Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kim Richards and Kyle Richards… Kim Has Her Breakdown… Kyle Cries With Her… VIDEO

On last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

Kim Richards very conveniently happens to be in the area of her sister’s consignment store… the very store in which her sister, Kyle Richards, is shopping.  


After Kyle “finds” Kim, Kim confides in Kyle that she may not have made the best decision when she decided to move in with her boyfriend, Ken Blumenfeld.


NOTE TO KIM:   The video is heartbreaking.

Your expressing to your sister, Kyle, your true feelings sent me, and I’m sure the majority of viewers, tidal waves of compassion for you.

From all that has been gleaned from your life, you have not had the best of times.  A child star, supporting her entire family, multiple marriages, divorces… only to end up in your forties on a cable TV reality show… was probably not your idea of how your life would be.  Certainly you had better things in mind for yourself!

As much as I, and everyone here, love to bash your sister, Kyle, I have to give Kyle credit for attempting to sympathize with you.  When the RHOBH was being cast, Kyle pushed for you to be included.  It seems as though Kyle was trying to help you secure steady income and to let others in the entertainment industry know that you are still around… ready for more roles.

The relationship you have with Kyle is a long and complicated one… a relationship that only the two of you know.  Viewers of the RHOBH only see the slanted view of your relationship through the narrow viewpoint of the producers… and their editing.  Intelligent viewers know that there is much more going on between you and Kyle than what we are given on the weekly episodes.

Good luck to you, Kim… we at SH wish for you only good things and hope that you find true happiness.