Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Tree’s Amazing Cookbook Adventure… VIDEO

                                    Tree and her extra models, Priscilla and Edyta… Hey, that recipe collectin’ stuff is hard!!

Teresa Giudice is workin’ extra hard on her third in a series of cookbooks recipe collections.  According to Tree’s website…

“I thought you’d like to see some of our behind-the-scenes shots. Here’s a couple of pictures of me prepping food, and me and my girlfriends. (I’m sooo happy to report my new cookbook is completely Housewife-free! If you can’t take a joke, you’re “fired”!) 

Meet Priscilla and Edyta. Aren’t they gorgeous?! (I’ll admit, I’m a little in love with them.) Maybe for my fourth book I should have a contest and pick a couple fans to be in it with me. What do you think? xx”

Oh Lord!  A FOURTH book???  Or, is Tree simply putting that hint of a fourth book out there to get her fans to beg her to produce it?

More at Tree’s website… here.

(Thanks to SH reader “Jozy”!!!)

AND… Tree didn’t have recent photos of our lil Milania… so, here is our lil Milania at Corrado’s…