Real Housewives: “Guest Appearance”…

Well, the experiment with “Blue Bird” has opened my eyes.  I thought an excellent way around the interview process would be to allow someone to answer SH readers questions directly.  If this process went smoothly, it would provide SH readers direct access to a HWs “insider.”

Obviously, how the Q&A turned out was NOT what I had in mind.  I thought there would be much more revealing information, which was provided in the emails I received from this person.  However, I left that to the discretion of “Blue Bird” as to what information they would provide.

What it all boiled down to was this:  the majority of SH readers were disappointed and wanted specific information.  I am in agreement.

This will never happen again.

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  1. at 6:22 PM

    Loo your’re the only one that caught it! He paniced he thought that Bravo was going to set him up& have an add on come onto the show like many other plants that are planted on the show. He agreed to let producers film him his wife&shrink scence producers also told him the scence will be un comfortable to.sit in In on. He was nervous but still agreed&signed off to film that one particulat scence.

    I will break one thing down for you when filming starts there some scences producers will guide the cast with by holding up cue cards big white ones in te background white just one word mark in big bold letters for exame cue card holder will hold a card saying DIVORCE when the cast see the word they know that is thee cue to bring up divorce conversatin or party conversation etc. Again thequicker you take your blinders off and cut the shock value and omg cant be trur act the better you will undertand how these shows work

    • I can’t take it anymore… It’s spelled scene! Sorry but its driving me crazy because its always spelled incorrectly in moa’s posts, not like a typo once in a while. Unless there’s some other spelling I’m not aware of!

      Ahhhh I feel better now! lol

      • Your still wasting time I won. It’s over! I gave all the information you needed. No need to correct me on my Grammatical skills. You were too busy focused on my Grammar,and not focused on the treasure trove of information that was given. You wasted time moaning,and whinning about my Grammar. You wanted answers. You got them! Then You went on complaining over,and over. You missed all the important parts. You can not have your cake,and eat it too. To Tigress the answer to your repeated question is Yes! Now I will ask is there something You have inside knowledge of on any cast member. That the Producers aren’t informed of?

        • We all have inside info on Taylor that none of the Producers seem to be aware of.

          She’s a fraud and liar!! Those pesky details seem to be eluding them.

        • Sorry Dude you lose No Shrink in his right mind would counsel a abuse and his victim together on camera no less
          Its not DONE PERIOD you can claim all you want it was true
          I would buy it was staged but dont even try saying those sessions were real and on the up and up. If a shrink counsels avictim of spouse abuse he is also required to report it and well we know that even after all this alleged abuse not one person who treated Trash called the cops.
          Dr Sophy is a quack TV DR plain a nd simple. I dont know who Bravo thinks they are fooling but its not me.

          • Sorry,to burst Ur colorful bubble. But shrinks do agree to film to promote their buisnesses to viewers.& potential patients etc I guess U missed the part where I said. Cue cards were held up! Cue handlers hold them up in commericials&movies. Are commercials&movies real? I said cue cards were used to guide their storyline. A storyline they signed off on! A storyline that,was created for U viewers.

            A line that was given to Bravo by Taylor about their problems producers asked them if they would be okay with filimg tid bits for U viewers. They AGREED to film. They didnt have to agree. It was THEIR OWN CHOICE they,could have opt out&not agree to that storyline. The opt out only came after Russell decided to abruptly leave while the live filimg was going on with the shrink.

            • I have to say, I find this information to be truthful. It would seem that , although it is a reality show, that they would need to be guided on when to start certain conversations. Otherwise, they could all be standing around talking about jackpot pooing in Paul’s closet and giving advice on how to train him.

        • I wasn’t wasting time on your spelling/grammar problems. You won what? I never asked you one single question… I didn’t miss a thing and was simply entertained by you… For that, thanks! ;-)

          • Also, if your errors are not important to you, why so hostile for my comment, cupcake?
            Oh yeah, you said I complained over and over…please point out where…

  2. OMG! I just read through all of this and learned nothing of value. It was a very good experiment, MS. SH and I appreciate you making the effort and trying something new. You are so good at what you do!

  3. When Taylor&Russell sat down with the shrink cue card was.held up they got the cue signal to go deeper to discuss their problems with the shrink Russell glanced to the cue card guy then quickly to his watch,& abruptly left. They tried to convince him to keep filming but he was done for the day &didnt want to continue

    • Dont blame him. He was deliberately and WITH MALICE being tricked into playing the batterer role. Malice. Planned,

    • Isnt that disgusting that a producer would place up a card in a therapy session to guide the situation. I mean, first of all who let cameras into a therapy session please (nut job) and secondly do BRAVO have no morals or duty of care to anyone but there shareholders YUK

  4. Oh, I am still sleepy after a long nap, but I simply must push through catching up on the 500 posts I missed while I was sleeping.

  5. Yes S.H I believe I did that in another life. Your posters would have been given the same generous offers. But failed miserably at this. They made too many mistakes in the last 24hrs. The Biggest was engaging with me. Your fiesty One MsBurbbia very head strong. I will say this. Since You caught onto me. Personal Friendly advice from me to you.

    Be very careful the next time You have .”insiders” Who run rampant claiming to know things. They clearly have no direct knowledge of. An individual was just awarded 7figures due to a Blogger misguided and,too nice of an attitude that let ”insiders” run rampant and it cost Her. By the time I arrived onto the scence Yesterday. I’ was very happy that your source,and.insider was only vagued with Him/Her answers. Be grateful,and thankful you have very loyal posters who cares about you enough to reach out to me. And ask that I show up to shoot down your”source’.

    I did that and your faux .”insider” evaporated into thin Air ..with all His or Her claim to be in the know.
    Your posters don’t know a Goldmine when they
    see or hear One. Perhaps They will have better luck in the future. I’m willing to offer your poster a treat . The One who said He/She think they hit a gold mine. Once I started dishing info.Was a great pleasure.

      • No mind games here Brianne. You missed the mark! I guess you too was too focused on scolding me on my Grammatical errors. You got your treasure trove. Its done,over. I’m done. And just like you. Me, Myself,and I is over it! Ciao!

    • Can you give more information or a link to this 7 figure settlement you mention. I’d like to look into that a bit more. Vague innuendos are annoying.

    • Ah, I said I think I love you, to which someone responded about hitting a vein in a gold mine. Who was that?

    • I made a comment about a gold mine……..what’s all this about now? I haven’t been around today until just now but it looks like I missed some action.

      • Then the prize is yours. I.ll be back in 2days. Arrangements will be made. U’ll have to go to Ur nearest Apple retailer store to collect it.

    • oh PUH-LEEEEEZE hon’ lighten up !
      i think you are getting carried away with your self-importance …
      please stop the threats …
      this board is normally so enjoyable ..

  6. Bubbies here are the links

    Or if you are as paranoid,and whacked out like VP. Who assumes that I am a hacker. And do not trust clicking on any of my links provided. Feel free to open up your Google browser,and type into your search engines Crystal Cox to pay 2.5 million.

  7. My links are awaiting approval. But feel free to type into Your Google search engines. Crystal Cox to pay $2.5million. You will get a sense of the seriousness of careless bloggers judgements etc. Not that the blogger here is careless. But She should be careful with anymore of her insiders. Judges are cracking down very hard on bloggers. If You care enough for this blogger of this site. You will help keep Her on Her/His toes. Good Night!

    • We didn’t all treat you like you say, M. I wish I didn’t have to read your cranky words to people on this site, but I guess you had to?…
      Good night M in fancy pants Holmby. ;)

    • Thank you for answering my question. From what I’m reading, it really depends upon the state in which the blooger resides and that states’ respective laws and interpretation of said laws regarding media shield protection(s).

  8. If MOA comes back I would love to know what they think about Russell’s “suicide” and the “suicide” of his business partner the day after Russell was found and if anyone believes that there was foul play involved vs. suicides.

  9. Gail I think it was tragic&unfortunate. Once the investigation is closed on Taylor etc. If im still around I’ll elaborate more. Until then. I’ve said all I could.

    • Thank you so much for your reply, It gives me hope that he won’t end up being another suicide statistic and that his family can have some answers. If it was a suicide, I have no doubt Taylor would have taken any note he may have left behind, However , the two deaths , both suicides, makes no sense to me.

  10. tried to ignore it all from the beginning ..
    passive aggression is such a bore ain’t it ?
    somebody wake me up when it’s over ..LOL
    ain’t nuthin’ bein’ said that we all don’t already know
    & enjoy with alot more humor too !

  11. i for one believe there was foul play ..
    lying about the abuse months ahead of time ..
    she was obviously setting him up for something …
    provoking his anger against the others to alienate him ..
    these are actually ‘gang-stalking ‘ tactics ..
    slandering the father of her child on national television ..
    i do believe he was being blackmailed to such an extent that he saw no way out ..
    she is one sly woman …
    for every woman who has ever been truly hurt in domestic violence , she is one POS ..
    hope somebody knocks her block off !

  12. I agree, madamefunny. We can only speculate but, based on what Bravo has aired, it appears as though she set him up for a big fall.

  13. I think Mosquito on Acid is the teenage son/daughter of someone who works in this industry, Bravo, a producer or a camera guy. Sorry if my comment is out of context with the conversation, I’ve only just now been reading this thread.

  14. I think it’s bitten’s daughter or the other x-wife of Russell (RIP) or someone in that family or circle of friends.

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