Real Housewives of Beverly: Dana Wilkey… PamDana Callin’ People Out on Their BS… AND…DANA POSIN’ FOR SOME SEXY SHOTS!… VIDEO

While trying to find an example of exactly where “Friend of the BH Housewives” PamDana said that she would be callin’ people out on their BS on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I not only found her exact words…

BUT, also found some really fabulous photos of our PamDana tryin’ to get all sexed up for a magazine spread!

Note to PamDana: If there’s a next time for you to pose all sexy-like, get some “sexy modeling” instructions from fellow “Friend of the Housewives,” Brandi Glanville, on how exactly to make yourself look all sexy ‘n ‘at BEFORE submitting yourself to the unforgiving camera.  Or even Hagface Kyle coulda given you some tips on how to sexily splay yourself all over your furniture… 

 Dana Wilkey… gettin’ all sexy on her $738,439  leather settee!  The leather for the loveseat/setee was tanned personally by Ricky Martin and purchased by Ron Jeremy for PamDana at Suzanne Sommer’s garage sale!  YO!  Pam!  You might wanna get that big ole bruise on your leg checked out!

                  Does ma butt look sexy?

 How’s this for a sexy look???  My bracelet was worn by Tara Reid and the Pawn Star guys told me that they’d give me $286,000 for it right now! 

 How about my sexy shoes??  

 Aren’t the feathers and the platform shoes the most sexy look yet?  And, the finger in ma mouth is added sexiness!!  HEY!  I can’t get up offa this thing!!

 The “smart” and sexy look.  Smart, ’cause I got a deal on this necklace.  It was only $559,788… bought it from Angie Harmon.

 PamDana’s little sexy smirk pose… even though her ankles are killin’ her from walkin’ in those shoes.

 PamDana adding more height to her chignon… fake tall is sexy!

 It’s the “I’m done thinkin’… ain’t my thigh sexy” look!

 Even the light switches in my house are sexy …

 You is one sexy Beverly Hills Housewife, PamDana!  I swear you are just toooo sexy for this Ninja! And, I’m not just sayin’ that ’cause you got your cleavage all starin’ up at me!  

PamDana… Gonna call out all the BS…


(Thanks to SH reader “cc/mc”!!!)

24 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly: Dana Wilkey… PamDana Callin’ People Out on Their BS… AND…DANA POSIN’ FOR SOME SEXY SHOTS!… VIDEO

  1. These could be some of the least sexy shots ever taken. The bruises popping up and blurry lens for the sexy stairs shots…oh geez…I am just gonna stop there.

    Pam/Dana, this really, really, really isn’t something you are good at doing. Just stop, m’kay?


  2. tanned personally by Ricky Martin………best line ever!!!!

    Someone needs to call her on her BS………here I will do it…..Dana, you are not sexy and you can’t pretend to be sexy. This is BS!!!!

    Thank you!!!


  3. She tries way too hard. And she really just isn’t likable. Looking at her on paper, she should be fabulous. Self made woman, party planner, she sounds fun and professional. But she comes across as a butt kissing desperate name dropper.


  4. The way she is sitting with her legs open, all she is missing is the stir ups in the doctors office. Not flattering! But, I do like the first shot of her sitting on the stairs.


  5. In looking over this a second time, just for self-abuse for all of the bad things I have ever done in my life, the light switch being in the sexy close-up really reveals just how low-class and inexperienced the “photographer” is. Did she set up a tripod for the camera in her five-year-old phone?


  6. Damna, you is one delusional broad. Everybody watched you not call anyone out on anything. We did, however, watch Brandi call people out on theirs.… are you wanting to skin her and wear her like last years Versace? You aint coming back.


  7. Since PamDana is too stupid or just plain delusional and can’t see it herself, I will be mortified for her. What a frakkin’ idiot!


  8. OMG just read some of the RHOBH blogs, and PamDana’s from last week? The comments she got just crucified her! LMAO, she must not have “final cut” like Kyle apparently does.


  9. Where’s Taylor’s spin on Dana’s bruise? She could have used that! Russell kicked her at Kennedy’s party for arguing with him about when to give Kennedy the horse! And the photographer was probably her toddler. And he took the pictures while speaking Thai.


    • Lol. Good one Headhunter. Truth be told SHAFT herself prolly kicked Damna under the table(classic abusive move) for saying something out of charter with her usually “SHAFT is glorious” bs.(maybe that is the mark she got for asking “Taylor” who Shana was? tee hee Naw.. never mind Damna would never ever ever call SHAFT out on her BS.


  10. Where did they find this woman? Why did Bravo think BH needed “friends of housewives”? Why is she getting so much press? I cannot figure it out. IMO, RHOBH doesn’t need her or Brandi…


  11. Yes, Bravo has thrown another fruitloop into the mix. Any day now we will see her Pam/danish push one of the others out of the way to get in a shot. Giggy has more appeal and frankly looks better than Pam/Danish. It would appear that you need only be a grifter i.e., Taylor/Shana Ford/Armstrong or dumber than nails i.e., Dana/Pam. With Kim you know it’s addiction, Kyle a self deluded sense of importance.
    With Lisa you have to admire the wit and finally Adrienne breaks out and comes into her own when fed up with Taylor/Shame*a*’s lies and calls her out at the Limo. Paul you have to love… as from the get go he was having non of the Armstrong B.S. it’s just a shame that Adrienne is always trying to shush him.
    The Peanut Gallery.


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