Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… Melissa Says That Teresa Giudice Is “Back To Her Old Tricks”…

                                                             Melissa Gorga… tryin’ her best at her innocent look!

Diane Clehane from “Media Bistro” ran in to Melissa Gorga today having lunch today in NYC.  Melissa chatted with Diana for a few minutes… and told Diane that not all is well between Missy and Tree…

“Melissa, who is an absolute knockout in person, told me that the RHONJ cast (minus Jacqueline Laurita) shot the reunion special the day after wrapping the yet-to-be-aired Season 4, and the women were all seething about battles and betrayals the viewers haven’t even seen.

“We had just had a huge blow up the night before, and that was what was on everyone’s mind. It was so hard not to say anything. That’s why Jacqueline wasn’t there,” Melissa tells me. “It was very confusing for us, and we were constantly trying not to say things about things that hadn’t aired yet. Bravo is so sorry they shot them back to back. I don’t think they are ever going to do that again.

                                                                  Missy says that Tree’s “back to her old tricks…”

Teresa “tried to set me up” and is back to her old tricks, Melissa told me, without giving anything away. After all the kissing and making up seen at the end of last season, Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga is “disgusted” with his table tipping sibling once again.”

More at Media Bistro… here.

NOTE:  Well, maybe Tree’s back to her old tricks, but Missy STILL can’t sing!!


AND… Just for the hell of it… Missy all half-assed before her performance at Kiss & Fly…

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61 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… Melissa Says That Teresa Giudice Is “Back To Her Old Tricks”…

  1. Melissa take your lil hubby and go spend some quality time with RiDickulous. Maybe then he can get what he’s been wanting and so can you … a big hard stiff one.

  2. That interview was a load of bull. After she has already been exposed she’s still on “Tre set me up.” Child needs to quit while she’s ahead. -_-

    • Hear hear. I think they — MeGo, JoeGo, Hag Sisters, Manzo/Laurita Clan — still believe circling and attacking Teresa is a winning strategy. I thought maybe they realized how ineffectual they were a while ago a week or so after the reunion aired when the backlash came, but it seems like they just backed off, regrouped and are trying to come at it from a different angle now.

  3. Since the season wrapped, Teresa has not talked about Melissa ONCE (only when wendy williams asked her…and she told Wendy she hadn’t spoken to mego for two months.

    YET, Melissa Gorga drops Teresa name whenever she can (to remain relevant). Grow up Mego and stop using Teresa to keep your flame from dying

    • I always say, whether you like Teresa or not ( and lots of ppl don’t, I know ) she DOES appear to have something many ppl want to buy. Whether you call them ” cook books”, or a ” collection of recipes”, or “Housewife sells her soul and privacy in book form for a buck ” her “publications” have been successful by any standard – definitely by Real Housewife standards. By contrast, NO ONE wants buy what Mel, Kathy and the Manzos are selling. I shouldn’t say that, apparently, the Blk water thing is doing OKAY. But, the things related specifically to Don Caro, her advice, her own cookbook deal etc no one’s buying. This is what p*sses them all off.

      • Well let us see how the Blk water thing does now that the season is over. The next season is a year away, so no exposure on TV for a year is not a good thing.

  4. “Melissa says she’s willing to forgive Teresa if her husband asked her to and make peace for the sake of their families.” He shouldn’t have to ask. This is the sorta underhanded snake in the grass controlling that G to the IA was talking about .
    She also said that she thinks it bothers Tresa that she even exists pffft whatever. I am bothered by the fact that she exists and I am not even her captive SIL.

    • My brother dated a girl a while back and she was just like Melissa. Ms. “Perfect”. She acted like she did nothing wrong and how could I forget(She loved Jesus, kinda like Alexis and Melissa). I love God too, but she took it to a whole different level. It was actually creepy. She also controlled my brother. My brother and the rest of my family got into a lot of arguments because of her. My mom would always tell me and my sisters to give her a chance. But I couldn’t even have a conversation with her. She was so ignorant. I’m glad they broke up. I can’t imagine having her as a sister in law. I feel bad for Tre.

      • I know someone like that. I call her the Eddie Haskell girl. Suuuuch a transparent poser. Its reeeeeeally insulting.

  5. Ms. Thang CANNOT stop talking about her SIL…OMG does she want to skin Teresa and wear her like last year Versace…LOL

  6. Wow, just last week she was quoted in an article that the show brought them closer together. What will tomorrows story be Melissa? Melissa is a sneaky witch! I am still waiting on the story from the company representing that fancy car to come out saying Melissa was his first choice even though all the ads for months had Teresa’s name and image on them as the host of the event. Too bad Teresa was busy with the final task for CA. I hope for his sake and his parent sake that Joey will start thinking with his head instead of his little pen$$.

    • I think she saw where Teresa said they haven’t spoken in 2 months so now she is trying to cover her lie about “the show bringing them together.” pffff

      • I think so too. She can’t get things straight and hopes to remain relevant by ripping Teresa. Again. Lol, while sporting her best “innocent,” “victim” look. Pathetic.

  7. Nothing suprises me with this group; I think of all the franchises; these ladies (?) hit below the belt and go after the jugular in the worst way; Teresa has always seemed like a dirty fighter to me.
    This is where I question if Bravo has done a risk assessment with these people. I could see things going south in a bad way with this bunch; hope not!

  8. MeGo’s still hanging on to Tree’s coat tails….that’s because nobody cares what she does she’s a boring copycat so she’s gotta talk about Teresa to get some attention.

      • I know, lol. I can’t wait! I’m no big Teresa fan, but I absolutely cannot stand skanky Melissa (or mega-eyerolling Kathy). I’m bummed we have to suffer through another season of her BS and pray that Bravo will listen to the fans and dump her azz. Is there ANYONE who wants to further watch Melissa do anything?

        • What happen to Kathy? Hey Kathy you gotta tawk more about Teresa if you want more exposure…uh? what’s that you said? she’s family and you no longer wanna bash….OH OK bring in MeGo she’s willing to sell her soul for 15 minutes and send in her clowns of sisters.

  9. Tre is up to anything, she’s filming a network show, she’s not concerned with you! She’s busy getting things DONE!

  10. Since I checked last it seems as though it’s Melissa that can’t keep her mouth shut. Teresa Don’t even want to speak Melissa’s name. Melissa is a typical air head that thinks everybody loves her. MELISSA Teresa is naturally Charismatic and that’s why people tend to like her. YOU are fake and trying to play the I’m nice role too dang hard. Pretty only takes you so far in life and your not as pretty as you think. Keep your stories straight. Mel your running out of lies & excuses. we know your agenda FAME>FAMILY every time for you. #sad

  11. Shes always playing the poor innocent victim. Her true self is coming to light slowly but surely. Tre is taking the high road. She always has.

  12. Shut up Melissa, you are the reason for all of this crap that went down with Teresa, what a horrid sister in law you are, a disgrace to the Gorga name, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  13. missy&tre are to of kind!! I what to know who keep telling all the wifes who think they can sing (kandi yes she can sing) but the rest just cant carry a tune even if they had a bucket to put it in!!

  14. melissa needs to just go away! Teresa may have been a B-word this season, but at least she kept it real! Melissa is so fake

  15. I love this clip. The witch and Melissa have the same profile and she is cooking up poison! LOL

    Sorry I am not great at posting the link. You will have to copy and paste. Well worth it!

    • wowsers ya know I just now realized that that old bat was trying to get em all on the heroin. Damn witch you mean.

  16. You notice how Mel is everywhere now? Trying to get her face out there with the celebrities? Bet she is trying to make some connections and chum up to people so she can be “famous” and claim the HWs was just a “platform”. Such a user.

  17. EWWW, Melissa go away!!! It must be KILLING her that Tre is on Celebrity apprentice. Melissa has to keep herself relevant by CONSTANTLY vilifying Teresa (she REALLY wants us all to HATE Teresa)!!! Mel, just shut u and go away!!!! I hope Teresa becomes so successful after Celebrity Apprentice, MeGO chokes on it.

  18. been sayin’ all along , she looks EXACTLY like margaret hamilton …
    hilarious that you posted that link! muahahahahaaaa
    thanks for the laugh !

  19. Well you can’t deny that ALL the above are testimony that Melissa is an A-hole!!! Way to go everyone….

  20. Can she just shut up about T already?With this ” i am soo innocent and i want this family together”act so not working plus the stripper past!Please!Go away already and scratch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. It must kill MeGo that so many people say she can’t sing. Everyone is right – Teresa doesn’t have time to play with MeGo.

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