Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… Brandi Glanville,Camille Grammer at Kyle’s White Party… VIDEO

On the next Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

Kyle Richards’ White Party takes place… on June 19, 2011.

One of Kyle’s guests is disinvited at the door…

The following photos are from the White Party…

(Thanks to SH reader “Josey”!!!)

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127 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… Brandi Glanville,Camille Grammer at Kyle’s White Party… VIDEO

    • They look beautiful as usual. Hated the way Kim mocked Brandi when she said “are you kidding me?” …. such juvenile behavior

      • Thank you ( hereswhat) for responding and making a comment, I agree with you on Kim mocking Brandi, WTH was up with that?…childhood behavior at its best.

    • I cant see the video, but I think it was Traylor & Russel bc they served Camille with papers Robin…Sorry that is all I know.

    • It was def russell and taylor. I paused it and you can see russell on the very right of the screen and he is carrying the same thing in his hand that he has when he got out of the car and was walking up with Taylor…..can’t tell what it is he is carrying tho

  1. Omg I have actually re-played this 100 times just watching Brandi & Kim’s altercation over and over and over. Im in tears ive laughed so hard. Kim is sooooo funny haha she should be on bad girls club ” I AINT GONNA WATCH NO F’N FINGER” hahaha and then the “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” part is priceless. I can’t wait!

    • I might be in the minority, but I did not find Kim funny at all in that clip. I had no idea who she was until RHoBH, so I am not a childhood fan, I am only seeing her as an adult and mother that I find depressing and was not taking responsibility for a long time by refusing to admit her problems and even walking out of rehab last year.

      I find her behavior in the clip incredibly rude and she looks like a drunk that is out of control and unaware of any social expectations.

      • I am with you BSL. I am one of the rare ones that found her insufferable last season too with her inability to speak the truth regarding the who said what when in the Camille/SHAFT thing cloaking it in “I hate confrontation” act. A lot of people thought Kyle was “being mean” but I didn’t. Kyle is a meany this season but was right to get pissed at Kim last season for her crap.
        Even still, I hope she gets the help she needs. I do think she is salvageable unlike SHAFT who is beyond help.

        • Kyle makes me cringe at her childish behavior. She might as well have said “I know you are but what am I”. The mimicking is so, what, three year oldish?? And when she said “you don’t exist so why would I go to your party” I nearly fell on the floor. I mean what adult still talks and acts like she does?

      • I agree. It looks like her now ex-boyfriend is standing next to her also. You’d think he’d be embarassed and pull her away. What a way for her to act at her sister’s party. Maybe this is the kind of behavior she exhibited last year and they never aired it, that might be the reason everyone ganged up on her at Taylor’s birthday party (I thought THAT was her 40th), last season.
        I have mixed feelings about her. I never really knew who she was either before this show.
        Although I do have to say it was very sad and disturbing to watch her sobbing uncontrollably on the last episode, then they show her acting like an immature jerk again.

  2. Interesting to note that the “White Party” was held in June and Russell committed suicide in August.

    The look on his face, judging from that brief clip, had him looking confused. Could this be when he was finally getting a preview of what was to come?

    • I think what we are seeing is Russells AH HA moment or his ” i shoulda had a v8″ momemt Everything is now coming together and making sense to Russell right in Kyles drive way

      • Perhaps we are. But he seems to be a little slow if he didn’t get it the minute she treated his kids like dirt. and then the office visit with The Sockless Wonder(who might have had on itty bitty socks but still a grown man baring his ankle in his office broad daylight is stooopid) should have been the icing on the cake.

        • LOL! Sockless Wonder, might have had on itty bitty socks. MP, you are so funny! I hope no one ever starts a site with pictures of grown men without socks, it would upset you and that would upset me.

      • I’m curious about the comment you made. Could you explain..I don’t understand why Taylor and Russel can’t go into the party?

        • Cause SHAFT was lying to all the gals telling them her hubs beat on her. When they repeated what she said in an effort to get her help(or get the truth) on camera she knew Russel would find out she lied and then all the girls would find out she lied. So Russel threatened to sue- understandable given that he didn’t know his wife was driving the bus headed straight for him at the time and no one wants to associate with people like that. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t just continue to ice SHAFT out. Also there is still that deal with Muhamed, not sure that is a factor on white party night but it was made clear for Pandora’s party that Russel was NOT invited but his partner in crime was extended an invite. I really think these women are stoopid.

  3. Shaft tells her husband Russell that Camille has defamed them by telling lies. Whatever she told him it was so egregious that he SUED Camille for slander. All of the information that Russel has about Camille has come from Taylor. What does that tell you about Taylor? That she put Camille in the sights of a “monster”. That she doesn’t want Russell to know she has been saying lies about him, so she throws Camille under the bus. And using her logic that Russell is dangerous, why is she sashaying up to the door of a party with the monster? Shouldn’t she be at home cowering under the bed or applying ice to her bruises? No, Taylor is a very calculating person. She deflects the fact that she has told everybody that Russell beats her to a pulp and now it’s out there, by saying “Camille is out to get us for some reason, I don’t know why.” Dede was right to go after that bitch.

    Camille did go through a terrible time. her husband wanted custody of one kid and not the other, he was atrocious to her in ways that never happened to Taylor. Taylor’s husband went along with everything Taylor wanted including marriage counseling, extravagant and ruinous spending, and histrionics in order to please her. Camille went through a nationwide publicly humiliating divorce and literally being thrown out like yesterdays trash. Yet you don’t see her crying and drooling at every event about her problems. How dare she put this all off on Camille! Is she going to say that she was blinded by being a victim of domestic abuse on this one and that is why she threw poor Camille under the bus. For something that Taylor was telling everybody who would listen? Some friend. Some human being. Why didn’t you just tell the truth, Taylor? Or is it a pettern of yours when you are backed into a corner with your lies that you find someone to take your heat for you?

    Absolutely unforgiveable. If it is true Camille and Taylor are friends now, Camille is a bigger person than I am. I would have never spoken to her again. Because she is the dangerous one. Look at what is left in the wake of her lies. Death, despair and tragedy. And she comes out smelling like a rosey victim-hero? Are you kidding me?

  4. Taylor obviously knew that telling Russell would invoke a lawsuit. He was ready to sue Lisa without any proof that she was the leak. (I still think Taylor was the leak in her quest to stay relevant). Why would she even tell him but to get back at Camille for outing her. Poor Camille was going through so much at that time with her divorce. Despite it all, she kept it classy. Good for Kyle for kicking them out.

  5. Maybe if Brandi finally left Kim alone and stopped trying to have a conversation with her, Kim would not be rude.
    If she doesn’t want to be near Brandi or acknowledge her, then that’s fine. Brandi should ignore her and move on. It’s her fault, the drama starts. Why try to fix something that’s useless? Leave Kim alone. She has enough BS to worry about, now add having a conversation with a girl who she does not care for at all. Some people just never understand the meaning of GO AWAY.

    • I didn’t see in the clip where Brandi approached Kim. Do you know that Brandi started the conversation at the white party or are you just speculating? I thought Brandi was both sincere and polite when she approached Kim at Kennedy’s party, so I don’t think it’s her fault. She wanted to smooth things over with someone she would be filming an entire season with….that seems reasonable to me.

    • If we are talking about Brandi and Kim being neighbors or moms with kids at the same school, then maybe I can see your point. The fact is, though, this is a reality show where they HAVE to interact, Brandi is likely told to go up to her and talk with her. They have to interact for shooting, Brandi can’t just “GO AWAY” because the producers are unlikely to go along with that.

      Kim’s friends and sister told Brandi to go up to Kim. I think Brandi knows very well how to GO AWAY considering the hell her ex and his new wife have put her through with her children.

      Kim needs to grow up and be a big girl. If her kids are important to her, then she needs to show it. She has had plenty of years to seek help. She has had resources many people with problems do not have, she was even in rehab after last season, yet she decided to leave on her own and not finish getting help.

      I haven’t seen Brandi starting drama at the level of the other ladies. I’ve seen her reacting. If two mean girls and a crappy hostess want to keep taking digs at her when they initially meet her, even being immature enough to take her crutches, then more power to Brandi for dealing with it the best way she can.

      • I wasn’t going to comment on the Brandi v Kim situation until I saw more of how it went down to get to that point, but what you said BSL is perfect. You summed up the entire season with Brandi. Not many of the gals give Brandi a chance; they just mean girl her to death. Does it matter the reason? No, it’s Brandi’s fault! Why, bc she has perfect bubbies! Lol I think Kyle should boot Kim out too while she’s at it! I don’t know where KimR is from last season, but that ain’t her!

  6. I don’t trust Bravo’s editing. Too many times the promos are not like what happens when we see the show. For all I know she will ask Brandi to leave because Kim is upset and run into the Armstrong’s walking her out. I don’t understand why everyone blames Russell and not Taylor for the emails. Russell only knows what Taylor tells him. Surely the Light bulb has to go off for someone.

    • they admitt they only know Russell from what Taylor tells them Kyle said it confuses her b/c Russell is a nice and friendly to them. I dont think they even think to blame Taylor
      well at that point anyway who knows what they think now behind closed doors

  7. Camille and De De seem to have her number. What’s crazy is that Taylor would say anything to Russell. Personally I think it was a way to get the others to stay quiet about everything Taylor has told them and hurting Camille is just a bonus. Not to mention it makes Russell look like an ass. I’m beginning to think that Russell doesn’t stay away from these events rather Taylor keeps him away out of fear someone will talk to him. Paul seems like the kind of guy that would have a friendly chat with him to set it straight.

    • Yes, I too think they have her number.
      It is odd, not only that Taylor might be the one keeping him from these events, but that she would go to an event that he wasn’t welcome (ie Mohammeds party). I would stand by my husband…..if he wasn’t welcome I think I would stay home too.

  8. I’m not sure exactly why Kyle can’t have them in for her party. If it’s Camille that has the problem with Taylor, then it’s Camille with the problem. Camille can choose to stay or to leave if there’s someone there she doesn’t like. It’s unbelievably rude to invite someone and then give them the boot before they even walk through the door. Bad form.

    • Mauricio has his business to think about and Camille is a client. Money wins over friendship. We saw that last year with Kyle and Camille.

      • Fair enough. But you’d think that Kyle would at least call Taylor and say something before she arrived instead of waiting for her to walk up to the door and be humiliated in front of everyone. I’m no Taylor fan but business or not, Kyle doing that is pretty crappy if Taylor is really her friend. I think I might pull Camille (if she’s the reason) and say “look, I know there’s a conflict between the two of you and I’m very sorry about it but she’s my friend as well and I’ve already invited her and she’s on her way. Can you just try to steer clear of her for tonight and we’ll work it out later?”. Something like that.

          • I’m sure that’s it completely. I know I’m crazy to try to put a ‘real world’ solution out there but I just can’t help it. It’s such a horrible thing to do to someone, even if it is Taylor. Man, can’t wait for next week.

        • In the preview, it doesn’t look pre-planned. The party is already happening when the decision is made for them to be un-invited. Camille stayed clear of Tay at Brandi’s and wasn’t confrontational. Camille seems to be pretty low drama this season, while Tay is crazier than ever! Tay ruins every party or event she’s at!! Kyle doesn’t have a problem with Tay ruining someone else’s party, but doesn’t want her antics to ruin hers!!!! It looks like Paul has pieced everything together and may be telling them that Tay is telling them one thing and Russell another! Has she been finally busted?? I can only hope this is how it goes down …

          I saw some pics of Kyle’s Christmas party recently…Everyone was there except Taylair!!!

          • You would think she just wouldn’t invite her then if she didn’t want a problem. Something must come out just before she gets there. I still don’t think you tell someone to turn around and go home though, unless the something involves something she’s done to you. If they had all just ignored her, she probably would have left. But as Mssurburbia said, this is how they scripted it.

            I do think Taylor is playing all sides against each other. Russell seemed henpecked to me the first season, I just couldn’t belive the allegations that came out after he died. Taylor may bring the drama that Bravo loves to this show but I really wish they’d drop her for season 3. The woman is loathesome and doesn’t deserve to be rewarded with a tv career.

            • Something is said that prompts the un-invite. In the preview, Paul and Ad are discussing the lawsuit against Camille. Paul says something like…. They’re suing Camille over repeating something that Tay has been telling anyone who will listen and how stupid it is!! I think he figures out that Tay has been playing both sides of the fence and lying all along. Why would he sue someone for defamation if it’s true, and why waste the money! Russell had no idea Tay was running all over town playing the victim of his abuse! Honestly, if he did, I don’t think he’d show his face around her friends and their husbands, if he knew they all thought he was abusing her! I’m hopeful that she is about to be exposed for who she really is…

              • If I recall correctly, it seems like Paul walks out with Kyle and Mauricio to confront someone outside, and it looks like Adrienne is part of the discussion of un-inviting whoever it turns out to be. This is a really sick, sick mess that Bravo and Shana have created.

              • I think your right BSL, Paul and Ad are involved. Kyle walks up to Tay and says “we have a problem”, then it shows Tay looking all shocked! Whether it’s because of the threat of lawsuits or her lies coming to light, either way, she orchestrated both, and should be turned away. Tay should be kicked off the show and be replaced by Brandi…

          • I gotta wonder if Paul or any of the HubBys came clean and went to Russell prior to his death to clue him in I know none of them WILL ADMIT IT BUT STILL I WONDER

            • If any of them did, it had to Paul. Russell was going to sue Lisa for “leaking” a story, so I don’t think Ken would say anything. Mauricio would be afraid of getting in the middle of Kyle and Tay’s friendship. Paul and Ad were not that close to them, plus they aren’t afraid of anyone!!! They’d be like, your suing US?? Bring it!!! Hahahaha

              • And whether they show it or not, their radar is probably zeroed in on Taylor and her fibs. Remember the FIRST big one she was caught in involved Adrienne, and of course Paul is well aware of that.

              • Yep…and that one was a whopper!!! At the reunion, Adrienne was like…Ummm, no I’m not. hehe Tay was glaring at her **burst into flames, burst into flames** Tay knows not to mess with Ad!!!

              • Does anyone remember when Ken, Mauricio and Dr. Paul were outside at some party or event, they were having cigars and drinks, and they all mentioned “where was Russell” to some extent? Do you think they were on to SHAFT’s lies privately? I agree here, that if Russell knew what was going on, he would have never been going to all those things with SHAFT!! Who called her “sasquatch!?” like that, i do! And MP thank yu for that Shug song, i sure could have played that very LOUD going thru my divorce!!!! Oh, and MS SH, when I went back to read and comment on your post to all SH readers, after clicking on link that page came up that says “page not found” !!! I went to the side bar of articles and to all articles for Dec and was not there…….hmmmm, maybe it’s back now but was not about 45 minutes ago. Thanks again for an entertaining afternoon!!!!

              • Glad you liked that one. I think these men are on to SHAFT. Well Dr Paul at least. Not sure what Mauricio’s deal is, She shouldn’t be allowed in their home, having slumber parties and stuff with the kids. She is totally the type to stage a slip-n-fall. Also Think Ken in his quiet way was getting his point across with the comment about therapy. Notice his choice of words “weak” What was left unsaid and hanging in the air like a fart in church was the assertions that abusive men don’t go to therapy. But a “weak” man could be browbeaten into going.In other words, more proof that SHAFT drives the bus. I think THAT is what sent SHAFT into hysterics that night.

              • perci57: Thx! But, pretty sure that all the posts are where they are supposed to be. The problem started when another site included a link to SH… incorrectly! So, all is OK here! TFC!! SH

    • Has anyone seen the legal docs? I haven’t, but I’m guessing that it was unsound for Camille to be around the Armstrongs at all, because it would have put her at risk for more false allegations being made against her. The accusers should not have been at the party, since they were the ones in “fear” of being “defamed.”

    • I am glad she got publicly humiliated at the door. If Russel was planning to sue Camille because SHAFT had lied on him and then lied to Russel then imagine if Russel had not had his life ended and the lawsuit went thru… SHAFT would have never ever admitted what she did. Camille’s lawyers would be forced to subpena all the other women to testify about what SHAFT had told them about Russel. All the women…including Mauricio’s wife and it would have hurt his business. Because people of real wealth do not associate with the likes of SHAFT(and people like her) and don’t do business with people that do. Mauricio aint the only game in town in terms of high-end real estate.

  9. With regards to Kim and Brandi let’s not overlook one pertinent thing. Brandi called it on the substance abuse.

    Spot. on.

    • Yep! And Kim targets people irrationally and makes her issues everyone else’s fault. Let’s get one thing straight, Kim defenders up there ^: If everyone “left Kim alone,” she’d be DEAD.

    • Brandi nailed it…. Did y’all hear here Kim’s vm message?? “I’ve lost all my contacts and phone numbers. Please leave your name and number and the time you called. Oh, and I never check vm!!” WHAT??? Hehehe God love her….she’s a hot mess….

      • Yes Brandi nailed it at ” Game Night” and she was right all along about Kim being on drugs! Kim had a problem and as we know now its more than booze & mixed with a whole lot of perscription meds…Brandi nailed Kyle a$$ as being a grown ass mean girl at Brandis party (that was fun to watch) and was correct on saying ” Shaft you need to leave”! I hope Brandi got her message across to “Kyle” once and for all, { when I am off these crutches} I will get in your face, ( you so called tough girl) and I believe Brandi will kick her a$$ and tell Kyle where to go…in many ways :) ……………………………………………..May Kim get the helps she needs and STAY in it for 8 months to a year at least, she is so messed up.

    • Amen you are right Tracy! Brandi did call it out on Kim’s substance abuse from the first time she saw/met her!

  10. Watching that video and seeing Russells expression it really hit me that I feel for him, I can NOT imagine all the things that devil was doing to him and saying about him ( I bet we all only know half of it and what we know is ugly so imagine the rest ) , Can you imagine if you stared to piece together all the horrible things your spouse was saying to you around town and on NATIONAL tv behind your back and you had no idea. I don’t believe he was without fault in some matters, clearly- but he was played hard by that bitch and he paid with his life and all she did was walk away like it was a pet hamster that died and then play the victim – Sick , im so tired of it being the pity Shana show. When is anyone going to call her out and call her out big?! Ive been waiting and waiting. Karma needs to run her over with a Mac Truck!

  11. I think the reason SHAFT (or as I call her in my recaps, Skeletar) and Russell get asked to leave Kyle’s party can best be summed up in Wiki’s description for next week’s episode:

    “When Taylor’s husband threatens a lawsuit against Camille, the women worry they could be next. Through tears, concern and anger, they debate turning Taylor away from Kyle’s annual white party.”

    It sounds like Kyle and the rest are concerned that after SHAFT and Russell talked about suing Lisa, then Camille, they were all worried they were going to be the next Housewife in line for a lawsuit.

  12. I just thought of something else, what if Lisa and Ken brought their uber wealthy friend, Mohammed with them to Kyle’s party. Remember, he didn’t want Russell at the party he threw for Pandora. If Mauricio and Kyle have to choose sides between the grifter couple and a man living in a $30 Million house, I think they’ll go with Mohammed!

    • Glad to see ya back clickclick:) I missed seeing your ( great & witty) comments., Give a ” hollar back” ok?

  13. It appears that Camille received the threatening email from Russell the day of the White Party. Perhaps she told all the girls and they went to Kyle and Mauricio during the party and said that they are leaving when Taylor and Russell arrive because they don’t want to be party to a lawsuit. I am sure Mauricio had other business clients there as well and BH is a small town. They all probably felt they had to walk on egg shells around them so why not just send them packing at the door. I still don’t understand why they couldn’t have called Taylor on her cell to prevent her the humiliation. However, is this the second threatening email because weren’t they discussing an email from Russell prior to Taylor’s arrival at the tea party?

    Another thing, Russell was not invited to Mohammed’s but Taylor went anyway. If my husband is not welcome somewhere than neither am I because we are a team, as one.

    • its the hostess job to make sure her guest are comfortable If Camille did get a email shortly before the party how could she be comfortable in the same room with the person who sent it(who very well could have been taylor herself) and in the same room with the person who is lying. I see why kyle as a host would as them to not come in.

        • All the more reason to kick the trash out. I have seen frat boys kick people out of there parties that have more decency about them than SHAFT does.

      • Agreed!! Tay seems to enjoy humiliating others, especially Russell. What she dishes out, she should be able to receive!! Reap what you sow…

        After the way she treated Russell’s sons at Kennedy’s party….their cake, lack of gifts, and basically not including them…..she deserves a hearty helping of humiliation!

            • Absolutely. That one made me cry. He is a good man. In fact I think these service balls ought to be covered with as much or more fan fare as those Oscars and stuff. I mean after all.. these people are heroes whereas these actors were just lucky to get jobs playing pretend.

              • I think they’re covered pretty well. There’s just some security issues that make coverage a tad complicated.

            • I am friends with the amazing Marine’s mama, and her mama raised her right too! He was the lucky one that night.

              • She is beautiful and amazing. Even without knowing her or her mother, it was obvious he was the lucky one, and it seemed like he knew it, too. It was touching.

              • Yes HE was the lucky one!!!! She’s a beautiful woman!! JT seemed really honored to be there surrounded by true heroes!!! Thank her for me!!

    • And speaking of emails.. how do we know that SHAFT aint the one that sent the “Camille smells like beef jerky” email that Sh reported on when it happened. Wouldn’t put it past her.
      Sasquatch might tt on her if she was on fire but i wouldn’t

      • I think taylor has been sending all the emails and was the Leak to US magazine I wonder if Russell knew completely what a fool Taylor make of him

        • I wish he would have stuck around to see the tide turn on her. At the time I am sure he felt like he was surrounded by bloomin idiots who believed her. And yes, I do hold the other women accountable for not having two brain cells to rub together to see that she was full of crap.

  14. Kim has certainly changed this season, the little we have seen of her. I recall last season sh couldn’t handle confrontation and avoided it. I felt angry when such appalling behaviour, as there is no way Kim would have said these things if Kyle was not there to back her up.

    • Truman Capote did a Black and White Ball in 1966, which set the stage for future “white” parties. It was the social event of the season in NYC.

      • Living in the south I attended more than my share of white parties (coming out parties). I think it originated there Long before Truman. White is for purity and all the debutantes appear in white.

  15. I hope Taylor not going to her BFF Kyle’s Christmas party is the first step to that bitch getting iced out.

    • Didn’t we see a clip of Cedric trying to attend someone’s party? Good call. Although why Kyle would refer to him as a friend is beyond me.

      • Ya, what happened to that footage? Then Lisa told him it was her party and that he wasn’t invited anyway…

        • good question. If they(BH producers) needed another storyline to take place of the SHAFT crap that would have been a perfect storyline. And then that way, Lisa would have remained the darling of the the bunch. As it is now, with her taking up for/believing SHAFT it makes her look stoopid…almost as stoopid as Damna…almost.

    • I can’t view videos on my iPad/iPhone either. Those devices don’t support Flash Player. You’ll be able to view them on your pc or laptop.

  16. Help! What was “IT” that would prompt Russell to file a suit against Camille? Was Traylor Trash telling Russell that CAMILLE was running around town saying that Russell was abusing traylor? What does the lawsuit say? Does Camille tell everyone at the party about the lawsuit details? Surely if something was actually filed someone could get details… This whole thing drives me nuts but keeps me sooooo addicted

    • It appears that SHAFT was indeed telling Russel that Camille was saying that(she couldn’t out right admit to him that she is the one that told her AND others) I ‘spect the lawsuit was never filed just a cyst and deceased email to Camille warning her to knock it off. I could be wrong just speculatin. But wouldn’t it be delicious if the lawsuit was actually filed and then SHAFT could be charged with …dont know what the legal term for lying thru her teeth is but…something.. Dat girl needs to pay for what she has done.

  17. EXACTLY madepiley! Surely everyone on BH that LIVED the timeline and her lies have her figured out today PLUS the footage to reinforce her schemes and lies…..AND TRAYLOR IS STILL CURRENTLY TO THIS DATE RUNNING AROUND SAYIN THIS CRAP. STOOPID HOUSEWIFE! We taught our dog to stop barking by shaking a can of pennies….maybe that is the level needed for traylor….make it go away!

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