Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: ShanaLynetteHughesTaylorFordArmstrong… “Taylor” Armstrong and BRAVO… SHANA AND BRAVO ARE DESPICABLE… RUSSELL’S EXES TALK WITH SH! ***EXCLUSIVE***

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Russell Armstrong… may he rest in peace.

                    Russell and Taylor Armstrong


Barbara Frederickson and Milette Fields both have sons fathered by Russell Armstrong; Aiden 14, is Barbara’s son and Griffin 11, is Milette’s son.  Barbara and Milette are surprisingly very close, as are their sons.

                                              Barbara Frederickson… Former wife of Russell Armstrong

I recently spoke with both Milette and Barbara.  The lengthy conversation carried two main themes: heartbreak and compassion on the one hand; and bitter disbelief and outrage on the other.

This post will deal with the former, as there is plenty of time to deal with the latter, and frankly the villains are still revealing themselves.

The first thing that struck me in speaking with both mothers is that they continued to have a very close relationship with Russell, and with each other, as mothers of Russell’s sons.  Both stated that, although Russell may have had his problems, when it came to his children, Russell was a very loving father to Griffin 11, and Aiden 14; as well as a loving son to his parents and sister.

Both agreed that they made every effort to create as harmonious a relationship as they could… getting together with each other and their children on family occasions.  They report that their attempts to incorporate Taylor and Kennedy into that mix were rebuffed.  There were reasons for that, which we will discuss later, but the issue relevant to this post is Taylor wanted Russell for herself and used Kennedy to keep him on a short leash.

Russell’s 11-year-old son lived just a short distance from Russell and Taylor and enjoyed liberal visitation with his father and step-mother.  In fact, he was to spend time with Russell the day that Russell took his own life.

Russell’s 14-year-old son, lived a greater distance away and so his visits were less frequent.  Consequently, Russell made arrangements to see Aiden outside of Shana’s presence, arranging short trips to spend time with his son.

Aiden showed remarkable maturity and poise when he appeared on “Inside Edition” to talk about his father, and frankly serve as Russell’s only eyewitness to the inner workings of the Russell/Taylor “arrangement” which he described as (and which Taylor confirmed in season one of the RHOBH) “mostly about business.”   He said then, and his mother confirmed, that Taylor was “all about Kennedy and did not at all appreciate the boys being there.”  Aiden also said that he did not see the types of abuse which Taylor described.

Will Bravo trash the remaining footage of Russell Armstrong?

Both of the boys’ mothers are wondering how Russell’s widow, “Taylor” Armstrong and Bravo could allow Russell Armstrong’s image to continue to be aired on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when both Shana and Bravo, as self-professed intelligent beings, MUST be fully aware of the effect the footage would have on Russell’s children… including Kennedy.

Russell and Shana were told to “bring the drama”… or be replaced:

Does neither Shana nor Bravo understand that even though the boys’ mothers ban them from watching the RHOBH, their classmates may watch?  Remarks have been made by their classmates to each child about how their father died and they have been asked why he is still on TV.  An innocent question; but one that brings floods of memories to a child’s mind.

Russell told Barbara in the following email that he was “getting destroyed!” 

How Shana and Bravo REALLY do birthday parties… from Barbara…

“Oh we forgot to mention to you another important note…. Kennedy’s birthday party at the Saddle Rock Ranch was also supposed to be a belated party for Russell’s 11-year-old, too.  Yet, they put the wrong year on the Costco cake and no one even sang  happy birthday to him.

FYI:  Kennedy’s cake was $2,000.00.  Also, Russell’s 14-year-old was there to confirm and told me that his brother was very upset and said “this sucks” and Aiden said “Mom I told him told I know and I told him it would be OK.”

And to add more pain and misery…he didn’t get one gift and Kennedy got a horse and so many gifts that they had to be taken out in a truck.  She (Shana) made sure the boys had nothing!”

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Is Bravo intent on destroying more lives by continuing to air the footage of Russell?

Shana and Bravo are both responsible for the continuation of Shana’s “abuse” storyline… which now Shana has, with Bravo’s blessings, will be developed into a book.

Both Shana and Bravo could help to heal the wounds left by Russell’s burdensome decision… by NOT airing the remaining footage of Russell Armstrong on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… 


Or will Bravo and Shana perpetuate the “abuse” storyline by continuing to air Russell’s silenced voice?

If you are repulsed by Bravo’s treatment of the late Russell Armstrong, please contact Bravo… here.

Or tweet:  @BravoAndy …  please include a link to this site.

You can also contact Andy Cohen’s boss, Frances Berwick, President of Bravo, who said in this August 19, 2011 link that she was undecided on whether to air footage of Russell Armstrong on the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… here.  

Ms. Berwick’s email address may have changed… however, the phone number is valid and Andy Cohen can also be reached via the phone number…

Frances Berwick
Senior Vice President, Programming and Production

Again, based on email naming convention: Corporate Office:
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Floor 14E ? Bravo
New York, NY 10112

OR… contact the production company of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Evolution Media… here

  • Evolution Media – 3310 W Vanowen Street – Burbank, California 91505-1239 – 818.260.0300

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… to be continued… there’s more…

… MUCH MUCH more.

NOTE:  If you have been a reader of SH, you are aware that the SH intern, my Becky, lost her father suddenly when she was 9… over 10 years ago.  Becky’s father decided to end his life using a handgun.  Since his death, Becky has changed.  Becky’s life was cut into two pieces:  “before her dad died” and “after her dad died.”

And… if you have been a reader of SH, you will recall that I said that I would never post an interview.  I like to keep at arms length from all these Housewives who pollute Bravo, so that I can bash them fairly and equally.  This post, however, is the exception.

Bravo’s decision to continue airing Russell after his death raised enormous ethical and moral issues.  Issues which the President of Bravo, Frances Berwick and Andy Cohen decided to totally disregard.  Russell’s continued appearance on the RHOBH simply shows that Bravo is more concerned with their show, the show’s profitability and the merchandising tie-ins with Russell’s widow.

Surely, Bravo wanted to use all the footage they had of Russell and they likely thought that not many viewers would notice if scenes with Russell were slipped in on the RHOBH.  After all, if Russell’s footage were trashed, then there goes Shana’s “abuse” storyline and the subsequent continuation of that storyline in her upcoming book.  Well… MANY people were extremely upset with Bravo’s decision and were appalled to see Russell on their screen.

My thoughts were with Russell’s children.  I know how her father’s death has affected every facet of my Becky’s life.  I could not help but imagine if, after being put to rest, Becky’s father kept appearing week after week and nothing could be done about it.  It would be torturous.   Getting Russell off of the RHOBH and his children’s well-being is the main reason for this post.

I recently replied to a tweet which claimed that the reason for this post was that Shana got a book deal and the boy’s mothers are jealous.  That could not be further from the truth!   This post had been in the making long before the announcement of Shana’s upcoming book.

So, SH readers… I wanted to explain to you the reason for the exception to the “no interview” rule.   I also hope you understand and take action by contacting Frances Berwick, Bravo and Andy Cohen.

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  1. Camille outs Taylor’s accusations about her husbands’ abusive behavior ~ Bravo feels compelled to air it (even after a man commits suicide). My husband watched the show with me tonight. After he figured out what was going on, he scolded me about watching such a dark show. Years ago, we would watch the Orange County ladies and laugh our asses off. Not anymore.


  2. MAN!! I really gotta go to bed!! SH! I cant keep up you are just so slammin!!! Rock on sistah friend!

    To comment on the MP, MDP, MT, (yall didnt include me…sniff) I have made some crazy comments on here, I have had my hand slapped and sometimes I dont react to posts very well, but MDP, I dont think MP was being spiteful or mean she was just saying what she feels thts why we love her so much. Your alright, its like I say, there needs to b a sarcastic font made or we all need to realize tht people comment the way they speak and for those of us who are very sarcastic, it can b taken wrong. We really are a bunch of friendly folks!

    As far as step children, step moms etc. I had a step mom that despised me, a step dad tht abused me (dont want any sympathy here just stating) and I am a step mom that raised 3 BOYS, oh my goodness was that hard!!!! My bonus children (wht I like to call them) were not very good and their mother was worse, it was thru clenched teeth tht I did many things. But they were children, and their father DID celebrate occasions with them at Hooters, (SWEAR ON MY LIFE I SAW PICS!!) I would never treat a child as though they didnt belong, EVER! It was very hard and yes it IS the DAD’s job to create a happy time for their kids but when the dad is really deft when it comes to those things? Thats why mommy’s are made. Some dads are perceptive but most are not and like mp said, you marry the kids as well as the man.

    Shana is a vial despicable human being that i am ashamed I once backed her on here as an abused woman. UGH, Karma will bite baby. God sorts em all out in the end! May Russell Rest in Peace sweet dear.

    K… I REALLY GOTTA GO TO BED NOW!! I DVR’d the show and WWHL to be on this site, Ive had more fun on here tonight then watching tonights shows!!! I’ll b sleepin on my keyboard tomorrow! zzzzzzzzzz


    • I’m so sorry for your abusive step-parents. How decent and good of you to rise above that and to treat your own step-children with a sense of kindness and belonging. I had a stepfather also. Thankfully, he was the best thing that ever came into my life. My own father hardly even acknowledged me until I was already grown. I swear that if I ever have the opportunity to pay back my stepfather’s love and kindness, I will.


    • I was in a long term relationship with a divorced guy with kids. It was very hard, and while I didn’t have kids, I tried and tried and tried some more to make sure that the girls knew that I was there for them too. Their daddy was always going to be their daddy, and I wanted to be someone that they could talk to when they needed some one that wouldn’t yell or scream. The girls were ten and under, and the first few years were super hard, there were many times I had to bite my tongue, cancel trips that I had planned for the girls, because I was trying to be their mom and they already had one. Even after we split up the girls still call to chat and I never forgot the times, good and bad. Anyone that tries to drive the kids away is just plain selfish, and I could believe Ms. Shanna doing what the kids said.

      My uncle married my aunt, and she had a child from her first marriage. Mat was my cousin, and he was treated just like one of us, and anyone that hurts kids are just crappy people. I always kind of felt sorry for Russell, he seemed a nice guy. No one has a clue what someone else’s marriage is like. So, when Ms. Shanna started the victim card, it just kind of seemed off. Why would someone who is a “strong woman” that is supposed to have worked starting/funding an abused center for woman and kids, be in a abusive relationship. Seriously, why? She had the tools, she had people willing to set her and her child in a safe place. I, too, would be asking Ms. Shanna these questions, why stay in a unsafe home, if you are afraid for your child and your own safety. The thing about lies, is that no matter what the truth comes out, and the one I feel sorry for was poor Russell, he is hearing Shanna cry foul about anyone that wasn’t buying her stories or asking questions about her stories. It had to be Lisa that was leaking the stories, then it was Camilla that was lying, even though it came from the horses mouth.

      Watching Russell’s face, in the limo, he looked confused and then it seemed like it was just starting to understand the one lying was sitting right next to him. Ms. Shanna, looked pissed, kind of like how to fix this, because all the lies that she told has come out and there is NO way she can make it work to her advantage. I am guessing she either kicked him out when he started asking some questions, or he finally left her, figuring,
      there is no way you can patch things up from there. The poor guy, lost his relationship with his kids, scamming to make money wasn’t an option, so money problems being sued and so on. Then, having your wife spew abuse charges at you in a whisper campaign, his professional reputation shot and then his personal. I can see why he decided he could no longer deal with life. I truly feel for those kids, they no longer have a father because of his wife.


  3. To begin with I have to admit I only read the headlines to the petitions, so I might be asking a question when the answer is already posted, BUT I’d, personally, who has spent a couple few “veg out” weekends doing nothing but watch Real Housewives marathons, would like to see a campaign to not only hold Bravo AND Any Coen responsible at the very least for manipulating these people (many have stated they had no real idea what they were getting into) and basicially prostituting them; but to get all the Real Housewives shows off the air (pipe dream I know)…it’s one thing if maybe one or two couples got divorced but I believe there has been several RH marriages break up since their shows aired; RHNJ has created a monster out to “Tree”, and I won’t go into that shame of a Christening…and then we have Russell Armstrong…suicide…it’s sickening…all of them are pigs for the Bravo slaughter. It was kinda fun in the beginning, but now it’s just…it’s shameful.


  4. Sorry I flaked on calling in to WWHL last night.Truthfully I didn’t get back in time to catch the first part. By the time I walked thru the door it had already been on for 5 minutes or so. And judging by the tone of the softball questions, I assumed no calls would be taken. Still not convinced that legit calls were taken. And dang sure not convinced that that poll aint skewed all to be damned. And honestly after she said that Kennedy asked her if “daddy did something stupid” I was to flabbergasted at the audacity of such a blatant fabrication that I could hardly believe my ears. And I really have no words right now to describe what I think of Andy’s kid gloves approach.


    • I’m sure they would not take your call anyway. For me it felt like there was big elephant with them in the studio and they just ignored it and goofed around. Looks like BRAVO is trying to sell us new improved Taylor for season 3. If that happens – so long Bravo.
      As for Kennedy comment either:
      a) Taylor lies
      b) It’s the truth – what opens question where had Kennedy learned to “put her daddy down” at such young age?


      • yeah there was one call that took a while to cue up and Trayor said something like “slum” (couldnt make it out)but she seemed a little too giddy that the call was not cued up right away. Then when he did get cheese ball calls she wanted to take her sweet time answering them and got sorta chastised Andy again(in an extreme passivise aggressive way) for interupting her with that himey himey(sp?) thing.


    • MP, I agree !! Andy’s kid glove approach is vomit inducing ! Then he tweets the pyscho sometime after the show ( I guess she needed more stroking ..”Good Job@ Taylor Armstrong. Tough Stuff.” WTH !!!!


    • whenever she lies and Andy does call attention to the truth she just agrees and goes yea..uh humm right thats exactly what I mean. He says but thats not what you said though and she goes uh hum, you’re exactly right. Her eyes are vacant. She called the horse a person when she said it was the only person with lips bigger than hers at kennedy’s bday party. This has gone too fa and I find myself not only fast forwarding but also counting the number of times each girl gets advertising. adrienne must have a clause that says each episode has to feature paul and his freaking plastic surgery business and lisa GOT to get her restaurant plugged even if it’s only alluding to that like, she’s cooking in versace or table settings, etc…and WTF was that chick form sober house doing with a bunch of catty DRUNKS?! She SOBER in the house and that shit goes down and she just stands there? WTF?!


      • haha….I thought only I noticed that she called the horse a person….what a digit!

        something about the way she hesitated when answering about still having the horse made me think she doesn’t. We owned two and they are veerrrry expensive to maintain. Can she really afford him?


      • So right about Jennifer of sober house. She should be skilled in diffusing a situation…..and, uh….not to be mean, but didn’t she lose a lot of weight??? ok…I’ll own it… I’m being harsh, but girlfriend looks a bit doughy.


  5. Russell was given the Simon Barney, Jim Bellino Asshole edit plain and simple! They handled it Russell could not.


  6. If you want to make a change, contact Bravo’s advertisers and tell them you are boycotting their products/services unless/until Bravo adjusts their editing. Hit them where the money rolls in.


    • Good suggestion. I will make note of who advertises with them. I usually ff thru commercials. But when the Nj bunch was advocating their sick cousins tweeter account using his child to say vile and nasty things I noticed that playsckol and Leap Frog were advertising during the shows then.


      • Great. I’m out of the country right now, so I can’t see who in the U.S. run ads during the shows. Bravo is counting on a high number of viewers to drive ad revenue, which is why they are going for drama full-speed. But if advertisers believe that viewers are watching, yet taking note on who NOT to use because they are offended, they are going to get scared.


  7. I haven’t seen the las episode, but I always wondered… If he was sooooooo abusive, how Russell let her be on the show?


  8. I have just posted/submitted a comment to all the links you provided, Ms.SH. I hope this will be taken up by a lot of other viewers and commenters, as this situation truly needs to be remedied and Russell let to rest in peace. Traylor has some seriously f-ed up karma heading back her way, for all the shit she is dumping on the late Russell. Here is the comment:
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * ** * * *
    I have to finally state my position on the issue of your channel airing the RHOBH footage of late Russell Armstrong. I find it despicable that you are helping that fraud Taylor – Shana, Lynette, Hughes, Ford – Armstrong perpetuate the horrible and disgusting story of her ‘ABUSE’ at his hands. I want you to know that I wholeheartedly believe that she is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR , that the whole ‘Abuse storyline’ was manufactured by her (I do not think Bravo was behind it – that would be beyond egregious…), that she made up the lies, the falsehoods, the stories, purely for more air time, and for sympathy and attention from her cast mates. I think she is a truly sick person, both in body in mind, who’s addicted to drama, and can’t go thru life without causing as much disturbance as possible to show herself in sympathetic light.
    Furthermore, based on her behavior to Russell, to her daughter Kennedy, to her two step-sons, and finally to her cast mates, I am convinced that it was ACTUALLY TAYLOR WHO WAS THE ABUSER in that relationship. She is aggressive beyond imagination, her mood swings are simply frightening, and she needs to perpetually foment conflict and discord. Her apparent hatred and jealousy of the other housewives are palpable, and her blatant attempts to cause as much drama as possible to keep the spotlight on herself stink to high heaven of fame-whoredom.
    It is totally irresponsible of Bravo, and actually pathetically cruel to his other family members, to keep giving this LYING CON-ARTIST a platform to spew her venom and sick fantasies. He might not have been an angel, he might have had flaws, he might have been involved in financial cons etc., but he is NOT HERE ANYMORE to defend himself, and since his death she seems to be actually taking pleasure and satisfaction in destroying his memory.
    If you have kids and loved ones, please try to put yourself in Russell’s family’s shoes – how would you feel if this same exact scenario happened to someone you loved, and then their spouse, against the feelings and convictions of the whole family, went around trashing your dearly departed? Do you not have any human decency left? It is a Holiday season, and you are ruining the joy of it by causing repeated, unnecessary hurt to Russell’s kids and family. Please, in the spirit of the season, withhold all other footage of Russell on RHOBH. Do not be duped into perpetuating Traylor-Taylor’s lies and general viciousness.
    Give the family a present in this season of giving, in the form of letting their departed beloved Russell finally rest in peace.
    I hope you will see the guiding light in your own heart and mind, and hear all of us who have taken his sons and daughter under our virtual protection – let them heal, let them make peace with what happened, because thus far you are causing them only hurt and psychological wounds.
    Finally, I hope you are watching the episodes along with the public. Because then you’d see that the show has become unwatchable and insufferable – it has turned into Taylor’s ‘woe-be-me’ production, and if it continues on like that, you will lose huge numbers of viewers. We are fed up with this lying deranged monster of a woman. She not only sucks the air out of any room she’s in, but also the will to live out of her cast mates and especially viewers. I hope you will see what’s right, and do what’s commendable.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


    • Whoa. You gotta go shorter next time. You lost me at “thru.” And you left out Sipes. The sentiment is good, but it comes across as a little off the rails.


      • ms. s, perhaps u should worry about editing your own letter, once you write one…just sayin’.

        polka: great job. your passion is contagious :)


    • Those who believe in this travesty should also boycott products. I’ll take note next time I watch and post here. (Unless ya’ll already know the sponsors….everyone here is usually way ahead of me).


      • Sorry I posted this comment before seeing others already had. Having said that, some sponsors are:
        SHAPE UPS
        and locally…..Sims and Stackenbourg
        I can easily avoid all these products aaannnd Oxygen as well. I’ll email them as well


    • polk8dot: I am certain Russell’s children would be extremely appreciative of your letter in response to Bravo’s very poor decision to include Russell’s image on the RHOBH episodes. I will thank you on their behalf. Thank you. TFC!! SH


    • Polka8,
      Good letter! I admire your passion and efforts. You will catch Bravo’s eye and are sure to make an impact!
      Happy Holidays to you! :-)


      • I wrote a letter urging Bravo to do the right thing(not that i think they will) and stop the lies and come clean onthe Armstrong issue, that viewer know she is lying we are not stupid
        that they needed to consider his children who Love him.


    • Emotionally charged, for sure. Problem is, I don’t think Bravo execs (including Cohen) will really give a crap; I have a nasty feeling they would smirk and laugh over it like it’s a sob sister letter. I’m not saying that to be nasty, but as I mentioned before: publicity + outrage + people talking = people viewing; which = ratings; ratings = money. Entertainment execs are really cold and greedy people, who exploit what’s hot and look for the next level of shock to break through.

      All that said — keep writing to them with the same message. Chain it via email so others can copy, cut and paste and hit “send.” They will have to do something when suddenly, thousands of copies of that letter are winding up in their inboxes.

      Grassroots, baby!


  9. This hardly counts as breaking one of your rules, anyway. It’s more of a ‘source’ and you’re allowed to have those. It’s, like, three degrees of separation. A housewife’s estranged husband’s son’s mother…nah.

    doesn’t count even if it did tho.


    • I noticed that yesterday too vp. I had to click twice on someones comment before the page would load to the right location to read. It seems to have straighten itself out now. This is a huge thread in terms of comments so that might have been the reason.


  10. I find it interesting that when traylor “cries” there are no tears – just her fingers on the chalkboard shreaking whine and ugly botox clown face. I do find her “abuse” suspect – why did she never call police, seek medical help and tell them it was physical abuse (MD’s are mandated reporters and would have called police), why hasn’t any “friends” seen bruises on her body? Men can be abused by women – physically, mentally, financially (thou they seemed to abuse others financially) – but men don’t report because of embarrassment. Glad to see that others feel Russell was being abused by traylor because I have suspected that all along. Her “I found my voice and I’m not afraid to use it” is BS. She never has been shy about her pretend crying and shreaking, threatening people “I’m going to go OK on you” and telling Camille “you, outside”. She is someone who decided to play the fake abuse card because she has gotten caught lying to people to scam them for money to fund her fake lifestyle. And now with Russell gone, hopefully she will be the one holding the bag and the full weight of the law will come down on her.

    I didn’t know Russell had other kids and my heart goes out to those boys. This must be a nightmare for them and I just hope they remember the good times with their dad. Kennedy needs a welfare check from CPS – she is living with an emotionally and possibly physically abusive nut job. traylor is obviously poisoning this child. She doesn’t act like a happy 4 yr old when she is on TV. And for traylor to say that Kennedy asked if “Daddy did something dumb” – it’s very possible that traylor talks to Kennedy and tells her inapporpriate details about her father and portrays him in a negative light to his daughter. Bravo, do the right thing and can traylor. She is more than a trainwreak, she is downright sick.


    • Agreed. She has obviously been calling her husband “dumb” in front of Kennedy and much more that we don’t know about. How can social services not investigate after seeing the last episode of Taylors behavior? Aiden’s little sister needs to be protected from that white trash mother Shana.

      Aiden stayed in their “mansion”? Hmph….I am sorry, but they were living in a big house….not a mansion. Lisa, Adrienne, and Mohammed live in mansions. His son is a handsome boy and his Mom (Russells exwife) was much prettier than Traylor without the plastic surgery. I bet he was wishing he never left her in the end.


      • speaking of mansions, did anyone else notice that mohammeds,( I’m going a step further here and calling it a palace,) was just a lot of empty space. Somehow I find that pointless. It’s big just for the sake of big but serves no purpose. I much prefer a room that the furnishings and decor fill the space and make for an inviting comfortable environment.


        • I agree. How wasteful can you get? I live at the beach in a TEENY, TINY bungalow (however tastefully restored and decorated, if I do say so myself) and am always amazed at my neighbors, who spent mega bucks for an enormous house that almost covers their entire lot, and yet never come outside to enjoy the weather.


          • I love teeny, tiny! Big houses are overrated. I always say the bigger the house, the more to clean!
            Give me cozy anyday!


          • Debra, you’re living the life I hope to, in a few years. We can’t wait to downsize and live by the beach in a small fixer. Give me a bungalow and an herb garden (not THAT kind!), and I’m all good.


        • I live in a huge house out in the country and it has everything I need to enjoy being retired. We have created our own little resort. We are homebodies so for us this is heaven. Eventually My art room will be an apartment for a care taker. I plan on being here a long time.


          • That sounds lovely. Good planning ahead for the caretaker’s quarters. I cant imagine i would ever want to leave my home when that time comes either.. certainly not a nursing home but definatley I dont want to be carted back and forth between my children’s homes.


          • awe, i wanna see! i love decorating and houses….especially big ole country homes. Would love to live in a historic country farm house….heavy sigh.


            • Actually it originally a school house built in the 1800’s and moved here on snow and logs! It’s far from a country farm house with the remodel. My husband did the design and all the decorating. Ex USHL player with good taste. The rooms go in a circle with a garden and fountain in the center. My little heaven.


  11. Becky I am so sorry you had to lose your father that way. Its something no one understands fully unless it happens to them and can only imagine the memories watching this show brings up for you. Hope you are okay?

    I never thought it was the right thing to air Russell on this show after what happened. Never did I expect them to have the gawl to do this. Why didn’t Russell speak up for his son or get him anything for his birthday? What a thing for a son to remember on his last birthday with his father.
    Andy’s behavior is unforgiveable and his mannerisms towards people feels plain evil most of the time now.

    Sitting here watching my beloved TCM they had a special program showing the most popular Christmas movies made including interviews with the child stars such as Margaret OBrien. Watching the credits I noticed that Andy Cohen did the editing for this film!! This beautiful film that showed the innocence of a bigone era. When did Andy cross over to the dark side? If I were in his place it would be much more fullfilling and a feeling of pride to make a special like this that will last for generations to see. After all we know about him and his Housewives I was in total shock that I had to watch it twice. He has his priorities askew, thats for sure.

    Taylor is a narcisstic cuckoo for cocoa puffs B$TCH! Someone needs to look out for Kennedy. She should not be in this womans home. Watching that cute little girl who looks just like her Daddy breaks my heart. Ms. Sh you are right on the mark. This film is going to be around forever and its going to do irrepairable damage to Russells children and his extending family. I realise that he allegedly (I believe this very well could have been murder) took his life, but people who are in this state of mind are not thinking clearly as normal people like us would.

    Now that we have all seen Traylor in action its understandable who started it and why it might have become heated. I can picture him grabbing her to calm her down while she strikes back. I don’t like to call people liars, but I have been raised in abusive home and had a first husband that I was terrified of. As quiet as a rabbit would describe me in that relationship. He isolated me from friends, family, what I wore, and anything would make him jealous that brought me happiness. He would take a wire out of my car so I couldn’t go anywhere while he was at work. Russell just
    doesn’t fit this mold. I made a plan to leave as soon as both of my children were in school. It was wrong of me, but I didn’t know about all of the help that was out there to know I could have left earlier. Even being taken out of my family home for the second time when I was seventeen by the police didn’t give me any information. The first time was when I was very little only to return to her when I was six. The afluent environment we lived in no one spoke about welfare or anything like that. Being locked up and that sheltered you know nothing. *sighs* None of Taylors story adds up. I would say its possible for her to lose her marbles and give the benefit of the doubt if we didn’t know about all of the other lying scamming things she has done and the way she treats her own daughter in front of the whole world. This show needs to stop showing them both!! Right now!!


    • packing: My Becky thanks you. My Becky is the middle child; her sister was 12 and brother was 6 when their father killed himself. When this happened, Mr SH stood in for the father, especially at the little boys’ events.

      I will never forget the day Becky’s brother was playing Little League baseball and one of his teammates pointed out that Mr SH was not his father. One of the other kids yelled what actually happened to his dad… and Becky’s brother was crushed. That was the end of baseball. He refused to play. That one kid’s comment sucked the life out of that 6-yr-old… I saw it on his face and never felt so awful for that little boy. Neither he nor Becky have been the same.

      Russell’s boys are a bit older, but those feelings that I witnessed surely are the same that they are experiencing. It is a very sad situation, one in which Bravo can assist in allowing Russell’s boys to heal by trashing the remaining Russell footage and not allow Shana’s “abuse” storyline to continue. Hopefully Bravo will think of Russell’s children and not the potential profits from the tragic situation. We’ll see. TFC!! SH


      • I’m so sorry and so sad to read that. Thank you for sharing that story, Ms. SH. It really puts things into perspective, in case we ever forget that these are not all just “characters” on a screen.


      • I’m very sorry for what this children has been trough.
        Thank you for sharing it, maybe it will make someone think what is Bravo doing to Russel’s children by helping and empowering Taylor to go public with abuse story.


      • Reading this made me feel like my blood drained out of my body, and I couldn’t help but cry. I am just so sad and heartbroken for that boy. If only we could turn back time.


  12. My friends that watch this and I implore Bravo to terminate Traylor’s contract immediately and sign her up for Intervention. We really did just have a discussion about this. Her behavior at Brandi’s party was scary and out of control. She continues to display erractic, unreasonable, hostile, over the top emotional behavior. Her friends would be doing her a favor if they Baker Acted her when she behaved that way.. Kyle needs to step back and stop condoning her behavior. Every event is ruined by the Traylor circus. She really needs serious help.


  13. Hello Everyone. First time poster. Love this site. A couple of thoughts: where are Taylor’s family, family friends, her shelter – foundation group? I would think someone from her abuse shelter-foundation would be supporting her. Why haven’t any of her family come forth? Strange!


  14. you know what I always noticed? She never smiles (Kennedy) and always has her hands over her ears. Kids do that when they live in a house when the parents scream all the time. Taylor still acts like a maniac.


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