Real Housewives of Miami: TWO Miami Housewives Got Da Bravo Boot… Shooting Begins Soon

The undeservedly much-maligned Real Housewives of Miami is ready to start filming their second season for Lord of the Housewives, Andy Cohen… minus TWO of the original Miami Housewives.

                                                                            Crispy Rice and Larsa Pippen… both got da Bravo boot…

Missing from season two are nanny-hater Larsa Pippen and her co-hort in catastrophe, Crispy Cristy Rice.

Filming should begin in about six weeks for Adriana de Moura, along with Marysol Patton, Alexia Echevarria and Lea Black.

         IN for season two of the Real Housewives of Miami… Adriana de Mours, Marysol Patton and Alexia Echevarria… 

                                                                                … Lea Black is back, too.

As for Crispy and Larsa’s replacements on RHOM… Adriana de Moura told the Miami Herald:

“As for the identities of the new Miami housewives: no clue.

It’s so funny, when we aired, everyone said, ‘Oh that show is so bad. I don’t even watch it,’ Adriana says. “But when they were casting, all of a sudden — I’m not going to mention names — but now half of Miami wants to be in it.’’

Adriana’s chat about season two of the Real Housewives of Miami with the Miami Herald… here.

                                                                                    Elsa Patton… “I’m gonna made Dandy Cohen berry happy dis season…”

NOTE: Don’t know if this is ‘real’ or rumor as the source would not verify how THEY knew… Marysol is looking into pushin’ a new product.  Instead of the usual wine, water or prepared cocktail… Marysol is looking into putting her face and name on COFFEE!