Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi Glanville… LEANN RIMES’ ATTACK ON BRANDI CONTINUES!

                 Brandi Glanville… “Brandi just read another one of LeAnn’s tweets…. quick, get those paddles on her!   CLEAR!!!”

The competition between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville just never settles down!

Missy McDonald gathered the tweets between LeAnn, Brandi, LeAnn’s friends and put them all together… see the entire conversation … here.

The twittering back and forth between LeAnn and her friends clearly indicate that there is a strong rivalry still between LeAnn and Brandi…

Jealous much, LeAnn???   DAMN!!

(Thanks to SH readers “MissAmia” and “Jozy”!!!)

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139 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi Glanville… LEANN RIMES’ ATTACK ON BRANDI CONTINUES!

  1. LeAnn seems obsessed with B! She stole her husband without thinking twice about the kids who are now children of divorce! What a spiteful, jelous , and utterly CRAZY woman HoAnn turned out to be. Brandi doesn’t deserve this hate. Go bark up a tree HoAnn

    • Brandi very graciously complemented LeeAnn’s parenting skills with her children during one of BRAVO’s reality shows.

    • The moment LeAnn dumps these losers she’ll be every name in the book. I would hate to have a bunch of leeches pretending to be my friends only because of what I could do for them. I understand that Brandi is not with her husband anymore, but she is the mother of his children and it speaks volumes about him that he allows LeAnn to talk reckless about their mother on social network sites. Those boys are going to let him have it for that when they get old enough to understand exactly whats going on. Mother is always going to be mother regardless of what they try to do them boys love Brandi and LeAnn can get over trying to replace her.

  2. OMG Leann is disgusting little obsessed girl. How insecure is she? WOW. If only she knew how insecure and immature she and her little girl friends sound. I guess thats what Eddie wanted. He wanted a little immature insecure annorexic girl instead of a hot woman. Guys are messed. Ugh!!!

  3. she blocked me for retweets of crap she has done, LR is a phyco-copies Brandi’s clothes, interests in life very weird person indeed. Would be very concerned she is in the same household as her two boys.

  4. LeAnn Rhimes has turned into a MONSTER. I am shocked her husband allows her and her friends to trash talk the mother of his children and his kids. I guess I don’t expect much from a man who dumped his family for a pay day with LeAnn but seriously if they would just take the high road toward Brandi and the kids people are more likely to forgive and forget (Like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston). Brandi continues to earn my respect. LeAnn and Eddie can’t reach obscurity fast enough for me.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you, BravNO. Brandi is the one I feel most sorry for, to think other women in the cast would be so nasty to her knowing she is being treated like this by the man she was with for so many years and the way her ex and his new wife keep messing with her about their kids. I think Eddie and Leann are racking up serious karma. I wish the ladies would be nicer to Brandi.

      • I agree! I dont care for any HWs but seeing how Brandi is treated really makes me disgusted by all these nasty mean trolls! Brandi has so far showed herself tone above and beyond the rest. I don’t care what she has done but no one has a right to bully and treat a woman(a mother) like these trashy people!

  5. wow talk about fatal attraction. How can her husband find that attractive. He clearly has to notice how crazy she is. I feel bad for the kids because its obvious she doesn’t care about them if she is trashing their mother like that .

  6. HoAnn is a fool for letting her “friends” ahem (people on her payroll) talk shit about her stepson’s mother. It just casts a bad shadow on her own character. Good luck selling any records or sell out concerts in the future.

  7. Brandi needs to do herself a favor and get off of twitter. It is so hard not to respond when someone demeans you and attacks you as a person and a Mother. It really is a shame because if Le Anne gave a darn for her husband or his children she would do her best to get along. This will always be her step children”s mother no matter who he marries. This marriage seems as doomed as Cynthia’s.

    • But the beauty of it is that he eventually (if not already) cheat on her. And probably with Brandi! LOL

      Those tweets were really disgusting. Leann claims she is acting the better parent and then she comes up with or supports the most vile things about the kids’ mother.

  8. Wow, any respect I may have had for LeAnn (that former wondrous girl country singer) has just dissipated. She is disgusting beyond belief. She stole Brandi’s kids’ father and she can’t get over the fact that Brandi remains flawless in character and beauty, while LeAnn herself looks like a Botoxed, malnourished geriatric chipmunk.

  9. I know this totally has nothing to do with the post but I NEED YOUR HELP commenters. Please, Ms. SH or anyone else that comments on this blog HOW DO I STOP CYBERBULLYING? Multiple prank phone calls and ads linked to my home number, nasty voice messages left on my phone all from the same cell phone number (I did a reverse lookup and PAID!) I never responded with cursing or violence just asked them to kindly stop. WHAT DO I DO? this has gone too far . . .

    • Contact the police. If they are calling you that is phone harassment. If you feel threatened, that’s assault. Good luck yearite. Sorry you are going thru that.

      • thank you madepiley!!!! one prank call is not a big deal but this has been going on for 2 weeks and now theyre texting me saying they will press charges on me????? They knew my name the FIRST time they called me. They called me first. What are they going to press charges for?

          • Yes I do. All the phone calls, all the voice messages (very vulgar) and text messages from 2 different CELL phones. One thing I did wrong, I should’ve never contacted the person with another cell phone so that I could ask them to stop. I am writing everything down now. I had to do a little digging around with the ad-poster who called my HOME phone. I asked for their name and what number responded to the ad listing. Lo’ and behold it was the number that has been pranking me for 2 weeks. They know my name and home address.

        • I had a stalker a few years ago. It is best not to respond. They traced the emails to his home address and it was over! The police route is the way to go. Everything can be tracked now days. Best of Luck .

    • I hope you get all that worked out too, girly. I just didn’t have any suggestions…
      MP, you rock!
      Keep us posted Yearite! Good luck!

      • thank you romo! I am super glad that Ms.SH has this wonderful blog with the best, most intelligent commenters. I have to thank you Ms. SH too because I am kinda infringing on your space =( Sorry Ms. SH but i have been dealing with various bullies for the past 2 years and its really testing me now. I figured many people here know what the right thing to do is.

            • This happened to me also. Someone posted an ad on Craigslist for “dating a party girl” (if you know what I mean. There were prices!). Anyway, nonstop phone calls. I called the police, filed a report. The cyber department tracked down the guy (I never met him ever). We went to court and he was served with a restraining order for three years, and it went on his record. I got a new number, and I only give it out to family or very close friends. My ex doesn’t even have it because I dont’ trust his wife. She is psycho! Kind of like a Leigh Ann Rhimes. Anyway, I hope you do something about your situation. The cops really help!

      • THANK YOU ALL! I went down to the police precinct and took care of business. I’m still keeping a record of everything for my own purposes just to stay safe. Happy Holidays! You all made mine much better!!

  10. Im sorry if my comment posts 2 times
    My goodness SH, this is so wrong on so many levels. LeAnn is like fatal Attraction Creepy.
    I have been working on a post about Taylor Armstrong but don’t have a blog, I’m not the best writer it will by the end of the month. I am waiting for the next episode and making sure I have all my research facts. I did open a wordpress account and I think I will leave it up to you and MS Becky the professionals, It scares the dickens out me, it’s so confusing and intimidating. If you like the post would you want to post it? You the best MS STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES AND MS BECKY

    • That’s the best way to get to someone is by simply ignoring them noting gets to them more. They expect for you to act a fool and get on their level because it feeds their frenzy but ignoring them is like a one shot kill

  11. HOLY CRAP!!! Those are some of the most hateful things I’ve ever heard! How unbelievably awful. Those poor children do not need to be around this, it’s child abuse.

    • I agree. These are beyond appalling. Brandi needs to get her azz down to the courthouse with a motion for a custody evaluation (including psych evals for all adults), and a modification that bars LeAnn’s direct contact with her boys. A qualified psych will definitely find a personality disorder with LeAnn, and characteristics that make her unfit to be around these stepsons; I’m POSITIVE of that.

      • It’s very typical of the smear and distortion campaigns individuals with borderline are prone to…she is clearly a very very sick woman. I’m afraid for Brandi to be honest. She sounds beyond “high conflict”, she might be dangerous. Stocking, verbal abuse, raising allies- all point to a pattern of escalating abusive, controlling behaviors. It’s just a terrible shame.

  12. Most parents do all they can to do what’s best for the child (after the craziness from the divorce subsides). Although we hate our Ex’s we love our children more and want what is best for them. Le Ann’s behavior is a direct reflection of her husband. Shame on him on so many different levels. I suggest if Lisa wants to reach out to someone maybe it should be Brandi. She maybe a little rough around the edges but she is genuine.

    • I think Lisa likes only hapless trouble-makers, ex: Kyle, Cedric, Taylor. Imo, she thinks it’s charming to be b*tchy towards other people for no good reason.

    • I suspect that some of this behavior is the fault of Eddie. Often times cheaters like Eddie feel guilty after the divorce and as a result try to play ‘good cop’ while the new wife gets to play ‘bad cop’ For example my ex once told me that the problems that ‘I’ was having with HIS ex were not his problem. (Ex and new wives are brought together by a common thread…in this case Eddie C.) He strikes me as the kind of guy that would want to be liked by everyone and would love having to women fighting over him, kids be damned.

  13. LeAnn and her friends are beyond crazy nuts. Who does this? All of them are acting like mean teenagers. LeAnn has Brandi’s husband what more does she want? It seems like LeAnne and her friends are trying to destroy Brandi. I feel so sorry for Brandi the housewives are mean to her and then she has to deal with this twitter BS.

  14. maybe Brandi will have some legal recourse to remove her children from Leann’s presence. The children do not need to be taught to hate their mother or subject to Leann’s nastiness towards their mother. I wonder how long Eddie is going to stay married to Leann?

  15. I read Skeletal Skank Leann wanted to sing at her stepson’s school. WTF She is not his mom or his primary guardian to insert herself into the child’s schooling. It is another attempt to usurp Brandi’s role and make herself the ‘MOM’. Brandi should’ve gone to the courts about decisions on the kids education. it’s one thing to go to the extra-curricular games, but another to represent at school as a decision maker. That bitch Leann is just a skinny whore with a fat wallet. We can only wait for Eddie to do to her what she did to Brandi.

  16. I know I make this point a lot, but LeAnn was such a success so young. I’m a firm believer that that effs someone up. I kinda sorta (not really) feel bad for her. She’s obviously lost and thinks she’s still in grade school. She never had a proper childhood. That’ll mess a person up.
    I think there’s something larger at play here. Seems petty, this acting out, but I bet there’s something darker lurking behind all this jazz.

    • Seriously, click. It breaks my heart! I’m born and bred in LA and I’ve seen it happen too much. Even if the child is mildly successful, they can be subjected to the slow eating of the soul that the entertainment industry thrives on.

    • I think it has more to do with the narcissistic and parasitic parents and entourage around them. And excessive attention and praise with little to no discipline.

      • Oh yes! I remember the drama over who was going to get chosen to sing for the soundtrack. Her or Trisha… Ooh if twitter was around back then. ;-)

        • The battle of the home wreckers! Have yall ever listened to an interview with Garth Brooks? The most pompous,self-important egotistical man on the planet. I thought he was pulling our leg but turns out he is serious about himself. I dont know how the interviewer kept a straight face. truly

            • shhhhh. careful now that might be SHAFT’s new last name Brooks(cause she such a fan) She will try to claim he wrote The Thunder Rolls for her!

              • Right! I can see her next con now… Her crazy self will go all OK, get all discombobulated and say Beaches of Cheyenne was for her too. Crazy heffa
                Now we’re just giving her ideas!

        • Romo, I sat through the entire movie. John Goodman and Tyra Banks. I just love that song. LeAnne needs to grow up. Brandi can’t top her in talent. LeAnn won. Big Whoo! What did she get?

        • Romo, Do you remember at the awards when Trisha won over LeeAnn??? See, as much as I like her voice, she has been a b*tch since she was young….I clearly remember her reaction & some might blame it on her age but….

          Last year, her and Eddie (the cheater) were sitting front row at an awards show & Miranda Lambert was singing her hit song…then the camera pans to LeeAnn and I swear she mouths “f*ing b*tch”….for no reason at all!!!…I believe there was a big debate about this for those who love/hated her for awhile…..LeeAnn had nothing to do with that song. I think she’s just a vile, jealous, hateful, nasty person and it’s just gotten worse as she’s matured.

          I will have to rely on my friend MP to post the video though because last time I did, I mess things up and being the moron I am, I dont want to do that again! :)

  17. I really like Brandi she had the patience of Jobe when Crazy ass Kim was all in her face spouting complete nonsense I was willing Brandi to punch her one! I am not sure what some of the other housewives problem is with her, she tells it like it is OK she may use a touch of profanity so what these women came from the streets and married well or inherited (Adrienne).
    Jealousy may play a part especially that lizard faced Kyle!! As for Leann Rimes she has more front tham Macy’s store window,again Brandi showed great decorum in not knocking the hell out of her anorexic ass at her sons game.
    The display Rimes and Cibrian put on was nauseating to say the least. As for these Tweefing wars/Beefing on Twitter Leann needs to grow up has she not done enough to this woman, stolen her life and now is going single white female on her dressing the same, she lost all that weight because she was larger than Brandi to start with now she has gone over board and looks anorexic.
    Brandi should take comfort in the fact that what goes around comes around it really does!

  18. It must really pizz Leann off to know that Brandi is on TV every week looking beautiful with that great skin and body,nice clothes etc. Also, must really gall her to know that most of the viewers love Brandi. It’s obvious that Leann is very insecure. Leann and her friends are definitely stalking Brandi and if I were her, I would go straight to the police to file a restraining order against her.
    The more Leann tweets Brandi and about Brandi, the better Brandi looks in our eyes. Leann is just an azz-hole !!!!

  19. Leann is one scary skinny biatch! she is so jealous of this Brandi chick, cant wait for Eddie to cheat with a much prettier girl!

  20. Brandi is one of the few housewives that I still like. It doesn’t hurt that she’s got a great rack. Leanne Rimes is one ugly broad. I don’t really know who that Eddie guy is but he’s got terrible taste in women if he left Brandi for that horrendous Leanne.

  21. Leeann appears ugly because she is ugly inside. I always find it interesting that no matter how much success or money she has, she is so obviously insecure about herself. That’s why she stole someone else’s husband. And why she is trying to steal the children, too.

    • have you noticed how she is always tweeting pictures of herself in a bikini making out with Eddie . LIKE ALL THE TIME. She probably thinks its hurts Brandi .

  22. Man, time to let it go. So immature. So unhealthy. Boy, they really hate each other. Kids can feel that. Not good at all.

  23. I guess starving herself has made her brain dead. LeAnn is going too far. She’s married to the idiot, she should leave the ex alone. She’s constantly on twitter, she takes pictures of herself and Eddie, the house etc. I agree, Brandi (whom I don’t care about either) should get off twitter.

    • And sorta the blessing in disguise in all this is Leeann has prolly messed her body so bad to the point were she doesn’t ovulate properly and can not have kids of her own

  24. Well I’m glad that Brandi is bringing her kids up to Sacramento (where I live) to give them a family christmas. Leeann just tries to buy her way into the kids’s hearts. Its sad that she calls herself a Mom. Mom’s are unselfish.

  25. If that whorepig country crooner and her loser husband ever have a baby, the poor kids eyes would be fused shut. Damn They BOTH have the squintiest, smallest, beadiest eyes I’ve ever seen.

  26. Brandi is feminine, a mother to two little boys, thin but soft while Leann is harsh, clingy, and her thinness is boyish. Wish she could accept she can take Brandi’s man, copy her style, but she will never be Brandi.

  27. Brandi really needs to treat Leann the same way she treated Kim at the white party: Look down on her with pity while rolling her eyes and and let Leann self-destruct. Throwing in some passively aggressive, back-handed compliments wouldn’t hurt either.

    Or just ignore her. Because if there’s one thing the famous (and famewhores) hate more than anything else, it’s being ignored. Yes Jill Zarin, we’re ignoring you. See? She’s miserable.

    • I think she already does hence the hostility. What scares me is that Leann has so much money and you know she would love to take the kids away from Brandi. Instant family with no stretch marks and the final insult to her rival. I feel for Brandi. It has to be difficult and scary.

  28. Well, karma is a b*tch so LeeAnn will get hers….my ex did the same to me…cheated on something young…the psycho then wanted to get married on our anniversary, blamed me for their finance problems, etc…they ended up having 2 kids and guess what? he cheated on her bajillions of times…now he’s married 3 times over (he’s only 45)…pays her extra money so he doesnt have to deal with the kids…although according to his FB page he’s father of the year…….I have to sit back & laugh! Been married with kids for 17 years….never looked back…..yup, Brandi will be okay because LeeAnn is a speedbump.

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