Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… SHANA AND DANA AT THE SHELTER… VIDEO

                               Dana and Shana… Havin’ fun at the shelter!!

Hey!  It’s the 2011 version of “Romy and Michelle”…

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Dana Wilkey and Shana hit up all the “high end” clothing brands, cosmetic companies and toy stores for donations to Shana’s RHOBH favorite “platform” shelter to allow all the shelter occupants to have presents for Christmas.

Just a few questions for these two Beverly Hillbillians:

Were all the donated goods procured from your various contacts/vendors given to the shelter in YOUR name?

Why the hell would a woman in a shelter need a toaster?

Were there any donations that you particularly favored?

NOTE:  Dana and Shana may LIVE in Beverly Hills, but they both took a long, circuitous and similar route to land in that zip code.  Shana is a verified scammer… and it takes another scammer only seconds to size up, recognize and be comfortable with another scammer.




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129 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… SHANA AND DANA AT THE SHELTER… VIDEO

  1. I wish that this shelter would cut all ties to Shanna and Dana. It doesnt inspire charitable giving when scam artist have made themselves the spokespersons.

    • Agreed, and I think somebody already looked them up as far as charity efficiency is concerned and they weren’t great. BUT before somebody (lookin’ at you Rosalie Marie) attacks the charity or charity givers, do a little homework–the website says they have four or five shelters and three community centers, so to say it’s not a charity because it’s in an industrial zone? Please!!

      • You are right. My friend worked for a dv shelter in college. It was the safe house and NO ONE can know where it is. I still to this day do not know where it is. And she did tell me once that no one would ever guess what it was if they passed it. Point is, if you want to donate goods to your local safe house you cant just call them up and ask for directions for obvious reasons. They will either send someone to you or direct you to take them to another location to drop off your goods.

  2. Evidently the women she knows are nice, strong women, the people are lovely and she can’t wait to get there to reconnect. Now, there is nobody worth visiting in the land where she lost her self-esteem. hmmmn. And, I’m sorry, she said everything there was new and of the highest fashion standards. I really don’t see how clothing needs to be top of the line. I don’t think a woman who is cowering in fear needs a Pucci shift dress, maybe some rent money and a job would be more useful. I do get how kids want new packaged toys for Christmas. Having Dana and Taylor there serves one purpose only, to make themselves feel better about themselves. Running around prancing and giggling in a women’s shelter gift center seems a little “off” to me. What is suggests is a photo opportunity to enhance their public image and future plans as philanthropists. They better keep the two of those away from the till. Just imagine how many toys and usuable clothes could be distributed if Dana sold her $25,000. glasses. and Taylor’s story changes from day to day, she is trying to reinvent herself yet again. Stealing millions from investors? Oh, that was so very last year, which is why we don’t have any 2010 fashions hers. No Siree.

  3. her women’s shelter organization…the director makes over $300,000 a year…I don’t know but that seems like a lot of money to me – working for a charity. I work with 350 charities and I don’t know any directors that make that kind of money at even larger charities. Just a thought. I am sure they are wonderful and helping many women and children.

    • Much of the money donated to these non-profit organizations go to those at the top. Notice the cars they drive? Bentleys, Mercede’s, BMW’s, etc. See, while they ask for people to volunteer, the higher ups are actually on a pay roll. I think Jerry Lewis was the highest paid. He got fifty million. The only organizations I really trust giving to are animal organizations, except for PETA! Most of the workers and volunteers give up their own pay checks and work two jobs because of it to help abused animals. Also, I hate to say this but we don’t live in the early days of Leave It To Beaver. June has a career nowadays and it’s no longer a mans world in the working force. Women nowadays take responsiblility for themselves. We make our beds, we should make our own decision without expecting everyone to donate to their stupidity. Sorry. I didn’t keep myself in check on this. So Sorry. lol

      • For your information you can check on a charity before you donate. I personally think that local smaller charities are always a better way to go. You can donate both time an money and more of your dollar goes to help people. I still check those out as well. The world isn’t as dark as you may think there are still some very good people doing very good work.

    • I’ve been minimally involved in charitable giving and charities myself, so I’ve given that a lot of thought in the past. I came to the conclusion that, like anything else, in order to attract “quality people” who are serious about doing a good job and have the connections to get it done, it comes at a price. (Although personally, I don’t think I could accept more than I felt absolutely necessary to support my meager lifestyle).

  4. I, like Mississippi above, am guilty of lurking. But, the majority of this post kinda got to me. To me, I assume a lot of the organizations that you see TV are scams. I don’t donate to them. I do, however, donate to any local organization that is referred or recommended to me. I trust those not asking for money more so than those that are quick to ask. With that being said, my kids have often asked to donate to some of the charities seen on TV. I have to say that I will donate if they ask to do so. Even though I have a “feeling” that the money isn’t getting used for the particular purpose, I am thankful that I have children (8 and 10 years old) who have the compassion to WANT to help someone other than themselves. So, I lose $25. I know I’m not helping the situation to stop people from conning others, blah blah blah; but teaching my kids that it’s ok to give to others, well, it’s worth the $25 to me. That’s just my opinion. I don’t waste any unnecessary energy over analyzing it.

  5. I’m sorry if I take a ton of space leaving my comments. It happens late at night when there are not many, if any at all, viewers/bloggers. I have a terrible habit of going on and on and on and on…and more. lol. Sorry. I promise to keep my comments in check. I mean no disrespect to anyone on here. :)

  6. If Taylor was dedicated to the shelter, than why is Dana doing all the talking? Sorry, I had to comment on that. I’m keeping myself in check here this time. lol.

  7. Rosalie Marie……..just want to make sure you see this so I’m posting it separately.

    You don’t appear to be stupid but you sure do make some stupid comments. Why does someone in a shelter need Oakley sunglasses? Have you ever done volunteer work? Do you understand how nonprofits work? I’m thinking no and no would be the answers to the last two questions. Maybe you should take your arrogant hard-hearted self to a shelter of some sort and try to learn the meaning of the word “humility”.

  8. To whodothesespeoplelooklike…….Kennedy did not see her 2 half brothers this year. In fact Kennedy will not be seeing the 2 boy’s probably ever again. They have said they want nothing to do with Traylor Park Trash ever. They are happy she is finally out of there lives. The boy’s were very happy Dad was getting a divorce from Traylor. That’s out of the mouths of the 2 boy’s. The youngest wanted to shot a an arrow at a picture of Traylor’s face. Those were some pretty strong word’s. He also blames Traylor for his Fathers death.

    • Its to bad they cant see Kennedy without Taylor being around Its not any of the Kids fault they shouldnt have to suffer or not have a relationship because Taylor is a nutcase who is selfish among other things

    • Bitten, On another blog they are saying today that Shana was born in Independence Kansas at Mercy Hospital. Were you aware of this?

      • Yes, I am aware that Traylor was born in Kansas. Thaylor went to college in Oklahoma, so know she say’s she’s from Oklahoma, I guess it’s better to be from Oklahoma than Kansas……I wonder if she lives in Calif for a few more years she’ll say she’s from Calif. It’s anybodies guess what will come out of her grand canyon mouth next…

        • I had said in an earlier post that Traylor has the same jaw line and cheek bones as her Step Father. Traylor certainly doesn’t resemble the Mother in that area. Guess what, the Step Father is from Kansas…..hummmm!

          • Traylor met her first husband Jeremy Sipes at the University of Oklahoma. She lied to Russell about being married before. How do I know this, Russell told my daughter that Traylor had never been married before…..Liar, Liar Traylor.

            • Bitten, would you go read the very long newest thread here about guest. They pretend to be an insider and are saying Russell was bi or gay etc. Maybe correct some things there? Thanks

  9. How in the heck is shanna laughing and joking about the “tea party”….?? does she not recall the context of that party?? She is much too jovial for an abused woman who recently lost her husband. How inappropriate can she get?

  10. If she really believed it was such a bad decision she would have deflated those crazy looking lips ASAP!! Cammile admitted that she had lip implants and had them removed. When Traylor was asked if she planned to remove hers her answer was a non-hesitant…”No!”.

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