Watch What Happen Live: Taylor Armstrong… What A Buncha Crap!… Parts II and III of WWHL…Poll Results…VIDEOS

                                                              Shana… Taylor Armstrong… Shana only lies when her lips move.

As you are all well aware, ShanaHughesLynetteSipesTaylorFordArmstrong… or “Tay-Tay” as she’s now called by the BH Housewives… was Miss Andy Cohen’s guest last night on Watch What Happens Live.

During the show, Miss Andy did not take the usual amount of phone calls; nor read the usual amount of questions from viewers.  Hmmmm… wonder why?

Miss Andy disappoints again by throwing softball questions at Shana… and at times, not only throwing her softballs, but catching them himself by literally putting words in her mouth… which is NOT difficult to do as her mouth is used by the LA Aeronautics Society as a landing strip…

                        Shana… “Yep… planes can land in my mouth!”

The following are Parts II and II of last night’s WWHL show… WITHOUT Bravo’s filter.  (Part I, the very serious questioning of Shana by the totally inept Miss Andy, will be up soon… my Becky got the tapes mixed up and somehow we now have three of Part II and no Part I…yet.)

The poll question and results…


Miss Andy calls Shana out on her lie during the break when she predicted different poll results… at the end of the video:

NOTE:  It is VERY interesting that last night’s WWHL with Shana has yet to be seen on  Normally, clips of what they want viewers to see are posted after the 11 pm airing of the show and NORMALLY the WWHL After Show would be posted by now.   Neither last night’s show nor the After Show is up!  Wonder what the delay could be??

UPDATE:  The WWHL After Show is now on  Parts I and II will be on SH shortly.

**If you are repulsed by Bravo’s treatment of the late Russell Armstrong, please contact Bravo…here.

Or tweet:  @BravoAndy …  please include a link to this site.

You can also contact Andy Cohen’s boss, Frances Berwick, President of Bravo, who said in this August 19, 2011 link that she was undecided on whether to air footage of Russell Armstrong on the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… here.  

Ms. Berwick’s email address may have changed… however, the phone number is valid and Andy Cohen can also be reached via the phone number…

Frances Berwick
Senior Vice President, Programming and Production

Again, based on email naming convention: 

Corporate Office:
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Floor 14E ? Bravo
New York, NY 10112

OR… contact the production company of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Evolution Media… here

  • Evolution Media – 3310 W Vanowen Street – Burbank, California 91505-1239 – 818.260.0300