Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kim Richards and Kyle Richards… Kim Has Her Breakdown… Kyle Cries With Her… VIDEO

On last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

Kim Richards very conveniently happens to be in the area of her sister’s consignment store… the very store in which her sister, Kyle Richards, is shopping.  


After Kyle “finds” Kim, Kim confides in Kyle that she may not have made the best decision when she decided to move in with her boyfriend, Ken Blumenfeld.


NOTE TO KIM:   The video is heartbreaking.

Your expressing to your sister, Kyle, your true feelings sent me, and I’m sure the majority of viewers, tidal waves of compassion for you.

From all that has been gleaned from your life, you have not had the best of times.  A child star, supporting her entire family, multiple marriages, divorces… only to end up in your forties on a cable TV reality show… was probably not your idea of how your life would be.  Certainly you had better things in mind for yourself!

As much as I, and everyone here, love to bash your sister, Kyle, I have to give Kyle credit for attempting to sympathize with you.  When the RHOBH was being cast, Kyle pushed for you to be included.  It seems as though Kyle was trying to help you secure steady income and to let others in the entertainment industry know that you are still around… ready for more roles.

The relationship you have with Kyle is a long and complicated one… a relationship that only the two of you know.  Viewers of the RHOBH only see the slanted view of your relationship through the narrow viewpoint of the producers… and their editing.  Intelligent viewers know that there is much more going on between you and Kyle than what we are given on the weekly episodes.

Good luck to you, Kim… we at SH wish for you only good things and hope that you find true happiness.

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      • I for one find her one of the most realistic gurls on any of the RHs shows. She seems to have heart… Along with her flaws. I like her.


          • I agree. She is not into glam and any of this fake BS. Doing this second season was a huge mistake. Doing this show in the first place was a mistake. I don’t see her as a bad person at all, just broken. She raised 4 beautiful children on her own and by observing her kids on the show, I think she did a good job. She has her moments, but she is NOTHING like the other girls. Opposite of Taylor, she actually did brake down for real, it’s obvious she is in a lot of pain. Taylor just loves the attention and drama.
            I hope Kim is getting all the help she needs and comes out healthy and strong. She should not be at the reunion either, this shows brings the worst in them. Why cause yourself more anxiety when you are trying to get better?


  1. I love Kimmie!! I hope she gets sober, stays sober, and finally finds some peace in her life…

    I have to mention her vm message. “I lost all my contacts. Please leave your name and number and the time you called. Oh, btw, I never check my vm!” What??? Bless her heart….


  2. Wonderful post SH. I’m not sure which made me tear up more – watching her heartbreaking scene again or the absolute decency and compassion you displayed in your post. You’re absolutely correct too…. that’s how I’ve always viewed her as the child actor who raised up her entire family and now, she’s pretty much screwed as an adult. It angers me that Kyle seems to be the only one who shows any interest in how her sister lives. I hope there’s more to this story, but Kathy Hilton could take care of her sister – if she’s not making an effort to at least encourage her to good health, she deserves to rot. How hard would it be to buy your sister a house when you have millions? It’s an investment… move her in and let her keep her HW money for living expenses (for as long as it lasts anyway)


    • stlrfan8: Y’know in light of all this PennState crapola, they’ve had some child stars on TV recently talking about abuse of child actors. Has anybody seen anything that puts Kim in this crowd?? That could certainly explain a lot if she was not only used by her family but abused by the system as well.


      • That’s a good point, Who….. Kim was raised up through the system that thought the “casting couch” was ok – I’m sure that still goes on today but up and coming (potential) stars seem to have more options these days. Back when Kim was growing up, she didn’t have as many options, doesn’t appear like a dad was in the picture, and the money was a 1000 times less than it is today. Someone like Kim would be sitting pretty today (considering the movies and Disney stuff she’s been involved in) but… whatever money she made went to her mother and family. I can see a child being compelled to do what the adult in asking (in a Penn State scenario). NOT saying it happened, but it’s heartbreaking to think about


        • Kim shows classic signs of having been abused, probably sexually, as a child. We have heard that her mother was a pushy stage mom so no help there. Adults with that background have a hard time having healthy relationships, they can end up as addicts. They also seem to have stunted development. Addicts can be pathetic and manipulative it is part of the disease. I really hope that Kim is able to accept help this time around.


  3. I hate to break the mood…..I too have compassion for this poor lost woman…..but do I detect a lil upper lip plumping?


  4. I find it odd that Kyle could barely show compassion for her sister, yet she shows so much compassion for Taylor. It confuses me.


      • People like Kim manufacture uncomfortableness anytime a conversation might some up that makes them look like a doofus in order to avoid stating facts of situation. In this case, shacking up with a dud that her kids dont like even though she claims her kids are her life but since Estella iss is the mom of her kid’s uncle her facial expression might tip the audience off that she might be just a smidge ful of the poo on that one.
        And pimpin her one child out(encouraging a relationship) to one of Ken’s kids is sickness beyond the pale. Just so she would have at least one child accept her choice of man even if it is due to being blinded by teenage lust.


  5. I thought it was strange that Kyle seemed to be so concerned about the prices. Do you think that her sister really makes her pay full price? I guess it wouldn’t surprise me. Was it just an advertisement (ok-dumb question, everything they do is) but shouting out the prices that would not be so reasonable to the average viewer seemed like bad advertising. Even her tone was more of sticker shock. Getting back at her sis for not supporting her show with guest appearances?


  6. Kim was a child actress raised by a stage mother. Her earnings were used to support a Beverly Hills lifestyle that her mother craved. Kim supported her entire family (Big Kathy, Kathy Hilton, Kyle, and her mother’s multiple husband’s) with houses, cars, boats, furs, etc. No one asked Kim if she wanted to be an actress ~ she wasn’t given a choice. As she grew older, both she, and Kyle were trained by Big Kathy to seek out rich men, and to have as many children with them as possible.

    Kyle suggested Kim for the RHOBH knowing full well that she had emotional and substance abuse issues. I do not believe that Kyle was trying to secure a regular paycheck for Kim. According to Kim’s divorce decree from Greg Davis, she will receive $20K in alimony for the rest of her life, or until she marries. She also received child support to the tune of $20K per month, for each of her two children. At one time, she was taking in $720K annually. Prior to RHOBH, Kim was not living in the poor house, by any means.

    After season one, Kyle publicly humiliated Kim by exposing her alcoholism on national television. And yet, Kim came back for more. To this day, I am still perplexed as to why someone’s sister would do that to them. This season, we see a too skinny, frail, self conscious, and broken woman. She is medicating herself with anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and anti-alcohol drugs just to “perform” on the show. How long will it be before Bravo has another suicide on their hands? After watching the portrayal of Russell this season, you cannot convince me that they are not responsible…


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