Real Housewives of Miami: TWO Miami Housewives Got Da Bravo Boot… Shooting Begins Soon

The undeservedly much-maligned Real Housewives of Miami is ready to start filming their second season for Lord of the Housewives, Andy Cohen… minus TWO of the original Miami Housewives.

                                                                            Crispy Rice and Larsa Pippen… both got da Bravo boot…

Missing from season two are nanny-hater Larsa Pippen and her co-hort in catastrophe, Crispy Cristy Rice.

Filming should begin in about six weeks for Adriana de Moura, along with Marysol Patton, Alexia Echevarria and Lea Black.

         IN for season two of the Real Housewives of Miami… Adriana de Mours, Marysol Patton and Alexia Echevarria… 

                                                                                … Lea Black is back, too.

As for Crispy and Larsa’s replacements on RHOM… Adriana de Moura told the Miami Herald:

“As for the identities of the new Miami housewives: no clue.

It’s so funny, when we aired, everyone said, ‘Oh that show is so bad. I don’t even watch it,’ Adriana says. “But when they were casting, all of a sudden — I’m not going to mention names — but now half of Miami wants to be in it.’’

Adriana’s chat about season two of the Real Housewives of Miami with the Miami Herald… here.

                                                                                    Elsa Patton… “I’m gonna made Dandy Cohen berry happy dis season…”

NOTE: Don’t know if this is ‘real’ or rumor as the source would not verify how THEY knew… Marysol is looking into pushin’ a new product.  Instead of the usual wine, water or prepared cocktail… Marysol is looking into putting her face and name on COFFEE!

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39 comments on “Real Housewives of Miami: TWO Miami Housewives Got Da Bravo Boot… Shooting Begins Soon

    • i wish christy was coming back just to see her and adriana go at it some more. after that reunion i need closure DAMMIT! LOL

  1. I am so happy they are giving them a second chance! I disliked Kristy from the beginning. I loved Larsa until she treated Mama Elsa with such disrespect! Glad to see them both go!

    • Adriana threw better tantrums than a 2 year-old! Being I hated Kristy and that was Adriana’s rival, she didn’t bother me. I am sure she will be this seasons villian.

  2. I am so glad those two are not coming back. I didn’t like either one of them. I live in Chicago. I knew Pippen would not be back because they sold their house in Miami and Scotty sold his house in Chicago. The Pippens were moving back to Chicago, Scotty got some(nothing PR) job with the Bulls. They are living in Chicago I don’t know if they bought another house or condo. It was reported here in Chicago that Scotty was having some money problems. Sounds like they did some downsizing.

    • I guess Mama Elsa was on the money. I knew something was up with Larsa because who gets that defensive if it’s not true.

    • If you recall last season; Larsa was bragging how she took care of the finances; my husband thought Scotty left his basket balls back in Chicago after that statement. I am familiar with their home here in Ft. Lauderdale and rumor has they took a loss. There are other rumors as well???? Typical Basketball husband rumors?????

  3. I never really got into this one. I don’t even know their names. I watch all the other ones just not this one. These shows are just not good anymore. They show no real stories. Their story lines are so producer fueled they are not even good anymore. They used to be. It makes me sad bc they just suck more and more………..

  4. One season they want you to like this one and the next season they want you to hate that one. If someone is an asshole then let us not like them. If they want us to like them then they need to be more likeable. If the producers want to be part of the show then they should film them 2. Let us hear how they like this one and not that one.

    I think rather than getting new housewives, they need to get new producers. And Andy is such a douche now. I thought he was funny in the begining. Andy the only one who finds you entertaining is you. Now shut up and quit the talk show. Your guests are strange and have nothing to do with the show most of the time.

    • Considering the way they like to depict women and our relationships with one another Andy and the rest of the producers must have some jim-dandy mothers. I can’t help thinking that Andy has a low opinion of women generally and therefore he has become quite a despicable character in my books. I say fire him and all the producers and replace them with women of a certain age. As it is we are not being well represented by the current crew and since we are the target market like minded individuals should represent us in the production ranks.

    • ITA! i hate how they try to manipulate us into who we should like from one season to the next. the editing is so glaringly obvious.

    • Good Lord!! Talk about killing it with the damn plastic surgery but hell I love Mama Elsa, that lady cracks me up! If you ask me, she should be a HW and not just on as Marysol’s mom!

  5. Adriana acted like a whore during both the filming and reunion… She thinks way to highly of herself.. and her boyfriend/fiance or whatever he is gives me the creeps…….

  6. Larsa absolutely disgusted me. She would be NOBODY if she didn’t marry an ugly (but wealthy) NBA player. I think Marysol is adorable and how can you not love Miss Elsa?

  7. I have a really hard time watching when that Elsa lady is on. It’s like watching Rocky Dennis in “Mask.”

  8. Does anyone remember the chintzy season 1 “reunion show” for this group ? It was held in the clubhouse! LOL ! There were so many “F” bombs dropped along with other vulgar language and yelling that I think 99.9% of what was said was bleeped out ! Miss Andy didn’t seem to have any control , haha ! It was nasty !

    • I remember ans was wondering the whole time WHY??? Why cramped in that clubhouse? You know BH wouldn’t put up with that. lol.

    • i wish i was able to understand more of what was being said, with everyone screaming over each other, but the reunion was HILARIOUS. i watch these shows for drama, so i loved every minute of it. LOL

  9. Can’t stand Cristy, she was a Cuban girl trying to be a valley girl. Larsa…honey MAMA was tight YOUR is cheating on YOU.

  10. i never liked these women they just suck they are as bad as dc they sucked to i dont watch them just cant do it these women look dumb as a box of rock & that an insult to rocks!!!!

  11. I thought they dumped this one and the DC one? If this one is back, does anyone know if the DC show will be revived as well? I actually liked that one, of course minus that White House crasher.

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