Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Joe Giudice’s Indictment

RHONJ JUICY JOE PG As soon as the news got out that Joe Giudice was indicted, I was both puzzled and a slight bit annoyed.  

It was just a week ago (December 14) that my New Jersey source, who has never been wrong, gave me the news that Juicy’s charges were dropped.

Many of you have been asking what happened.

When the news of the indictment was made (December 20), I immediately contacted my source.  I just heard from them.

Here’s what was told to me: In New Jersey, the arrest is made, then the case is referred to a Grand Jury to hand down an indictment.  New Jersey rules provide that a defendant can waive the indictment in the event that plea bargain is entered into.  This is the stage at which my source reported that the agreement was made… and that Juicy got off.  He made a deal that would not include his relatives that were involved in obtaining Juicy his fake ID.  And, at this point, nothing was set in stone. Things changed up a bit.  

Passaic County then decided to include the relatives and Juicy told them to screw off… and the indictment naming only Juicy came down.

I still stand behind my source 110%.


NOTE:  According to my source, Joe’s business partner mentioned in the video has not received a penny from the Joodice’s… despite Tree claiming on the reunion show that he had been paid.  And, what has Juicy been up to?  He’s been buying flooded trailers , fixing them up and reselling them.