There is much that goes on behind the scenes at SH… as you are aware, SH gets a lot of emails and I love getting them!

Some emails received at SH claim that they have inside info; however, after asking for further information to verify their claims, the emailer either cannot or will not provide verification of their claims.  Their SOP will be to move on to another site to get their info out without being vetted… and that’s fine with me!

With that being said, I’ve been communicating for several weeks with someone claiming they have inside information.  I have been going through the vetting process with this particular person and emailed them inviting them to answer SH readers questions directly… and they accepted!

They have agreed to be available to answer YOUR questions tomorrow…

Wednesday, December 28 at 1:00 pm EST.

There will be a post tomorrow at 1 pm, titled ‘GUEST APPEARANCE”…

NOTE:  Through hints in the email communication, I have eliminated this person having info about the following HWs franchises:  RHOOC, RHODC, RHOM.

I have not set any boundaries for tomorrow’s post.  This person has committed to being here to answer questions at 1 pm…

So… get your questions prepared!

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  1. Will we know who they are tomorrow? Or is part of the process to guess who it is? Will we know what franchise they are with? Or will all this be off the cuff? Whatever, it sounds like fun – I can’t wait.

  2. I will be at work but I will do my best to be at my desk!!! If not please POST the interview afterwards if you are able.

    • Right! :-D We wouldn’t do that…
      Great job to MsSH and Becky for making this exciting interview happen. Now they have us on pins N needles for 24 hrs. Lol

  3. I bet it is the person known as “Bitten” that keeps posting stuff about Taylor. They keep claiming to know her and have inside information. If it is, this should be interesting!

    • Hi Ali, it isn’t me that is the mystery guest. Am curious myself as to who it is. I am one of Russell’s son’s grandmother. Have had the unfortunate privilege of knowing and dealing with Traylor Park Trash for 6 1/2 years. More than one should to bear for sure.

  4. I have had to keep my mouth shut for a very long time. It feels good to be able to purge all of my anger and great upset on this venue.

    • Bitten, you don’t have to keep your mouth shut anymore about the tragedy you have had to endure for more than six years; you ARE allowed to have a voice. And the ability to feel good because you found a forum where posters support you and want you to heal and be better than ever is a great thing.

      XOXO to you!

      • Thank you, you are right about having this forum to purge and to tell what I know. It has been wonderful to have the support of all the people on SH.

        Thank you All


        • Yea! YOU GO GIRL! I’ve never been one to keep my mouth shut unfortunately, I dont know how anyone that knows SHAFT can, like where are the people that went to HS with her? knew her scammin ways in her 20′s?, how did she weasel her way into Russell’s life in the first place?

          Bad Dani! Wait till tomorrow! I CANT WAIT!! (I’ll be at work but I know you guys will get it done)

          • Dani: The following is a comment from “Janny”… a past neighbor of Shana:

            Submitted on 2011/12/24 at 3:07 PM
            Taylor was my neighbor in Fort Lauderdale. She was living with a guy named Stuart Goffman. This was I believe around 2004 or 2005. The location was N.E. 16th Street in an area called Poinsettia Heights. When they broke up she moved out and went to stay with an aunt in Boca. I remember her being totally disgusting. She thought she was better than everyone. Seeing her on the show affirms everything I thought about her. Truly a completely vacant person. She looked a lot more normal then. I would even say attractve. Now with those lips and injections, she does not even look like the same person.

            Looking at the day and time, the comment flew under the radar. The commenter, “Janny,” has not commented since. TFC!! SH

  5. This is not on subject – but you may find it interesting.

    I was just reading about how Kim is broke, and it made me look up the worth of all RHOBH ‘ladies’.
    Here is a list, straight from CelebrityNetWorth:

    Dana Wilkey Net Worth $12 million
    Brandi Glanville net worth $4.7 million
    Camille Grammer net worth $50 million
    Kelsey Grammer net worth $120 million
    Kyle Richards net worth $20 million
    Kim Richards net worth $2 million
    Taylor Armstrong net worth $100 thousand
    Russell Armstrong net worth -$1 million
    Lisa Vanderpump net worth $65 million
    Adrienne Maloof net worth $300 million

    • Unless CelebrityNetWorth has a certified financial statement on each one of these people, don’t believe a damn word they write. This is second-hand, not fact-based information. The one that jumps out right off the top as being seriously flawed is Dana Wilkey’s. She had both a bankruptcy and foreclosure on her condo (only property she ever owned) in the past ten years. And she has no occupation. There’s no way she’s made $12mm as a hooker in the past ten years. Her ex is renting that (unfurnished) house for her and says that she’s “out on her big fat ass” in a year or two. And her babydaddy reportedly “can’t stand her,” and is not actually engaged to her.

    • Trout Mouth is POOR!! $100,000 will get you nowhere in Beverly Hills. How does she expect to keep up her lifestyle with her “friends”? Is she completely nuts???
      Will she inherit all of Russell’s money? Doesn’t some of it go to his kids?

      • Have we heard anything about a Will if Russell died without one whatever he did have will be tied up court for awhile

    • I looked at that too a while back and I think it said Russell was negative 11 million dollars, but as mssuburbia said below, you can’t really believe it because you don’t know how often it is updated either. If Kim Richards is worth 2 million dollars , i doubt she would have been basically homeless before rehab. Some might be close to the mark though.

    • Forgot Mauri & Paul:
      Mauricio Umansky net worth $28 million
      Paul Nassif net worth $14 million
      Ken Todd net worth $85 million

      • There’s no way that Mauricio is worth that when he’s maxing out the equity on a $400,000 property (that has since lost half its value) to scrape up a down payment for his primary residence at market mortgage rates. And his $1mm profit went to the down payment of his most recent primary residence, which cost just under $3mm.

        • Especially when he busts in the house saying stuff like, “Well, I think I just paid off our theater room!”

          • Yep. It was the Indian Wells house that he and Vyle reportedly stole from Kim. They maxed out the equity for a cash-out refi right before they put a down payment on their previous primary residence. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist . . .

    • Adrienne Maloof $300 million?!?! Nooooooooo that CAN’T be, that was the value of her father’s estate and that was divided 3 ways….she couldn’t have tripled it!

      These numbers are suspect!

      • Hey, like anything ‘suspect’ these days (Psychic Hotline, anyone?) they are for Entertainment Purposes Only. I’ve often wondered about RHoBHs’ financial situations, and so I looked it up and posted it to satisfy my own and others’ curiosity – even if they are not exact, at least they give you a ballpark and a relative situation of the HWs as compared to the others.

  6. NY, NJ and Atlanta have the same showrunners, exec producers…could be someone associated with them….

    I’d like some NY gossip, they always fly under the radar…

    • Me, too. I will not be home or at work.I have to take my dog to the veterinary hospital out of town so I will either be there or be on the road as it is a 2 hour drive. I hate to miss this, darn it. I love SH!!!

  7. I will be here tomorrow to check it out as I am retired and have no life, so I have nowhere else to be tomorrow! LOL !

  8. This is greaaattttt!!!! Thanks again MS SH, Becky and your mystery guest. No site could ever compare to this one, even the board members are gracious, a few but far and in between sarcastic commenters, but all in all, for content, silliness, and just in general wicked gossip (and we can’t forget the true FACTS also,) the BEST EVER!!!!! KUDO’s:)

  9. Kiddos I am gonna take me self a nap(been sick) set my alarm for 1:00 pm. and be here bright eyed and bushy tailed(well bushy haired at least) to join in the discussion.

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