probably some PR guy testing the waters because there has been a lot of serious backlash towards his client and he is out of ideas to help her.

  3. Well if I didn’t know better I’d think it was Andy himself since they didnt want to answer the hard questions either

  4. I read all the Q&A. Bluebird didnot answer one question directly. Hell, I could of gave you better answers just guessing. When she was asked how much the HWs were paid, she said different salaries, duh…like we dont know that already. Could not even give a ballpark figure.

  5. MS SH .
    IS there any people who you don’t want leads on? Like if I come across something or someone, and it’s about Salami’s or Bethenny, is there anyone in Bravo History who you don’t care to have info on?

  6. I just read through the comments. I think Bluebird confirmed some things for me and also provided some info, such as how much is scripted and how many takes they will do to get the drama amped up.

    I enjoyed reading Bluebird and Tigress, whether the same poster or not. Thanks to both of them (or just the one, whichever is true) and Ms. SH.

  7. I had fun reading this post and the comments!
    I honestly do not have enough invested in who Blue Bird or tigress is.
    I do however remember tigress mentioning a bird coming out to play with her or some such colorful prose when she first started commenting on this site.
    Does anyone else remember that? She was referring to a bird, wasn’t she?

  8. I kind of agree with everyone, with the exception that this commenter (bluebird aka tigress) just confirmed what we have all been speculating. So I guess that’s something. The bottom line is that this is a money making franchise and everything is done for the $$$. People will sell their souls to make a buck….these women were all unstable to begin with. Bravo makes a cut on everything they do and any publicity brings viewers thus $$$.

    I like reading and commenting on the blogs, but truth be told, we are fueling these shows ourselves. Everytime we have a huge discussion it just sparks more interest. Do we really know if Bravo is the creator of any of these blogs??? ya never know…..

    Ijust really wish we had some clout when it comes to getting rid of Shanna…that’s the only thing I regret….that we can’t shut her down!!! I have done my part as far as boycotting Ciroc and will continue to do so….but maybe ciroc thinks that even if that brand is spoken in a negative context that hell, at least it was mentioned. I’ll say it again….this holiday season and from now on please ban ciroc from your gathering.

  9. I think Tigress is Greg Bennett. I think the nickname gives it away (Mego and Joe Gorga alway reference Tigers to the degree they were going to bring a Tiger to that silly concert of Melissa’s–Greg is Mego’s best girlfriend and has a crush on Tiger Joe Gorga). I notice he provides his opinion on BH and NY based on watching stuff revieled on the show but will not comment on any of the details of NJ even what aired–seems like a viewer of the other franchises and a fringe participant in NJ.

  10. This is off topic, but what was Shana doing in florida before Russell. Was she involved with a cheerleading coach that went into the same biz as Russell? Did she go by the name Lynette Sipes?…..Lynette I believe was her middle name (Shana Lynette Hughes) It is so hard to keep all of these name changes straight. I know I read this on another sight, but I don’t know how well vetted the info is.

    • There is a rumor that Shanna was married to a man before Russell and lived in FLA
      Actually I dont think its a rumor anymore Bitten confirmed it i believe.

      anyway for some reason Shanna dosnt talk about this ex makes you wonder

        • Are you able to look up what happened to Melissa’s dad and when he and her mom divorced? I know someone with access to lexis nexis and begging them to help me on this one.

            • I hit a dead end too! I know everything except what I want to know, which is when him and his wife divorced and reason listed, details of his death (under the influence or how crash happened) and if he had a criminal record. If he really died in a crash there would be an article somewhere on the internet. It was 1996, so I am sure newspapers were online by then. What I did find which wasn’t anything good was, whatever properties he bought in NJ and for some reason one property which I believe was his main residence was in his mom (Jennie Marco) and wife’s name. There was an address for FL (I think it was Boca Raton) and his death benefits were paid out to an address in FL (his mom or remarried?). he had a construction company named Kimberly builders and had a boat bought in the 80′s and named my 4 girls.

            • Even though I think there was information on the internet in 1996, the technology to get it from source to internet to consumer had not yet become the standard. The government and postal system was still paper based so that’s probably why you are hitting a dead end. I had something happen in 1998 and can’t find anything about it but current stories in the same type of situation are abundent in our present techno stage! :)

            • But she is in New Jersey right? Did father flee to Florida after siring all his kids? Or is the baby(the half sister) one that he had with girlfriend or last wife in Florida? If so, how did she end up in Jersey?

  11. I think Tigress was Jacqueline Laurita. She displayed all the same personality traits:
    Overly apologetic – check
    Following BB’s (aka: KimG) lead – check
    Seemingly tipsy – check
    Following the drama but unwilling to be the leader – check

    • ohhh Kim and Jac (next door neighbors)….I like this one! Only problem with that is they didn’t bash Teresa and mentioned Melissa is fake and was before the show.

    • I can get behind this! Remember when Tigress bust on the scene? That cat was crazy with a lot of emotion and all she wanted to talk about was the Posche fashion show. She was bitter! Of course she was claiming to be an insider or whatever; so many were asking about other franchises, but her focus was on NJ. Mainly the ins and outs of how the fashion show blow up was staged! That also was right before when Jax went AWOL on twitter.

      • Romo-Because it was all set up! Enough was enough-if you look back at things I wrote-you will find them out to be true-even all the product reality show promotions-they are now starting to talk about it. Look at the dates-I brought it up first. As to that link that was posted-kind of funny that HP removed it from its site when the left other comments about profanity and other crazy things on-getting a better picture who the players are?

        • So you’re saying you are in fact Jacqueline…that’s how I read this.

          However….no one is just NOW starting to talk about product placement. We’ve been ragging on that issue since day one. You didn’t bring that up….uh-uh….if I had the strength I’d even go back and find my first post about it, as well as all my bud’s here….those took place long, long ago, woman.

          • Huffington Post? I normally call it HuffPo, but maybe that is what Tigress meant. I have always liked Tigress’s posts. Hopefully she will be back soon.

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