Real Housewives of Atlanta: Sheree Whitfield… “Chateau Sheree” Is Really “My Momma’s Chateau”

                  Sheree Whitfield… “Who gonna check me, boo?!”

Sheree Whitfield’s storyline on the Real Housewives of Atlanta involves Sheree building her dream home… complete with a library and a ballroom.  And Sheree told her contractor on RHOA that she wants “Chateau Sheree” done before Christmas!

              Phaedra Parks and Sheree Whitfield… “You better have my chateau done by Halloween  Thanksgiving Christmas  New Year’s Eve… oh, I don’t care, it ain’t mine anyway!”

But… how can Sheree be building her chateau if she doesn’t have any money?  Oh, let me correct that… ’cause having no money has never stopped any of the Housewives from ever doing anything!  Sheree doesn’t have ownership of the property where she is building her new home. Her mother has purchased the property, and it doesn’t seem like Sheree has contributed any money to the home building

So… how the hell is Sheree swingin’ her brand new chateau??  

She’s NOT!

Sheree’s mother owns the property.  Sheree doesn’t have ownership of the property where she is building her new home. Her mother has purchased the property, and it doesn’t seem like Sheree has contributed any money to the home building…

More… here.

But… Sheree DID contribute one thing to the building project… she found a “builder” who isn’t a builder or contractor at all!

In fact, her contractor Andrew Washington has “received a cease and desist order” because he is working and practicing as an architect and builder without the proper licenses and papers in Atlanta.  It looks like Sheree hired a fraud for her mother’s project…. here.


How do all these shady people end up on Bravo shows??

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48 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Sheree Whitfield… “Chateau Sheree” Is Really “My Momma’s Chateau”

  1. I’m super curious… How many RHs viewers read blogs like these? Perhaps it is worth all the lies because the majority of viewers do not like to dig further like us SH readers? Just a think out loud comment.

    • My mother and my (adult) daughters watch most of the RH shows and they never read anything online about them. Sometimes I feel I have a responsibility to inform them about some of the things I read here.

  2. I knew Sheree (Sherry) was broke. She has run through all the money she recieved from her ex and is barely maintaining her reduced lifestyle on Bravo checks and the few appearance checks she recieves. She is threatening to take her ex to court for back child support because she is so desperate for the money she thought she was to high class to need before her circumstances changed. He beat her to the punch though because he has her served before she can hire Phaedra in the next episode. SMDH. She needs to go back to school and get something going for herself because this Housewives train is coming to the end of the track and she will have nothing but debts and broken dreams to show for it.

    • she is taking her ex to court because he is a deadbeat dad and should be supporting his kids and he isnt hasnt been for 4 yrs Rich or Broke her babydaddy needs to cough up the money

      • why isn’t he paying child support? Cadillac, what do you mean he beat her to the punch-she was served before she could hire Phaedra. What did he serve her with

  3. This is so weird. Why put your business on tv when it can come back and bite you in the behind? She’s building a house claiming its hers, but what happens when she isn’t living in it all season or next?

    Maybe her mom purchased it for HER, but its still Sheree’s house (to live in)?

    • Wait, do you not have a skating rink in your home? Oh, sorry, I really thought everyone did. Just to be clear, you do have a bowling alley and ballroom at least; right?

      • Sorry BSL, I had to choose between all that and the kitchen in the closet, the four story elevator and saltwater swimming pool! Something had to give, even if it was the chandelier in the outhouse!

        • *Gasp* Good lord, Who! I think it is indicative of what a good person you are that you are humble enough to admit that. I have been busy today overseeing a new pool to park my submarine safely in my chateau compound. The slip fees to accommodate my submarine at the yacht club are ri-dick-u-lous!

      • Seriously! What a bunch of bums you guys are. Everybody knows your home needs to have an in home theatre, ballroom, bowling alley, elevator, indoor pond (with imported exotic fish), and an east AND west wing in order to be a CHATEAU. hmph.

        • Sassy, come on now, no need to act like that. Not everyone can have all of those things, some have to settle for maybe two or three of those things. Were we planning to meet at your heliport or mine today? Also, have you noticed how much more frequently our drivers are getting stopped with requests for Grey Poupon since the recession has started?

  4. I love the blogs about the housewives and all the additional info. The only problem is in Canada we are behind by about 6 months so things are REALLY old by the time the shows air. Also all the Bravo clips can’t be accessed in Canada. I can catch some on Youtube but they’re usually removed.

  5. Hahaha this is hilarious! I find it funny that Chateau Sheree was near the road. You could see cars passing by as they were talking. Wouldn’t a chateau be a little more exclusive?? This show is a guilty pleasure but I hate how they all pretend to have so much money when really Kandee has more money than all of them and never mentions money at all! Also Kandee’s house is very modest compared to theirs…

  6. Hi Stacey! I am also in Canada and I feel your pain. I do!

    As for the house being in her mom’s name, I am wondering if Sheree is doing this because WHEN (not if) she goes broke, then the bank can’t take it away from her because it is in her mother’s name not hers. Otherwise, I can’t figure out why people buy high-ticket items if no money is coming in or will come in anytime soon. What happened to her “fabulous” fashion line She by Sheree? How does she support herself financially? (Then again, how did Kim Z?)

  7. Unbelievable. Oh well, I was already Team Bob before this post. :) I wanted to wrangle her and make her dry Bob off with the shirt off her hairy back, when she threw water on him. She showed what a nasty, self-entitled person she is. Glad to see she’s exposed for the fraud that she is.

    • Her ex-blatantly told her he wouldn’t pay child support and her kids are missing a father figure. She mentioned that since season 1. I don’t think he is so great.

      • I agree with you SP. On TamaraTattle’s blog, she describes Sheree and Bob’s son as a sweet boy, plays ball, doing well with his studies, etc. The A-hole Bob Whitfield is NOT involved at all in his children’s lives (at least the ones with S,). To me, there is nothing more low down and lame as a parent who won’t man/woman up for their kids. He may be a great pal and have a good public persona, whatever, but Bob’s true colors show when you find out he’s an absent parent. In this case, I don’t think Sheree should be gettin’ shade like she is on here. Yeah, she’s a wannabe, but she IS raising (from what we have been told) some sweet kids. (Ahem…NeNe…) I would’ve been tempted to throw acid on him, the big creep.

    • Thank you Ms Suburbia
      My sentiments exactly. I dispise how desprite for fame Sheree comes off. I think her whole story line is contrived. I believe had Sheree not orchestrated that fight with NeNe on episode 1, Bravo would have NO footage of Sheree, but for her tagging along with Kandi and Phaedra at the sex store and her altercation with Bob, and that fraudulent Chateau their was no footage really.
      Bravo get rid of Phony Phaedra and that Slithering Shemale Sheree aswell as Corny Kandi.

  8. There’s no need to get an attorney to collect past child support. There’s already a court order. IMO, there is a whole lot more to this story than we are being led to believe. Child support should be paid, but I’m not taking Sheree’s word for ANYthing. In S1, when Sheree was talking about the 7-8 figure divorce settlement, she did not seem too concerned about her children’s needs with a personal shoe shopper and lavish parties.

    • I do believe there’s more to the story too, but she does need to go back into court to get a contempt order and to enforcement the judgment. She’ll also get a separate attorney’s fees award for Phaedra, if she gets the contempt order granted. Bob should respond with a motion to modify, since physical custody as been basically split, in practice, hasn’t it? Does anyone know what Bob served her with? (Sorry, I’m on the late show.)

    • I conpletely forgot about that. Sheree had all kinds of lavish parties.I think she blew through the divorce settlement as fast as she received it, that’s probably why she never persued Bob’s arrears until now. Yeah the heifer can’t afford chateau Sheree without more funds. I read that the site of Sheree’s Chateau is still in it’s same dilapidated state. Sheree couldn’t fund the entire construction. I read that Sheree’s mother paid for the land at a whopping $300,000. Sheree is responsible for her debt with the contractor.Apparently the contractor’s refusing to continue unless he’s pays weekly. In the words of Phaedra “EVERYBODY KNOWS” Sheree doesn’t paid her bills.

      • There may be one caveat that bites the “contractor” in the butt though. He wasn’t properly licensed, was he? I could see Sheree deliberately choosing an unlicensed contractor so she’d have the perfect exit clause. He’d have to eat his loss. Sick, huh?

  9. Pathetic! Maybe this is another Bravo induced story-line for Sheree because they knew people were going to get to digging once we saw the plans for the house. Another scenario … maybe the ,other purchased the land and if allowing Sheree to build her dream house on it. Just a thought. Otherwise, if that’s not the case, Sheree ought to feel like a first class fool fa real.

  10. I really can’t understand her caution in getting the child support from her husband – she seems so reluctant – I just think that’s fishy – what is she afraid will be uncovered?

    • Possibly, all her documentation doesn’t match up. Did she bave a bankruptcy petition out there? Then a construction loan application or builder contract in her or her mom’s name (the “contractor” thought he was getting HER money)? What else–vendor credit apps/personal guarantees for her “bit’ness”? It’s possible that when it’s all put together, it won’t look good for her.

      Or–and this may be too easy!–she doesn’t want the public to know how pathetic her financial situation is. Because she’s going to have to fill out a new financial affidavit if Bob submits a motion to modify the child support/custody.

      • MS.Suburbia

        You are so wise! I think that must be it. In he scene for next Sunday Dec 11 2011 Bob apparently served Sheree and I believe your right, a modification in child support.

        Smart Cookie you are Ms.Suburbia

  11. If Sheree can build a chateau maybe Bob is the one entitled to child support?

    She may have purchased the lot for her chateau in her mother’s name and could do that if she paid cash, because no loan application is required. She couldn’t buy anything as long as there are liens against her, that is how they grabbed her Aston Martin. My BIL put $35,000.00 on a house and because he is behind in child support, the down payment was seized. My BIL has decided he is not going to pay because of the wife which has nothing to do with the kids. Stupid has lost his driver’s license, the took his truck registration and I am just surprised they haven’t take his license to practice medicine because he hasn’t worked since 2001. I know there will be a special place in hell for him and others like him. My ex is trying to get him mentally committed.

    • Also, because the court system doesn’t have funding and trials are behind, when the sheriff did have him, they let him go that night, I really thought they would extradite him to the state where the ex-wife resides. It really incenses me because he is not doing anything for anybody, not even helping the poor.

  12. I really do not understand Sheree talk about Fronting she is unbelievable! Sheree’s chateaux aka Neverland was never going to happen Skating rink LMAO!

  13. Also it is very clear Sheree married soley for money because that Bob Whitfield is one ugly devil! I would have been tempted to knock him around the head to see if I could straighten his eyes, he had one eye in Atlanta and one eye in New York.

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