Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”…EVEN PEOPLE IN CHICAGO DON’T WANT TO SEE HER!… OH, AND TICKETS ARE $95!!!

                     DD Whitt and Shana… “Those people in Chicago don’t wanna see you, Shana!”

OH!  This is just so funny!!!

From the AV Club, Chicago:

“Bravo, America’s second finest news source, has announced that several Real Housewives will host New Year’s Eve celebrations across the country. Taylor Armstrong—the blonde, Botox-injected, lip-implanted housewife of Beverly Hills—is flying out to the Windy City to host Enclave’s New Year’s Eve party. Tickets start at $95, which is a low price to pay to be near natural beauty and clever wit like Armstrong’s. She will also undoubtedly be in top spirits, since her husband, Russell, committed suicide just four months ago.”

NOTE:  Even Chicagoans are on to Shana!!!


                                                  Shana’s name is not on the ad…wonder why???

NOTE:  I called the Enclave to find out how the ticket sales are going.  The person to whom I spoke with said that there are plenty of tickets available; they could not give me an exact number.  They did, however, tell me that the Enclave holds 1,000… and despite the host of the New Year’s Eve party, they sell out every year.

Well, let’s see if they sell out THIS year!