Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi Glanville… LEANN RIMES’ ATTACK ON BRANDI CONTINUES!

                 Brandi Glanville… “Brandi just read another one of LeAnn’s tweets…. quick, get those paddles on her!   CLEAR!!!”

The competition between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville just never settles down!

Missy McDonald gathered the tweets between LeAnn, Brandi, LeAnn’s friends and put them all together… see the entire conversation … here.

The twittering back and forth between LeAnn and her friends clearly indicate that there is a strong rivalry still between LeAnn and Brandi…

Jealous much, LeAnn???   DAMN!!

(Thanks to SH readers “MissAmia” and “Jozy”!!!)

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139 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi Glanville… LEANN RIMES’ ATTACK ON BRANDI CONTINUES!

  1. I really like Brandi she had the patience of Jobe when Crazy ass Kim was all in her face spouting complete nonsense I was willing Brandi to punch her one! I am not sure what some of the other housewives problem is with her, she tells it like it is OK she may use a touch of profanity so what these women came from the streets and married well or inherited (Adrienne).
    Jealousy may play a part especially that lizard faced Kyle!! As for Leann Rimes she has more front tham Macy’s store window,again Brandi showed great decorum in not knocking the hell out of her anorexic ass at her sons game.
    The display Rimes and Cibrian put on was nauseating to say the least. As for these Tweefing wars/Beefing on Twitter Leann needs to grow up has she not done enough to this woman, stolen her life and now is going single white female on her dressing the same, she lost all that weight because she was larger than Brandi to start with now she has gone over board and looks anorexic.
    Brandi should take comfort in the fact that what goes around comes around it really does!

  2. It must really pizz Leann off to know that Brandi is on TV every week looking beautiful with that great skin and body,nice clothes etc. Also, must really gall her to know that most of the viewers love Brandi. It’s obvious that Leann is very insecure. Leann and her friends are definitely stalking Brandi and if I were her, I would go straight to the police to file a restraining order against her.
    The more Leann tweets Brandi and about Brandi, the better Brandi looks in our eyes. Leann is just an azz-hole !!!!

  3. Leann is one scary skinny biatch! she is so jealous of this Brandi chick, cant wait for Eddie to cheat with a much prettier girl!

  4. Brandi is one of the few housewives that I still like. It doesn’t hurt that she’s got a great rack. Leanne Rimes is one ugly broad. I don’t really know who that Eddie guy is but he’s got terrible taste in women if he left Brandi for that horrendous Leanne.

  5. Leeann appears ugly because she is ugly inside. I always find it interesting that no matter how much success or money she has, she is so obviously insecure about herself. That’s why she stole someone else’s husband. And why she is trying to steal the children, too.

    • have you noticed how she is always tweeting pictures of herself in a bikini making out with Eddie . LIKE ALL THE TIME. She probably thinks its hurts Brandi .

  6. Man, time to let it go. So immature. So unhealthy. Boy, they really hate each other. Kids can feel that. Not good at all.

  7. I guess starving herself has made her brain dead. LeAnn is going too far. She’s married to the idiot, she should leave the ex alone. She’s constantly on twitter, she takes pictures of herself and Eddie, the house etc. I agree, Brandi (whom I don’t care about either) should get off twitter.

    • And sorta the blessing in disguise in all this is Leeann has prolly messed her body so bad to the point were she doesn’t ovulate properly and can not have kids of her own

  8. Well I’m glad that Brandi is bringing her kids up to Sacramento (where I live) to give them a family christmas. Leeann just tries to buy her way into the kids’s hearts. Its sad that she calls herself a Mom. Mom’s are unselfish.

  9. If that whorepig country crooner and her loser husband ever have a baby, the poor kids eyes would be fused shut. Damn They BOTH have the squintiest, smallest, beadiest eyes I’ve ever seen.

  10. Brandi is feminine, a mother to two little boys, thin but soft while Leann is harsh, clingy, and her thinness is boyish. Wish she could accept she can take Brandi’s man, copy her style, but she will never be Brandi.

  11. Brandi really needs to treat Leann the same way she treated Kim at the white party: Look down on her with pity while rolling her eyes and and let Leann self-destruct. Throwing in some passively aggressive, back-handed compliments wouldn’t hurt either.

    Or just ignore her. Because if there’s one thing the famous (and famewhores) hate more than anything else, it’s being ignored. Yes Jill Zarin, we’re ignoring you. See? She’s miserable.

    • I think she already does hence the hostility. What scares me is that Leann has so much money and you know she would love to take the kids away from Brandi. Instant family with no stretch marks and the final insult to her rival. I feel for Brandi. It has to be difficult and scary.

  12. Well, karma is a b*tch so LeeAnn will get hers….my ex did the same to me…cheated on something young…the psycho then wanted to get married on our anniversary, blamed me for their finance problems, etc…they ended up having 2 kids and guess what? he cheated on her bajillions of times…now he’s married 3 times over (he’s only 45)…pays her extra money so he doesnt have to deal with the kids…although according to his FB page he’s father of the year…….I have to sit back & laugh! Been married with kids for 17 years….never looked back…..yup, Brandi will be okay because LeeAnn is a speedbump.

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