Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”…EVEN PEOPLE IN CHICAGO DON’T WANT TO SEE HER!… OH, AND TICKETS ARE $95!!!

                     DD Whitt and Shana… “Those people in Chicago don’t wanna see you, Shana!”

OH!  This is just so funny!!!

From the AV Club, Chicago:

“Bravo, America’s second finest news source, has announced that several Real Housewives will host New Year’s Eve celebrations across the country. Taylor Armstrong—the blonde, Botox-injected, lip-implanted housewife of Beverly Hills—is flying out to the Windy City to host Enclave’s New Year’s Eve party. Tickets start at $95, which is a low price to pay to be near natural beauty and clever wit like Armstrong’s. She will also undoubtedly be in top spirits, since her husband, Russell, committed suicide just four months ago.”

NOTE:  Even Chicagoans are on to Shana!!!


                                                  Shana’s name is not on the ad…wonder why???

NOTE:  I called the Enclave to find out how the ticket sales are going.  The person to whom I spoke with said that there are plenty of tickets available; they could not give me an exact number.  They did, however, tell me that the Enclave holds 1,000… and despite the host of the New Year’s Eve party, they sell out every year.

Well, let’s see if they sell out THIS year!

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115 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”…EVEN PEOPLE IN CHICAGO DON’T WANT TO SEE HER!… OH, AND TICKETS ARE $95!!!

  1. They should have asked DD how much she would pay to “party” with Shana. She is so vile she got kicked out of her “best” friend’s party, so why would that be a choice? The only reason to pay for Shana’s appearance is if you need a repellent.

    If they can figure out how to make her lips a bed bug repellent, there are many businesses and desperate homeowners that would gladly pay for her to repel those pests.

      • Do you think she can make motorboat noises and suck on cotton candy at the same time. I bet she can. I am sure a mouth that big can do many things. Instead of being the host for the event, she should be mascot.

        • Too bad that out of all of the things she has seen herself do on television , the one thing she said she would never do again is eat cotton candy. And did I hear her correctly when she said she had never eaten cotton candy before unless it was on a cone like at the fair? What kind of excuse is that? Did she just shove the entire cotton candy ball in her mouth at the fair and eat it all in one swoop of her mouth ? Nothing she says is believable,

          She probably won’t even show up at the reunion claiming the grief stricken widow or just not answer anything if she does show up. If Ms Andy doesn’t want people to abandon housewives like it’s the plague he best hold her feet to the fire and demand answers.

    • You must be an angry old man to write that……….she is a major piece of white trash. So, if your in love you must be the same……piece oh s….t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • He was being sarcastic. because it looks like the AV club write up was written as a slam on SHAFT. And we are all for that.

      • I wrote the “AV Club had me at . . . .” See, that was a take off on the famous Jerry Maguire line “you had me at hello” wherein the object of the speaker’s affection was the subject of the sentence, i.e. “you.” So actually I am in love with the AV Club due to its extreme and hilarious use of sarcasm.

        Also, don’t let SH see you making personal attacks on other commenters – it’s against one of the very few rules here.

        • AOM, youze funny, I got ya! hee hee…..If Traylor can’t bring themin with top shelf, well, MAN she’s skank, aint she???? what about tickle pink or Mad Dog? Or do we have to go where she’s from back in Okie & get some moonshine? I know she know’s about that, although the great people of Chicago are not going to fall for any tricks up her sleeve.

    • Cyn1, we need to draw a new map of the Midwest cuz she’s from OK…so, new map excludes any house she lived in–in any state….can we update that through google, do you think? Just tell them, Hey, guys…FYI! We’re all fine HERE but (draw the line)…not fine HERE!

  2. If they offered free food stamps; I don’t think people would go! Not even the Traylor people want her back!

  3. Wow! If I were booked to host a party, myself or one of “my people”s would surely proof read/approve any and all publicity regarding said event, right? Why the @$&# would this hag let something so horrible be distributed about her late husband? Oh hell, we know the answer. Just when I thought I’ve heard it all, she becomes even more _____________ (feel free to fill in the blank, coz I’m speechless)

    The rest of the “flyer” is priceless!!!!!

  4. I just called Enclave myself, cause I was super curious as to who “sold out” last year. Turns out that had a dj. And the girl on the phone could not tell me who had ever hosted in years past.

  5. Is this the same Enclave? cause in the description that are bragging bout a 400+. Place looks too small for 1000 people.

  6. oh and another one.. poppin his gum and checkin his watch.. not even singing his own song… so when they gonna book Mego?

  7. and I thought seeing in the New Year was all about being surrounded with your family and loved ones – what a twit I am!

  8. Well, seeing as her fan base is “abused women,” let’s see 1000 of them pilfer $95 from their husbands’ accounts and sneak off on New Year’s Eve. What brain donors Shanna’s peeps are. Uuuggh.

  9. Check this out from RadarOnline:

    “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong finally decided to file for divorce from her then-husband, Russell Armstrong, because executives at Bravo had implemented a ban prohibiting the couple from appearing on the hit show after Russell sent executives legal letters threatening to sue, is exclusively reporting.”

    So……..this looks like to me that she only filed for divorce to stay on the show, not because he was abusing her!

    • well that would explain the comment Russell gave about now she can be the actress she wants to be (or whatever he said) and why she after she filed still continured to date him and have lunches and ect with him when its a common fact abused women are in the most danger when they end a realtionship She wasnt scared of him then or ever.

    • At the Malibu party, Taylor was screaming that Russell was a “danger” (her word) to Kennedy. And Taylor said, after Russell’s death, that men like him usually commit a murder-suicide, as if saying that Russell was the kind of guy who would have killed his own child & wife. She kept using this excuse to attack Camille in more than one episode, IIRC… at the ranch b-day party too, I think…?

      Anyhoo, turns out, if this RadarOnline story is true, she didn’t divorce Russell for the safety of her own daughter. Naahhhh… She was lovey-dovey with him after Malibu, not showing any fearful concern for her own daughter at all. She even told Russell herself that Camille said stuff about him – you know, the stuff Taylor said Russell would be a “danger” to Kennedy if he ever heard of it…. *cough*

  10. Wow! According to the article, Russell was also sending blistering e mails and letters to Bravo and the Executives at Universal Studios threatening to sue!

    • So what. What else could he do? Obviously, he was emotionally distraught and desperate. For such an “abuser,” it’s amazing that he didn’t commit one of those familial murder-suicides, huh?

    • I believe there is a contract that all the people involved in the show must sign. Who knows what maybe in those contracts. Would be interesting to find out.

  11. I would sue too if they were making me out to be some kind of monster. And how he was bankrupt and Bravo’s endless deep pockets could have kept this tied up for years. Imagine how he must have felt knowing his wife was an accomplice in this mess. Russell’s email to his ex saying “I am being destroyed! Help!” is even more haunting in retrospect.

    • Very haunting, as is the ambush at Kyles white party. Russell had no clue what his black widow wife was capable of. Scary isn’t it.

        • Good. Maybe you can help fill in some of the timeline so we can nail this bish to the wall on her lies and treachery.

          • i wish you would. I dont know why i have so much vested in this, but i do. I spend way too much time on this site and several others. I guess i feel this person has done enough damage and i have seen too many people with her characteristics get away with so much. SHOULD WE CALL NANCY GRACE? JUST ASKING?

            • me too. I know someone EXACTLY like her. Ruins everything. Hoping we got rid of her but she is like a bad rash… just keeps coming back. grrrrrrr.

            • It’s harder having given birth to someone like this. You are tied to them for life and they are tied to you for life if they have children. I’m not surprised we have heard nothing from Shanna’s family.

            • They prolly feel lucky to be done with her. I know for the one that invaded my life I dont wish her dead but i dont care if she falls off the face of the earth either if that makes any sense.

            • Nancy Grace would eat this stuff up. i look forward to a timeline. Thinking about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I agree medic, i am vested in this too and cannot wait for the bish to be exposed.

              Nail the bish to the wall.
              Nail the bish to the wall.
              Nail the bish to the wall.

            • Medic: Yes, I think Nancy Grace should get a phone call. There is so much info coming out now that exposes Taylor, I bet Nancy would bring it even further to the public’s attention! Also, why the heck isn’t the National Enquirer splashing this all over the cover of their Rag…I mean Mag!

  12. How about you stay home with your little girl and watch the fireworks, you stupid bitch.
    Anybody who pays to have dinner with Taylor Armstrong is not playing with a full deck.

    • I’m sure Tay has a huge group of followers that will show up NYE to be near her. And BRAVO knows that…so they chose her…or nobody else would sign up! MMM, after all her child has been thru, one would think she would not leave her side for a few…especially around holidays!

        • Oh, no, MP you’re not keeping up!! She and K went out and got a tree and K decorated it–there’s an interview out there somewhere about it and twit pics on her twit (y’know it’s a good thing the “i” and the “a” are as far apart as they are on the ole keyboard!!)

          So that’s one day–or maybe a half day. So it’s probably LESS than a handful–unless she’s got her a part time gig as her “assistant” for all the public appearances she makes, unloading donated toys and totin’ vodka bottles. [Kennedy, honey, the empties are lighter so wait until Mommy's done with them!]

    • Shanna doesn’t need to stay home with her daughter. Didn’t you know, she has a full time live in named Sylvia. Sylvia called Russell’s 2 boy’s El Diablo to there faces!!!!!!!! F you Sylvia, I hope you burn in HELLLLLL!!!!

            • That’s pathetic. I dont think much of men that let their new wives treat their kids like crap. Its spineless

            • Those two boy’s have suffered and no one has any idea. Thanks Dr. Stan Katz………..for your F….N opinion. For what that’s worth protecting children my ass.

            • Whoa so this Stan Kat hangs out with SHAFT? Did he advise the court on custody issues or something? Seems like a conflict of interest if that’s the case. and if so the he needs to be held accountable for that. Mt can you post the link you found of Dr Katz attending an event with SHAFT?

            • Nah. It’s sketchy. It’s probably not him and I can’t verify so I’m not gonna paste it! If I find something that seems solid I will!
              Shouldn’t have mentioned… I have a case of the rambles this evening!

            • The rambles means you haven’t had enough to drink. Drink more & drink good stuff like Grey Goose vodka! Now!

            • MP, it’s Dr Stan Katz with a z on the end of it. He was the child custody guy for Russell and Barbara. Then later on for my daughter and Russell.

            • @ bitten – That’s too bad that Russell allowed Taylor to do things like that, including allowing Taylor to give Griffin a crappy time at the b-day party. He should have manned up & put his kids ahead of Taylor’s whims.

            • Couldn’t agree more anne-000, But Russell also want’ to look like Father of the year on camera. So he put himself before his son as well. They are both to blame. It hurts to see my grandson hurt from 2 very selfish people. My grandson is getting a lot of life’s lesson’s on how not to parent. I think Griffin will make a wonderful Father. He is patient and kind to little ones already.

            • I am so saddened for Russells’ boys. They were put through so much when they had visits with Russell & SHAFT. Sylvia, the live-in, sounds like a wretched, malevolent woman because she referred to those boys as “El Diablo” and treated them so poorly. My eyes welled up with tears, and I became enraged by SHAFT’s and Sylvia’s cruelty when I read what you wrote. I simply cannot imagine all that you, your daughter, and beloved grandson have endured from the time Shana/Lynette/Taylor ( & all assorted last names!) entered your lives. For those boys to lose their father in such a traumatic way, and the horrible aftermath of that sociopathic, plastic monstrosity constantly pouring salt upon their wounds (with her lies) is unimaginable.

              Please know that strong thoughts surround you and your family, and Russell’s other son and his family, too. It is so good that you have enlightened all of us about what happened to your grandson and to his half-brother, and the deplorable emotional trauma that SHAFT cruelly doled out. I will redouble my efforts to try to persuade BravoTV to fire her. I hope your daughter and Barbara both sue SHAFT, particularly for family heirlooms those boys deserve from their father.

              I just hope that your family can enjoy the warm comfort of being together this Christmas, and I hope that 2012 will bring happier times for all of you.

            • I HOPE we will all hear about her being booed and drinks thrown on her. That’s the only way I would pay 95 dollars to be anywhere around her.

  13. HEY SH!! What d’ya mean EVEN Chicago is on to Shaft and doesn’t want to see her?? Whaddya got against Chicago??

    • You didn’t ask me, but I love Chicago! My kids always want to move there cuz we always stay on Michigan Ave with a driver. It is nice! I envy you if that is your home town.

    • I kinda took it to mean that people that live where the event is held do not want to see Shana, so forget about people flying or driving making any special effort. People will not be flocking from far away when local people won’t even go, regardless of the city or venue.

      • BSL: Ciroc obviously has more pull than just Bravo–remember the HW tour this summer was at some casino in neighboring Indiana that people said they wouldn’t go to with bodyguards, and it didn’t come close to selling out.

        This venue looks like it would sell out for NYE if the only attraction was Lisa and Pandorka doin’ a mother-daughter dirty dancing display, although they are pushing a huge $850 package of discount coupons “for the next 200 ticket buyers.”

        Merry Christmas, BSL, hope next year brings a speedy recovery!!

        • P.S.–I did grow up near Chicago and spent a lot of time there and you are correct–it’s a great place.

        • Awww, thank you, Who my boo! Today is a p/t day, so it helps to have a nice wish floating around in my head. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year, too! Hugs!

          • Add this inspiration to Who’s wish and and kill it in p/t today. Merry Christmas love
            Hey, I didn’t here no bell

            • Thank you, sweetheart. You really are a total sweetheart! I’m off right now to p/t. Fridays are the worst because they say I have the whole weekend to recover. I tell them they are about to break me, because it feels like they are about to snap me in half. I can’t help but scream so I get a private room. Thanks again, MP and Who! I’ll think about y’all and smile through the pain.

            • Thank you, sweet MT! I’m really, really leaving for p/t now. I’ll be back later this evening! Will catch up on everything later. Hugs to you, too, sweetheart!

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