Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… TREE’S BANKRUPTCY TRIAL DROPPED!!

                                                       Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice from the Real Housewives of New Jersey was scheduled to appear in Federal Bankruptcy Court on December 22 and 23 regarding the fraudulent information she provided to the Court in her bankruptcy filing.

But… that’s not gonna happen.  

And… all youz who were prayin’ that Tree wasn’t gonna spend Christmas in the clink just got your Christmas prayers answered!

According to The NJ Star Ledger

“Teresa Giudice has abandoned her quest for bankruptcy discharge and settled a lawsuit filed by a federal bankruptcy court trustee who claimed that she and her husband hid assets and earnings when they sought relief from their debtors in 2009.

Teresa agrees to waive discharge of her debts, and acknowledges that she wishes to resolve Sywilok’s proceedings against her “without the need for further inquiry or litigation, and without her making any further admissions.”

NOTE:  Tree wasn’t gonna spend Christmas in the clink anyway… this was not a criminal hearing!  

And… and extra special Joodice Christmas video!

(Thanks to SH readers “HDNJ” and “LaHaHa” and “RSA”!!!)

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88 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… TREE’S BANKRUPTCY TRIAL DROPPED!!

    • She wanted to bilk the government with a fraudulent bankruptcy while hiding assets. She got caught with her fraud regarding certain assets; therefore, she would have to devulge all the others. Rather then do that, she did what she had to protect her illicit hidden assets that would have to be revealed if she proceeded ;drop the bankruptcy, admit to the little assets the government found out about, leaving the rest undisclosed. What about


      do any of you T apologists don’t understand? Slumlords should not be glorified; their house was built on the money stolen from poor people whose heat and utilities were turned off; whose tenement housing with desparate need for repair went undone, so that they could sucker viewers. They laugh all the way to the bank while you apologists make fools out of yourselves.

      • Can you explain a little bit more about what you mean by “stealing money from poor people whose eat and utilities were turned off”?

    • eww, I bet your right , Caroline and Co. are probably all screaming foul right now. This was supposed to be the part where they have the last laugh at Tree and Joe so they could feel superior and that Caroline would be vindicated for all the things Tree supposedly did wrong to her. Now over at Tree and Juicy’s house there is probably a party going on right now. It will be interesting to see what happens with MeGo now. Will she stick with the Moronzo’s now that they are starting to look down and out?

      • Quite a bunch of conclusions. It seems the T fans are obsessively sick regarding anyone who they think are an obstacle to their ‘ idol’. Idols are false–false idols generate obsessive hatred and absurd conclusions regarding those they also hate. T is a false idol. Its a reality tv show where, thanks to Bravo, even slumlords and crooks get a following and get to enrich their illicit pockets. Bravo is bringing out the worst in people and never has their been the ugliest then in what T apologists demonstrate.

        • “T is a false idol.”

          “Bravo is bringing out the worst in people and never has their been the ugliest then in what T apologists demonstrate.”

          Awesome post. Wow!

        • Ok, why are you attacking Tre fans? Can she NOT have fans? If she does, we’re all STOOPID? Get over it! Nobody cares about the non-Tre fans because everyone is entitled to like/dislike whomever they choose. So, try and state your opinion without getting all anal about people who simply like Tre, Dang.

          • Interesting, nobody cares about the non-Tre fans? What does that mean….everyone only cares about the Tre fans? So if you are not a fan you aren’t a fan you can’t post here? Yeah, she can have fans but all the apologizing for her and Joe’s actions….it can be a bit over the top.

            • I didn’t get a word of your comment. My comment was pretty clear: “nobody cares about the non-tre fans” means that nobody cares enough to get their panties in a wad if they DISLIKE Tre. Seems that some get so bent out of shape if people like Tre and express it in a comment. You don’t see anyone on this site criticizing OTHER commenters that dislike Tre. You can express your disdain for ANY of the HWs all you want, BUT when you start criticizing the COMMENTERS for their opinion or LIKE/DISLIKE for a HW, then I don’t appreciate it. We all can like/dislike whomever we choose without being looked down upon for it. HOPE THAT HELPS.

              • I agree with you, Sassy. Doreen43′s comments were inappropriate, attacking, and offensive towards fellow posters. I took your comment to express that no one is attacking fans that dislike Tre, so why should comments be allowed that attack fans that like Tre (especially in an offensive and insulting way like those posted by Doreen43).

  1. And somewhere in Jersey a courtroom table sighs in relief k.owing it won’t be abused ny being flipped over in a hissy fit.

  2. Good for her and her family. Caroline and Melissa waiving the bankruptcy issue over Tre’s head during the whole season was so rude and classless.

  3. she isnt going to pay her debt …well its just silly to think she will
    i hope her and juicys creditors swoop in if they miss so much as one payment.

  4. So, doesn’t this just mean that they pay on the debt for a while and re-file again at a later date with better “record-keeping”/ “hidding of assets”?

      • lisa: The consent order she signed says she waives her right to a chapter 7 discharge of all the debt she listed in the petition–just like the consent order that Juicy signed this summer. You are correct that this potentially leaves the door open for a chapter 11 or chapter 13 reorganization, which would require that there be payments to the creditors, usually over a five year period. But they would have to show enough income to show that they can fund that payment plan. But I think another chapter 7 is not possible, at least as to those old debts.

          • Re-filing might have been possible if the case had been dismissed–but here she was denied a discharge of all those debts, so I think they’re stuck.

            • thanks Who and SH i was confused at the terminology I understand now

              Bankruptcy is confusing Even when you go through it yourself
              so can their creditors come after them since the court isn’t protecting them?

              • Yep. I do not know if NJ allows for wage attachments for creditors other than child support and taxes. If not, creditors will have to find assets that are not mortgaged or otherwise pledged, like car loans, to attach and sell.

    • Nope. When you waive a bankrutcy discharge you also waive the option to re-file. You are stuck being responsible for your debts. Courts don’t like to play the back and forth game. At least most good judges don’t before they put you in the big house for wasting their time.

  5. Teresa and Joe should be able to pay off all their personal debt due to all of Teresa’s earnings the last 3 years. . Joe might have a problem with all the debt for his real estate businesses which was the majority of the 8 million.

    • Juicy treats her like poo. Tre should let him fend for himself, but I doubt she will do that with her being a “ride or die chick” and all.

  6. I still dont get her comment “some of my jewish friends think I should just leave Joe.” Ummm as I am not Jewish and am afraid where I live(oregon) I dont get the opportunity to to meet very many Jewish people. What am asking is what is the deal mentioning her jewish friends opinions as if there is a big differance how they percieve things. Not sure if asking this right. I mean i dont know people who go around and say, “my Italian friends say this”. Or,” my Indian american friends say this”. What and who says things like that? Am I just so far out in the woods and so stupid I dont get it? Can someone explain to me how someones religous beliefs, or what nationality they are makes a differance on what they say or give an opinion about? Dear god my meds must be giving out am more confused then ever……Anyways am glad they at least are trying to do the right thing….Now…….

    • They aren’t trying to do the right thing. They are doing what they have to ’cause they got caught! I’m sure they would have been quite happy to keep their assets and screw their creditors.

    • Laurie, I think that it is offensive because she perpetuate the stereotype that all Jewish people are money hungry, i.e. her Jewish girlfriends would leave their husbands because he led them into bankruptcy and no longer was finacially viable. The stereotype is a long standing one and kind of interesting in a way because alot of Jewish communities have become very prosperous over the years where as other minorities have not, it is mostly due to keeping their money in their own communities due to discrimination from others. I think alot of communities lost the opprotunity to do that when segragation was politicly popular in the 60′s and 70′s. If you look at Jewish communities all over the world and through out history they have always had to cooperate as a group to survive. It is really just really good buisness decissions and a sense of community that has led people to be jealous of their success and spin it into a group of people obsessed with money and power.

      • Whatever, i think it is because Catholics are not supposed to get divorced if they follow their religion and it’s doctrine. I didn’t take offense to it, I am just amazed that Teresa has Jewish friends.

        • Please, this has nothing to do with being Catholic or any religion. They are kindred, without conscience, spirit crooks and me-ism at any cost to others is their doctrine. That is what keeps them together.

        • im Jewish and i wasn’t offended. I took it more as a Jewish women are not the type to take crap from a man. At least that’s how i was raised . I also can see why some people would be offended though . Depends who you are and how you interpret it.

          • It is impossible to know exactly what she meant. We will never know because either it was an innocent remark or it wasn’t. If it wasn’t, we’ll hear the spin that made it an innocent remark. It seems to be the way all sorts of questions get answered on the reunion shows for all of the various HW shows and WWHL.

            I think I agree most with BravNO, though.

            • you never know with tre lol . I really hope it was an innocent remark , but even if it was ..oh well lol . Im very glad she is getting her life together and dealing with this money thing. I wish her and all the housewives the best.Yes even trailor trash lol

              • I hope it was innocent, too. If she gets her act together and can work to pay off her debts, that is best for her creditors and her family. Now if all of the HW would live within their means, pay their bills, and spend quality time with their families, then that would be wonderful! That would probably require them quitting reality TV, though, to live in reality.

  7. with all the ‘spaghetti & meatballs’ stereotypes & racism directed at italians running on a ‘prejudice for profit’ mentality in the media, it seems surprising to dissect an innocent comment ..
    let me guess ? you must be jewish right ?

    • nope sorry, I’m Catholic, but she asked the question why someone would think it was offensive and I gave my answer, there are plenty of stereo types about Catholics too like having a million kids , I don’t . There are also stereotypes about Native Americans, which I also am, about being drunk on fire water and having Casino’s neither of wich are true about me either, so when some one asks in an honest way and wants to know why, I think that it is perfectly acceptable to explain it she did not ask in a derogetory way and I did not explain it in a way that even touched on any other group of people, It was an issue that was brought up in the reunion and I think Laurie has a right to ask what it ment. If she would have asked about an Italian stereotype, I would have explained why it was offensive as well. Be glad someone is intellegent enough to ask about something like that rather than by it to it with out even thinking, NO stereotypes are ok,

      and p.s. If I was Jewish why would it not be o.k. to answer that question?

        • I am so glad to hear someone else say this. I think all religious artifacts should be dealt with respect.

      • I’m half polish….and ya’ll know what kinda sterotype there is for that!!

        Here is something interesting in my experience with sterotype ignorance that I deal with all the time, I am a dark haired dark eyed gal, I broke my nose when I was twelve and have a large schnoz, people always ALWAYS assume automatically I am italian, and they will joke with me and make comments about me being italian (no real italians have ever said this to me) till I realize their assumption (and over the yrs I pick up on it early now) so I’ll say “Uh, I’m not italian.” They automatically go to “:Oh, so your jewish?” AGH!!! I keep my composure but if I’m in a bad mood or irritated I’ll say, “Oh – I know why your saying that, because I have a big nose!” They always deny it, but other then that feature I look no differnet than anyone else.

        I hate stereotyping , and blasphomy, (which is what I think people who use rosaries as jewelry are doing) like SH said.

        • I say we do without ALL stereotypes. They are dumb. I leave my impression with the individuals. That’s probably why my group of friends are like a rainbow. =)

        • Oh don’t feel bad I have had more than one conversation about my nose job which I have never had. People are idiots.

      • well SD if you decide to start defending italians ,
        you’ll certainly be very busy
        haven’t really ever heard anyone ‘call out ‘ all the derogatory wise cracks , innuendos, stereotyping or insults directed at italians in all the comments i’ve read …
        i’ll be looking forward to that …glad your on it !

        • This post I can agree with. I am not of Italian heritage but I have a 100% Italian American daughter-in-law and the Italian stereotypes and insults are very offensive yet treated as acceptable and normal.

          • doreen , great comment ..
            it would be nice if they used italian actors to play italians in the media ..
            pretending to have an italian name doesn’t count …haha ..
            italians have been putting up with the prejudice & hate since the turn of the century ..
            i think a grand sense of humor & confidence has helped …..

  8. what tre’ did mean by her comment (or at least i took it as such ) was that jewish women as a rule will not tolerate too much nonsense from a man . she knows italian women are
    ‘GENERALLY ‘ much more subservient to their husbands ..
    although she is not eloquent or tactful , i think to construe everything as racism is a bit tired …..

    • I agree Madamedummy… I don’t think Teresa meant it offensively. She just meant that her Jewish friends value being savvy with their funds, their lifestyles and expect the respect of their husbands. She could’ve easily said: If my Stlrfan8 friend was married to him (Joe) they would’ve left him by now. Either way… she’d be right!

      • that’s exactly how i took it also ..
        & believe me i JUMP if i think a racist remark has been made ….
        also many times people should be using the word ‘prejudice’ or biased
        ( remember those words before mediaspeak took over ??)
        LOL …
        racism isn’t always the correct word & implies a very serious hatred ….
        sometimes people generalize or say stupid things but that is not hatred ……..

    • There are the stereotypes again–both Italian and Jewish; Jewish women less tolerate from too much nonsense from a man is no more true then Italian women are generally more subservien’t. You will find both perspectives in each culture. Italian and Jewish Americans are very close culturally family wise including sons being put on a pedestal and being the apple of their mother’s eye. I know stay at home Italian mothers love the kitchen, recipes and cooking and family sitting at the table together. I imagine it is the same for stay at home Jewish mothers, just different recipes- “Have some more spaghetti and meatballs” -” Have some more matzo balls and chicken soup.” The Manzos could as well be the the Manzomans they are so family similar.
      It was just one ‘huh?’ comment and her reasons, if any, will never be known except to her. T is responsible for her own comments- nothing more, nothing less.

      • ” Have some more matzo balls and chicken soup.” The Manzos could as well be the the Manzomans they are so family similar.”

        Interesting comment regarding stereotypes, Doreen43.

  9. Tre cannot file Chapter 11 again. She is probably barred for 8 years. She can file Chapter 13 and agree to stop the interest running and pay all the debts off within 5 years. She must make a monthly payment on time to the trustee. Or she could work out payments to each individual creditor to pay off outside of court.

  10. What is going to end up killing them is the IRS. They get their money first and the interest is crazy. I think that is going to be their biggest headache.

  11. Keep working hard Teresa. Between her best selling cookbooks and appearances plus CA she’s working her tail off. No sitting around crying for her. The Manzos & Jac must be seething..they wanted her to go down.

  12. Those who dislike the Giudices would like to see them jailed for their bankruptcy fraud.

    Last year alone almost 1.6 million filed for some type of bankruptcy, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the majority of them have some type of fraud, whether intentional or oversight, in disclosing all assets.

    The staff necessary to review and investigate every BK would be ridiculous, so that will never happen. However, debtors prisons are making a comeback, even though they effectively were outlawed in 1833, so maybe the government plans on cracking down harder.

    Taxpayers will have to build a lot of prisons to house them all.

    • It is all a matter of proportion and visibility. The Giudice’s didn’t just have a minor oversight. They were hiding substantial amounts of money. And they were on a freaking reality tv show. So, yes, I believe that when you get to a certain level of wealth and try to declare bankruptcy, there had better be oversight and consequences if you are trying to steal other people’s money…which is what they were doing by trying to hide money they had from their creditors.

  13. i love that tre’ doesn’t whine ..
    & busts her butt ..
    hope she pays all the money back & clears herself …
    the funny thing will be if bozomanzo & the clowns et al end up getting sued or called in by the IRS after playing the
    know it all ‘holier-than-thou’ ass clown …

  14. This is good, but this isn’t the end of it. From either this site or another, they are saying that the IRS is investigating their tax issues and essentially everyone else. Trust me, that group of individuals don’t want the IRS or FBI anywhere near their businesses.

  15. I’m glad for them. I hope she pays back the money that they owe and get all of this put behind them. People deserve to be paid what they are owed and the Giudices deserve a second chance. They should set the example not only for their children, but for their moral character. I wish them well! Money problems are HARD and stressful.

    • worldgirl: Oh for God’s sake!!! There are NO “fans” or “teams” or “sides” here! Where did you ever get that notion that there are sides or teams here? Never mind, I don’t care where you got that notion…. just know that you are incorrect. SH

  16. I think the Manzos, Lauritas, Giudices, Gorgas and Wakiles all play fast with the money. Jax and Chris Laurita converted corporate funds for personal use. FRAUD. Their activities caused a BLEED OUT bankruptcy of Chris’s apparel business. No different than Joe’s and Tre’s activities. In a way the Laruitas scam was worse. The funds probably cannot be recovered. Possibly a criminal embezzlement charge (if that could be proven).

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