Real Housewives of New York: Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan… Tryin’ on Swimwear With Aviva Drescher… And Ramona’s Husband!

It’s PHOTO DAY on SH!!

What you will see on the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of New York!

Ramona Singer… who brings along her husband, Mario…  and Sonja Morgan go shopping for swimwear.  

Brand new RHONY, Aviva Drescher also tags along… 

The photos speak for themselves!



AND… one of the funniest videos ever… Countless LuAnne on a camel…

(Thanks to SH reader “Audr”!!)

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62 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan… Tryin’ on Swimwear With Aviva Drescher… And Ramona’s Husband!

  1. Hi cc/mc. How are you? I did the lemon joy on my fluffy cat and it worked. thanks! Romona and Sonya need to try on some other bathing suits.

      • Whats the lemon joy thing? Do tell! My shelter turkish angora (weve had since he was 4-hes 12 now- and he stayed at the no-kill shelter for almost a year) has an eating disorder and psychosomatic itching/hair pulling. His legs look like a lion and his back like mr. T’s haircut.

        • Hi ames cc/mc suggested I use lemon joy on my cats for fleas because I didn’t want to use the chemical stuff. It worked. I have two 9 month old cats that adopted me and they like to go outside some times. Your cat sounds cute.

          • Ok thanks! I thought you guys used it for a skin condition. My cat is indoors only (he cant even go on the deck bc he jumps on the roof, then roof-to-roof. Our roof is red tile, so when we get him back he’s hot pink- which i secretly love). Hes a big boy, triple the size of my 11lb chihuahua. Theyre bffs and always get caught spoonin. The cats the big spoon.

            • Um Ames, ur cracking me up with that cat of yours. Did they shave it bc of the skin condition or… Is he just psycho? My dog has killer sensitive skin. We shampoo her with part oatmeal dog shampoo and part dandruff shampoo, 50% of each and leave shampoo on for 10 minutes b4 rinsing. Surely they make an oatmeal variety for the gatos.

            • He has that condition humans have of pulling/licking off his fur until all u see is his albino skin. We tried giving him an oatmeal shampoo for itchy/irritated skin. My hubs held him and i did the shampoo and water (3 of us in the tub). He flipped out and ripped my hubs shirt (front and back) and swiped my arm so hard his nails got stuck in my arm! We pressed on and couldnt stop laughing at how much we were bleeding. We are convinced his talons have an anti-coagulating property!

            • Hey Ames… have you ever looked into your pup’s food? We had the same problem with our husky… Vet ran thousands of tests… couldn’t find a cause. My hubby began talking to some other folks who experienced similar issues and we landed on the food thing. Not saying it’s the issue, but after we changed her food, she healed up almost immediately.

            • Its my cat. Hes always eaten human grade all natural food- no wheat, corn, by products, meat fillers. He used to eat spots stew and now eats solid gold (locally made, human grade). We took him to the vet who said his symptoms are just psychosomatic:( we changed one thing at a time, laundry detergent, what we clean the tile/carpets with, his litter… Nothing has helped.:(

            • I bet it’s Traylor’s fault. Don’t let him watch BevHills with u… He’ll calm down. Bet
              You’re welcome. ;-) I kid Ames. Hope ur cat gets better!

  2. Oh no, Ramons needs to get some belly lipo and turkey neck wor looking at pic no.2 and the last few photos. Mario seems lile such a creeper to me.

        • cc/mc and bsl, im always on my phone… Thats why i always have typos, too! And ramona is wearing a triplet swimsuit of me-ho and t… Unless youre in your 20s or have perfect abs, you should probably hold off on wearing suits/bikinis that accentuate your belly. (And if youre on tv, you better have the figure of a hawaiian tropics bikini contestant OR please have some shame. No one wants to see that jelly belly.)

          • Thanks, Ames. I feel better knowing im not the only one having trouble typing on the phone. Agree totally with you about the swim wear.

        • Yes, click, driving & commenting. Sorry it took so long to respond, i was in the drive thru picking up a large daiquiri & between holding my drink & waving to hot guys jogging, i didm’t have a free hand. :)

            • Trust me, i only drive when im behind the wheel. Im still recuperating & stuck in bed with my leg up. It is about a 6 month recovery and almost 3 1/2 months behind me. Thank goodness for all of you & the stoopid housewives keeping me laughing.

            • Hope you are up and about soon Bsl. SH is great to fill the time. Reading what everybody writes is very entertaining.

            • Thank you, Cathy, for the well wishes. I agree with you and get a kick out of the hilarious stuff people write on here. It doesn’t get any better than SH.

            • Charleston is a beautiful city cc/mc. so much history. I love to read historical novels especially the civil war period and they always talk about Charleston.

            • Uh, yeah we have those all over here, all made with 190 rum. When we evacuated for katrina, they were dping some spelling contest & my friend’s dau
              ghter was the only one that knew how to spell daiquiri.

              Last year my son’s teacher said he needed a drink, to which my son told him it was Weds, large daiquiri for $5.50 special. The teacher was thrilled asked my son for directions.

            • lol Thats funny. But not a drive thru tough right? We got one drive thru beer store in town and I think thats just askin for trouble. Always some drunk drivin ninny gotta ruin it for the rest of us.

            • Seriously, drive-thru daiquiri places all over town, seven days a week into the wee hours of the morning. I have a glass of red wine here and there, but I live in a party town, so it is everywhere. As far as the drive-thru 190 proof daiquiris, the only requirement is that they serve it with straws in wrappers.

            • oh wowsers. straws in wrappers. lol. I reckon the rational is that ifn yer too hammered to open yer straw then you might be too hammered for the daiquiri.

    • In the blue suit I was worried it was a baby bump! Just what she wanted last year remember? Thought these two weren’t speaking. Ramona is looking old. She needs to get her face done.

      • I think there was a BI bout one of the housewives breaking up with her girlfriend… looks like they made up ;)

    • Could it be that the new girl Aviva is telling these two that the suits look inappropriate? Ramona is going “ramotiona”l on the poor girl in the last pic! Now Aviva looks like a woman who has some taste.

    • The same time sonja’s boobs shrank from voluptuous to an a-cup? Wth is going on? She’s no longer wearing add-2-cup cutlets? Ms. SH, can you do a photo “whats the diff between these two photos” please?

  3. errr talk about a couple of mutton dressed as lamb, cover up ladies, the bikini ship has sailed for both of you, …….really.

  4. While these ladies do look good for their age (I know Botox, fillers, plastic surgery helps!) Ramona needs to lay off the Pinot Gringo, shes sporting what we common folks call a “beer belly” I dont know why they insist on wearing bathing suits intended for young ladies who do have the bodies to wear them. There are alot of beautiful 1 piece bathing suits that will cover the “imperfections” and make them look good!

    • I think there are only 3 people on the planet that could ever pull off that bathingsuit that Ramona has on. Its not kind to the female body at all. much less one with a Pinot gut.

        • And Lady Morgans tatas aint looking as fluffy as last season either. I cant remember what it was she said was enhancing hers but either it wore off or it was cutlets the whole time.

    • Even when I was young I thought the one piece suits were sexier. The halter suits that go down to their navel with a high cut leg would be much more attractive.

      • yes yes yes. Bring back the high cut leg. Its the only thing that works for thick thighed gals like myself.

  5. What the HELL!!!! sorry had to get that out! Are these two Ladies so delusional that they think that they look good??? I’m now regretting JillZ not being on this season I could just hear what she would say about Ramona wearinig that monokini ! Too funny thanks for the laugh today Ms.SH!

  6. I am so freakin sick of seeing Sonja patting her butt and talking about it. That is all she did last season. Both do look pretty good for their ages but for heavens sake please stop it with the two piece. Note to Ramona when you have old lady wrinkles by your crotch you should stop wearing your bathing suits so high.

  7. while I would not put that past Jillz….sadly I think Ramona thinks she dosn’t have a pinot gut the way she claims she dosn’t have a drinking problem. This must seem like a perfectly good choice of swimsuit for such an amazing buisness woman, reality star, sexy hot wife, fantastic mother! I wonder what kind of report Avery will write this year after she sees these pics. of her Mom.

    • Her gutt isn’t the only thing the alcohol is aging. Her face has enough sags, bags, and wrinkles for the rest of her. Drinking too much will age you quickly.

  8. Ewww, Romona has a wrinkled vajayjay, nasty cover it honey, take it out of the oven it is done, over done, BURNT AND CRISPY!!

  9. They need to STOP with the two pieces sorry, i’m 27 and i’m gonna stop wearing two pieces, at times i feel knows her hubby is cheating and is playing to the camera, trying to make his mistresses jealous or something…idk

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