Real Housewives of Orange County: Sarah Winchester… “Friend” of the OC Housewives… AT BENEFIT FOR SLADE SMILEY’S SON…

There are some new players in Orange County…  

Heather Dubrow has replaced Peggy Tanous…

…and Sarah Winchester is listed as a “Friend” of the Real Housewives of Orange County on

So, who is Sarah Winchester?

“In Season 7, Gretchen and Alexis bring their long-time friend Sarah Winchester into the O.C. mix. Sarah says she is an heir to the Winchester Rifle family, and she certainly comes into the group with her guns blazing. No stranger to drama, Sarah finds herself in the middle of verbal warfare with both Vicki and Heather.”

NOTE:  Sarah  is an “heir to Winchester Rifle” like Shana is an heir to “Ford!”   More about the real Sarah… HERE.

The cast of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” gathered in Costa Mesa Tuesday, November 22, 2011, to raise money for cancer at a taped fundraiser…

… finally, Slade does something for his son, Grayson!

  Victor Paul, Sarah Winchester and Robert Fox 

              Slade Slimey and Wretched Rossi…

             Slade Smiley, Gretchen Rossi

           Tamra Barney, Victor Paul

             Slade Smiley, Heather Dubrow

           Tamra Barney, Heather and Terry Dubrow, Eddie Judge

            Slade, Gretchen

                             ?, Alexis Bellino (with new nose) and Sarah Winchester

             Terry and Heather Dubrow

  Grayson Smiley… as portrayed by his father, Slade Smiley

           Victor Paul, Terry Dubrow, Gretchen Rossi, Robert Fox and Heather Dubrow

               Slade on cell outside of benefit venue, Victor Paul Salon