Real Housewives of Atlanta: Cynthia Bailey… Cynthia Really Likes Nene… AND IS OK WITH NENE AND PETER BEIN’ FRIENDS…

From Denim Magazine:

“NeNe and I are friends on & off the show. She has shown me nothing but love and loyalty. We connect because we are both strong and independent. There is zero jealousy and zero insecurity. We lift each other when we are down, and applaud each other when we are up. I love NeNe because she owns who she is, and I respect that. My Husband and NeNe also connect for the same reasons. Peter and NeNe are both straight shooters, and always keep it real. They are friends because they say what they mean and never apologize for being themselves. I love both for that.”

                                               Cynthia… youz a big dummy!

NOTE (While givin’ Cynthia the side eye…):  Well, OK, Cynthia!  But, I’m in agreement with Wendy Williams about you!


8 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Cynthia Bailey… Cynthia Really Likes Nene… AND IS OK WITH NENE AND PETER BEIN’ FRIENDS…

  1. I love Cynthia and Nene. And though I don’t like everything thing I see or hear. At the end of the day I like who Peter is; a man who says it like he means it. Totally don’t get how Wendy doesn’t like the male version of herself.


    • I like Peter to IO dont see him a abusive controller like others do. As someone who is close to his age There is a point you just dont care what people think you speak your mind ..I think as my BD gets closer i am entering this phase of Life. Today I spoute dof to a Bible thumper who was trying to preach to me about its says in the bible
      I cut her off and said You know you can spout all the bible verses you want but its useless to do so when you are talking to someone who dosnt believe in the Christain God. I do believe I outed myself as a atheist to my office now ask me if i care.
      But I digress You do reach a point were ypu dont wan tto deal with nonsense and idiots
      Peter strikes me as that kinda person


  2. 1st….Wendy W is a hating male! 2nd Cynthia is not a negative person she dont gets in 2 fights with nobody!!!! but the hating girls like sheree and phedrea always got something 2 say about her….i don’t know why she’s just cute and honest….a good person!! i don’t like peter!!! if you talk about cynthia bad you are a evil person!!! period!! she’s so sweet!!! and if she likes nene so what!? Kim used 2 like nene!!! sheree used 2like nene!!!! because nene is the star of the whole franchise…..


  3. Peter acts too much like an old, bitter, down-low man (maybe that’s why he was soooo interested in the well-endowed stripper.) When Cynthia was falling apart prior to the grand opening party of the Bailey Agency – Peter made negative comments about her ability in planning the event, but also stated that “Cynthia needed to experience failure” – what kind of husband says that about his wife??!!

    A caring husband would have been there to support his wife with her new business venture, not hope she fails. Also, Miss Lawrence has hinted previously about Peter’s interest in the “girls.”


  4. Cynthia is beautiful. That cover appears to have a good bit of photo-shopping, but is beautiful enough that she doesn’t need it.


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