Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… SHANA AND DANA AT THE SHELTER… VIDEO

                               Dana and Shana… Havin’ fun at the shelter!!

Hey!  It’s the 2011 version of “Romy and Michelle”…

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Dana Wilkey and Shana hit up all the “high end” clothing brands, cosmetic companies and toy stores for donations to Shana’s RHOBH favorite “platform” shelter to allow all the shelter occupants to have presents for Christmas.

Just a few questions for these two Beverly Hillbillians:

Were all the donated goods procured from your various contacts/vendors given to the shelter in YOUR name?

Why the hell would a woman in a shelter need a toaster?

Were there any donations that you particularly favored?

NOTE:  Dana and Shana may LIVE in Beverly Hills, but they both took a long, circuitous and similar route to land in that zip code.  Shana is a verified scammer… and it takes another scammer only seconds to size up, recognize and be comfortable with another scammer.




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129 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… SHANA AND DANA AT THE SHELTER… VIDEO

  1. And then a year later, poor Taylor’s too emotional to write her blogs – yet in this 12-22-11 video she’s laughing and joking about the tea party. The very tea party that changed her life with Russell, supposedly. As that’s when Camille spilled the beans about Russell.

    • Right. And so distraught by what Camille had revealed, that she had to act like a screaming maniac towards her during the Malibu Party a few weeks later. Where she had to have *5* other women physically restrain her from attacking Dede.

  2. I was literally just ( 2 minutes ago!) discussing shelters with a director at dinner. The toaster and other household items are important. These women need to be set up in a new place if they (hopefully) decide to leave the abusive relationship. They’ll be starting out with nothing. That is the case with this particular shelter so I assume the situation is similar. Bedding, dishes and other household items a very helpful to donate to a shelter. Any of you reading this that feel generous, please research your local shelter and consider donating such items?

    • And mattresses. Apparently there’s quite the shortage of mattresses at most shelters!
      K. Sorry all. I’m done! :)

    • We recently moved and did some major sorting through many years of accumulation. A lady suggested we donate the household items to a women’s shelter, which I gladly did. I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t thought about them needing household items.

      I was thrilled to give it, and they were thrilled to receive it.

      • On behalf of the people here at my house, thank you! The director I know is just thrilled to hear news like this. Truly thrilled. :)

      • Also, I had no idea about such things either until I became very close to people who live and work for this cause. :)

        • Thank You MT,…..I was going to go Salvation Army and have them pick up some household items and large furnishings. It will be so much better knowing that what we give will go directly to someone in need.

          • Wow. Really? This is all truly touching. On behalf of my family, thank you. I know that although it won’t go to their particular shelter, they are extremely grateful for the donation and awareness. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

  3. Maybe someone can explain to me where everyone is? I mean if this is a shelter, there is nobody inside. The long hallway is empty of people and all the doors are open. If this is a shelter, that means people are residing there temporary but there is nobody there.

    • I am not trying to take over this topic but I can’t seem to stop butting in on this particular subject.
      Most shelters have non disclosed addresses for safety reasons. Apparently it isn’t safe to show the employees or the victims. This is just my limited knowledge on the subject. Obviously it could be empty there for other reasons.

      • No Mythunker, I am glad that you did have something to say so we don’t forget that it is so important. We have some one (Shanna) who may have taken some of the focus off of the seriousness of these shelters. Also remember that donating to shelters for women and children is so important. In the region I live in most of the shelters are co-ed which includes a majority of indegent men who have drug and mental health issues (and by all means this is not to take away for the needs of those men) and can often times be a tramatic expirience for in need women with children trying to get back on their feet and find a stable home in which to raise their children. O.K. I feel better now, I will also stop trying to hi-jack this post!

    • @Rosalie Marie – When you are dealing with battered women and children, they should be kept off camera for their own safety.

      • Oh please, Do you think they pushed an entire platoon of families out because Taylor is doing a momentary interview. Use your head.

        • I would.believe that RM. My business did some work for a women’s shelter and they would not give us the address for a designer to meet them. Instead they had a meeting place and they had to run various back round checks on said designer for her to even be led to the shelter. She also had to sign a form saying she would not disclose the location. To this day, yes we did work there but only 2 of my employees stepped foot in the place and i have no idea where it is located. Its a LOT more secretive then you’d think.

          • For a few years our home was an emergency safe house for those that needed an immediate place to stay until they could get into a shelter.We lived in the middle of no where and had no neighbors and plenty of room. We stopped after on woman called her husband and he showed up at our door to pick her up.
            Security is very important for those who stay there and just as important for those that work there.

      • That also didn’t stop them from filming the location while standing at the window. You could almost read the name on a builiding across the way.

        • Yes RM – maybe someone could read a sign but no one was shown so it didnt give away their location. There are some crazy men out there who will hunt down their woman and kill her. Look at Jennifer Hudson…do you think if her sister had gone into hiding and then went to a shelter tht then put her face on camera he wouldn’t have gone there and killed her and the others? Please put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

  4. Where the camera is filming by a window, it appears to be a business district. It’s obvious this is not a shelter. Anyone have an opinion to shed light on my comment?

    • Here’s my opinion Rosalie………you know absolutely nothing about domestic violence and you’re coming across as pretty arrogant.

      The lives of women who are being beaten by their husbands, etc. are in more serious jeopardy at the point at which they take their children and leave the home. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why this is so but there’s plenty of literature out there for you to read. In order to provide a secure place for the families during this phase it is incumbent upon everyone to be extremely secretive about the location of the shelter. If the abuser somehow finds out where his wife and children have been secreted away he may show up there to take them out along with anyone else who gets in the way. The people who run the shelter understand the dynamics and they can’t let any of the residents be filmed there because that would risk their safety and possibly their lives.

  5. It’s Not A Shelter. That’s obvious. It is in a business district. Shelters cannot afford to pay a lease on the top floor of an “Office Building” and they certainly wouldn’t have a shelter in a business district for fear that one of the occupants would be recognized. Look at the video

    • A simple google earth search reveals that it is not an “industrial district,” but what if it were? Where are shelters located in urban areas, in underground bunkers, or are they all supposed to be NCIS-type safe-houses? The charity has a website for heaven’s sake with that address on it. Whether the kids/women are actually housed there is irrelevant.

      • Oh, this argument is about the address given on the WEBSITE? And someone mistook that for the “shelter” address (the secret locations where abuse victims go to flee their abusers)? Ba ha ha!

    • It’s LA. It could be in a business district, strip mall, or high rise. Saying that a shelter “cannot afford” to pay a lease in any of these is a totally uninformed comment. Shelters are funded mostly by private donations and those donations and expenses make great tax shelters for the very wealthy–of which there is a great population in LA. Do you have any idea how abundant and cheap commercial property is now, after the double-dip “recession,” that is technically a depression? Guess not.

      • Totally agree. If you have an unleased building and are loosing money every month and still paying taxes and up keep why would you. It’s a win win situation.

  6. Also, you can say that the toys are donated to this business district and then relocated to the real shelter but that makes no sense either. Taylor clearly says that this is where the children come. The walls are decorated as if children are going to be there. Then there is the teen ”store” and the mommy ”store” and those are all donated items for a non-profit organization? Please. There is something very, very, very wrong here.

  7. I don’t get this. This is our holiday botique? It allows our families to shop for one another without having costs? What the hell does this mean? The items donated are then sold out to each of the organizers who begged companies for these items? Explain this to me please!

      • Christ, how did I know someone would almost certainly point out that my spelling of Boutique is incorrect? How Old Are You? Is it necessary to point that out? Do you feel smart and mature now? Please.

  8. Could it be that they didn’t film at the shelter for the reasons mentioned above by MyThunker and band camp. Maybe it’s a gathering place for the gifts to later be taken to the shelter – off camera.
    I would think that the charity would speak up if they never received the gifts that were publicized.

  9. Look closely and there really are price tags. I know. They are selling the donated items for cash to donate to the shelter. Hmm. No, I wouldn’t fall for that bs either.

  10. 2010 Trout Mouth’s lips look fairly normal even though her mouth is still as big as the Grand Canyon.
    2011 Trout Mouth’s lips have taken on the Donald Duck appearance that so many have referred to her lips as.
    She is such a fame whore, a wannabe. She disgusts me.

    • It’s not nice to knock people based on appearance. Would you say those words to your family members? Would you tell your mother or father that they are old? Or unattractive. Be weary of people of their character, not of their appearance. There are many good hearted people out there who don’t have a perfect appearance. As for me, I have a perfect appearance. lol

      • The difference is that Taylor purposely did this to herself. It’s not a natural feature that people are criticizing. If it were, that would be different. It’s not something she was born with. It’s something she did to herself which cost a LOT of money, which she then complained that her financial situation was a factor in not leaving Russell earlier. So I guess all the procedures she did to her face were more important than leaving someone whom she said was possibly dangerous to her daughter.

        Nope, what people are criticizing is her choice to inflate her lips to an extreme degree. It just doesn’t look like what a rational person would do.

        • Plus, she’s a liar. She SAID that “it was a bad decision, made in my 20′s” yet the pic of her pregnant at age 34 belies that statement. I think she said, or maybe I’m just thinking, that she was trying to look like Julia Roberts. Knowing now that she is a smoker, I imagine she had it put in to ward off or take care of tell-tale wrinkles around her mouth.

  11. Oh well. I could very well be making an ass of myself. It’s possible this is how they raise money for shelters. There’s no doubt that Taylor is a con and was partners with her husband conning people and they did con many. Dana and her fiance’ are also cons who partnered together to con victims. This is fact. It’s difficult not to look at them and not wonder what the con game is. I think the shelter would fair better without having two cons under their belt work for them. Even if it is voluntary. I wouldn’t trust to give to Taylor or Dana. The shelter is good but with Taylor and Dana under their wings gathering up the goodies, I can’t help but wonder if the shelter is a con to.

    • i think you may be borrowing trouble and giving yourself a bad name here. sometimes there is a central location where several shelters receive items and they are dispersed from there on to the hidden safehouse shelters. this is done all the time and the locatons are kept as secret as possible to keep the women and kids safe. and yes, i know of one in a business area, the residents come and go out of a back allyway, and it is for immediate and emergency situations only, they are moved ina day. no body here like shana and we all hate that she is making a mockery of those who are really abused try and keep your tone down please as we are all into discussing these things not attacking each other

      • I donate regularly to a resale center that supports DV and women that were sexually assaulted. The drop off area is separate from the shop; so I’ve never seen anyone coming or going. The people that unload are very friendly and so happy to receive my donations. They’re mainly woman’s clothing, some household items and a lot of children’s clothes as well as toys. They really love to see the baby items and toys! The shelter is somewhere else in our county. I’ve never asked; as I can imagine they wouldn’t tell me anyway, if the women shop on certain days/times. It’s a well run resale shop. They’re wonderful.

        • That’s nice. I am certainly not questioning the shelter. I just don’t trust Taylor or Dana. They do in fact have a history. I am very shocked the domestic abuse organization would continue with Taylor. It diminishes trust. I did in fact admit that anything Taylor does I question. If she were on a program with starving children around her asking for money, I won’t send it because I know she is at the head of that table. She is given an opportunity to steal. I don’t trust her. You never know, she probably is low enough to steal toys and wrap them up for her own daughter. She’s low enough to steal jewelry for herself. I mean come on, Oakley? Why do people in shelters need a pair of Oakley sunglasses? Anyone else, I wouldn’t question it, but put Dana and Taylor into the mix, than I find myself asking why anyone would need a pair of Oakley when a twenty dollar pair will serve the same purpose. Taylor is a thief.

          • Ive donated versace, gucci, and chloe sunglasses, wallets, and handbags to women of dv and homelessness. Ive also donated dolce suits and many articles of clothing. We have a consignment shop where the $ goes to them and i also donate shoes. Suits, bags to homeless or people getting back on their feet.

          • mrs. obama wore $500.00 dollar tennis shoes to serve food to the homeless, wouldn’t a pair of nikes been better? that seems to be your thinking. i do not trust shana, i would find the name of the shelter and then vet it and then send money. maybe she is the only “celebrity” who has offered to help them. don’t blame them for the person who is the liar.

          • they don’t get to pick what is donated, and whatever the company can donate is helpful in almost any situation. If someone wanted to give me Oakley glasses I would gladly accept them. What is wrong with you? Just because they re name brands doesn’t mean anything, Most likely the “name brands” are the quickest to give donations. Why is that such an issue?

  12. If it is like the xmas shop that we ran they are brought there to shop for each other and then wrapped and given cards to go with the gift. Ours only ran for three days.

    • I’m glad to hear/read that this is done elsewhere.

      After reading what Rosalie Marie had said, it literally made me so sick at my stomach that I barely made it to the bathroom in time.

      • Yet it doesn’t make you sick to your stomach that Taylor and her husband swindled large sums of money from victims. It doesn’t make you sick to your stomach that Taylor shows off a horse to her daughter, telling her daughter that it’s hers, and you know it’s not. I bet if Stoopid Housewives researched that horse’s owner, they would find out that Taylor doesn’t own it. That doesn’t make you sick. Grow Up. Many non profit organizations are caught taking from the people they claim to help. What makes you think you can trust this one from the others? What makes you think they are honest when they have not one, but two cons working in their shelter. Tell me, if you were running a shelter, and you had a choice, would you trust Taylor and Dana to gather the gifts and cash? Would you really trust them? Why would this organization trust Taylor knowing she has to go to court and face serious fraud charges? She Took Millions and she helped her husband hide it. If Taylor’s husband was broke, than how can she afford to own It’s her beauty line.

        • Instead of feeling sick over my meaningless opinion, you should be feeling sick that a shelter, dependent of donations, don’t mind having two volunteers who are known cons facing charges of fraud. Fraud is stealing. It’s manipulating someone to give you something such as cash….(Give You Something…like a donation) and instead of doing what they claim, they keep it. They hide the money in an overseas account. Taylor is hiding money. What organization would trust con artists? I do question this shelter. They wouldn’t by far, be the first to bullshit people for donations. They aren’t going to be the last.

          • I think I finally figured out what your problem is – you must be one of the people that Shana and Russell conned. There is no other reason whatsoever for you to be taking it as such a personal affront that the shelter graciously accepts their offers of help.

            If I were running a shelter, and knew that I had a choice to have very few and low-revenue bringing donations, vs. having a suspected con artist with a ‘star power’ who can bring cameras, exposure, and has better contacts, better donors – why, I wonder what I’d do?
            Well, not really. I’d be happy to accept ANY HELP offered. And if I had to take a chance that some of the merchandise does not make it all the way to us, so be it – there would be nothing that this person brings in had they not been involved at all.
            I thinks shelter directors restle with issues like that every day – they are, by virtue of the circumstances they operate in, pretty much choosing the lesser evil, at least part of the time. And that’s OK – if whatever a con artist brings in helps even ONE WOMAN start a new life and escape beatings and /or death, again, so be it.
            Can you imagine if every shelter suddenly started wasting time and resources running background checks on the donors, and the engaged in picking and choosing who is ‘moral enough’, ‘honest in business enough’ – why, they’d have to refuse donation from most corporations and smaller businesses in this country. And who would that serve?
            I think I understand where you’re coming from – but you are trying to fix something that is not the problem. The shelter is not the problem, the donors and their donations are not the problem, the shelter’s location is not the problem – they are all irrelevant to your argument. Your issue is with Shana alone, and you’re trying to convince all of us here that she is a sheister and a con artist, working yourself into a frenzy for no reason. NOBODY is disputing the Shana is a POS, we totally agree. If you read more posts on this blog, you’d see that is clearly the case.
            Please stop these extremely personally upsetting posts – nobody wants to fight with you. We follow your arguments, we just clearly do not agree with your conclusions. Free country and all…
            I think if you just let the DV issue go, and concentrate on what is really at the root of your complaint – Shana herself, your posts may become of the same tone as most on this site, and instead of making yourself look like a dog that won’t let go of a bone, you may become quite enjoyable to have conversations with.

            • @ Polk8Dot. I’m a long time lurker here, but it is comments like yours that bring me out of the woodwork to say thank you. I see you listening and responding to a somewhat contentious poster with fairness, civility, and equanimity. You take issue with her tone respectfully, and you indicate that with some changes in the way she posts she might be a welcome addition to the group. Wow. Right on, sister. I like the way you think, and hope the community of this blog is like-minded. You rock.

        • She doesn’t own Russell raised capital for them and may have gotten stock but it was an established company before they came along. Taylor is employed by them.

      • Our xmas shop was held at a different church every year. Not only were Items donated by companies but by people as well .Higher end Items were sold or auctioned off before the event. The cash was donated or used to purchase Items that were needed.It works out well because the Items purchased were tax deductible. We also included low income families as well as shelters.

  13. I work at a hospital for very sick children. Please, help make a child happy this season and send me monetary donations so these children can have crayons and coloring paper. These children want so much to make Christmas cards for their mommy and daddy. They are so sick. They just need something, something to make them feel better. See, we can’t afford to give all the children crayons and coloring books but if you donate something, anything, anything, than maybe, just maybe all the children on the ward can celebrate Christmas the way they have always dreamed. They don’t ask for much. All they want to do is make their mommy and daddy a card that says, “I Love You!” ………………. See how easy it is to bullshit people. I don’t work in a hospital and I don’t want you to send me any donations. It’s very easy to make people feel sympathetic. Taylor should know. She’s living it up in Beverly Hills.

    • This sympathy, feel sorry for this person, that person, for this reason and that reason. It’s all the time! Oh, poor Johnny, he can’t walk. Poor Mary, she needs help. Poor Charlie. Poor Poodle. There is nowhere to turn it off anymore. Constant begging. You think I’m cold but the truth is, these are apathetic assholes out to get your money. Oh, I’m terrible. I’m not terrible, you’re stupid for giving. I see Santa ringing his bell, I tell him, “Don’t bother, cause you’re not getting shit from me Santa!”

  14. If you want to be good to someone, pay for someone’s tab at the grocery store. At least you know where your money is going and you really are helping a person. Go to a hospital with a gift in your hand and give it to a child. At least you know the child is getting it. You all think I’m terrible? All you do is sit on your asses, hand over your money to some organization and letting them do the work for you. You’re too lazy to do it yourselves. You won’t waste your gas and time to actually look at the person you want to help. Try it in person. Do it one on one. You’ll have more joy doing that than you will handing over money and wondering if it’s really going where it’s suppose to go.

    • Oh wait, people who donate always expect a thank you and a shirt that reads, “I donate money!” You all want recognition for donating. You want everyone to know what you did. Try doing it one on one. You may not get a thank you but you will know what giving really is like. I believe in God and He said, “you are rewarded for your good.” Well, if you want to reward yourselves with a tee shirt, than there you have it. Your reward is a lousy tee shirt. My way, my reward feels in the heart. Try it my way. Give it to someone face to face and let nobody know that you did something kind for someone.

      • Didn’t you pretty much just brag about your charitable contributions, while preaching the “right hand, left hand” verse of the Bible? M, kay. Your T-shirt’s in the mail. With your bumper sticker. And a neon sign. And I’ve rented a billboard for your head shot.

      • Rosalie – if you’ve bothered to read some of the posts here, you’d know that what you just said is completely off base. But all you apparently want to do is scream that people do not agree with you.
        Well, I finally agree with you – I don’t know if you really are one, but your comments make you seem like you ‘are terrible’.
        Oh, Rosalie – stop, before you say something that you do not really think, but in the heat of discourse it just slips your tongue. Pretty soon you’ll be calling Santa an old perv, and there’s really nowhere to go from there ;)
        Can’t you see that you are turning people off? You ask a question or state a comment, and it gets answered, which is all you can ask for. But instead of moving on, you turn around and dress the same question/comment/issue in different words and launch the boat again. It is really hard to have a conversation with someone like that. It discourages people if all you care about is what you can shout out, and you just disregard/diminish the answers. If makes them think that all you really care about is the shouting.
        Haven’t you noticed that most of the time YOU are having an argument WITH YOURSELF, all BY YOURSELF? Most of the time you are the one answering your own posts. ;)
        It’s time to let the bone go, hon.

    • I don’t think your terrible. I think you got your point across sometime ago and now you’re ranting and raving to hear your own voice. It’s one thing to have an opinion it’s another to dominate this site.

      • Yea – Where’s Ms SH, she doesn’t put up with this crap. Sorry Rosalie…but your messin with my girls and you dont know anything about them or this site. We dont attack other people, we dont accuse others, we talk about RHW, thats it! Please calm down.

  15. Happy New Year. Oh, the giving Taylor is so kind to the domestic abuse shelter, she doesn’t mind neglecting her daughter on New Years Eve to party in a bar to sell Ciroc. Hypocrit anyone?

  16. Rosalie Marie,

    You’re making many erroneous assumptions here based upon my earlier comment. The reason I got sick was simple.

    It sickened me that Taylor is, IN MY OPINION, very capable of scamming a worthwhile charity out of money. And, once again in my opinion, based on what you said it appeared as though that might be what she was doing.

    However, I felt better after Cyn1shared that their charity handles the shopping thing similarly.

    I’ll leave it at that.

    • Sorry, I meant no disrespect to you, and you are entitled to your opinion. I get carried away sometimes. I’ll try to keep myself in check next time. :)

  17. The 2011 video is hilarious if not deeply disturbing. These two seem to be having about as much fun as two kids at a picnic. Why any charity would want these scammers front-and-center is beyond me. Anyone thinking of donating to this particular charity should think twice.

    And for heaven’s sake’s, thanking DANA of all people – is Taylor serious? Does she really think she and Dana are the only two who make that shelter work and who put together that so-called holiday boutique? Can you imagine Taylor and Dana spending any time decorating those halls and stacking products in the rooms? I think not.

    And as for the start of the video – if Taylor was involved for SEVEN years with the charity and speaks so highly of all their services including marriage counselling, why on earth would she have stayed married to an alleged monster when she had a community which would have supported her decision to leave her allegedly violent husband?

    Once again things are not adding up.

    • I wouldn’t want her representing my “domestic violence” charity. She just brings shady thoughts to the table by everyone.

  18. I dislike Shana & Pam/Dana. It is surprising to me thatg anyone would want to associate with them. There are good charities out there, but one must be diligent. Volunteering and random acts of kindness are usually a way to know you are helping someone directly.

  19. I came out of long time lurkdome to make this one comment because I thought my eyes were deceiving me as I read the comments. I even had to double check that I was lurking at the correct site. Rosalie Marie, give these regular posters some respect would you? Lighten up. Ease your way in, friend. Don’t land blast. You get more bees with honey. I’m sure you act better than how you’ve presented yourself here tonight and hopefully you are just having an off night. It is important to be cognizant of your environment even in cyberspace. :) That’s all.

    • Welcome, msspp! Hope u stick around. I was going to comment about someone sucking all the air/fun out of SH’s recent posts, but will instead pretend said person doesnt exist. With all the seriousness that is my life, the last thing i want to read on my fave, funniest site are rants (to herself), racist comments, personal digs, and misguided god-talk…this all being humorless to boot is enough for me to close my eyes.

    • You are absolutely right. I do need to stop taking up so much space. It’s usually late when I am start commenting when nobody is on. So, I have this greedy, selfish habit of going on and on. I know, I will need to cool it. lol. Thanks.

  20. I thought it was interesting that in 2010 she was all excited at the prospect of getting back to OK for a visit, but in June in that video outside Beso when she and Russell were interviewed, (on their way to the party that Lisa attended and said everything was fine), she says that she really didn’t have anybody back in OK that she wanted to see so no she wouldn’t be going back there.

    AND in 2010 she was really just looking forward to the holidays at home with her family, “I have two step sons and they’re in town and Kennedy is always so excited to see her brothers.” Wonder if Kennedy saw them THIS year.

  21. I wish that this shelter would cut all ties to Shanna and Dana. It doesnt inspire charitable giving when scam artist have made themselves the spokespersons.

    • Agreed, and I think somebody already looked them up as far as charity efficiency is concerned and they weren’t great. BUT before somebody (lookin’ at you Rosalie Marie) attacks the charity or charity givers, do a little homework–the website says they have four or five shelters and three community centers, so to say it’s not a charity because it’s in an industrial zone? Please!!

      • You are right. My friend worked for a dv shelter in college. It was the safe house and NO ONE can know where it is. I still to this day do not know where it is. And she did tell me once that no one would ever guess what it was if they passed it. Point is, if you want to donate goods to your local safe house you cant just call them up and ask for directions for obvious reasons. They will either send someone to you or direct you to take them to another location to drop off your goods.

  22. Evidently the women she knows are nice, strong women, the people are lovely and she can’t wait to get there to reconnect. Now, there is nobody worth visiting in the land where she lost her self-esteem. hmmmn. And, I’m sorry, she said everything there was new and of the highest fashion standards. I really don’t see how clothing needs to be top of the line. I don’t think a woman who is cowering in fear needs a Pucci shift dress, maybe some rent money and a job would be more useful. I do get how kids want new packaged toys for Christmas. Having Dana and Taylor there serves one purpose only, to make themselves feel better about themselves. Running around prancing and giggling in a women’s shelter gift center seems a little “off” to me. What is suggests is a photo opportunity to enhance their public image and future plans as philanthropists. They better keep the two of those away from the till. Just imagine how many toys and usuable clothes could be distributed if Dana sold her $25,000. glasses. and Taylor’s story changes from day to day, she is trying to reinvent herself yet again. Stealing millions from investors? Oh, that was so very last year, which is why we don’t have any 2010 fashions hers. No Siree.

  23. her women’s shelter organization…the director makes over $300,000 a year…I don’t know but that seems like a lot of money to me – working for a charity. I work with 350 charities and I don’t know any directors that make that kind of money at even larger charities. Just a thought. I am sure they are wonderful and helping many women and children.

    • Much of the money donated to these non-profit organizations go to those at the top. Notice the cars they drive? Bentleys, Mercede’s, BMW’s, etc. See, while they ask for people to volunteer, the higher ups are actually on a pay roll. I think Jerry Lewis was the highest paid. He got fifty million. The only organizations I really trust giving to are animal organizations, except for PETA! Most of the workers and volunteers give up their own pay checks and work two jobs because of it to help abused animals. Also, I hate to say this but we don’t live in the early days of Leave It To Beaver. June has a career nowadays and it’s no longer a mans world in the working force. Women nowadays take responsiblility for themselves. We make our beds, we should make our own decision without expecting everyone to donate to their stupidity. Sorry. I didn’t keep myself in check on this. So Sorry. lol

      • For your information you can check on a charity before you donate. I personally think that local smaller charities are always a better way to go. You can donate both time an money and more of your dollar goes to help people. I still check those out as well. The world isn’t as dark as you may think there are still some very good people doing very good work.

    • I’ve been minimally involved in charitable giving and charities myself, so I’ve given that a lot of thought in the past. I came to the conclusion that, like anything else, in order to attract “quality people” who are serious about doing a good job and have the connections to get it done, it comes at a price. (Although personally, I don’t think I could accept more than I felt absolutely necessary to support my meager lifestyle).

  24. I, like Mississippi above, am guilty of lurking. But, the majority of this post kinda got to me. To me, I assume a lot of the organizations that you see TV are scams. I don’t donate to them. I do, however, donate to any local organization that is referred or recommended to me. I trust those not asking for money more so than those that are quick to ask. With that being said, my kids have often asked to donate to some of the charities seen on TV. I have to say that I will donate if they ask to do so. Even though I have a “feeling” that the money isn’t getting used for the particular purpose, I am thankful that I have children (8 and 10 years old) who have the compassion to WANT to help someone other than themselves. So, I lose $25. I know I’m not helping the situation to stop people from conning others, blah blah blah; but teaching my kids that it’s ok to give to others, well, it’s worth the $25 to me. That’s just my opinion. I don’t waste any unnecessary energy over analyzing it.

  25. I’m sorry if I take a ton of space leaving my comments. It happens late at night when there are not many, if any at all, viewers/bloggers. I have a terrible habit of going on and on and on and on…and more. lol. Sorry. I promise to keep my comments in check. I mean no disrespect to anyone on here. :)

  26. If Taylor was dedicated to the shelter, than why is Dana doing all the talking? Sorry, I had to comment on that. I’m keeping myself in check here this time. lol.

  27. Rosalie Marie……..just want to make sure you see this so I’m posting it separately.

    You don’t appear to be stupid but you sure do make some stupid comments. Why does someone in a shelter need Oakley sunglasses? Have you ever done volunteer work? Do you understand how nonprofits work? I’m thinking no and no would be the answers to the last two questions. Maybe you should take your arrogant hard-hearted self to a shelter of some sort and try to learn the meaning of the word “humility”.

  28. To whodothesespeoplelooklike…….Kennedy did not see her 2 half brothers this year. In fact Kennedy will not be seeing the 2 boy’s probably ever again. They have said they want nothing to do with Traylor Park Trash ever. They are happy she is finally out of there lives. The boy’s were very happy Dad was getting a divorce from Traylor. That’s out of the mouths of the 2 boy’s. The youngest wanted to shot a an arrow at a picture of Traylor’s face. Those were some pretty strong word’s. He also blames Traylor for his Fathers death.

    • Its to bad they cant see Kennedy without Taylor being around Its not any of the Kids fault they shouldnt have to suffer or not have a relationship because Taylor is a nutcase who is selfish among other things

    • Bitten, On another blog they are saying today that Shana was born in Independence Kansas at Mercy Hospital. Were you aware of this?

      • Yes, I am aware that Traylor was born in Kansas. Thaylor went to college in Oklahoma, so know she say’s she’s from Oklahoma, I guess it’s better to be from Oklahoma than Kansas……I wonder if she lives in Calif for a few more years she’ll say she’s from Calif. It’s anybodies guess what will come out of her grand canyon mouth next…

        • I had said in an earlier post that Traylor has the same jaw line and cheek bones as her Step Father. Traylor certainly doesn’t resemble the Mother in that area. Guess what, the Step Father is from Kansas…..hummmm!

          • Traylor met her first husband Jeremy Sipes at the University of Oklahoma. She lied to Russell about being married before. How do I know this, Russell told my daughter that Traylor had never been married before…..Liar, Liar Traylor.

            • Bitten, would you go read the very long newest thread here about guest. They pretend to be an insider and are saying Russell was bi or gay etc. Maybe correct some things there? Thanks

  29. How in the heck is shanna laughing and joking about the “tea party”….?? does she not recall the context of that party?? She is much too jovial for an abused woman who recently lost her husband. How inappropriate can she get?

  30. If she really believed it was such a bad decision she would have deflated those crazy looking lips ASAP!! Cammile admitted that she had lip implants and had them removed. When Traylor was asked if she planned to remove hers her answer was a non-hesitant…”No!”.

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