Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong” WITH Real Housewives of Orange County: Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi… CHAT WITH ROSS MATTHEWS ON KTLA ABOUT THEIR NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTIES… VIDEO

 ShanaTraylorTrashArmstrong with Ross Matthews on KTLA December 27, 2011

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino, along with Shana… stopped by KTLA earlier today to chat with Ross Matthews, filling in for Sam Rubin, about their respective New Year’s Eve parties which each are hosting…

Where each will be:  Shana in Chicago, Alexis in LA and Gretchen in Houston

From press release dated December 16:

 “CIROC THE NEW YEAR WITH THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YEAR’S EVE.” This fully integrated marketing campaign focuses on Bravo’s Real Housewives and features an Enter to Win Sweepstakes, on  ‘Housewife’ aficionados have the opportunity to toast stylishly alongside a housewife at one of five sizzling New Year’s Eve celebrations: Kim Zolciak in New York, Taylor Armstrong in Chicago, Kandi Burruss in Miami, Alexis Bellino in Los Angeles and Gretchen Rossi in Houston, Texas.”

“New Year’s Eve is filled with anticipation for new beginnings and a brighter future. I want to remind all of CIROC’s loyal fans to start the New Year out right by celebrating this special time responsibly,” said Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

NOTE:   Alexis doesn’t look much different now that her nose job has settled.  Shana seems a bit “off” in the interview above.   Alexis and Wretched were in the immediate area of KTLA and they were asked to join to take some of the attention OFF of Shana.

IMO… the interview with Ross Matthews at KTLA this morning was to boost ticket sales for Shana’s New Year’s Eve Party in Chicago.  The other Housewives’ NYE parties have not required this ‘last minute’ attention, which it seems Shana’s Chicago party requires… although a call placed to the venue last week indicated that despite Shana being the host, the New Year’s Eve part at the Enclave sells out every year.  BUT… there’s a first for everything… maybe Chicagoans are smart enough to NOT pay $95 per person to party with Shana.

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48 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong” WITH Real Housewives of Orange County: Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi… CHAT WITH ROSS MATTHEWS ON KTLA ABOUT THEIR NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTIES… VIDEO

  1. Taylor looks like she just crawled out of bed and threw on some clothes. The other ladies look like they showered and everything.

    • Traylor Park Trash was in court that morning for one of the lawsuits. That’s why she looks like she just got out of bed. She had just gotten out of court. We can see by her demeanor it didn’t go so well…………ahhhh.

    • It looks like she had some SERIOUS lip works – actually doesn’t look like the same person to me!

  2. Yeah, that ought to boost her ticket sales, Shana sat there like a bump, smothered up trying to hide. Perhaps she has been reading up on what people REALLY think about her and realizes nobody wants to be around her. She did not look happy about being there with Alexis and Gretchen, maybe she was mad cause she had to share the spotlights with some pretty party girls.

    Surprised she didn’t poke her bottom lip out and say “this is suppose to be about me, me, ME!”

    • And then she would have added ‘IT’S NOT FAAAAAIIIIIIIR!!’ and then hopefully threw herself down from the stage to the studio floor, all 1.5 feet of hight difference, cackling like a madwoman.

  3. Too bad the people at Ciroc can’t see a montage video of all the times Taylor was drunk off her arse and in full bully mode. Yeah, that’s drinking responsibly alright! She is such a hypocrite! Having her as a spokesperson has got to be bad for their image. What were they thinking?

    • Let’s all hope that Ciroc at some point and time will figure it all out..I’m a Ketel One gal myself. A good Dutch vodka, for a good Dutch girl. Traylor Trash didn’t look very good did she…but when does she ever..LOL

      • Yes, I agree, TT looked very UNKEMPT!!! Her body language said it all, she did not want to be there with the other 2, ( and alexis, shut up already!!!! LOL LOL) how could yu go to the market looking like that hag, greased up hair, ewwwwww!!! Someone else commented, that alexis’s lips look normal compared to TT’s, agree again, she still is an obnoxious bragger no mattter what. Thought wretched’s hair was like one of my old dolls, that was not saying healthy to me at all!!!! ok enuf…..till this afternoon…….:)

        • Ciroc has a facebook page, but I noticed that even tho you can post, there were none posted . The one for The Enclave with Shana probably had some and they deleted them as they came up, lol

          The other day I clicked on the site to buy tickets and they were 115 dollars instead of 95. It had said on the facebook page that the price was going up later that day ( i think) so i checked and they had gone up 20 dollars.

  4. Someone asked me who was Dwight Coates, He is not related to Traylor Park Trash. He is an old friend but she calls him her Brother. Wishful thinking I guess…or NOT!!! I believe Traylor has known him for as long as she knew Russell. Don’t know if Russell knew Dwight before that.

    • I still cannot believe Taylor as a DV advocate is ok with being a spokesperson for booze…what is she thinking wait she isnt.

  5. Have to say, I’m really surprised Taylor is still enjoying her fame. I would have thought, by now, she’d have crawled under some rock and stayed out of the limelight considering her behavior and all the negative stuff I read about her. She doesn’t exactly have a lot of fans out there as far as I can tell.

  6. Was it my imagination, or was Taylor’s speech a little slurred in the beginning?

    Was Alexis looking at Taylor when she was saying to celebrate responsibly and to get home safely?

  7. Ross is a moron……no, everyone isn’t supportive of Taylor. The stress is really starting to show on her though, she looks terrible and is she is very low key in this video, very quiet for Taylor the shrieking loud mouth. I can’t imagine ANYONE wanting to hear her nerve wracking, shrill voice on New Years Eve or ANY day for that matter.

  8. Something that struck me as I watched this video, is it seems to me that Taylor was a little intimidated by Gretchin and Alexis. Also, didn’t she just have the meeting with the authorities regarding the MMR stuff? I wonder what went on there. Can’t wait to find out! She was definitely very quiet and low key. Maybe she was trying to all of a sudden act like the grieving widow that she should have been along? She definitely knows what everyone is saying about her, but nothing she can do or say at this point is going to give her the damage control she wants.
    Everyone got to see what she is really all about.

    • I noticed her stance and body language; she clearly completely separated herself from the other two, hunched in herself and leaning towards Ross. Either she thinks she is much better than the others or she somehow did not want to be seen as associated with them.

      Ross, BTW, is simply adorable. Brings the Jewish Mother love out of me! He looks terrific and it’s nice to see how well his career has taken off.

      • They other two were all glammed up and she was sitting there like she didn’t even want to be there, dowdy looking and so not looking like she was hosting a New year’s Eve party, C-Vodka most likely were not happy about that. The MMR stuff was the 16th of December i think and this was done on December 27th. Sales to her event must really suck if they had to bring in Gretchen and Alexis to help boost sales for her event.

  9. Shana on twitter Christmas day posted that Kennedy was having a fantastic day. I twitted back, “Doesn’t she miss her daddy? It’s her first Christmas without him.” Of course Traylortrash didn’t answer my twitter.

    • I don’t know how to twitter. Go back and ask her why she is choosing to spend New Years Eve in a bar as a sweepstake prize instead of staying home and thankfully kissing her daughter on New Years Eve. Her daughter is also spending her New Years Eve without her father and obviously, without her own mother.

    • Taylor is a piece of s**t for a mother. I don’t care if my daughter’s father is dead this holiday season. I’m celebrating the dead bastard! Without my daughter. Love Ciroc!! Boycott Ciroc!

      • “Boycott Ciroc” should be twittered, facebooked, myspaced, emailed, posted on any and all blogs….ciroc is digging themselves a grave….gonna start twittering right now…..

  10. Shana looks terrible and her attitude sucked. I can’t imagine that the Ciroc people were at all pleased with her upcoming party endorsement. What’s up with her outfit, she looks like she needs a shower and the black sweat pants and the members only jacket don’t exactly scream “come party with me on new years eve”. I am sure bitching and pouting about the cold weather in Chicago didn’t help much either.

    • IKR! Didn’t she do that already when she got that weather spot while in Vail? It’s tired, Shanna, Shaft, Traylor… get a new bit.
      You know where she wouldn’t be cold? At home! Taking care of her kid!

      • exactly! if her poor child is making it “day by day” as she says, why isnt she at home with her helping her out??? despicable

        • Exactly. That poor kid is going to be climbing a tough hill for a long time. I really hope she’s getting some therapy–like play therapy–without her narcissistic mother.

  11. I’ve read elsewhere that she has Elliot Mintz (PR man to the stars), cleaning up all the negative stuff about her lawsuit on the internet (somehow), so when you search her name stuff comes up like how she’s “not ready to date yet” etc. He might have been the one to tell her to act subdued at this interview. She really didn’t look like she belonged up there with Gretchen and Alexis.

    • that not ready to date stuff reminds me of the saying “THO protest to much” which makes me wonder who is she dating

  12. Ooh, you’re right. that is the absolute worst I have ever seen old Trout look. She looked BAD, like she just got out of bed and barely had time to fix her face. Maybe she has not had time to do Botox or Dysport lately and we are seeing the real Trout Mouth. Scary looking, isn’t she? And she just turned 40? Keep going to the plastic surgeon, Trout because if you look this bad at 40, I cannot imagine how bad you will look at 50. I think she has mucked with her face too much at this point and parts of it are caving in. We may have another Michael Jackson on our hands.

  13. You’re all mentioning Ciroc, but has it crossed anyone’s mind that Taylor’s daughter Kennedy just lost her father and spent her first Christmas without her father. Now instead of Taylor saying, “I am going to stay home with my daughter and celebrate the New Years with her and ring her into the new year because she doesn’t have her father around to celebrate with anymore.” Why has nobody said anything about that!

    • You’re right Rosalie Marie, we need to remember that Kennedy is not only spending New Years without her father, but also that her mother chose to party instead of staying home. I saw a picture (can’t remember which site) of Taylor and Kennedy with Santa and even though Kennedy was smiling, there was a sadness about her. It just breaks my heart. Every time I hear her say “I am just focusing on my daughter. We are going day by day”, I could scream! She is focusing on HER OWN agenda, which is to PROMOTE HERSELF, make lots of money, did I mention, promote herself?

  14. So, not only is Russell no longer home for the holidays with his daughter, but now Taylor isn’t going to be home for the holiday with her daughter either. If my husband had ended his life, there is no f*ing way I am celebrating New Years Eve in some BAR while my daughter is without me or her father.

  15. Read Dante’s Inferno, and remember that the choices we make in our lives, we may have to answer for our sins. She had a choice. Spend New Years Eve with your daughter, or pay tribute to Ciroc and Bravo in some bar. No matter that this is a dead man’s wife they are using in some twisted sweepstake prize. Taylor, you should have chosen your daughter’s well being. You still have a chance to back out. Do what’s right in God’s honour.

      • I sure would hate to be the person that won the sweepstakes with Taylor, she’ll get all liquored up and probably start a fight with the poor person. Hope whoever wins is someone that goes there to drill her about her lies and scams. Now that would be a party!

  16. Looking forward to celebrating the New Year with Ciroc….VODKA…. rather than be home with that dead bastards daughter he screwed my life up with.

  17. I think it maybe a conflict of interest to support a domestic violence charity and promote an alcohol company. The company I work for instance cannot promote loans, cigarettes…. because it would have a bad reflection on its corporate image.

    • This is a really valid point. You are absolutely right. Why is someone who has allegedly been abused and constantly discusses her support for domestic violence victims marketing and supporting a vodka company? Doesn’t alcohol play a huge role in exacerbating domestic violence situations?

      • I believe so. As a matter of fact, I believe that had something to do with prohibition in the 20′s. So many men would drink up their paychecks and go home beat up their wives and leave her and the kids to go hungry the rest of the week. (If memory serves me right, I read about it in H.S. over 30 yrs ago)

      • Alki-haul DOES play a role in domestic beat downs. I used to believe that people had no control over,and didnt mean what they said when they were drunk when I was young and wanted to believe the morning after load of crapola. Now that I am older and have tied on on a few times in my life I K N O W that what is said when drunk is exactly what is meant. Sorta disturbing.

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