Watch What Happen Live: Taylor Armstrong… What A Buncha Crap!… Parts II and III of WWHL…Poll Results…VIDEOS

                                                              Shana… Taylor Armstrong… Shana only lies when her lips move.

As you are all well aware, ShanaHughesLynetteSipesTaylorFordArmstrong… or “Tay-Tay” as she’s now called by the BH Housewives… was Miss Andy Cohen’s guest last night on Watch What Happens Live.

During the show, Miss Andy did not take the usual amount of phone calls; nor read the usual amount of questions from viewers.  Hmmmm… wonder why?

Miss Andy disappoints again by throwing softball questions at Shana… and at times, not only throwing her softballs, but catching them himself by literally putting words in her mouth… which is NOT difficult to do as her mouth is used by the LA Aeronautics Society as a landing strip…

                        Shana… “Yep… planes can land in my mouth!”

The following are Parts II and II of last night’s WWHL show… WITHOUT Bravo’s filter.  (Part I, the very serious questioning of Shana by the totally inept Miss Andy, will be up soon… my Becky got the tapes mixed up and somehow we now have three of Part II and no Part I…yet.)

The poll question and results…


Miss Andy calls Shana out on her lie during the break when she predicted different poll results… at the end of the video:

NOTE:  It is VERY interesting that last night’s WWHL with Shana has yet to be seen on  Normally, clips of what they want viewers to see are posted after the 11 pm airing of the show and NORMALLY the WWHL After Show would be posted by now.   Neither last night’s show nor the After Show is up!  Wonder what the delay could be??

UPDATE:  The WWHL After Show is now on  Parts I and II will be on SH shortly.

**If you are repulsed by Bravo’s treatment of the late Russell Armstrong, please contact Bravo…here.

Or tweet:  @BravoAndy …  please include a link to this site.

You can also contact Andy Cohen’s boss, Frances Berwick, President of Bravo, who said in this August 19, 2011 link that she was undecided on whether to air footage of Russell Armstrong on the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… here.  

Ms. Berwick’s email address may have changed… however, the phone number is valid and Andy Cohen can also be reached via the phone number…

Frances Berwick
Senior Vice President, Programming and Production

Again, based on email naming convention: 

Corporate Office:
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Floor 14E ? Bravo
New York, NY 10112

OR… contact the production company of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Evolution Media… here

  • Evolution Media – 3310 W Vanowen Street – Burbank, California 91505-1239 – 818.260.0300

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77 comments on “Watch What Happen Live: Taylor Armstrong… What A Buncha Crap!… Parts II and III of WWHL…Poll Results…VIDEOS

  1. Makes me wonder what happened to the “Taylor’s here to answer all of your questions,” hype? Hmmm

  2. Another “tell”: she was on there alone, no other guest on the set. Says a lot right there.

    Where was “I’ve got your back” Kyle? Or her new “best friend”, Lisa? Or “sympathetic” Adrienne? All A.W.O.L.

    Anybody with any sense would put as much distance between her and themselves if they have any degree of integrity. This woman is toxic and her lies are going to catch up eventually.

    Bravo needs to cut her loose and fast.

    • Did you happen to notice how surprised Taylor appeared to be that Kyle wasn’t tweeting support? All Kyle wanted to put out there was that she noticed she was an idiot by doing the splits all season long…. Nothing like ‘hang in there buddy Taylor’… I found that interesting

    • I agree!! I have lost all (not that I had much anyway) respect for Bravo, Andy and everyone associated with that circus! What really gets me, is how stupid do they think the viewers are?? Must think we are total idiots because they just won’t let go of this ridiculous Taylor storyline

  3. i am CONVINCED that the only reason they are putting her on and making her look good is bc she hired a lawyer and said “EITHER YOU GIVE ME AIR TIME AND MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A VICTIM OR ILL SUE YOUR ASS!”

    • I agree completely, probably why Miss Andy didn’t really push hard topics on her and gave her so much leeway. Makes sense.

  4. Here’s a question:

    1. Taylor, when did Russell discover how much you had savaged and destroyed his reputation? Was it during the filming or after he saw the finished product?

    2. Taylor, did Russell knowingly consent to film the destruction of your marriage by allowing himself to be portrayed as a domestic abuser, or was he kept in the dark until the season was about to be viewed?

    3. Taylor, why did you permit Bravo to use your marital problems as a basis for this series?

    4. Taylor, why did you allow your ambitions to override your family, particularly your child, by permitting this storyline to be listed under “entertainment”?

    5. Taylor, if things were this bad why not just leave the marriage instead of turning it into a national soap opera?

    6. Taylor, had not Russell killed himself, tell us how this series was supposed to have concluded? A divorce? A reconciliation? What did you hope to achieve?

    • I am so glad to see someone clearly nail this pathetic storyline. If someone was so terrified of their abusive husband, why would they choose to make this their starstruck theme, viewable by a vast audience. It has all the elements of a con job and there is plenty of information online about the scamming couple. Bravo has reached its ultimate low.

    • Miss Katie, I just want to let you know how much I admire how you think and how elegantly you craft your thoughts. I have so much respect for you! When I see your avatar, I think to myself, “Oh goody! Really groovy info/thoughts coming right up!”

    • Katie, I’d like to declare you the official Taylor interviewer and tweet you some additional questions.
      1. How do you afford a house in the same neighborhood as the Umansky’s when Mr works so hard as a BH RE agent and you claim to be broke?
      2. Why do you close your eyes when you answer questions?
      3. Where is your family? Most people suffering the circumstances you have would have some family support, not just people you have demanded and bullied into being your friend.

  5. it was so disgusting to watch andy drool all over her. Why did he give her so much leeway. It was just aweful to watch her have a forum to still continue creating this whole fake facade.

  6. Day after day reading or hearing what this wackjob says, does and thinks we will believe is like being on a never ending flight from the twilight zone with constant turbulance.. I’m gonna have to start keeping a handy supply of barf bags by my computer !

    • Maybe Bravo could market the barf bags with a cute tag line for Traylor….I mean, we all needed them last night….Especially when she talked about her daughter being there when they found Russell and did I hear her correctly when she offered up the conversation with her and Kennedy about Russelll that Kennedy said “Did daddy do something dumb?”…….because I do have an inner ear infection so I’d like to blame it on that………..really???? I’m really done. I have not had the chance to go back and watch the clips on MS SH…I’m viewing comments tonight….but If true, I’m contacting all info MS SH has provided because the daughter needs to be taken away from her.

  7. We have watched Taylor for 2 seasons using 3 weapons: threats (bullying), guilt (playing victim), flattery (Kayle, Lisa, Andy…) Whatever works. Maybe BRAVO too have fallen as a victim of 3 tactics combined. They are people too.

  8. Traylor said her daughter asked if daddy ‘did something stupid’. First off, a 5 year-old should not be allowed to say the word stupid, especially referring to someone. Secondly, I am sure Kennedy witnessed Traylor on many occassions yelling that to Russell during her rages against him. Why else would she say that? If the BI is them, Kennedy casually telling her brother “Mommy always wins” shows how normal the fighting is Kennedy to and Traylor has her brainwashed against her dad.

      • in my family it was the word Pissed and next, tuesday
        my mom slapped me into next week once when i said pissed

        • I will never forget the time I won playing cards against my brother and said “ha ha, sucker!” Never said it again!

          • My big sister tricked me into calling my little brother a dildo-breath in front of my momma once. I was eight or so…. good times

            • Funny too cause momma was working in her shop(beauty shop in our home) I still remember the customer that was there in her chair when I said it. not only a customer but an elder member of our church too. So I still avoid eye contact when I see that man to this day.

            • My mom favoprite phrase was Ill knock u to Kingdom come ,,still dont know where Kingdom come is sounds like a nice place through

          • my five year old daughter and 7 year old son had exhausted every possibility in a name-calling fight when suddenly my daughter blurted out “you pervert!” … she had no idea…. all we could do was laugh. (luv these stories)

    • Belladee, I commented somewhere else that I can picture Shana saying repeatedly while she was looking for Russell on the day they found him, “I bet your dad did something stupid.” It makes sense that Shana was saying stuff like that to Kennedy and she simply repeated what she had been hearing. I think it is actually damning of Shana, not Russell. Shana is basically admitting that she was saying that over and over.

    • Having raised three girls their father’s are gods simply because the aren’t around all day saying no. My Ex was not saint but Lord knows my girls worshiped the ground he walked on. I really find it hard to believe that is what Kennedy said and not words Taylor put in her mouth.

      • Kids that age are little tape recorders if she indeed said that I bet she is just repeating what Taylor said in saying that i think its just another taylor lie , its disgusting she is pulling her child into her world of lies

        • Agree. She’s using this innocent little girl as some kind of warped endorsement on her own sick thoughts. Like we’re gonna go, “Oh, KENNEDY said that? Hm, now, if KENNEDY said it, then I think it may have some validity. Oh dear, why didn’t you tell us sooner that it was KENNEDY, in all her 5 years of infinite wisdom, who said that? We thoughts it was jus’ youz thinkin’ that one up, Traylor. We’z so sorry and stoopid.”

  9. Can anyone else see Taylor “getting up” in Russell’s face, demanding he go along with her need to stay on that show?

    I can. I can see her screaming, whining, pleading, and threatening him to allow her to continue as a “Housewife” until he finally caved into her demands.

    If she can “go after” one of the women on this show when it suits her purposes, I can see her doing exactly that to a man who seemed most uncomfortable during his scenes by vowing to divorce him if he refused.

    Almost from the beginning she made him look like a schmuck. Poor me, woe is me, boo hooing me the whole time.

    She wanted out of the marriage and this was her way of getting that wish thinking that her “fame” on that show was going to allow her to blossom on her own.

  10. Taylor appears to be a very troubled person , perfect for a reality show as she twists off for the public! Very entertaining, and I am sure episodes her daughter can fondly look back on in the future. Nice touch, having her appear on WWHL just a few months after the tragic death of Russell. (Was his name mentioned by the grieving widow?)

    Also, it appears she lives near her pal Kyle and is at her house a lot. I think Kyle should be very concerned about how Taylor seems to fixate on Mauricio (?sp). Maybe Kyle will soon not be the “luckiest” anymore. Btw, speaking of Kyle, why would she be so upset about Brandi going braless at her women only party in Malibu and not her pal Taylor, who went braless at her daughter’s birthday party?

    • Wasn’t Kyle braless at Adrienne’s party in the horrid green dress?
      Taylor referred to Russell on WWHL last night as ” my husband.” Odd for someone who was separated, going to divorce and didn’t have an emotional connection with him.

      • I caught that too, when they were seperated and pics. were showing up in gossip mags of her making out with some celebrity chef he was Russel but now that she is the victem it’s her husband.

        • I still find it so odd she hooked up with a dude so soon after her abuser left her Who does that?

          the Guys name was Josh something hopefully he ran for the Hills

  11. She gets uglier by the millisecond. I hope she reads all these comments and banishes her ugly ass self to Siberia.

  12. You know, I would indeed have sympathy for her if she was NOT a conniving, narcissitic, greedy famewhoring, and histrionic individual. She is so sheer, you can see right through her con-artist ways.

    Regarding Bravo and Andy: they do know that just about any publicity is good publicity. People are talking about Shana and by extension the RHWBH show and the network. All that said, I personally believe that Bravo should have just edited out ALL of Russell footage.

  13. Did anyone catch Andy’s first comment as they went live? “Boy we have a DEAD audience tonight?” My mouthed dropped. Just once again shows the insensitivity to the whole situation. Maybe it was just a bad choice of words but it was inappropriate.

    Taylor just gets under my skin. I normally don’t have such a visceral reaction to a tv show personality. She is clearly manipulative. People that tell such destructive lies hurt so many people and don’t have any conscience about it. The definition of that behavior is a sociopath. So many things don’t add up and I know many of them have been shared on this board. No bruises showing in such skimpy outfits. Her own friends questioning her allegations. Her not asking Bravo to not air Camille’s comments out of fear for the supposed danger it puts her in. Bravo not feeling they had an obligation to step in and report the abuse unless they too felt the allegations were unsubstantiated or not believable. It crossed my mind that maybe they forced both Russell and Taylor to go into counseling or they would kick them off the show just like they just forced Kim to go into rehab or have the same consequences. But wouldn’t they have said that in defense of their position after the suicide or that would have come out? So many missing puzzle pieces and I don’t know we will ever see the full picture.

    I am not convinced yet that Bravo is behind everything she is saying despite the soft ball questions. He did call her out on the poll results. He did call her out on the godmother lie at the last reunion. They’ve called others out as well including Kelly (when she said she was forced to go to Scary Island) and Teresa (leaving the kids unattended footage at the Christening and well just about the entire NJ reunion). I want to believe they throw in these subtle comments with a nudge, nudge, we can expose you. Not that I am on Bravo’s side. They are walking a fine line casting such crazy, addicted, volatile, or lying personalities in their series for good ratings. And yet I am still watching and taking the time to read and comment here…….. It’s like a car crash that I can’t help but look and yet feel sad at the same time.

    • I think the “dead’ audience was just indicative of the lack of interest and belief in her. Isn’t it really odd that the whole DV organization–all those “friends” that she’s made–weren’t there to show their support? I agree with you that Bravo is not very closely aligned with her. They are positioned to immediately distance themselves from her, if things get real ugly in that fraud trial of hers. They have NO investment in her; they just get a cut of profits if she makes any; they’ve assumed NO risk. I also noticed that MAndy did not look comfortable when he pitched that book for just a sec (Look at the clip again, if you didn’t catch it).

      It does seem very plausible that they required Traylor and Russell to go to counseling (upon “abuse” allegations surfacing), as well as Kim to go to rehab (when the “fans” started calling Bravo culpable on these blogs): Tthat only makes sense, from a legal perspective.

  14. Of all the housewives in all the franchises..I find Taylor to be the most disgusting and it isn’t even a close race. I watched WWHL last nite in horrible fascination at her reptilian nature. I pity her child. Kyle is her best friend? Well I say peas in a pod. I know many people like Kyle..I’m not one of them LOL. Kyle and Jill Zarin are the only 2 housewives that have ever blocked me and to their credit (I guess?? Ha) I’ve said not very nice things on MeGo’s & Jac’s timeline and they’ve never blocked me. I still detest ‘em though.

    • I never thougt id live to say that I know think Taylor is more nausing and disgusting then Chewy ..I use to think CHewy was the most vile thing on TV no more.

  15. Taylor’s last sentence in WWHL gave me a pause.
    [B]”I think people gonna understand as time goes on”[/B]
    1. So she knows content of future episodes (she’s confident)
    2. Looks like future episodes will be nice on Russel

    • She also chastised Andy about eating with his mouth full. This is interesting because it seemed like it was just a way to take up time and misdirect the conversation before Andy took another call. Then …. then….then… she really clued us in on what a pizza ship mother she really is by saying that she is trying to teach Kennedy not to talk with her mouth full and then appeared to look right at the camera and mouth maternal instructions to her 5yr old child… Her.Five.Year.Old.Child. She lets her Five Year Old Child watch her mom desecrate her dead daddy on tv. In real time. We all figured Kennedy would see this footage later but we underestimated Traylor the psychopath she is letting her child watch it NOW as it is happening. I would love to know what nut job ‘grief counselor’ has advised her that that’s ok.

  16. With apologies to all the Mandy’s out there, I am calling the useless douchebag that hosts WWHL “Mandy” becuase I am tired of typing Miss Andy. What did Mandy miss last night, in addition to the fine script that Katie wrote above? How ’bout for starters her admission that under her current sleepover arrangements at bestie Kyle’s house she GETS KICKED IN THE FACE BY KIDS!! Which was her excuse for the shiner she got that we all see whenever we think she’s talking about abusapalooza, but that was BEFORE she said, “Oh wait, Russell told me to say that, he really punched me and broke my eyesocket.” How come no follow up Mandy??

    And she didn’t disown goin’ all OK on Mandy like she’s done lately with the “I don’t know where that even came from” schtick she’s usin’ now. Instead she says “We’ll see.” I’m pretty sure she could take Mandy with one arm behind her back.

    • Yeah, she “slipped” a little, huh? I also do believe her when she talks about how she was living like a pot about to boil over–only difference is that it wasn’t abuse that she was hiding; it was, “Oh sh!t, the law is closing in on us! The house of cards is about to fall.” She was trying to lay that abuse excuse out, low and slow. Camille’s outing her did two things: 1. Put the responsibility on ShanaTraylor to own HER problem and fix it; and 2. inadvertantly foiled ShanaTraylor’s “low and slow” plan.

      What I found the most shocking about the whole interview is that ShanaTraylor claims to have been working for the DV organization(s) for SIX YEARS? What?? How did Mandy (thanks; I like it!) not follow up on that one? “Hold on, Traylor. You’ve been a DV advocate for six years, and you were concurrently LIVING it? A lie? Who allowed you to counsel DV victims? And now you’ve written a book–about what–everything you’ve done WRONG?”

      • what kills me is if this abuse is true and she had a charity for DV victim (like a abuser would let that happen) yet she wants us to believe she didnt have enough faith in her own charity or her own adice to get out who would followher advice I sure as heck wouldnt

        • Lisa, you must have been reading my mind while I was leaving my comment. Don’t linger in my head too long now, okay? My crazy thoughts could be dangerous to your own well being. ;)

      • I totally agree with you about the reasons her pot was about to boil over. And about being a DV advocate. Just occurred to me that if Russell was so controlling and abusive, would he have allowed her to be involved in a DV organization? Seems a little strange to me when it would give her the power and resources to leave and/or expose him.

        • Nope. No way. I know that some of us know from personal experience (looking at you too, Nancy) that it would NEVER happen. EVER.

  17. Traylor should use the second picture on her profile. She’ll be the belle of the ball.

    Also, is it true that Traylor can unhinge her jaw to devour her prey?

  18. Not sure if anyone has suggested this yet, but if you really want to see a change, contact the companies that ADVERTISE during the show and let them know you will be boycotting their products unless/until Bravo makes editing changes. Hit them where their income is.

  19. I know this is immature to say but Kennedy seems to hate her mom and hate being on camera. She only seemed comfortable around Russell.

  20. oh my gosh, headhunter! You are right.
    There is no way Russell would have let her volunteer at an abuse shelter if she was being abused by him. Just goes to show you that he was the last one clued in on the abuse, just like he looked during the counseling when traylor ford was hinting at it.

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  22. Bravo is just a dark cloud now. I find it really hard to watch scenes with a deceased person in them. RIP Russel.

  23. Can the 11 people who voted they can’t wait to buy Traylors book, please come forward so we can get you the help you need. ;-)

    • I couldn’t believe the length of the swoop she had to make when she applied gloss….that must be time consuming

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