Real Housewives of New Jersey: Caroline Manzo… Lady Moronzo Stops By THE CHEW… VIDEO

 Lady Moron-zo… Who the hell did her hair and makeup??  Whoever is responsible for that mess needs to be fired immediately or sent back to remedial beauty school!  Oh… those Moron-zo’s don’t like to fire one of their own!  Lucky break for you, Lauren!!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Caroline Manzo, hereafter referred to as “Lady Moron-zo,” stopped by the latest incarnation of The View (but dedicated to stuff people put in their mouths to eat) “THE CHEW” to chat about her family traditions around Christmas time.

Like, didn’t we all hear this stuff last year???  What is it with these New Jersey Housewives??  Don’t they know that their season is over and to stay off our TVs until their next season?  Or, is Lady Moronzo not goin’ down without a fight over who has the better “brand”  and to show newbie, MeGo, that she still got some pull?  Well, whatever!

Lady Moronzo told the worst name for a TV show ever, THE CHEW, how she does eatin’ time at her place…



NOTE:  I really didn’t care about editing the video… could ya tell???

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  1. Wow! All the bitterness and the meaness has come out and made her look like she is…..on the inside. She also looks like she has gained a few pounds. Its amazing what karma does when it catches up to you…..tag your it!


      • lol right on. i hated caroline for calling lauren fat and saying jacqueline could relate as a fatty, too. she’s like i only got fat during menopause. FU Caroline. Lauren has a cute bf who thinks she’s beautiful no matter what. Stop hating, Moronzo! LOL

        BTW doesn’t Don Caro look like a distant cousin of the God Warrior Mom from Trading Spouses?!


  2. Looks like Caroline gained about 10 pounds in her off season.

    Guess they really do starve themselves while filming till it’s over and as soon as it’s over whoosh relief celebrations with food…I can relate sigh.


  3. What’s next. A rhonj Monzoid standing at the interesection selling jars of Christmas jelly?
    The Blk water was a bust, so what’s next. She looks so dirty and greasy. Ewww. I didn’t think you could lose what little good looks you had that rapidly unless you were a crack whore. Just sayin…..


  4. Somebody posted the most spot-on parody of Caroline’s “wit and wisdom” at another site …

    “All right, listen up. It’s Caroline’s Rules now. Things need to be said; I’m gonna say ‘em. Especially when my fambily is involved. You do not mess with my fambily. Mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Because that is fambily. Are we the perfect fambily? No. Do we love each other? Yes. But at the end of the day, we will never let us down. Because we love us.

    “Now. Things have been said; things are being said. Now I’m gonna say some things. Okay? I’m gonna say some things about the things that are being said.

    “Did I look like a drowned rat on Christmas Eve? Yes. Did I cook a lovely meal for my fambily? Yes. Did I care how I looked? No. Was Albert smart enough to stay at the Brownstone all evening? Yes.

    “Is Ashley a selfish pig? Yes. Would I allow her to live in MY home? No. If she stood too close to the edge of a balcony and there were no witnesses, could I tip her over the edge? Yes. Would a jury convict me? No.

    “Is Albie gay? No. Did I say he was dating a cheerleader? Yes. Is he really dating a cheerleader? No. Did I make that story up in a panic? Yes. Am I sure why I did it? No. Would I be happy if he dated Alexa Ray Joel? Yes. Am I holding my breath? No. Did Greg come to Christmas? No. Did that give me hope? Yes. Would I admit that to Albie if he confronted me? No.

    “Do I emphasize my points by asking rhetorical questions? Yes. Does it always make sense? No.

    “Okay? Now, all you boys go call your mothers. Because fambily is fambily. And fambily.”


  5. OMG, I thought “The Chew” was a spoof/joke about The View. I cannot believe that this is the name for a real show. Who Chknew?


  6. Does anyone know what happened with that Punta Cana lawsuit? Maybe that is why Caro is doing all of these shows so she can get some money to pay the lawyer fees for her sons. Suddenly she is on all of these daytime talk shows. The Manzo boys called in to the WWHL after show last night, Vanessa Williams was there and Dot Marie Jones from Glee.The boys love Glee. The boys did not know what to say, and Andy seemed bored by the Manzos and did not ask them any questions. It seemed awkward to me.I think Andy is over the Manzos.


    • Not sure but speaking of WWHl, I was looking forward to Kristen Chenoweth being on last night(she was suppose to be right?) anyways, I figure she watched the show and said forget this. Kristin is a funny guest and I suppose its sorta hard to bring the funny after any of the BH shows.


  7. Caroline was so cruel talking about her daughter on the reunion. And used the defense that she is her mother. If you are that vicious to your daughter, you will be a monster to others.


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