Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Joe Giudice’s Indictment

RHONJ JUICY JOE PG As soon as the news got out that Joe Giudice was indicted, I was both puzzled and a slight bit annoyed.  

It was just a week ago (December 14) that my New Jersey source, who has never been wrong, gave me the news that Juicy’s charges were dropped.

Many of you have been asking what happened.

When the news of the indictment was made (December 20), I immediately contacted my source.  I just heard from them.

Here’s what was told to me: In New Jersey, the arrest is made, then the case is referred to a Grand Jury to hand down an indictment.  New Jersey rules provide that a defendant can waive the indictment in the event that plea bargain is entered into.  This is the stage at which my source reported that the agreement was made… and that Juicy got off.  He made a deal that would not include his relatives that were involved in obtaining Juicy his fake ID.  And, at this point, nothing was set in stone. Things changed up a bit.  

Passaic County then decided to include the relatives and Juicy told them to screw off… and the indictment naming only Juicy came down.

I still stand behind my source 110%.


NOTE:  According to my source, Joe’s business partner mentioned in the video has not received a penny from the Joodice’s… despite Tree claiming on the reunion show that he had been paid.  And, what has Juicy been up to?  He’s been buying flooded trailers , fixing them up and reselling them.

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42 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Joe Giudice’s Indictment

  1. The best punishment for Joe, would be a sentence of taking care of those girls, with no help. Send Gia on vacation with her mom, and the grandparents. Now, that I’d watch. House arrest for Joe, with Milania in charge. Sad part is, he’d sleep and wouldn’t care if Milania killed everyone in the house.

  2. Joe’s prior DUI’s makes it more serious than if it was a simple matter of getting a fake ID. I doubt he will go to jail for any length of time though. They will wait until he has a few too many and kills someone.

    • Getting a fake Goverment ID is very serious since 911
      I have worked for the Governent 26 yrs and have renewed my ID serveral times as they expire but only since 911 do i have to bring 2 picture id and a BC everytime i renew
      My state ID as well. I cant speak for NJ but if i faked to get my ID I have no doubt id do Time in the Federal Pen.

      • I’m in WI and You don’t need anything other than your old ID. Without that you need a BC and proof of address.

      • There is an ID point system, which means different ID types yield various points, eg: current passport, nj digital drivers license, etc are 4 points, bank statement, social security card, etc are 1 point. You need a total of 6 points in order to get or renew your license. No exceptions and its a pain in the ass!

    • I read that he has had nine suspensions of his D.L. That should get him the maximum
      sentence or pretty close to it. Although, you never really know what is going to happen, murderers sometimes get less. He brought it all on himself, and frankly this guy has been causing Teresa nothing but stress. Why is he so dumb?

  3. Typical. JoDice had a good thing going (gets off easy with a probable plea bargain for ratting out his relatives) and screws it up by over-reaching and thinking he can dictate terms. Now he’s indicted, his accomplice-relatives are hopefully up next and all of them should get some jail time. Merry Christmas!

  4. I live in Nj and getting any kind of MV license is a royal pain. You have to have what they call 6 points of ID and in my case I had to go home and get something else because one of my six points wasn’t satisfactory. The DMV is strict. I’d love to know exactly how he did it..I think it’s obvious he had inside help..there’s no other way you walk into a DMV office especially after a DYI and get your license so easily in NJ. Ms.SH’s source is right IMO.

    • Allegedly, he has an aunt who worked at the DMV, and allegedly he turned her in in exchange for trying to get himself off.

      • Right. The source said he “ratted out” his relatives in order to get himself off. That turns out to not exactly be the truth. I said that he had to have gotten a plea; there was no way he simply “got off.” I also assumed that the aunt probably lost her job, and didn’t think that was too much of a penalty for assisting with a fake ID. I said she should have told on herself. So the “ratting out” that Juicy did was only with the understanding that he would be the only one truly punished. So my opinion stands: His “ratting” on his relatives was the lesser of two evils. He should be punished, but time in the pen is really counterproductive. He should have house arrest, work release and strict probation–no alcohol.

        • Ok, I guess I’m a little confused here. Was it that he thought he could plea bargain with the prosecutors to get himself off by ratting on his relatives? And now it’s the case that the prosecutors won’t plea bargain with him at all but will indict him?

          Cuz I have a hard time believing that he would plea bargain to crucify only himself and save the others.

        • I don’t think he should do Jail time either. As I said in MS.SH’s previous post this case, NJ has a very liberal justice system, so most offensers do not receive jail time.

        • My friend (19) went to the dmv with her sister (22) and her sissy’s bc, social security card, and college id. The sis showed the docs then was seated while waiting to be called for a new photo. When the sis was called, my friend went up for the photo- thus, getting her face on her sisters id. I bet joe did the same thing with his brother.

    • Also before 9/11 I remember my parents use to renew their license through the mail and had a license without a picture. I think only people over 35 could do that.

    • If it weren’t for my good manners I would make a reply. Try as I might I can’t see a redeeming quality about the old troll.

      • Sorry Gertie, He’s got my thumbs down 2, something very shady about these people- their 2 million dollar mansion and him being a RE developer and making $$ in this market? Really?? How the heck are they living this lifestyle seriously LMAO!

  5. I live in FL and just renewed on line..I’m now good till 2020.
    I like the fact that Joe was man enough not to turn in the people who help him!
    Makes me think hes owning up!

  6. what? 2020? Even your picture id? that’s crazy. people change, looks wise. that’s 1/2 the purpose.
    we have to re new ours every 4 years in lovely Pa. shoot, you know what mine expired in 2010 ruh road.

    • I no it shocked me also. The picture on my Lic was taken in 06 had to renew this year was able to do it by mail. Got it today And I dont have to renew till 2020 crazy! Guess it pays to be a safe driver in

  7. I live in NJ and based on this story, it seems two different counties are involved and that’s probably why the indictment came down. The picture of Joe & his lawyer is in Morristown, which means Morris County court and the indictment mentioned earlier in the report is Passaic County. Who knows how many counties can be involved with all his illegal activity??? The apartments he owned were in Union County.

    Based on what I read, Joe used his brother’s birth certificate (4 points) and marriage license (3 points) and that’s how he was able to meet the 6 points required to get a NJ driver’s license.

    What a scumbag! I hope he gets more than a slap on the wrist for this.

    • The Passaic County and Paterson Police are tight with Al Sr. and family, so I am sure they might have said “nail him!”

    • I believe he has issues, charges, etc pending in several of those counties.
      The fake driver’s license attempt was (I was told) at the Wayne MVC office, therefore the Passaic County. The picture was taken at the DUI hearing, which happened in Morris County. He also owned apartments in Paterson, Passaic County.

      I think I’d like Teresa more if she weren’t married to this troll. I like her sense of craziness. But she makes me angry when she starts defending Joe.

      • I know what you mean, but I suspect Teresa was raised to believe a wife ought to defend and stick with her husband no matter what, and that doing anything else would mean being a bad wife. I also always try to remember that Joe Giudice is not just HER husband but her CHILDREN’S father, and I’m sure that also factors into why she defends him – to protect the reputation ( although not too successfully ) of her marriage and family for the sake of the girls’ feelings.

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