Real Housewives of New York: Ramona Singer… “They Like Me! They REALLY Like Me!

                             Ramona Singer… “Thanks for the made up, junk award!  I’m a MOGUL, just like da Donald!!”

Ramona Singer has convinced committees that give out awards for business acumen to give her an award, too!

Yes, Ramonster was given a “Stevie” award for being “Mogul of The Year!”

And Ramonster is sooo proud of being awarded!  Ramonster shows up around the 2:00 mark, after the pompous emcee is all done with his introduction…

The awards ceremony was held at the NYC Marriott Marquis Hotel (which, IMO, is a dump… if you’re gonna stay in the Times Square area longer than two days, go across the street to the “AKA Times Square”)…  but back to the *cough, cough* prestigious “Stevies”…

“The Stevie Awards for Women in Business is an international competition produced by the creators of the prestigious American Business Awards and International Business Awards. The Stevie is widely considered to be the world’s premier business award.”

Note:  Yeah, widely considered to be the world’s premier business award only by the creator of the award.  Hey!  Let’s start givin’ out awards to ourselves… and make other people pay!!!

NOTE:  What a ripoff bullshizz award!  The “Stevie” award is a self-promoting, profit-making award, which requires every nominee to pay an entry fee and they also seek sponsors, which also have to pony up some cash.  Obviously, they awarded a “Stevie” to Ramonster to get some attention for their rinky-dink award.  More about the “Stevies”… here.

(Thanks to SH reader “Audrey”!!!)

5 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: Ramona Singer… “They Like Me! They REALLY Like Me!

  1. Bet this is to be part of the next season.

    Next to Jill Z, she is as arrogant, belligerent and clueless. A total P.I.T. A.


  2. LOL I swear these HWs will DO ANYTHING for attention. The Stevies? Prestigious? LMAO for what? Selling wine? Religious jewelry? (which btw isn’t that her husband’s business?) I find it all so amusing!


  3. what f…. is the stevis anyway mona is sucking something of some1 if she a bussiness woman im 19 & a modle (im 40 + grandma) she a drunk who looks like hell


  4. Ramona is so belligerent…I’m remembering when she brought her wine to one of Jill’s events and was ordering the staff around about serving it in such a prima donna manner. I think that’s how she truly is w/the “little people” she encounters.

    On the positive: she is in great shape (I’m her age and envy!) and her jewelery line is very well done..(on QVC or HSN I forget which)….she is a self made “broad”…. gotta give her that…


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