Real Housewives of Orange County: Sarah Winchester… “Friend” of the OC Housewives… AT BENEFIT FOR SLADE SMILEY’S SON…

There are some new players in Orange County…  

Heather Dubrow has replaced Peggy Tanous…

…and Sarah Winchester is listed as a “Friend” of the Real Housewives of Orange County on

So, who is Sarah Winchester?

“In Season 7, Gretchen and Alexis bring their long-time friend Sarah Winchester into the O.C. mix. Sarah says she is an heir to the Winchester Rifle family, and she certainly comes into the group with her guns blazing. No stranger to drama, Sarah finds herself in the middle of verbal warfare with both Vicki and Heather.”

NOTE:  Sarah  is an “heir to Winchester Rifle” like Shana is an heir to “Ford!”   More about the real Sarah… HERE.

The cast of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” gathered in Costa Mesa Tuesday, November 22, 2011, to raise money for cancer at a taped fundraiser…

… finally, Slade does something for his son, Grayson!

  Victor Paul, Sarah Winchester and Robert Fox 

              Slade Slimey and Wretched Rossi…

             Slade Smiley, Gretchen Rossi

           Tamra Barney, Victor Paul

             Slade Smiley, Heather Dubrow

           Tamra Barney, Heather and Terry Dubrow, Eddie Judge

            Slade, Gretchen

                             ?, Alexis Bellino (with new nose) and Sarah Winchester

             Terry and Heather Dubrow

  Grayson Smiley… as portrayed by his father, Slade Smiley

           Victor Paul, Terry Dubrow, Gretchen Rossi, Robert Fox and Heather Dubrow

               Slade on cell outside of benefit venue, Victor Paul Salon

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  1. I wonder what this Winchester heir is like. There’s a house in northern California that one of her relatives lived in, that is supposed to be haunted. The woman felt that as long as she kept workmen making noise building additions, etc. that it would keep the demons away. After her husband passed away she had tremendous guilt about all of the people who had died from the invention of the Winchester rifle, which I believe he invented, so she spent thousands of dollars renovating. Very paranoid, even with secret hiding places to spy on her household staff.


    • We love her!!! She is actually related to Oliver Winchester. I think the woman you are referring to married into the family. I dont know.. but anyways.. as far as the show The Poor thing had no idea what she was getting herself into this coming up season. These woman can be brutal. Hope she takes it on like a champ. She is a great friend!


    • The OC housewives friend “Sarah Winchester” is Directly related to Oliver Winchester. That is her Great, Great, Great Grandfather, I believe. There is no blood relation to the other Sarah Winchester that you are referring too that built The Mystery House. She had married into the family which was Oliver’s second wife after his first wife had died. Once he passed Sarah started building on to the house which is to this day very well known not just in our community but all around the world as one of our historic landmarks of the Winchester Firearms family. The Sarah from the Housewives show that you are referring to is in fact a direct blood descendent of the Winchester family by 3 generations through Oliver Winchester, not his wife. The family would like to officially clear that up so there is no confusion. The TV show’s Sarah Winchester is a wonderful girl and she will always have our love and support. Good luck with the show my Dear. We send her our best.


      • Sorry GL, you are not a real Winchester nor is Sarah! Oliver had one son and two daughters and only one wife. Sarah Winchester married Oliver’s son William and the only possible heir with the Winchester name would have to come from him, and he had only one daughter who died in infancy.
        Also, if you really were a Winchester, you would know that and not make the statement that Sarah was Oliver’s second wife who built the house in San Jose.
        Also, all the Winchester’s reside in the East, so “our” community would be the relatives on Sarah Pardee Winchester’s side of the family as it was her sisters she encouraged to come out West – Pardee.
        In addition, the house is not owned by the Winchester family as you infer, but was bought by a private investor when she died, because she did not have the house in her will, so it was sold. That investor made it the tourist attraction it is today. Yes, it is run by Winchester Investments, LLC but the owners are not Winchesters.
        There are no historic landmarks of the Winchesters, their mark was to endow many buildings at Yale University, but then you would know that if you were really a Winchester.
        Also, the company went bankrupt and was bought by the Olin Company in 1930 – thus ending any relative of a Winchester having anything to do with the company.
        Sarah Winchester had trusts set up for her nieces and nephews on the Pardee side. Any relation to the founder would have to be via William’s sister, thus making the name Bennett, not Winchester the name of any heirs.


  2. Isn’t it funny out of all the pictures there’s only one of Tamra yet there are already several comments about her? I guess she’s hard to miss. She’s really looking OLD too and a new cuter hairstyle wouldnt hurt either. The winged Farrah Fawcett do has come and GONE again and I hope someone tells her….soon.


  3. Has another HW recently worn the dress Tamra’s wearing??? I can’t put my finger on who, but it looks so familiar…


  4. Could someone hand Slimey a chisel to get some of that plastic off of Wretched’s face AND hair? Geez gurl! Your dream of looking like a plastic toy has come true!


  5. Did ya’ll notice in the first pic of Tamara (4th pic down) they are looking at Tam’s ring finger, I cant tell if there’s a ring but SH just gave us the clips about the up and coming RHOC and Tamara is teasing us with, will I move in w my bf with or without a ring…it looks like she got a ring (even if it is invisible!) lol


  6. This must be an annual event or something that Slade has held for years to benefit his son. Cause such an upstanding man would not throw this just because season 845 of RHoOC happened to be filiming and there were paying paparazzi around. No, Slade is just doing everything he can to help his son, like he’s been doing for years. Boy, that Slade is something.


  7. He did this for the show in order to show the court that he is doing everything he can to support his child (except get a 9 to 5).


  8. Hahahaha Sarah must have become friends with Gretchen because they were both gold diggers. Sarah’s ex “boy”friend is in his late 60’s and her new prey is Steele Platt, who is also rich and in his 60’s (and made fun of by yard house employees for leering at 25 year olds and bragging about how rich he is to them). Should be a good season. HAHAHAHAHA.


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