Watch What Happens Live: The After Show…Parts I and II… Kristen Johnston and Brad Goreski… Nothing New Here… Move Along!… VIDEOS

                                                Miss Andy Cohen, Miss Kristen Johnston and  Miss Brad Goreski.   They shoulda played Monopoly… that woulda been much more entertaining…

Miss Andy Cohen’s guests on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live were Kristen Johnston and Brad Goreski.

If you did not catch the Kristen/Brad WWHL episode, the following videos comprising the After Show are indications that you missed… absolutely nothing.

Kristen chatted about her upcoming book, going back to WI for Christmas, her time on “Third Rock…” and her ‘bindi’ botox.

Brad took all the very spontaneous, totally off-the-cuff questions via twitter, email and phone regarding his fashion opinions.

Brad was asked the WWHL required question usually asked of the female guest, but, the question went to Brad… “Which HouseHusband would you jump in the lady pond with?”   Gee, wonder why Kristen wasn’t asked the “lady pond” question?  You can come out now, Kristen!


NOTE:  Miss Andy’s Clubhouse is getting extremely boring… and he hasn’t even expanded to FIVE days yet!