Real Housewives of Beverly: Dana Wilkey… PamDana Callin’ People Out on Their BS… AND…DANA POSIN’ FOR SOME SEXY SHOTS!… VIDEO

While trying to find an example of exactly where “Friend of the BH Housewives” PamDana said that she would be callin’ people out on their BS on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I not only found her exact words…

BUT, also found some really fabulous photos of our PamDana tryin’ to get all sexed up for a magazine spread!

Note to PamDana: If there’s a next time for you to pose all sexy-like, get some “sexy modeling” instructions from fellow “Friend of the Housewives,” Brandi Glanville, on how exactly to make yourself look all sexy ‘n ‘at BEFORE submitting yourself to the unforgiving camera.  Or even Hagface Kyle coulda given you some tips on how to sexily splay yourself all over your furniture… 

 Dana Wilkey… gettin’ all sexy on her $738,439  leather settee!  The leather for the loveseat/setee was tanned personally by Ricky Martin and purchased by Ron Jeremy for PamDana at Suzanne Sommer’s garage sale!  YO!  Pam!  You might wanna get that big ole bruise on your leg checked out!

                  Does ma butt look sexy?

 How’s this for a sexy look???  My bracelet was worn by Tara Reid and the Pawn Star guys told me that they’d give me $286,000 for it right now! 

 How about my sexy shoes??  

 Aren’t the feathers and the platform shoes the most sexy look yet?  And, the finger in ma mouth is added sexiness!!  HEY!  I can’t get up offa this thing!!

 The “smart” and sexy look.  Smart, ’cause I got a deal on this necklace.  It was only $559,788… bought it from Angie Harmon.

 PamDana’s little sexy smirk pose… even though her ankles are killin’ her from walkin’ in those shoes.

 PamDana adding more height to her chignon… fake tall is sexy!

 It’s the “I’m done thinkin’… ain’t my thigh sexy” look!

 Even the light switches in my house are sexy …

 You is one sexy Beverly Hills Housewife, PamDana!  I swear you are just toooo sexy for this Ninja! And, I’m not just sayin’ that ’cause you got your cleavage all starin’ up at me!  

PamDana… Gonna call out all the BS…


(Thanks to SH reader “cc/mc”!!!)