Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… WHO IS NENE’S BIRTHDAY BOO??? … VIDEO

 Nene Leakes… Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams asked the question that many of Nene Leakes’ twitter followers wanted to know… WHO is Nene’s “BOO?”

                                                                 Nene was shooting an episode of Glee…

Nene tweeted furiously on her birthday about her “boo” flying in to see her on her birthday… Nene also provided photos of all her birfday presents!  Nene’s twitter… here

Soooo… the question again is:  WHO IS NENE’S “BOO?”

Well, Wendy talked about Nene and her “boo” on yesterday’s WW Show…

 Isn’t it amazing what some makeup and a very blonde wig can do for Nene??  If you haven’t seen Nene ‘au naturale’,  just take a look… here.


NOTE:  Aren’t ALL of Nene’s diamond earrings the real thing?  Nene’s makin’ such a fuss over getting REAL diamond earrings… LOL!!!  

OH… Nene’s RICH!  VERY RICH!!!

Extra video from Wendy’s Hot Topics…

15 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… WHO IS NENE’S BIRTHDAY BOO??? … VIDEO

  1. I am happy and relieved to see It is GREGG and not that douchey Italian dude she was with on this weeks episode… I hope she and Gregg work it out.


  2. I don’t believe she received the gifts from Gregg..I believe the gifts are from the Albanian guy–he’s not Italian–

    She’s talking about Gregg in her tweets yesterday (not in good way)..the Albanian is always wither her in NY…


    • Coralee: No one, including SH, has pegged Gregg as Nene’s “boo”… the photo included was sent to Wendy by a viewer. IMO, Nene’s “boo” is the pizza guy. I don’t think Gregg would have a clue as to how to go about obtaining a Birkin and Gregg’s past gift-giving was not on the level as pizza guy. Apparently, from Nene’s reaction to her “REAL” diamonds, Gregg prolly gave her CZ’s!! Does Gregg know that Tiffany is a jewelry store and not just a girl’s name??

      IMO, Nene does not want to parade Kolaj around because she is still married to Gregg and Nene would have to eat those words she spewed at Kim… “Keep your legs closed to married men.” Only difference is in the details… Nene is STILL a married woman!

      TFC!!! SH


  3. No offense to those that like that style of earring but I think they look TERRIBLE on her. It’s severe overkill with whatever look she’s trying to rock. I don’t care how expensive they are/were… if they look like crap, they look like crap


  4. @SH: LOL..I’m one of those people that believes once I’m separated, all bets are off..I’ll do whatever with whomever..I sure won’t be waiting for no divorce decree..Men Don’t

    @Stlrfan8: ditto to the earrings.


  5. Wonder if Hermes will pay NeNe to not carry the Birkin
    Nice one
    I used to dream about getting a Birkin, but now can’t stand the site of seeing one, due to the fact that almost all the trashy wannabes seem to have atleast one Birkin bag to their name.(Taylor,kARDASHIAN CLAN, Kyle, Sheree, and now NENE?


  6. Why does everyone thinks Nene is in a relationship with the italian guy when it was very clear that Nene is not at all interested in the man. They are just business partners. Was I watching the same date that everyone else was watching?


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