Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: SHAFT…Shana’s Birthday Party In Vegas WITH Russell… VIDEO

From Haute Living Las Vegas, June 20, 2011… SIX months ago:

“On Saturday, June 18… “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” hottie Taylor Armstrong celebrated her 40th birthday bash at Sin City’s premiere pool party hotspot Liquid Pool Lounge at Aria.

Upon arriving in Las Vegas on Friday evening, Armstrong, joined by her rumored-to-be-split-from husband Russell, and a few of her girlfriends, headed to famed Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge at Bellagio, before heading next door to The Bank Nightclub, where they danced along to the sounds of DJ David Christian from their VIP table.

Armstrong arrived at Liquid, the following afternoon, in a sexy brown and gold bikini with matching YSL heels, arm-in-arm with her husband Russell. The reality starlet, who’s been known for stirring up conflict among her fellow Beverly Hill’s housewives, started off the afternoon hanging out poolside in her VIP cabana munching on shrimp cocktail and Ahi tuna and washing it down with Liquid’s signature Watermelon Coolers, all while soaking up the sun’s rays. After a bite to eat and a few cocktails later, Armstrong decided to leave her cabana to meet and take photos with fans before making her way to the deejay booth where she danced next to Liquid’s resident DJ’s David Christian and Karma.

Toward the end of the b-day bash, the housewife was speechless when presented with a specialty cake decorated as a hot pink Christian Louboutin-inspired stiletto, requesting a box to take the cake back to LA with her so she could freeze it! Fellow daytime revelers watched on as Armstrong blew out the candles and toasted with a champagne-filled glass as she embarks on another successful year. The gorgeous blonde spent the remainder of the day dancing along to the deejay’s beats and enjoying a few more of Liquid’s specialty drinks before hopping on a plane back to LA.”

NOTE:  SHAFT had this birthday celebration on June 18… with Russell.  A week AFTER Pandorka’s bachelorette party…

SHAFT does not present herself to be frightened, fragile or scared… all the behaviors she has been exhibiting on Season Two of the RHOBH.   SHAFT is also wearing a bikini… no marks on her!  

This video was taken the day after Pandorka’s bachelorette party when SHAFT and Russell were back in LA…

Lisa Vanderpump says she was with the Armstrong’s until 1:30 am…Camille says she saw photos…

(Thanks to SH readers “cc” and “who”!!)

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65 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: SHAFT…Shana’s Birthday Party In Vegas WITH Russell… VIDEO

    • anybody notice how she says that freaking, “don’t make me go OKIE on yah all”, WTH, she is, and always has been a CONTROL MONSTER, and watch out if she does not get her way, going to take a bath now, had to catch up on all happenings here. XXXX an OOO’s perci

  1. She looks awful….way too skinny. Look at her veins in her arms. What the hell is wrong with these women????? They ALL need a dose of reality. I am starting to not like the whole HWs franchise. It used to be fun. Now it is just a train wreck.

    • I couldnt agree with you more!!!!!…she looks grose and totally what is wrong with woman in society now-a-days

  2. MY EYES!!! SH you need a viewer discretion advised warning! The bruises, the shattered eye sockets–I can’t bear to see the abuse!! Oh, what’s that? There isn’t any sign of abuse? Not ONE?? Oh, then, never mind!!

    And, just to keep up with my name, I’m starting to see some post-plastic surgery Jessica Lang in that step and repeat picture above.

    • Interesting- in the clip above only Kyle is adamant she saw the bruises in the aftermath of the fight. Now we know there were none and we haven’t heard a word from Kyle in Traylors’ defense.

      • Yeah, but she’ll just deny it saying something like “oh, I thought you were talking about seeing her after surgery… blah, blah.” But, you are right. She did admit that she saw her after it happened. Well, she’s remaining supportive of her friend… blah, blah. She has no choice really. Unless, the chit really hits the fan, she’ll remain a very, very distant supporter. Meanwhile, she’s too busy promoting her own book. There’s no upside for Kyle to speak out against Taylor, and Kyle’s reputation/image is already in the toilet with fans.

  3. This chick cannot be sexy or hot no matter how desperately she tries. I’m not being catty, but her obvious “trying way too hard sexy face” poses are painfully inept and very low-rent. She’s way too malnourished looking, including her hair, which is quite lank and lackluster. Any natural beauty she may have has been demolished.

    • Couldn’t agree more…..she thinks she’s the sh_t in these photos but what a dork.
      And what was up with that voice???? My ears are filling with blood…..

      • My ears are bleeding too. What a fake voice. Fake, fake, fake. She truly does think she is some sort of “starlet”. No wonder Russell left her and said something to the effect that he hoped she got her wish to be the biggest reality star on tv. That seems to be her biggest priority. I thought it sounded very sarcastic at the time.
        Did anyone else notice the “tell”, that eyes closed maneuver when asked about “family back in Oklahoma”? Too ashamed and embarrassed of something when she glossed over that and moved right along.

  4. On July 3rd Taylor was photographed in the Hamptons at an event. So when did the eye injury happen? So those 2 weeks she laid low and recovered? I believe Russel did abuse her not like some women that believe they could be murdered on any given day as she is portraying. There are many degrees of abuse and she is playing it up. Russel’s exes show that there was some abuse but not enough to fear that he would harm his sons. Of course abuse does escalate and a punch in the eye may have been a new level for Russel. I don’t believe the broken jaw story.

    A friend of mine once told me that her boyfriend punched her in the nose and almost broke it. Once she finally told me the whole story I learned that he accidentally elbowed her in the nose as she was grabbing control of the car while he was driving, throwing the car into park while there were at a good speed and he was attempting to remain in control of the vehicle when he elbowed her. She could have killed someone. She is bipolar and has real ups and downs. I’m very glad that she did not have him charged with assault. She was telling this “he punched me in the nose” story years after the incident with no idea that she was wrong to do so.

    • And wasn’t the Lasik surgry July 1st or so? [Wonder if she did both eyes at same time?] And her story is that Kennedy kicked me in the face/Russell hit me so hard it dislodged the corneal flap requiring additional eye surgery. And that somehow morphed into needing a titanium (?) shelf for her eye because of the broken orbital bone!

      And the eye seems to switch sides–pictures of the right eye with a mouse but no swelling and then video at that baking cookies scenario where, MAYBE, it looked like the left eye was swollen.

      • First she claimed Russell beat her and broke her eye socket when she returned from Vegas and her party for her Birthday which we see was July 20. Lisa said on July 5th they were at Tyalors house and everything was fine and then Taylor claimed the attack was later that night and she went to the ER then she said she waited 2 weeks after the attack then went to the ER. she has changed her story so much I dont think even she knows the truth.
        IMO Taylor wanted new cheekbones and didnt want to admit to more plastic surgery so she made upthis whole nonsense at her Husbands expense.

      • Well she’s an idiot bc I think she’s pretty in her pregnant, Mexico pic. Whatever made her decide to look at herself back then and surgically alter her face to what we see today? Yep, she’s psycho alright! And fug

  5. This merely reinforces my contention that the whole thing is made up from beginning to end.

    Not one mention of Taylor and Russell in Las Vegas around the same time celebrating her birthday but gobs of “talk” about Lisa inviting her there to help her get over her depression.

    Russell never stood a chance this season. Watching his business dealings dissolve into the crapper, his reputation being stained, his marriage held up for ridicule, and his children forced to live with these assertions, he was unable to withstand the scrutiny any longer which led to his demise.

    I hope this woman suffers mightily in the future for allowing this to happen. She wanted out of that marriage and used this vehicle to ensure it happened. An ugly woman both inside and out. Bravo should be ashamed of turning this tragedy into “entertainment”.

    • I think Russell was a crook and it was fair to expose him due to the fact that many people would have continued to be scammed by him. He had years of bad history in business regardless of Taylor. He took his own life. He just needed to move to a simple town and get a job at Home Depot. Many others have done it before him. He chose not to suck it up. Russell was not a victim in business and that is where things truly went wrong for him.

      • I hate to nitpick but Taylor was Russell business partner to she is just as guilty of scamming people as he is

      • As I mentioned before, KARMA is a be-yotch. Maybe that’s why Russell suffered so. He had a couple of really nice, decent women that he didn’t appreciate (who probably actually loved him–not just his bank account), made some shady business dealings and ended up with this horrible Taylor person.

  6. Who in the world is wearing stripper heels in 100 + degrees, and those oh so ugly trying to bring it sexy NOT photos!!!!! Greasy hair, and I agree with the veins popping out, nothing beautiful about that. Make-up at the pool too……i do not know how she can continue this fraud, next thing ya know she will be running for office, certainly has all the slick tricks down….she does not deserve that precious child, and again, I hope someone else in the family has Kennedy. I have not seen the vegas epi yet, going to watch at 4 pm today. But just the little previews, MS SH, she is SO EMBARRASSING to even be around…..and the getting on stage, howling laughter, none of it makes sense to those in the know about abuse!!! That is the last straw in even having an inkling that just maybe there was a shred a of truth to her. NOT!!!! Total low down fame monger!!! Making myself have a hot flash, LOL have to go jump in shower!! Thanks again for more guilty fun!!

  7. Someone please locate those relatives on Oklahoma that she is “no longer close to” that she mentions @ the 1:15 mark. Perhaps the reason she is “no longer close to them” is they don’t buy her bs. SHAFT was never abused. Ever.
    Sick that she gets a “month long birthday” yet Russel’s son got a Costco cake and a

    • I agree. Hopefully we can get a continuous timeline since this heifer kept herself(no leaks) in the tabloids almost constantly while she claimed that Russel was beating up on her. Info needs to be forwarded to the mmr lawyers, just in case they dont have it yet. just in case.

  8. I can’t even watch this franchise anymore due to the tactless inclusion of Russel after his death. This blog is my only connection. Anywho! For all the physical oddities that are SHAFT, (too skinny, fish lips, boobs don’t quite fit) what the heck is up with those eyebrows??

    • Oh that reminds me in TV guide they were doing a special Cheers and Jeers and they JEER’d the producers of RHoBH for including Russell in the show they called it Tacky

    • I just noticed ripples in her boobs in the pic where she’s kissing the shoe? sun damaged skin to top everything off

      • I think that’s where the implants are pulling. She seems to have an un-naturally thin body for someone who drinks so much. Maybe it’s different for other women, but I had to quit drinking in my 20′s because I put on too much weight.

        • Snort a little coke between your booze, it’ll rev your metabolism and you too can have that fabulous skeletor model look, and don’t ever eat eat anything larger than a celery leaf.

  9. yes! someone should put together a timeline and pictures and send it in to one of the tabloids…that would be awesome.or one of Russell’s kids can use it in their book.

  10. It probably would not be too hard to document a time line of her lies from that summer. She was in front of the camera 24/7.

  11. Does anyone remember the pics that were taken of Shana and Russel at the pool, he was wearing acid wash shorts and I think she had a grey bathing suit on. It was shortly after her super skinny pics. were “leaked” to the press and she said she was taking a herbal diet supplement. I think those pics must have come from this party the time line seems right.

  12. Geez… in that photo where Taylor is kissing the shoe cake, the bathing suit bottom needs to be photo shopped a couple of inches to cover the hanging out ‘lips’. Obviously, she is completely waxed.

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