Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Tree’s Amazing Cookbook Adventure… VIDEO

                                    Tree and her extra models, Priscilla and Edyta… Hey, that recipe collectin’ stuff is hard!!

Teresa Giudice is workin’ extra hard on her third in a series of cookbooks recipe collections.  According to Tree’s website…

“I thought you’d like to see some of our behind-the-scenes shots. Here’s a couple of pictures of me prepping food, and me and my girlfriends. (I’m sooo happy to report my new cookbook is completely Housewife-free! If you can’t take a joke, you’re “fired”!) 

Meet Priscilla and Edyta. Aren’t they gorgeous?! (I’ll admit, I’m a little in love with them.) Maybe for my fourth book I should have a contest and pick a couple fans to be in it with me. What do you think? xx”

Oh Lord!  A FOURTH book???  Or, is Tree simply putting that hint of a fourth book out there to get her fans to beg her to produce it?

More at Tree’s website… here.

(Thanks to SH reader “Jozy”!!!)

AND… Tree didn’t have recent photos of our lil Milania… so, here is our lil Milania at Corrado’s…

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57 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Tree’s Amazing Cookbook Adventure… VIDEO

  1. There is no way the one on the left knows her way around a kitchen. And what is up with that helmet on Tree’s head!?

  2. Did you see the comment she made on twitter about the lights going off? She said, “Thank you Jesus, doing the sign of the cross the wrong way, they found a generator.” Heck can it get much clearer she was making fun of Ms. On Display.

  3. The one on the left is so odd looking–reminds me of what an animated hottie would look like in a Flintstones cartoon. She’s pretty in a cartoonish way. Not so sure about cookbook models, I hope Teresa is targeting the third book to men because us real real Housewives wear clothes that can get splattered, spilled on, and stained when we cook, not our new Years Eve gowns. I love ya Teresa, but I am worried.

  4. The one on the left, Priscilla, is Singer Lucas Prata’s wife. He had a popular club song. Priscilla is a make-up artist. Her last name is something like DiStasi?

    • A “singer” I have never heard of. Color me impressed if she was the golddigger (excuse me, “wife,”) of someone like Tony Bennett!

      • Not trying to impression, just giving more background. He isn’t huge, but anyone that listens to popular radio stations and went to bars and clubs, especially in the NJ/NY area knows his song (way more popular than on display). I think it was back in 2006 and he still preforms it in the clubs. Back than I was still in my Hoboken and Jersey shore partying phase. Now it’s dancing to Yo gabba gabba all day long!! Let me know if you know the song skip to 1:00 for the chorus that you will find familiar.

  5. I’ll put my cards out on the table….I love Tre’s cookbooks. So there! Especially the first one. I had never cooked Italian before, and it was super good and easy. And fresh and healthy like all the marketing crap tells ya. There’s one dish I still make about once a month, even tho I modify it now to my specific tastes. So I can never make fun of the cookbooks, in good conscience.

    But then again I also like Skinny Margaritas. They are nice and strong. Not as good as Patron Silver, two lime wedges and a bit of agave, but good in a pinch.

    Never tried Blk,tho. How could I? Never have seen it in person. :p

    • I have been meaning to buy her cookbooks since the first one came out. I am sure a lot of recipes will be very similar to my mom’s, but when I ask my mom how to make something I never get measurements. Usually a handful of this, a pinch of that or you’ll know. Like for Meatballs she says, taste them and see if you need to add more. Yes, mom I want to try raw meat and die of ecoli while everyone is around the table enjoying my meatballs that were “to die for”.

        • Except for the bread or dough ones, they are long. But good. I freakin’ made homemade pasta! If you knew me, you’d know that’s a miracle. But if you’re Italian, I don’t know how much extra you would learn. I love them so much because I’ve never cooked Italian before and they explain everything like I’m a 4 year old. And in cooking years- I am.

          • I haven’t gotten past Chicken cutlets, so you are way ahead of me..LOL. My mom is a perfectionist in the kitchen, so I was never trusted for more than dishwashing duty.

            • I love her cookbooks too…what? Melissa’s sisters are gonna put a hit out on me LOL..I know they read ALL the blogs as do their little friends. Teresa’s cookbooks are well done and fun to read..they don’t pretend to be something they’re not. I’m buying her next one too. Teresa love is On Display.

    • I have both cookbooks also and I LOVE them both and cook from them often when I want to make some Italiano for my famly. We were all really impressed. Not a lot of ingredients, but the important ones for flavor. The only one I had to add a little more to was the pasta with cream, ham, and peas. The cream seemed to dry out so I had to add more liquid and some parmesan.

      I hate how people love to hate on the cookbook without even looking at it or trying it out.

      • I am impressed with her cookbooks too. Like vp, not a big Italian cook. Been helpful to me. Vp mentioned homemade pasta, but even her sauces… I love, lol…you establish what you like from them all and it is simple and delicious. I have not used out of the jar Classico, Prego, anything since… her sauce is too easy and good. Pretty great meat dishes and salads too.

  6. Jaysus! What happened to the one girlfriend whose face is all pointy?

    Isn’t one of Joe’s sentencing/judgements/whatevers coming up pretty quick, in early December? Anyone up to the minute on that?

      • Way to EFF up their holidays! I guess that would mean if found guilty, they will be spending the holidays in the slammer?

        • belladee: NO. No one will be going to the slammer. Joe is out of bankruptcy, so this only involves Tree. The trustee is objecting to Tree’s discharge because she failed to disclose income and assets. The trial is to decide if Tree has a bankruptcy discharge for her debt. No criminal charges involved… yet.

          Maybe one of the “legal” people who read SH can explain better… but, in a nutshell, there will be no one spending Christmas in jail. TFC!! SH

  7. Someone mentioned Tree’s coif….it looks like a super authentic late 60’s or early 70’s style. Women would emerge from under a beehive hair dryer and get teased and sprayed to a look like they had cotton candy molded on thier heads. She’s got it down pat.

    Just don’t touch it. Looks like it could cut better than a sushi chef’s best knife.

  8. Love Teresa’s shirt! I wonder how long it will take for Melissa to buy the same one? Mel wore the same dress at the reunion that Tree wore on the cover of Fabulicious (in Purple).

    • Lol, right! MeGo makes it really easy on her stylist. Just tells her, “Just like what you did for Teresa, but in my colors.” Copycatter

  9. Yes, I think Tree is amazing, she didn’t shrink when her family faced financial failure, she went to work for the lifestyle she wants, gotta give her credit. I consider that respectable.

    • I like her too…She may be a biotch but she’s not stupid by a long shot. And she smiles through it all…

  10. Honestly, I think Tre looks great for having 4 kids. It seems the only thing against her is this bankruptcy thing and not being able to control her temper. But these days it seems like EVERYONE is coming out of the bankruptcy closet. She just seems like this fiery, old school italian girl that tells it like it is. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Her intentions aren’t coming from drinking haterade kool-aid, like the others, and to me, that’s where it counts, your intentions.

    • Well, there’s also all the fraud stuff. And the lies and deceit and exaggeration and misrepresentations. But besides that her intentions are golden.

      • Lol, aom, so true. It’s funny how people really want to like her. So I guess she must have something that draws people to her. Guess that what makes a scam artist successful!

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